Friday, June 4th, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Nothing… that doesn’t seem right.  I meant to buy NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base today, but I completely forgot, so I may get that today.  We shall see!

Excited for: The nicer weather we’ve been having lately in Cali!  Though I will be studying indoors most of this weekend for my finals on Monday & Tuesday.

Friday plans: I think we may be off to watch Get Him to the Greek in the AM and maybe Avatar later in the afternoon/evening.  Or else it’s a lot of Wifeswap for Mellan & me!

This week’s Mellan photo…

For some reason, I thought “Naughty Naughty Pets” were dog toys, so when they were on sale over @ HauteLook, I picked up two for Mellan to chomp on. He’s not exactly a dog that gets plush toys, since he’ll chew for hours and they won’t last but a minute. Turns out, though, these are kids toys, and apparently a book or show or something… Anyway, I got Poor Sara Got Sold for Ten Bucks and Oh Oh Bed Bug. He’s enjoying them. Surprisingly, he doesn’t chew too hard, and they’re both still intact!

Do you mind?  I must destroy this monster!!

Wait, where did this bug come from? GNARHR!

He has been incapcitated… back to the monster!

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192 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #031

  1. Ali

    haul- got a new pair of running shoes for cross country! not really makeup though :)
    excited for- going to see shrek with a lot of my friends! ive already seen it and it was AMAZING!

  2. Rae


    (I am in full support of having Mellan as a regular feature, wink wink nudge nudge.)

    Anyhow —
    Haul: nada! I’ve been a good girl this week :)
    Excited for: Ugh, I’m about to start my second round of finals… NO excitement on my end is allowed until they’re over.
    Friday plans: Aucun idée! I guess I’ll figure them out today 😛

  3. Ashley Marie

    Haul: I picked up most of To The Beach when it launched but I didnt get Scorcher…so I went back and picked that up yesterday.

    Excited for: Not really excited..Im pretty sick right now….so…excited to hopefully feel better soon? :(

    Friday Plans: Lay on the couch..drink water..get better….play zelda on the wii.. :)

    • Did you get In the Buff too?

      • Ashley Marie

        No ma’am…this was my first MAC polish. Ive heard so many bad things about them but I loved the color so I caved in. I pretty much got the whole collection minus In the Buff and the lustre drops and that awful orange pencil…picked up the last two Marine Lifes :)…pays to be there at opening time…the only lady in front of me got 3.

        Does Mellan have a little black “earring” (aka spot) on his ear? lol

        • Gotcha!

          Yep, it’s a birthmark, I suppose! (He also has a huge black spot on his tongue… which scared the crap out of me the first time I noticed it!) It was the only way we could keep track of any of the puppies… and so it was. They weren’t even sure if it was an actual mark or if their niece had colored on him, LOL!

  4. cass

    Awww I love Mellan pictures!

    And, I had a big haul last friday, but I already posted before I got them so I figured I could share now haha…

    Hauled pretty big with macs TTB, picked up marine life [which I pre bought and have only tried it out once because I don’t want the overspray to be gone yet!], sweet and punchy, firecracker, sand and sun, thrills, flurry of fun, easy lounger, float on by, and hipness. Then I went back the next day [because I was thinking about beachbound!] and ended up leaving with two more flurry of funs [they were almost sold out!] and temperature rising. Since I go there all the time now [my friends doing!] she I guess knows me and what I like, she suggested it because I like color and I can use it as a liner with firecracker. Well I was sold on that hahaha, and I used it as an all over lip color [lightly] kind of like you did with flurry of fun over it and it looked so good!! I’m so happy with this collection…and I’m still wondering if beachbound is worth it, and a possible back up of easy lounger if I can find one! Let’s just say I’m so glad I saved up for the collection…hahaha.

    Because of last weeks shenanigans I haven’t bought anything this week, I’ve been good! I might just head over to sephora to get a sample of an oil free primer [maybe laura mercier?] or a sample of oil free moisturizer…but I can’t buy yet! Gotta save the money to see Craig Robinson at the Stress Factory tonight! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! :]

  5. Emily

    Aw! Such cute pictures of Mellan! ~ So I’ve been very good this week, I only got a new bottle of MAC brush cleaner and MAC blush in peaches. Tryin’ to save money for all the awesome new collections that are coming up!

  6. Raychel

    Haul: A new Coach purse & Marc Jacobs sunglasses! I made an outlet trip 😉

    Excited for: My job interview on Monday!

    Friday plans: Probably just rent a movie and relax.

    Have a good weekend :)

    • Yay for outlets 😀

      Good luck on your interview!

      • Halo

        you say yay for outlets i say thank god for outlets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for dare to wear Im getting that cool dark red lipglass, so bad lipglass and eyeshaow in crazy cool and going baananas which i can’t stop thinking about. My haul think weekend? $5 dollar flip flops from old navy and a new mac foundation. Wait! I also got some TKBtrading stuff havae you ever heard of them??????

  7. Kitty Kris

    I love your Mellan pics. Something I look forward to. He’s just toooo cuuute!!

  8. Rebecca

    Mellan is adorable.

    What I accomplished this week: Getting through it! lol I really think work weeks should be four days instead of five, I feel so much better this week with Monday off.

    Why my pet is the cutest? Because hes a fat ball of fur thats good for nothing but cuddling and costing me money.

    Friday Plans: going to watch a friend play at a benefit for a local free clinic, should be fun! :)

  9. Pam

    beauty haul: OPI Melon Troy. i love orange/pink nail polish.

    looking forward to the Estee Lauder/MAC warehouse sale in Markham (Toronto). Going on Sunday. Hopefully all the good stuff is not gone :(

  10. Rebecca

    Oh! Forgot the beauty haul lol. I bought blush for the first time! Still havent figured out how to apply it gracefully, but we will see what I can pull off for tonight!

    • Aww! What blush did you get?

      • Rebecca

        maybelline pinch o’ pink. I didnt wanna splurge on a nice one til I figure out if I like it yet. No verdict on it yet, Im really olive-y toned (not sure of my number or anything) and I go tanning, so Im not sure what the right color family I should go with is, but its was cheap so I thought I would experiment a little.

  11. chibu74

    Haul: I just received my MAC Hipness Blush in mail today…so glad i bought it, it looks awesome on my NC42-44 skin tone.

    Excited for: nice weather

    Friday plans: got a new car, will enjoy it to the fullest :)

  12. demosthenesval7

    Haul: nothing this week…i was good and am trying to save money for the July MAC launches and Nordies Anniversary sale

    Excited for: hockey playoffs and working with Tim Quinn next weekend

    Friday plans: work followed by a party at my friend’s specialty wine shop, perhaps going to see Get Him to the Greek, love Russell Brand he cracks me up :)

  13. YES! More Mellan makes for happy readers haha.

  14. Laura

    Haul: Chanel Les 4 Ombres quad in 14 Mystic Eyes, Chanel Lipgloss in 131 Mica, MAC Brushes 217 & 239. I finally received my package from MAC on Wednesday- Marine Life and the Bronzing Oil (I was at the libray and I told my brother to not watch TV in his room because his mission was to sign for my package. I kept texting my mom to see if it was delivered. It did! All I could do was think about Marine Life. I was so distracted I couldnt read the whole chapter :) Finally 10:45 pm came to close the library and made my BF be a speed demon to get me home and then I came home to open my precious items.)

    Excited for: Nothing much. Hopefully to spend time with the BF. My cousin and I are doing a walk for Weight Watchers. Yet I still cant seem to control my weight. Thats life.

    Friday plans: Just read very long chapters. I am taking two online psych courses for the summer. Not very fun :(

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. shontay

    I’ve hauled a lot recently: mac vegas volt and impassioned. Mufe aqua cream #14, nars lipstick in niagara, mac blush in fleur power, mac lipglass in splashing…

    I am excited for: having the next two weeks off of work. Hopefully I will shake this head cold of mine in the next couple of days.

    Plans: this weekend I want to get that nars shadow base, another mufe aqua cream in teal, mac crosswires and on and on! LOL I also want to see Splice this weekend.

  16. Samantha T.

    Mellan is just too cute for words!

    Haul – Chanel Eye Shadow Magic Night – it’s funny, I am allergic to alot of purples in eye shadow/liner – they literally turn my eyes blood red for days. It’s terrible because I have green eyes and purple tones are the most flattering on me. So far the only purple eye liner that doesn’t bother me a bit is UD 24/7 Rockstar and this Chanel shadow in Magic Night. It seems to be the purples with more “red” in them that bother me. Hope this helps someone who is sensitive to purple shades!
    Avene Diacneal
    Jonathan Silky Dirt
    Lush Angels on Bare Skin & Candy Fluff Perfume

    Plans – Hope to go see Shrek!

    • Hey Samantha!

      A small, but significant, portion of the population is more sensitive to red dyes, which is actually why you don’t see a lot of red eyeliner or eyeshadows! *Most* don’t have reactions, but from what I understand, the amount that do causes the makeup to be marked not eye safe, so you are surely not alone!

  17. Rita

    I got nail polishes again: OPI Who The Shrek Are You?, Color Club Ultra Violet, Essie Cute as a Button and California Coral. As BtM I chose Vegas Volt, and I also bought Inglot Duraline.

    My dog used to love plush toys. He always had one (animal the legs of which) he used to lick and suck, and he even slept with the toy in his mouth!

  18. Christina

    NARS Albatross and Benefit High Beam are in the mail on their way… YAYY!!!!!!

  19. This afternoon I buy A-Derma Cytelium Lotion..I hope it works well on shiny of my skin…in this period all foundations dissolve and shine on me :(
    If you can suggest me any anti-shine foundation I accept all advises 😉

  20. Kelli

    Haul: I got sucked into the MAC “To the Beach” collection and bought a ton of stuff.

    Get-Away Bronze
    Easy Lounger
    Float on By

    Excited for: The weekend – it’s been a long week at work

    Friday plans: The roommate and I are going to see SATC 2 :)

  21. Nothing… yet. I interviewed for my dream job and I told myself that if I get it, I get to buy 2 more To the Beach products that I wanted but didn’t get yet. Tehehe. Cross your fingers for me!

  22. Latest haul-Three MUFE pigments(I think?) and maybe five MUFE aqua cream shadows, and a Shu uemura lash curler(i want to do a post about how it compares to my cheapy one. I’ve never used a “quality” lash curler before! THey come in the mail today and I Don’t remember fully what all I got, so the excitement is mounting!

    I’m excited to play with all of the above, and also because I have one more night at work before my weekend, and I got off ten minutes early today, to make up for them keeping me late the past few days.

    My critters are the best because they are so absurdly happy to see me! The boyfriend brought the dog to come get me, and the dog never moves from my lap in the car. And then the cat came and wouldn’t stop rubbing my ankles till I picked them up. I feel very loved.

    • Lots of MUFE 😀 I hope you love it all, and I hope shu’s curler lives up to your expectations. I’ve used Revlon & MAC prior, but shu holds supreme for me.

      Aww, your pets are so sweet!

      • Yep, I’ve grown obsessed with MUFE and Fyrinnae for my brights. They’ve actually knocked MAC down a notch in my “Favorite brands” list. but i have less because its not really sold anywhere local, and i HATE ordering makeup online, and then waiting.(Plus, if i drive to the mall an hour or so away to get stuff, I don’t pay sales tax. If i order online, like this, I get shocked with an extra 20$ or so for shipping and tax. Ugh.) The stores near me though are dodgy about what they have, and don’t have the pigments OR the aqua shadows.

        The animals really ARE awesome! The dog is a daddy’s boy, even though he was mine two years before i met my boyfriend. The cat, is a momma’s boy, though we adopted together last year because my friend had adopted a pregnant cat, and was finding homes for her kittens. he’s the PERFECT critter for us! He’s aggressive enough to play well with the dog(his baby name, when he was still with his mommy was “piranha” because he wouldn’t take no for an answer when he wanted to play!) but he’s VERY social. He sleeps with us sometimes, ALWAYS meets us at the garage door, when we get home from work, and insists on sitting in my lap nearly every time I’m on the computer.

        Plus, the cat nibbles the dogs rawhide bones sometimes. It’s rather funny watching them both chew an end of a bone thats as big as they are. He doesn’t do it for LONG, but I think he just likes to be “included”, though he has his own toys that he prefers.

        That’s from a few months after we got the kitten. He’s MUCH bigger now.

        • What are your must have MUFE products/shades?

          AWW, that photo is SO cute!! Mellan is a momma’s boy, too – but I think it’s ’cause I give him the most snuggles! I wish I could convince the boy to let him sleep with us, but I don’t think that’s at all possible!

          • Well, I’ve gotten a LOT of use out of the flash color bases, because of the versatility. The shadows I layer overtop aren’t always MUFE but the richness of the base REALLY adds something. I also love their HD finishing powder, and primer(i use the blue tinted one)

            My favorite color of all time though, is the Diamond powder in Fuchsia. It has a VERY subtle silver sheen that, over teh right base, looks wet. Its not shimmer, but its not matte, and its SOOOOOOOO insanely pigmented! That color is what hooked me on the brand. I’m sad that it seems to be the only “OMG BRIGHT” diamond powder, because i would HAPPILY buy all of the primary colors with that finish.

            I’ll see with these colors if there’s anything to add. Like I said, I don’t have that much of it, since its fairly hard to get locally with my schedule and budget.

            The puppy has slept with me as long as I’ve had him, and we don’t have a proper frame so it’s on the floor. I think it would be a losing battle keeping the critters out of bed. ALthough it also helps that our “couch” is actually a daybed, so we can snuggle with plenty of room to spare no matter where we are. The critters are both energetic hooligans, but they are also used to a LOT of our affection, so the lifestyle has kind of worked itself around that. THey really are our kids.

            • I may have to check out the Flash Color bases then :) Thanks for the heads up!

              Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot of diamond powders seem pretty soft… which is weird!

  23. livnzoe

    haul: i buyed the MAC blackground paint pot, and a few things from MAC’s to the beach collection: pink rebel (lustre drops), hipness (blush), lazy day (lipstick)!!

    excited for: the results of my diploma

    friday plans: going out with my boyfriend, mowing the lawn..

  24. S

    Okay those pics are just toooo cute! They made me smile so BIG!
    Haul: nothing, yet… :) Plans: look for a house to move in by end of July, FUN!! Have a blessed weekend!

  25. Ashley

    Mellan is such a sweetie! I have a lot to be excited for, including my haul!

    Haul: Yesterday (my bday) I hauled some MAC stuff. I got Sand and Sun e/s, Hipness blush, Wildly Lush plushglass, one of the new Superglass and Painterly paint pot (my first GASP!)…

    Excited for: a day off tomorrow after working the past 6!

    Friday plans: going to dinner with friends to celebrate my birthday and check out Iron Man 2. Oh, and get my hair done.

  26. Michou

    Haul: Went NUTS this week. Been trying to look my best since dumped by my fiance’ (we were together for six years, so yeah, need a HUGE pick me up lately). I bought:

    From Sephora: Star Attitude Lipstick in Soft Brown; NARS gloss in Supervixen; Buxom Lips in Dolly; Clinique Longwear Gloss in Fireberry; OPI nailpolishes in Teal We Meet Again, Leaf Him At the Altar and I’m With Brad; Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Cinnamon; Sephora Blush Me Mono in Abricot Plaisir; Benefit Lipstick in Breathless

    From MAC: Lash Primer; Opulash Mascara; Eyeshadows in Trax, Jest, Ricepaper and Hey; MAC Goes to the Beach Lipstick in Funbathing.

    Whew, SUCH an amazing cosmetics week. 😛

    Excited for: Getting some sun tomorrow with a good friend, relaxing for once, cleaning my apartment and getting my nails, toes and eyebrows done. OH, and dyeing my hair. :)

    Friday plans: Seeing Get Him to the Greek tonight and getting dinner with friends.

    • OH NO! I am so sad to hear about your breakup :( I am glad your haul helped pick you up a bit! Hopefully your Friday plans will help even more!!

      • Michou

        Thank you Christine, it’s been really hard but I’m plowing through. I need to find a new apartment, move and take care of so many things. Plus since it’s only been three weeks since it happened (long story short, he just up and moved out of our place while I was at work on a Tuesday), some people are still asking about the wedding and how thigns were going (wedding was supposed to be in October).

        So, I’m spending all this newfound time to myself to try new color combos, get back in shape and just start feeling young again. I hate that I feel so much older than my 26 years sometimes.

        Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and Mellan is ADORABLE.

  27. alex

    that has to be the prettiest dog I have ever seen.

  28. Divorceanator

    MUFE HD 140.

    Nars AAE or Alhambra?

  29. Li Ming

    Bare Escentuals Buxom Buxom Travel in Style – Lip Polish in Monica, Lip Stick in Athens
    Smashbox Naked Beauty Photo Finish Lid Primer – Golden Nude (so pretty – shade/color is more wearable than UDPP Sin (too frosty for my liking)
    tokidoki Fantastico Lip Stain – Nana Star

    Too Faced Catwalk Collection (500 points reward)
    SEPHORA COLLECTION Happy Birthday Beautiful – Sephora Collection Beautiful Eyes Kit

  30. Cherie

    hahaha Mellan’s little doggie face is so cute!!!

    – Winners shopping spree that resulted in many new summer tops, Barielle’s Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender ($4.99 CND) and Essie’s Lilacism ($6.99 CDN – I know, I know the streaks will be brutal but it’s sooo pretty!)
    – OPI’s Flower to Flower
    – Olay face moisturizer
    – MAC 15 palette e/s case and brush cleanser

    Can you tell I got paid this week??? lol

    Excited for: Painting my nails. Seriously. How sad is that? lol

    Weekend plans: Movies tonight with the fella (rent or go out is undecided at this point). Three birthday bbqs to hit up tomorrow. Sunday relax :)

    Have a good one everyone!

  31. Adele

    I spent waaaay too much this week, but I can’t bring myself to regret it :)

    I got two Becca pressed shimmer powders and bought MAC refined and glissade msfs from a blog sale and placed three orders for LE pigment samples (if I can’t find full sizes of Mauvement and Sunnydaze, I don’t know what I’ll do).

    One day, there will be a week when I spend no money on makeup. It just hasn’t happened yet. Love your blog, Christine! Have a great weekend!

  32. malen

    Survived another year of “crazy but lovable high school kids” (I am a teacher) so on my first week of summer school off I went to downtown SF to grab Tokidoki brillante glitter eye liner (liberty)and Burberry Summer Eau de Toilette from Sephora which earned me enough points to get a small box of NARS smudge proof eyehadow base FREE!!!!

    Then I headed to Macy’s to grab MAC free to be and expensive pink e/s and Thrills!

    Have a relaxing week-end Christine and everyone! :)

  33. Diligent Shopper

    Haul – I bought MAC’s float on by and 131 brush this week. I haven’t even used the liner yet but it seemed way too green. I was sort of expecting it to be more blue. The MAC 131 brush was fine and I liked the shape of it very much.

    Excited over a lot of things. I want to watch “Killer” and “Shrek”. I am waiting for a school’s reply regarding my application so it should happen anytime now, cross my finger PLEASE ACCEPT MY APP.

    Plans: I’m going to the night market with my friends today. It’s an asian outdoor night market we have here in vancouver bc every summer. they serve food and a lot of cheap buys.

  34. This is going to sound so lame, but I received my MAC To the Beach order yesterday and opened it up while at work. I then put it back into the box and, well, worked! I went home, cut out more paper hearts for a project, and watched Daria (btw, thanks for tweeting about that — I got myself a copy shortly there after!)… and fell asleep on the sofa.

    So today, while getting ready for work this morning, I slipped my MAC order into my bag, so that I could admire it periodically through my day, haha! People have cigarette breaks; I have “admire your makeup” breaks. 😉

    This weekend, if I’m not being told that I have to move out ALL of my stuff from mom’s by Sunday, I’m going to watch more Daria, finish my paper heart project, and start some new sewing projects. 😀

    • Ooh, how far into the Daria boxset are you? We’ve been watching slowly but surely over here!

      Haha, love your admire your makeup breaks 😀

  35. Scientific Housewife

    Haul: MAC Thrills lipstick and Float On By eye kohl – Love them both!
    Maybelline Color Pearls eyeshadow in Mocha Mirage – Great colors, wish they were a little more pigmented.

    Excited for: The MAC In The Groove collection coming in July.

    Friday Plans: Going out tonight for a friend’s birthday, thank god it’s payday!

  36. Heather H

    Have you sent out the newsletter for May? I haven’t received the email on that yet.

  37. Diana B

    Mellan looks sooo cute. The only thing I picked up was Crosswires after seeing your pic. No plans for the weekend its really sticky and muggy in NY. Maybe stay in and watch Alice and Wonderland.

  38. Christy

    Aawww, looks like Mellan is really happy and proud of his toys.

    Haul: More MAC To The Beach, Firecracker, Sweet and Punchy, eye kohl Float On By, Lazy Day lipstick and Hipness blush. I also added Petal & Peacocks lipstick to my MAC collection GMLOL and UD Baked eyeshadow, Nars Shiap lipstick. Overpriced Sisley products, Anis, Graphite and Stardust eyeshadow, I love them but I won’t be buying anymore Sisley because I can’t justify spending that much money on makeup. My cheap thrills: Covergirl eyeshadow Purple pop and Banana Republic Daily Lip Treatment SPF 15

    Excited for celebrating my daughter finishing 9th grade and her Birthday, we are celebrating at Tanaka of Tokyo.
    Sunday we are going to my favorite beach, Waimea Bay!! :)

  39. happybadfish

    I am about to go on a HUGE haul. Estee Lauder (Mac, Bobbi Brown, and so on) are having Friends and Family sale in Toronto this weekend. I am so pumped. I have never been before, and I decided not to hold back. I am going as soon as I’m done my last patient here at work. I can’t wait. Hurry up patients, come early please!! haha

    On Sunday I am going gliding. It is airplanes with no engines. It will be my second time. My husband is in the process of getting his license, so I am just kinda tagging along for fun, but I get to fly them with an instructor, so it is pretty fun.

  40. I love seeing Mellan on here, especially when you dress him up. Oh how I love to torture my dog (phenomena) that way! She lays down and gives me those sad eyes begging me take off her sparkly dress! I get a good laugh out of that one!
    Haul: Manish aurora palette (bough it from a girl on Makeup alley), Benefit powderflage, NARS amour, and torrid blush.

    Excited for: Vogue tonight, I love their blue cheese burger!

    I finally might go see SATC 2 :)

    Have a great weekend Christine!!

  41. I bought one bath and beauty’s moisture bar…er i forget what they call it exactly but it’s a dupe for Lush’s after shower lotion bars (not massage bars though the difference is nominal) and it smells like public bathroom. blegh. and only two dollars cheaper than lush’s version.

  42. Julia

    Haul: MUFE face and body foundation and indeed nanoblur (which I plan on using as primer)

    excited for: getting to sleep in tomorrow

  43. Aaw, Mellan is so cute! :) Especially love the last picture.

    I can’t believe just how good I’ve been this last week, I only got one thing from eBay (Chanel Glossimer in Volage) and Nars Angelika blush from a blog sale, plus some new Topshop make up (2 e/s trios and a lipcrayon) and 2 of the new Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadows (Moonstone and Opal)! :)

    It’s been half term holidays here this week, and the children have pretty much driven me insane, they were particularly annoying today. But the weather’s been lovely, so we could go to the playground and they splashed in the paddling pool in our back garden. Still, looking forward to the weekend, and to next week when they go back to school and nursery, lol.

  44. Rissy

    Haul: I told myself no makeup till MACs next collection on july 8th… but… I ended up stopping by MAC to do Back to MAC and picked up Firecracker, shimmermoss, Sweet and Punchy, Trax, Amber Lights and Soft Brown. >.< so horrible…

    Excited for: Sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday! I have summer school and have been getting up at 6 every day… T.T

    Friday Plans: Sadly another trip to MAC to exchange shimmermoss for the pan form and get gold mine so i can do a look with sweet and punchy… i don't have any sort of yellow or gold in my collection. Shocker.

  45. coco72

    MAC lipstick in Kanga-rouge from Dame Edna collection, brand new!
    Benefit Sugarbomb. I´ll swap it away, it doesn´t look on my face
    an orange concealer from MUD, deep brown corrector
    And a nail lacquer, grape violet from a local brand, Deliplus

  46. kerry

    awwww your dog is sooooo cute!!! makes me want to get one.

    haul: i was really bad this week. i bought a bunch of To the Beach stuff last Saturday (easy lounger, marine life, temperature rising, beachbound, sweet and punchy) and then today i ordered so many things from Sephora. Got theBalm Shady Lady palette, Stila Eye Trio (only $10!!), Urban Decay Deluxe Palette, and Buxom Travel Lipgloss/lipstick set. With all that i also got a free 500 points perk and used it to get the Two Faced palette sampler.

    I have to be good now for one month! no more spending….

    Excited for/Friday Plans: Going to a fundraiser tonite with lots of prizes including tvs, dvd players etc. i hope i win something!

  47. Haha! I like your photo commentary on those! I actually did LOL 😛

    HAUL – Pigments flying out my butt! (Not really, that’s gross, but I got all the ones coming out at counters that I don’t already have – Plus some extras). I picked up:

    Antique Green
    Bright Fuchsia (Hello? How did I miss this one?!)
    Copper Sparkle
    Corn Flower
    Dark Soul (Which I was apparently out of)
    Golden Lemon
    Golden Olive
    Old Gold
    Rose Gold (Ah! It’s another metal! These are SO messy! Hah!)

    I also got:

    Acid Orange
    Deep Purple
    Electric Coral
    Pink Bronze
    Reflects Transparent Pearl
    White Gold

    Then I got Liquer and Oh Baby Lipglasses, Water Based Mixing Medium, another 219 brush and another Weekend Cream Bronzer (I love this stuff – Though it’s still a little too orange for me, it looks GREAT on Jay so it’s mostly for him… Not that he gives a sh*t. LOL!)

    I skipped the Neon pigments (Full Force Violet, Magenta Madness and Neo Orange) because I already have the red and yellow ones and mattes – ESPECIALLY THESE – are SO hard to work with.

    Oh DUDE! And I bought an organ at Good Will yesterday! Hahah! It was 60 bucks and works! I couldn’t resist! LOL! I have already spent hours playing it! Haha I love it!

    Excited for: Hmm… Donno. More videos this weekend hopefully (that’s the plan anyway). Getting caught up on some work (that’s another plan… Ugh!)

    Friday plans: Tonight we are hosting a True Blood party so we’ll be having some southern inspired food. Blackened Catfish, Hoe Cakes, Greens and I’ll be making Pecan Pie :) We’re finalizing the menu now actually – But those are the top picks at the moment 😛

    • HOLY GOODNESS DUSTY! You always make me so freakin’ jealous. I always get the urge to complete the set, haha. I think I am down to missing only about 20 eyeshadows 😉

      How long have you been playing the organ? Do you play anything else? I took piano lessons for like, 15 years!

      Haha, love your Friday theme dinner as usual! Jealousssss!

      • Only missing 20?! Dude! Do it! Haha! You’re so close!

        I’ve been playing the organ for about… 2 days now. LOL! I actually play piano and guitar though. 15 years of piano lessons? Do you still play?! I only took piano lessons for about 2 years, I mostly wanted to gain an understanding of theory so that I could improve my songwriting skills – Once I got good with my theory I left. I actually remember telling my instructor, “someone, somewhere will ALWAYS be better at Beethovan than I am… And you know what? I’m completely okay with that.” LOL!

        So now I mostly write and record my own music :) It keeps me sane.

        Dinner was fun! I just had the last of the pecan pie about 10 minutes ago 😛 I think next week has already been decided though – As we’ve yet to host a fondue party :) I’ll let you know though! Hehe :)

        • I can still play, but I don’t really play any more. In college, I never had a piano nearby and too lazy to trudge the 2 miles to the music rooms (nor the foresight to reserve one!), and even though my boyfriend got a keyboard a couple of years ago… it is really hard to play on anything except a baby grand or grand. Which means I’m spoiled. My mom always, always wanted a baby grand piano, so that was one of her big gifts maybe fifteen years ago. I grew up playing on it, and I just can’t get used to keyboards, even the ones with weighted keys. Sounds and feels SO SO different to me.

          I always liked to play really dark, angry classical music, haha. Oh, and Enya. I just love Enya and the way her music sounds with the bajillion layered vocals and soothing piano. I’m thankful that enough of my lessons stuck with me that I can just read and play Enya without much trouble!

  48. Janette

    I did a huge haul all online cuz im out of the states for a while and it was so hard cuz i had to really do my research with swatches and reviews. But this is what i hauled:

    NARS Website:
    -NARS Sheer Glow in Stromboli, My new HG Foundation and they finally have the pump online for and extra $6! As if $42 dollars wasnt enough for foundation! Worth it though love this.

    Has any one tried the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk I heard it was wonders and i want to give it a try Im dry sensitive skin NC 40.

    -Laguna Bronzer
    -Albatross Highlighter
    – Ginger/Custard Concealer Duo

    -Hippness Blush (its backordered though :( )
    -Pink Rebel Luster Drops
    -Boldy Bare L/L
    I MISSED OUT ON MARINE LIFE :”””( It was sold out online and i cant go to any stores :(

    -Wild Rose Foundation SPF20 in WRF4
    -Bronze Protect Trio in SUNGLOW WARM, it comes with a bronzer small silicone -free face primer and Watermelon Tinted Moisturizer I just bought the trio for the TM it was the same prize for all three. I know you rave about Korres TM so thats why I bought it :)

    Not excited for anything im sick and in the desert maybe to try and get sleep.

  49. Kathie

    Beautiful pictures!

    Haul: probably nothing this weekend. I bought Ambering Rose blush pro-pan and that green eye pencil from the To The Beach collection yesterday. Can’t think of the name (Christina help me out please::-) Thyme something!!! also did a a back to mac and got Moth To Flame dazzleglass for free. I may go and get another blush pro-pan to complete my first blush palette.

    Weekend plans: working OT tomorrow and on vacation acturally starting today. So, off for the next week due to daycare being on vacation (that’s what happens when you have a home based daycare). The weather is suppose to be good this weekend in the bay area so, looking foward to spending time with my three year old.

  50. Jamie

    Haul: I recently got some drugstore stuff that I have been eyeing for a while.
    Excited for: The end of the school year!
    Friday Plans: I’m graduating!

  51. Haul: I’m going to have a huge haul tonight but this week….I got some of the nail polishes from the Shrek collection that I fell in love with after getting the mini ones. I got Whats With the Catitiude and Rumpils Wiggins.

    Excited for: Picking up all my To The Beach goodies!!! Oh and going to Olive Garden tonight!

    Friday plans: Going to the To The Beach Event at my MAC counter…and getting all of my To the Beach goodies, I have waited all week for them. Then some more shopping and dinner!!!

  52. Haul: Some full size Aromaleigh Victoria’s Revenge shadows, some 10 digit Creations body sprays, MAC Sweet & Punchy as well as Copperplate.

    Excited for: My 2nd Zoya polish exchange that’s coming

    Friday Plans: doing my nails, playing with Phaedra, and probably going to see a movie.

  53. Lynniekae

    I had a major haul last week from Sephora and MAC, so my goal is to not buy any makeup. I’m going to Dallas next week, so I don’t want to spend until then! I did go to my hairdresser today, and my hair looks fabulous! I feel pretty. I just hope it holds up in this 90-degree heat!

    Going out tonight for my friend’s birthday to a place called Cadillac Ranch. Never been, but they have a mechanical bull LOL. We’ll see how long I last! After that, I’ll be spending the rest of the w/e doing schoolwork (my second MBA class started this wk) and doing OT for work. Yay me//sarcasm =)

  54. Lynda

    haul – got urban decay Aquarius, Haight, Dashiki and Make Up Forever Turquoise 7L to try on one of Christine’s many beautiful looks. Got my 6 tr old daughter the Tarina Tarantino pink cameo lip gloss ring ($35). Message to self check price before promising to buy. LOL.

    Friday plan: Laundermat. Dryer broke :-(

    Excited for dryer repair man to come :-)

    • Lynda

      ooh ooh I forgot, I also got Nars smudge proof primer and Orgasm blush. Had to get it I hear so much about that blush :-)

    • I can’t imagine having to going anywhere to do laundry :( I’m SO happy we have an apartment with a washer/dryer. I used to always wash clothes at my mom’s, LOL!

  55. Ann


    I LOVE the weekly Mellan pics!

    This week I bought the Smashbox Anti-shine (per your recommendation) online as well as some leggings & jeans from Hautelook. I also purchased a purse, some earrings, and some bangles from Express. And I picked up a new watch & some cardigans from Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale. PHEW!

  56. Cynthia

    Mellan is sooo cute, definitely should put more pics of Mellan

    Haul: Got myself the studio fix foundation, I switched from Mineralize satinfinish foundation. I love the way Studio fix feels on my skin. I also got the lustre drops, sweet and punchy and float on. By the way love all of them havent really used sweet and punchy yet (sigh).

    Excited for: Nothing.. I have papers and exams due on sunday… yes sunday.. there goes my whole weekend!

    Friday plans: Soooo want to take a long nap!

  57. Diorskin forever compact, MAC 239 brush (final), Painterly paint pot, MUFE concealer, MUFE Hd blush, Fresh lotus eye gel, a coral nailpolish from OPI.

  58. BeckBeck

    Haul: two eyeshadows and a nail polish at Ulta last night. Hauling has lost a bit of its luster for me because it’s become so difficult to find things that I consider wearable that I don’t already have, haha…

    Excited for: Um, nothing in particular… maybe the store closing sale at Martin & Osa?

    Friday plans: Probably a movie with the fiance!

  59. Kelsey

    Haul: Last friday (after posting on last weeks free for haul), I got the Zoya color lock system (as per you recommendation!).
    Excited for: Going to Mexico for a few days to attempt at getting a tan!
    Friday Plans: Painting my nails, taking pics of my unused saddles to sell (gotta get money for upcoming MAC collections), and doing my final for The Scarlet Letter (ugh).

  60. Elysia

    yesterday I got a bunch of stuff from To the Beach, Freshwater eyeshadow, and the 131 and 266 brush (SOO much better than my old eyeliner brush) It was a fun day at the mall! I had graduation last night, so I wore a look that I called “Celebration Fireworks” lol! It was just a rainbow of colors. I also got new water-shoes, which sounds boring, but their awesome

  61. CeeBee

    Haul: Not too much, I am saving my pennies to hit the MAC counter in Auckland later this month…
    I got my order of TheBalm products – their eyeshadows are AWESOME. I got All About Alex, reminds me a lot of Sumptous Olive, though maybe slightly more gold toned and a bit softer. Just This Once Jamie is incredible as well, I think I have to order a backup of that one.
    And I got Down Boy, which is the most perfect bubblegum pink – lasts really well on too!

    Excited for: My BFF had a holiday in China for 3 weeks and she just got back so I’m catching up with her on Sunday night. And since it is a long weekend here, it won’t matter if we have a few wines because we don’t have to get up on Monday!

    • Awww!! I bet you’re SO happy to see her :) Now you make me want to try theBalm’s eyeshadows… enabler!

      • CeeBee

        Yeah, they’re nice! Not a huge colour range, which is a pity, but they are well pigmented, silky smooth and the pan size is huge!
        I showed my BFF my Shady Lady Volume 2 palette and she fell in LURVE!
        I’m enabling EVERYBODY, ha!

  62. montygrl4131

    MAC TTB stuff, Lancome Hypnose Drama waterproof, sheseido sunscreen.

  63. Sweeda88

    Haul: China Glaze polishes in Fairy Dust, Shocking Pink, and In The Lime Light, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasures(LOVE it!), Essence Polishes in No More Drama, Underwater, and Everybody’s Talking About. Wet & Wild MegaVolume Mascara, and Maybelline Shiny-licious Gloss in Candy Crush. I also got a hand held fan to keep me cool this summer. Oh, I almost forgot! I also got Orly Nail Polish Thinner.
    Excited for: I don’t know. Not much right now. I DO look forward to going grocery shopping this week. Yes, I’m one of those weird people who like to grocery shop. So sue me! lol

    • Sweeda88

      I also forgot something else. I can’t BELIVE it! I got a Paris Presents angled blush brush(SOOO freakin’ soft!!), and CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral Pressed powder, which is my HG powder. There! That’s it!

    • Great haul, Sweeda! Love China Glaze 😀

  64. Maria

    Haul: MAC 130 brush <3<3<3
    MAC Brush Cleanser
    3 NYX Powder Blushes/Powder Blushes
    MUFE Aqua Eyes 0l=L (very disappointed with that :( )
    Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
    Maybelline Falsies Mascara

    Excited for: Seeing my boyfriend tonight ☺

    Friday Plans: Vegging out with mother <3

  65. whitney

    my birthday is monday so i already went to sephora to spoil myself
    dior blackout waterproof mascara
    stila kitten smudge pot
    nars bettina velvet matte lip pencil
    living proof wave defining curl nhancing spray

    then i went to the chanel counter and used my gift certificate work gave me for nurses; day to get tulip lip liner because nude it way too dark for most of my lipsticks ( but i have it anyway ).

    Excited for: my birthday monday, and getting my motorcycle registered and on the road for the year (in the northern states we don’t ride in the winter due to snow so its cheaper to take it off the road for 4-6mo out of the year0. i’m just running late this year.

    Friday plans: Cuddling on the beach with the hubby when he gets home from work. (I know, beach where its cold in the winter, but it does exist.)

  66. mina

    Haul: i bought a bunch of things i’ve been wanting for a while now. went crazy at cvs! lol got some nude lipsticks, finally got rimmel’s sexy curves mascara! got a face powder and some other things. love drugstore products!

    excited for: a nice weekend of relaxing =)

    friday plans: probably relax. super tireddd!

    p.s. your dog is adorable!!!

  67. Vijaya

    I visited Lush today and bought a gift for a friend of mine (Shiny Happy People), a couple of body butters (You Snap the Whip and The Soft Touch), and restocked on shampoo (Godiva) and conditioner (American Cream) and got a Mange Too massage bar for free because of a promotion that was going on. I had planned on trying those new serums, but when I saw them in person, they were even smaller than I thought they’d be. I think I’ll wait for a review, or something.

  68. Vickie

    haul-nothing yay after TTB my wallet needs a rest for before the upcoming MAC collections that i cant wait for!

    excited for-going to a LUSH party with my friend

    friday night-went out to dinner and a movie with my dad tonight..we saw iron man 2 which was suprisingly good not my typical movie but i really liked it lol.
    mellan is sooo cute love the pics of him : )

  69. Kate & Zena

    Haul: 4 Milani nai art pens, two sally hansen polishes and 3 magazines (I should say two since I accidentally got June 2010 BHG when I all ready had one).

    Awwwwww, Mellan is cute. Zena is a toy destroyer too. She normally doesn’t destroy them the day she gets them, but she has destroyed beyond repair at least 9 stuffed squeaky bunnies (she’s a terrier–she hates bunnies).

    Here’s a photo of Zena

    How old is Mellan?

    • Hey kate!

      Zena is SUPER cute! Since Mellan’s a lab, very few toys end up lasting beyond a few minutes. I can’t tell you how many so-called indestructible toys he’s broken in mere minutes! We live by Nylabones and ropes. He’s 2.5 years!

      • Kate & Zena

        Aw, he’s still little. Zena is 6 1/2, but we adopted her at age 3 1/2. Her adoption day is coming up actually (June 24).

        I had a lab when I was a little girl. He was very mouthy with his toys, but he never destroyed them. He’s the only dog we’ve had that didn’t destroy toys.

        Zena is really bizarre with her toys. Sometimes she destroys it within a few days and sometimes it’s months before we find a toy ripped of its innards. We got her a sheep toy a month ago and last week I found that she had given Mr. Sheep not only a heart extraction (taking out the squeaker) but also a complete lobotomy. Mr. Sheep got a short funeral ride to the trashcan. The dog toy in the background is the only one she hasn’t destroyed; actually, it was mine first and she stole it from me. We call it Puppy.

  70. nicci

    I never thought this would happen but I got three lip items from MAC…Christine, you’re a bad influence! :)

    This is what I bought —

    Fun Bathing
    Ample Pink

    Buxom – Sophia from Bare Escentuals…it is very long lasting! I was impressed and it smells good and very moisturizing!!

    I am going to Saks tomorrow for the first time…I hope to come out with some make-up/skin care products :-)

  71. alison

    Latest Haul: Since To The Beach came out, I’ve gotten every single color product (stayed away from the bronzing stuff) except Beachbound (can’t pull it off), Getaway Bronze (too scared of it since I’m really pasty), Rosemary and Thyme (might get later since it’s perm), Shimmermoss (same), Humid (already have it), and In The Buff (noooo thank you!). I also picked up Atlantic Blue, a 109 brush, and my first bottle of MUFE Velvet Mat+! Phew!

    Excited for: My boyfriend FINALLY was able to plan the inspection on the house we’re buying!

    Weekend plans: Studying for the bar, mostly. :/ I even have class tomorrow morning (essay workshop), ew. So.. lots of multiple choice questions and a few essays… But I might be sneaking out to see Iron Man 2 with my mom and sister on Sunday, and I’ll be spending some time with my boyfriend on Saturday! I can take a couple hous away from studying… right?

  72. Awwww!! PUPPEH!!! Oh, right, haul.. I got a new foundation! I have used Bare Escentuals for, maybe, 6 years? I finally tried the matte version, and.. LOVE!! OMG, I was so SHINY in comparison now! Not that it’s like, high school, caked-on, CoverGirl matte (omg, my cousin used to rock that look and it always made me gag!) which always scared me away from mattes. But this is just perfect!

    The original foundation formula isn’t really shiny, but if you compare the two it almost looks like the original has a real sheen. And the last few months I’ve felt like I looked too oily or something when I’m totally not.

    Now back to looking at puppy pics!! He’s so cuuuuuuute!!

  73. Sheena F

    Haul: Some items from MAC To The Beach Collection. I couldn’t resist! I got Firecracker e/s, Sweet & Punchy e/s, Thrills lipstick and I was lucky enough to snag the last Hipness blush from Macy’s at SF Union Square. Also, I bought a few “swing skirts” and tank tops from Old Navy…

    Excited for: My sister-in-law’s bridal shower tomorrow!

    Friday plans: I worked today and shopped at Old Navy…that’s pretty much it.

  74. karen

    HAUL: Let’s see, this week I bought: Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle; MAC Crystal Avalanche, Thrills, Firecracker, Peachykeen, Easy Lounger; Bobbi Brown Corrector, Concealer and Skin Foundation; OPI What’s With the Cattitude? and Rumple’s Wiggin.

    EXCITED FOR: Monday. I work this weekend and Monday’s my day off. Not sure what I’m going to do though.

  75. Haul: I spent my whole alotment for one month of Makeup was spent up last week wiutyh the purchase of MAC to The beach colletion, Sweet & punchy, cream bronzer(Beach Bronze), Thrills , Marine Life, and FIrecracker. Oh and a 239 brush. FIst MAC brush ever I see what the hype is all about!!!

    Friday plans: Turned out to be a great night with some good old homies.. Good Timez you know…

    Hopes: Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  76. ssnug

    “To the Beach” collection just launch in Singapore yesterday! (sadly, we always gotta wait so long..)

    And I picked up Easy Lounger lipglass & #131!~
    I couldn’t wait but wear Easy Lounger right away.. and I actually got compliments from my best frens!~

  77. Haul: lipglasses: lychée luxe, nymphette; eyeshadows: sweet&punchy, cut to fit, juxt, stars n rockets, fig.1; lipsticks: pervette
    Excited for: nothing… I have to study all weekend.

    Mellan is so cute :)

  78. Jacqueline

    Haul: i got a NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in yogurt, loreal telescopic intense mascara (and a backup!), and coralista blush from benefit. then i got a pair of white burmuda shorts, steve madden wedges, 2 american eagle shirts, 2 bracelets, and 2 necklaces!

    Excited for: having short morning shifts for work this weekend, cleaning out my closet, and hanging out with my friends!

    Friday plans: i went shopping with my mom. then we came home and watched new moon (:

    i hope everyone had a great friday and has a great weekend! (:

  79. roberta

    small haul for me this week: urban decay razor sharp hd powder and revlon photoready foundation.
    I âm really pleased for both of thèm!!!

  80. Michele

    I got hot gossip, speed dial and modesty MAC l/s and big baby MAC plushglass

  81. Nicole

    Last week I went to Dubai and bought some makeup (MAC Sable e/s, Nars Orgasm l/g and a Shimmer Powder in Venus). I was so dissappointed that they didn’t have Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, because Nars is going to be discontinued in my country and not available close to my hometown.

    I also dind’t bought a handbag in Dubai. I was looking for a LV Speedy 30, but was shocked because the cheaper ones are just canvas, the zipper was way to small and just 2 small pockets. Sorry a completely no-go.

    So back home I bought a grey Aigner Bag I saw weeks before and this is just the right bag for me and the bonus I recieved from my company. I am a lucky girl right now.

    Yesterday I watched SatC 2 and it was too much Abu Dabi and less New York. I hope this will change with SatC 3.