Friday, March 5th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

MAC Too Fabulous goodies (all of the lip pencils, Loud & Lovely cremesheen glass, Two Virtues mineralize blush); China Glaze polishes (too many to name, haha).

It’s been an incredible week, really…ย  Temptalia received 1,000,000 visits in the past month!!ย  It’s a huge, huge milestone for me personally (never managed or been a part of a site or had an audience so large before).ย  I remember when I did AOL ‘zines and 5,000 subscribers was impressive, ha!

Behind the cut, I included a photo of Willy (who I said goodbye to last weekend), and then Mellan in his St. Patricks’ Day garb… Mellan is such a good sport, letting me dress him up!

Now… have at it!

My pics for the week!

Mimi (rescued Pekingese – my “mom’s” dog, who is absolutely in love with my Dad);
Willy (technically was my dog, but more my dad’s/the family’s, R.I.P.; mixed terrier);
Kelly (my sister’s dog, mixed terrier)

“No, don’t take photos! That’s blackmail!”

“Only ’cause I love you, Mom! Oh, and you give me treats…”

I was going through old photos last night, and I found this one of me & Mellan when he was just a mere six weeks old… oh, a lifetime ago!

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146 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #018

  1. Elysia

    Lets see:
    NYX Jazz Night Palette, Stila Illumintating Tinted Moisturizer, Barielle Polish in June Bug, Myzras Meadow and Falling Star.

    Congrats on the gazillion viewers. It’s a great blog, you crack me up with your dogs!

    Weekends are always crazy busy and SHORT, but the highlight? Alice in Wonderland, IMAX w/ my girls!

  2. Samantha

    Haul for this week…
    Yummy Labs Cherry Bomb (heat protectant for hair/flat ironing)
    Beauty Without Cruelty Spiced Grape Lipstick & Pinky Brown Lip Pencil
    Coraline Tshirt
    Skelanimals Tshirt
    Garnier Brilliantine Shine Wax (trying to find a cheap dupe for Redken Water Wax)
    Thinking of getting Benefit Silky Lipstick in Misbehavin’ – does anyone have this & like it? It has pretty mixed reviews on MakeupAlley…so I’m not sure!

    Love the pix of Mellan – he looks like he has such a great personality – such sweet eyes. I’m sorry for the recent loss of your dog Willy – losing a pet is so hard.

    • I like Benefit’s lipstick formulas overall, though I’m not sure if I’ve tried that shade before!

    • Silvia

      Hi Samantha,
      I have Benefits silky finish l/s in skinny dip und good to go. I really like them both, the formula is non drying on my lips and feels soft. I get about 3-4 hours of wear. now I think it really should wear them more often ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Shinia Lambert

    Too Fabulous – 3 lip pencils (Mouth Off, Trimmed in Pink, and In Synch) and two cremesheen lip glasses (Loud & Lovely and Boy Bait). I didn’t get any of the blush duos…may reconsider that if I see someone use one in a tutorial :).

    Week went by pretty fast. One of my best friends moved to Hawaii, and though it’s sad because of the time difference (4 hours) and lack of easy access, it does give me a cool place to visit! ALLLLLLOOOOOOHA!!!!

  4. Melissa

    Love the last pic in particular – Lab puppy belly pics are adorable. Wish I had more of those for my Mack. Labs are so good-natured. He tolerated his ‘brother’ when my Charlie was brought home. Mack, for the first time, had to share affection and did so with a 2lb 2oz menace. In the beginning, the Yorkie didn’t understand that Mack’s tail was attached to Mack and made a game of pouncing on it. Now (4 yrs later) they protect each other and cuddle up together for naps.

    I tried to be very good this week – I ordered just two things (Nubar Reclaim and one other Nubar color).

    • Where do you order your Nubar polishes from, Melissa?

      LOL, poor, poor Mack! Do you have pics of them cuddled up?

      • Melissa

        I usually order directly from Nubar but, there’s a seller I trust on eBay (R93). She combines shipping. The other advantage is using PayPal; I’m trying to avoid credit cards.
        I have one pic taken with them at the front door. Mack likes to lay down and look out through the storm door. I went looking for Charlie and found him curled up against Mack. He will seek out Mack when something scares him (i.e. thunder).

  5. Georgina

    Well this morning I just got my spring colour forecast stuff in (damn uk *shakes fist*) which includes rosy outlook e/s, perky e/s, hot hot hot e/s, lala e/s, the purple quad, azalea blossom blush, bronzilla l/s and colour me coral l/s. Not what I’d go for, normally (apart from the purple eyeshadows) so I’m really looking forward to trying it out :)

    This week, we also said goodbye to one of our animals, our cat. She was only 5, but had heart problems and became lame overnight, had to be put down the next morning because she was in so much pain and had no chance of recovery. Very heartbreaking for me but I think because of it, I’ve hit a turning point. I’ve decided to be more positive, grab any opportunity going, really live life to the full.

    And part of that was actually deciding to post this :) So onwards and upwards, that’s what I say!

    • Oh, Georgina :( I am so sad to hear about your cat, and I can completely relate! Mellan has a lot of health problems. It is always so sad to say goodbye :(

  6. This week I tried to start of my very-low-buy for the month in order to save up for my birthday next month, and I wasn’t that successful LOL. On Monday I bought R&R X-Rated blush off of Hautelook, but I had a $10 credit and can’t really think of anything else that I would want to spend it on on Hautelook. Then I went out for a little pick me up shopping on Wednesday (migraine, muscle spasm and wayy to much work) and got the new Tarina Tarantino blush in Parasol plus the free bracelet for VIBs. I was good though and only spent $2.19 tax after the gift card I’d been saving up exactly for those situations.

    But then last night I made a WowSoCool Konad order as the 30% off frmheadtotoe code expires today and … well, I’ve been meaning to make a Konad order FOREVER, so I couldn’t resist LOL. I got 5 plates, two polishes, a double sided stamper and a plastic scraper. Hopefully will be enough to keep me occupied for quite a while. I was a little sad that the leopard print plate was OOS, but what can you do, right?

    I think I’m good for the week though! I’m actually at the airport right now on my way to UC Davis for a recruitment event. Should be fun. Plus, I just got news that I was accepted to my top choice grad program at UCSF yesterday, so I’m really really really happy! Definitely planning a tiny celebratory haul for that (thinking a Rouge Coco?), but I want to wait until my LM Hautelook order comes in so I can see what Peach Sorbet Stickgloss actually looks like before I buy another lipstick LOL.

  7. Amber

    No hauls for me this week – waiting for MAC’s Liberty of London collection next week to haul from that and Too Fabulous. Have a list of what I want to order – gotta love online shopping!
    It was my birthday yesterday – I spent the night at my friend Lisa’s taking care of her pets – they are all sooo cute! I love the pic’s of all your dogs – so sweet! And I am very sorry for your loss – it is always difficult to lose a pet. Hope you are starting to feel a little better.
    I’ll be celebrating my birthday this weekend, going to dinner and shopping probably! Have a great weekend everyone!

  8. Alexis

    Awwww…so friggin cute!!!

    I picked up my preorders last night:
    MAC MSF in Two Virtues and Cremesheen gloss in Richer,Lusher

    I just depotted 15 e/s pans into my palette last night – going to the Pro store tomorrow for B2M lippies. I am so happy the freestanding stores give you the option to either get an eyeshadow or gloss in addition to a lipstick. I am bringing in 18 used containers – I’m so excited with my options!!!

  9. I picked up:
    LaLa, Very Violet, Straw Harvest and Hot Hot Hot e/s
    Victorian, Pink Burst and Bubblegum l/s
    Electric Fuschia l/g
    aaaaand Colour 3 Quad [we’re so behind in the UK, Spring Colour Forecast has just come out!]

    This weekend I’ll be relaxing before my interview for a Make Up Artistry course on Monday, and playing football in the garden with my 8 month old Cairn terrier Rocky. [ < that's her there]

    She's stolen a Spongebob Square Pants ball from the kids next door and won't give it back!

  10. Claudia

    They are all so cute =)

    Nothing for me this week beauty wise!

    Best thing of the week was the Muse concert I went to with my sisters ;D

  11. Kelly

    Small haul week. I am trying to do a bo-buy week here soon. Budgeting isn’t fun, but it really mankes you appreciate the small luxuries dosen’t it? On to the goodies…MAC Too Fabulous In Synch Liner, Naked Liner, and Partial Pink Cremesheen. BTW The Too Fabulous Liners are amazing! I have never owned anything like these shades. They are LE, so if you like liners as I do, def pick them up! Drugstore finds… Maybeline Mousse Blush in Rose Petal (surprising awesome whipped formula – highly reccomend), Liner in Toast, Nail Polish in Pie in the Sky. ~~ God bless!

  12. mkdallas

    Love your dawggie in the St. Patrick’s outfit…his facial expressions are hilarious!

  13. MsKia

    Those dogs are sooo cute!
    I just ordered my first Nars blushes in Orgasm and Deep Throat. Also order on Mac online, I ordered 2 of the 15-palette and 2 cremesheen lipglass in Partial Pink and the purple one..(forgot the name) Still waiting for them in the mail.

  14. Sally

    I picked up two 15 pan palettes. I have some serious depotting to do, I can’t keep my eyeshadows in the cases anymore, especially when you move in your husband’s former bachelor pad!

    Besides that, I’m excited to be househunting, I love the last house we saw last night. I can’t wait to be a homeowner!

  15. Solange

    This week I only got Bare Study Paintpot but Iยดm running to the drugstore in a few minutes.

  16. adorable photos !! :)

    this week I went to the unveiling of the Liberty of London event and picked up Blooking Lovely Lipstick, Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, and BOugh Grey Eyeshadow. I may have to go back and pick up ever hip lipstick !

    I am going to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX tonight !

    have a great weekend xoxo

  17. Lauren

    My latest beauty haul:
    Blooming Lovely Lipstick, all 4 of the lipglasses from Liberty of London, the shell beauty powder, Lucky green e/s, tilt e/s, naked lunch e/s and jest e/s. I really should take a break from purchasing, ha.
    I have the cutest orange tabby in the entire world named Felix. He covers his eyes with his paws everytime I try to take a picture of him. Too cute.

  18. a_cute_princess

    They grow up so fast LOL, you & mellan look absolutely adorable.

  19. Nathalie

    Love love love the pics! They are adorable!

    Haul: Coco Rouge in Mademoiselle, Cambon and Legende. Might buy the Clarisonic too but I haven’t decided if I can justify that expense right now after a $12K pay-cut! Ahhhh!!!

    This weekend I’m taking my little girl to the Children’s museum. I’m way more excited than she is lol

    Random question: Have you seen the cover of Cosmo magazine with Lady Gaga? I’m trying to find out what nailpolish she’s wearing or if there is a dupe of it. Looks like some kind of metallic/chrome shade. Any ideas?

    • Nathalie


      I have an 11 week old Toy Yorkie named Buster. He’s absolutely adorable but he’s driving me crazy!!! Loves to bite my feet and tries to walk between my legs while I’m walking. I’ve tripped over him several times and accidentally kicked him across the living room! I’m so afraid of stepping on him cause he’s so teeny (2.2 pounds)

      • Aww, how is puppyhood?!?!

        My Aunt’s Yorkie is a real toe-biter, LOL. Your fear is exactly why I don’t think I could have a tiny dog. I would sit on it, I swear!

    • Ahhh! That pay cut is rough :(

      I haven’t seen it yet!

      • Nathalie

        The nail polish is sooo cool looking!

        • Nathalie

          I went ahead and called the salon where she got her manicure in Vegas. The salon is Amp Salon at The Palms. The manicure she got is not a nail polish but instead something called “Minx Nails” ( Bummer! I was hoping it was something I could get at a beauty store and apply myself.

  20. Mellan is soooo cute!
    And i’m sorry for you losing Willy.

  21. Rita

    I got quite many new and older MAC items this week:
    – In Synch Lip Pencil and Two Virtues Mineralize Blush from Too Fabulous
    – 130 brush
    – Viva Glam Cyndi l/s
    – Minted Eye Kohl
    – Lillyland Pearlmatte Face Powder
    – Go e/s
    – Enough Said BPB!

    As for dogs – I’m for pugs!

  22. Anitacska

    Aaw, your doggies are adorable. Really sorry about Willy. :(

    Well, you know most of my haul this week, about $500 worth of Spring Colour Forecast (lots of lipsticks, lipglasses, both pigment stacks, 3 blush ombres, Da Bling eyeshadow (although I got that a while ago as it’s permanent) + Too Fabulous (only the blushes), and 5 longwear lipcolours (incl. Night Rose <3). Otherwise I got 7 Guerlain lipstick testers (4 Rouge G Brilliants and 3 Kiss Kiss Strasses) and a few other bits and bobs from eBay, my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, YSL highlighter powder and Givenchy purple Phenomeneyes mascara from (although I ordered them last week, but they only came this week, well Sat and Mon). Anyway, it's been a busy and expensive week for me, lol!

    Spring is finally here, had lovely sunny weather, although still not warm, but getting there slowly. :)

    • I think you may have hauled the most, Anita! I hope you enjoy all your goodies;)

      Yay for testers, totally saving $$ there!

      • Anitacska

        Oh really? Hurray for me! :) Bet my husband doesn’t think so though… oops! Anyway, I love everything I got (except maybe Azalea Blossom, it seems a bit too cool for me), and can’t wait to use them all. :)

  23. Lindy

    mini tweezerman slant tweezers from sephora which i adore! the polka dots are adorable!
    and pewter sateen eyeshadow from laura mercier which isn’t quite as greenish as i thought it looked in the store, but is a very beautiful grey color that can be blended with any of my mac greys and looks gorgeous! (i like it with electra personally)

  24. Melissa

    awww how cute your dog is!!!

    today in the mail I got mac full fuchsia blush & cyndi lauper viva glam makeup bag!

  25. Marcela

    I bought it online, so I haven’t received it yet.

    *Illamasqua Katie blush
    *Too Faced brightening blush in Mocha mi Amore
    *Carol’s daughter tut hair oil

    So excited, it has been a while since I bought any beauty products, its hard to be a college student, everything you make literally goes to school….LOL

  26. Luda

    Just got this yesterday

    Too Fabulous : Naked Liner, Fashion Scoop Glass, Rhapsody BLush and another blush the realy pink one don’t remember the name

    i also pre ordered a whole bunch of stuff from the London collection – the flat pink e/s , the blue green e/s , the golden beauty powder , one lip gloss , one lip stick – i can’t pick it up until the 11th boooo

  27. marisa

    oh my goodness. such cute doggies! we put one of our doggies to sleep last week, too. soooo sad. :*(

    • marisa

      oh right and my hauls: 2 empty 8-pan stars makeup haven palettes, a bottle of coastal scents ez prez, free hot pot and a free mica sample, bottle of mufe sens’eyes, UDPP, 2 sephora lip liners, too faced l/s in centerfold.

      on the way: 96 palette and 10 pigments.
      next week: give me liberty of london!

    • Aww, I am so sorry for your loss, Marisa :(

      • marisa

        thanks, i more feel sad for her little sister who just worshiped her. poor bella is so sad now.

  28. Brittany

    I am sorry about your dog:( mine is getting old and he is seriously the most amazing dog ever, i can’t even picture the day when i drive up the driveway and he doesnt’ chase after my car:(

    I also am REALLY exctied for the MAC to beaches launch (i think thats what its called) cause it looks awesome!!

    Little stressed out with these stupid little acne bumps on my cheeks and chin, they are so small but they drive me crazy and nothing from proactive/to neutrogena/ or anything has worked for me=\ Also my face is not evenly toned and its also driving me crazy. Not such a happy camper lately lol

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  29. Ellie

    Oh gosh, those puppy pictures are just too cute!!!

  30. Kimberly

    No hauls but I did want to say that Mellan does not look amused in his pictures, haha!

  31. Jo

    Quite a lot for me because everything has just come to the UK this week. I managed to nab the Urban Decay Alice palette <3 so much! I went out the other night with Alice on the inner corner, Underland in the center and Absolem on the outer, with Shroom to highlight (also bought this week) Then today Rouge Coco came out, so I bought Cambon and Mademoiselle. I tried both on and your lip swatches are very true to how they looked on me which I know will be useful in the future! Thank you so much for the lip swatches- they are really useful and helped me decide which shades to buy :)

    • Jo

      Oh and I got to pick a Chanel promo badge when I bought my lipsticks, and my friend got me a Chanel compact sponge

  32. Nene

    I’ve bought two Revlon nail polishes and that’s all! I’m waiting for Give me Liberty of London to come bc I’ve willing to buy Ever Hip lipstick since your last look.

    I’m planning to go for a nice walk with my dog; the day is so beautiful outside. Mellan really looks cool, my dog never allows me to put anything on her.

  33. liz

    hauled at saks with the $25 off $100 code.

    -refill of clinique stay matte powder
    – ysl parisienne body lotion, since i already have the perfume
    – lancome juicy tube in magic spell
    – guerlain beige mousseline lipstick AFTER I SAW IT ON YOUR BLOG i fell in LOVE with it.

    should be delivered this afternoon!

    also ordered an alexander mcqueen bracelet, but its on backorder so it wont be here for awhile.

    going to london tomorrow so ill probably pick up even more goodies.

  34. Heather H

    Wow aren’t you popular :) Congrats on all your success. I absolutely love the costume. It seems like he’s saying to himself “Just hurry up and get it over with” lol. My favorite is the one with the hat and bow. He’s so adorable! Have a great weekend Christine and don’t do too much studying lol.

  35. Chester

    Spring Color Forecast eye shadows (Rosy Outlook, Nanogold, Straw Harvest, Perky, HotHotHot, the color 4 quad and Stacked 2!) and some eye shadows from the permanent line (Da Bling, Copperplate, Vex, Steamy, Girlie) and two big palettes, I got the last two ones my MAC store had, and they are in the old design, yay!

    I got invited to a coffee at my Starbucks by one of the staff members this week, such a surprise. Another surprise was, I got a cardigan for 50% off. :-)

  36. LOL! He looks so defeated in his green hat and tie. Love it :) When I dress my dogs up they team up and destroy anything that I put on them! Hah!

    After last week’s mega-purchase, no big buys for me this week. I picked up 4 of the 6 pencils that came out, but none of the blushes.

    This week has been kind of slow around here… It started with me feeling like I was getting a cold so I spent a lot of time sitting around on my butt. I DID do that “Chicken at M.A.C.” photoshoot though! Which was hilarious fun! I love running a joke into the ground! Haha!

    Today I have a massage scheduled (woo hoo!) and then I have a client to do make-up on this Saturday. It’s for another local concert… I’ve been leaning towards an 80’s Cyndi Lauper inspired thing… We shall see :)

    • LOL! He is a pretty good sport about it, though he loathes it so…

      I feel the urge to own all the permanent MAC eyeshadows… and I think it’s your fault!

  37. Amal

    Aww.. lovely pictures, again I’m sorry for Willy :(

    This week’s haul (All MAC):
    Shadesticks: Shimmersand, Beig-ing.
    Blush: Sunbasque.
    Fluidline: Dipdown.
    Lipliners: cream o’ spice, raw defined, magenta, Hover.
    eye shadows: Nile, Pagan
    Mascara: Mascara X in black
    Lipsticks: up the amp, London life, capricious, going Dutch, Barcelona red, Plumful, utter fun, Viva glam VI.
    Lipglasses: Gold rebel, Russian red.
    Lipgelee: Lush & bright
    Others: 15 e/s pallete, MAC 165 brush, travel bottles

    The funny thing is, I just wanted to check whether the new collection was released or not – it wasn’t, but I still ended up spending an hour in the store.

    Lots of things happened this week. I attended 2 weddings, took part volunteering for a fun day at a school of special needs children , and returned to work after a 2-weeks break. I also finished my graduation papers (whoo-whoo). As for home pets, our oscar fish died, but on the brighter side few guppies gave birth for 15 little ones with more to come.
    And now I’m wondering what to do this weekend. I have no plans but to rest for now.

  38. Sharon

    I took back the Stacked 1 pigments I’d bought last week (too much glitter fallout) and exchanged them for eyeshadows in Vex and Purple Haze. And last night, went to Shoppers Drug Mart and bought Lancome lipstick — Rouge Absolu in Rouge Framboise, so pretty and perfect for spring.

    Your pets are so cute! (and tolerant…) My eleven-year-old kitty, Mischief, decided this week to do something she’s never done before — give me a “kiss” on the nose. She also likes to pat my face with her paw. Both of my cats are really affectionate.

  39. Ophelia

    NARS Sheer Matte, NARS lipgloss in Ophelia (I had to! It’s my name!), NARS Strada

    MAC: Plum Foolery blush, Ricepaper, Tempting, Sable, and Creme Cup lipstick

    Ahh, I bought way too much this week! =)

  40. Andrea

    Snob lipstick
    Up The Amp lipstick
    Pink Nouveau lipstick
    2 Fashion Scoop cremesheens

    I cant wait until Liberty of London comes out !!

  41. Carrie

    Cute pictures!…My ‘haul’ this week included Richer, Lusher Creemsheen Glass and Rhapsody in Two Mineralize Blush from MAC. I also got the OPI “Alice in Wonderland” mini nail polish set.

  42. sonia

    I got the berry on time quick blush from Clinique, I wanted to get the gift with purchase that they have a Dillards right now.

  43. Laudry

    Hi, no haul to show… but I just had to say -those are some of the cutest dogs EVER! Mellan looks like the sweetest, cuddliest thing on four paws, and those St. Patrick’s Day poses? He could be a star! (Can you tell that my husband are a little crazy about dogs?) Thanks for sharing!

  44. Faheema

    I’ve been waiting for this post all week even thought I didnt have a major haul till yday ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Well I brought 6 eyeshadows and a brush which is a lot for me haha
    Eyeshadows; Lucky Green, Goldmine, Lala, Hepcat, Stars n Rockets and Sunny Spot (which I haven’t began to love just yet…) and I got the 239 brush coz the brush I usuallly use decided to give up haha.

    Butttt… I should be going for another major haul again in a few weeks to pick up some bottle green and burnt orange type eyeshadows… maybe humid and amber lights. Though I already have amber lights! Also I will buy some lovely lipglasses and another brush and I too need a sharpener haha :)

    This is my first free weekend in long time so lots of revision for exams and more school work mehhh. Have a fab weekend Christine & everyone else ๐Ÿ˜€ x

  45. Kaoyee

    I hauled on the cheap this week. I bought 3 Wet n Wild Wild Shine polishes (66 cents each, holla!) and 3 Maybelline Shine-licious (or w/e they’re called now) lipglosses for 40% off. Later I’m going to pick up the VIB Tarina Tarantino bracelet at Sephora and some face wash for my boyfriend. Have a great weekend!!

  46. Silvia

    mmmhhh I confess…I just got a makeover at the giorgio armani the cosmetics and liked what the mua did. I got rouge d’armani 500Pink,it is not pink, more a darker rose, but very nice for my complexion. Will also wear it for work, since I was told it would last very long. We’ll see…then I also tried the new viva glam cindy lauper and maybe I’ll get that one. Tomorrow I will do some workout and maybe watch a movie in the evening. Also I want to visit my parents who just came back from vacation. And I should pamper my skin…the cold weather and air condition dry climate really stress my skin the last days.

  47. Tattoo Girl

    I bought all of the MAC chromalines and 10 of the OCC lip tars. Of course they came up on the site the day after I placed my order!!!
    This weekend I am going to see AIW in 3-D!! So excited!!! I also have a final paper due for Sociology which I am not so excited about :(

  48. Rosanna

    Aww! Your dog is so cute. Makes me miss my dog, Mozart (a pomeranian, not the toy kind) who is home alone while I’m at school till my siblings get home anyways. Unfortunately he has fleas (got treated 2 weeks ago) so I’m reluctant to hug or pet him, even though I really want to, he’s got the evilest puppy face. :(

    Here’s a picture of him from my sister’s FB (his hair is shorter now though):

    Good news is that, 95% of the fleas are gone but he has to get treated once a month for 4 months before it’s gone.

    No hauls this week, I want to check out Give Me Liberty of London next week (I want that Blooming Lovely because I want to try purple lipsticks).

    • So glad he’s almost all good to cuddle with again! Mellan is ALLERGIC to fleas, so he’s on a bajillion different flea medications and we haven’t *seen* one in forever (but who knows if he eats them before we see them…).

  49. Michelle

    I am saving up for the next MAC launch, but I did order a lipstick and lipgloss from Chanel (I don’t have a Chanel counter near by — so I have to order online). I haven’t used Chanel before, so I’m excited :)
    Nothing too exciting this weekend — a birthday lunch for a friend and errands.
    So sorry for the loss of your dog — I know that is hard!

    • Which lipstick and gloss did you order, Michelle?

      • Michelle

        I was going to order a new Coco Rouge lipstick — but I saw a gorgeous look on the MUA Troy Jensen’s blog — a bronzey smokey eye with Maldives l/s and Colibri Aualumiere l/g (both are limited edition, so I decided to get them). I am going to check out the new Chanel lippies next time I am near a Chanel counter. I love the swatches you did!

  50. Megan

    I got OPI for Sephora nail polish in Leaf Him At The Altar, Benefit e/s in Mermaid and a Victoria’s Secret e/s in Lusicous. Not to much but I love them all!

  51. Allie

    Your doggie is too cute!! Love the St. Pattie’s Day get up.. not sure he does, LOL!
    I’m so sorry about the loss of your longtime family pet! It’s amazing how they become part such an important part of the family.
    As for my shopping this week, I’m trying to just buy what I will actually use.. but I as I drove down to Monterey to visit my family I had to stop at the CCO in Gliroy! I bought Enough Said BPB, a tinted lip conditioner in stick form “Strobe Blossom,” and a lustreglass from Naughty Nauticals in Ensign! I just love buying makeup too much. LOL

    • LOL! He never does, that sour puss!!

      Anything good at the Gilroy CCO? How funny – the boyfriend and I went down to Monterey on Tuesday!

  52. My haul is from Sunday actually ๐Ÿ˜€ I haven’t had a chance to get to MAC for any of the new launches, but i will soon!

    On Sunday i got the following:
    Inglot 10 shadow palette ๐Ÿ˜€
    Yaby Best of Both Worlds
    Naked Cosmetics 3 pigment stackers ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. AnGeLwInGz

    Short list this week. OPI “Jade Is The New Black” and “Gargantuan Green Grape” and UDPP.

  54. AnGeLwInGz

    Oh, forgot my highlight. Alice In Wonderland 3D. So awesome!

  55. Vickie

    i was actually good this week lol. i only got the China Glaze Up and Away Collection from 8ty8beauty. love that they are so cheap on that site but hate how long they take to ship!
    cant wait for the Liberty of London collection to come out. im in love with that packaging : )

  56. Meesh

    Really shouldn’t be hauling since I should be saving up for the MAC london collection. -____- but I couldn’t resist. Just bought two things though, Honesty e/s and naked liner l/p.

  57. Diana

    I got guerlain’s kiss kiss lipgloss in figue plaisir and it is great! It smells so good and the color is very flattering, even on my skin [i’m very pale]. I think it could go well with a lot of skin colors. Also, my cheeks and nose are dry, and I started to put egyptian magic on them… it works so well!!

    AND if I could right now, I would buy the chantecaille dolphins palette. It’s so pretty — but $77 is not ideal!

    • Diana

      Oh, and about my pet… My westie Maximilien is getting older [10 in May YIKES!!] but he still is like a puppy. But lately he just groans when he moves or if you pet him too hard. It’s kind of funny, and he doesn’t seem to be doing it out of pain, but it’s odd seeing him become senile. Last night he was sleeping in his bed and whenever he rolled over all you’d hear is “grrrrrrruuummmpphhhhhhhh” haha

      • Aww! We almost got a Westie once, they’re so cute! :)

        LOL, Willy was like that a lot. He got all set in his ways and was like “NO, this is my spot and I’m not moving!!”

  58. Megan

    OMG! my pekingese looks just like your Mom’s! who also is in love my Dad:) no haul this week, I am saving money for the Liberty Of London:) have a great weekend, Christine!

  59. Brandi

    I only got a couple of things this week, both from MAC. I got the blush ombre in azalea blossom and the crush metal pigement set in Stacked 2. I love both of these products so much! The pigment set is beautiful…exactly my type of colors.

  60. Annie

    seeing them all written out makes me feel a little crazy!
    this week i got a couple eos lip balms, up & up make up remover, queen helene mint julep mask, nars penny lane cream blush, and my hg toner lush breath of fresh air.
    online i bought the skinfood rice mask and avocado lip balm on ebay and did a huge haul on (my first purchase from them): lancome bi-facil, bobbi brown lip liner, lancome high resolution collaser serum, lancome artliner, stila concealer, two mac lip products, two pigments, and two palettes.
    and i’m thinking whether i should wait to buy the american apparel nail lacquers because they finally put them back up on their website!
    but i really need to concentrate on my school work this weekend! i have two papers due tonight, and a calculus and chem midterm next week! i don’t even know when i’ll have time to watch alice in wonderland :(

  61. Laura

    OMG such cute photos!! I am so sorry for the loss of your doggy – we lost a cat almost 18 months ago (he was hit by a car) and I am still really struggling to come to terms with it. It’s so, so hard losing a pet :(

    In terms of make-up, I have been *awful* this week. Spring Colour Forecast and Too Fabulous just came out in the UK and I got:

    In Synch Lip Pencil
    Trimmed in Pink (?) lip pencil – whatever the bright pink is called
    Very Violet e/s
    LaLa e/s
    The purple/pink stacked pigments
    Colour Me Coral lipstick
    Pink Burst lipstick
    Radiccio lipstick
    Fresh Salmon lipstick
    Rose Maiden lipstick
    Electric Fuschia lipglass
    Cultureclash lipglass
    Cha Cha lipglass
    Hush Hush Rose lipglass
    Ripe Peach sold out in my city within a few hours, but my mum grabbed me one on ebay (I know, I know, but it was quite cheap!) so I owe her for that too…
    Plus I got Lucky Green, Fig 1 and Plumage eyeshadows, and a 15 pan palette. I also bought some eyeshadows and MSFs off LiveJournal sales. I’m on a strict “no buy” for the rest of the month!

  62. Malen

    I finished my tax and was pleasantly surprised to find out I am getting a refund so off to MAC in Nordstrom downtown SF I went and got another nice surprise – they do palettes! So I picked up smut e/s, satellite dream e/s , humid e/s, laugh a lot l/s and the 116 brush!!!! Love child was sold out so I was a bit frustrated! :(

    Yay for the megavisits you got! I’m not surprised – your site is the best!

    Love the pics of the doggies!!!!!

    Week-end!!!!!!! yay to infinity!!!!:)

  63. Hiromi

    Thanks for the doggie pics, Christine. They are all super cute.

    I bought:
    Rhapsody in Two
    Two Virtues
    In Synch x2
    Mough Off
    #130 brush

  64. Congrats on 1,000,000 hits Christine! With such a great website, it’s no wonder you have so many avid readers though:)

    I am in love with your sweet Mellan- he’s ADORABLE!

  65. Evie

    Urban Decay Bakes and Foreshadow palettes!

  66. Noelle

    Awwww Doggies are the best!
    Anyway, I went to MAC today and got Fashion Scoop, Richer Lusher, and In Synch lipliner. I love all three! I am obsessed with Fashion Scoop, so I got another back up. And Richer Lusher is so beautiful Christine, thanks for your review. I am going back next week to check out the Liberty of London collection, and I’ll probably end up getting another cremesheen. I’m thinking Loud and Lovely will be great for Spring or Summer.

  67. Mia

    I got:

    MAC MSF Natural (the person at the counter gave me a wayy too dark one for my skintone… i looked like an orange wen i put it on lol)
    MAC Studio Moisture Tint (again it was too dark)
    MAC Brownboarder technakohl (amazing brown eyeliner! wore it everyday this week it think… looks less harsh than black)
    MAC Malibu Peach Nailpolish (good spring color)
    Also my Vintage Sister Lip Lickers/Indulgences finally came in!
    I got…
    Strawberry Lip Licker
    Caramel Indulgence

    I think they might be my new favorite lip balm…

    I think I might do more damage either ordering makeup online or going to da CCO this weekend lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Mia

      oh also i forgot to mention that i have a 5 year old maltese named Sugar (i call her Sugy) and she’s overweight :(
      shes 14 pounds and shes supposed to be 10… the vet sed shes da equivalent of an obese person and if we dont get her fit then she could have health problems in the future :(
      but now i put her on an all kibble diet and it seems like its working out for her lol
      congrats on bajillions of views!!!!

  68. DonnaN

    I’ve been really good in the past week…my only haul was to MAC for Rhapsody in Two mineralized blush and InSync lip liner….a weeks’ haul for $36.00……who knew I could be so FRUGAL ?!?

  69. Did a little Sephora hauling this past week — had to check out the Tarina Tarantino collection!

    From the Tarina collection:

    -Dollskin Powder
    -Pearl Glow Primer
    -Conditioning Lip Sheen in “Showroom”
    -Eye Dream Hypershadow in “Cord”

    So far I’m really impressed with the quality of these — especially the eyeshadow. UNBELIEVABLE pigmentation and a great color selection, too!

    I also got:

    -Urban Decay Matte eyeshadow in “Narcotic”
    -YSL Teint Resist Foundation in No.3 Opal

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  70. Jenn

    I can’t wait for Give Me Liberty to come out! Then I can finally place my order on MAC (I’ve been loading up my cart for a while, lol).

  71. I went to MAC (duh?!?). I got Naked liner, In Sync liner, Buddy Up mineralize blush, Bi-Tone mineralize blush, Boughs & Berries eye Shadow, Prim n Proper eye shadow, Bough Grey eye shadow, Birds & Berries eye shadow,
    Blue India nail polish, Perennial High Style, Ever Hip lipstick, Frankly Fresh lip glass, an empty 15 pan palette and the Cyndi Lauper Viva Glam lips bag. The bag is huge, I think I may use it for going out :)

  72. I picked up 2 items from Too Fabulous: cremesheen glass in fashion scoop and mineralize blush in rhapsody in two.

    i was trying really hard to be good on my wallet, but i got tempted and did pre-sale for shell pearl beauty powder from Liberty of London.

  73. Christine

    ok so I went a little crazy…..NARS crazy! I purchased a few new blushes LoveJoy, Taos, Sin, and Exhibit A. Also Kuala Lumpur eye shadow and Scortching Sun. Then I wanted to try Tarina Tarantino so I purchased a cute little eyeshadow in Rivet (a rich plum) its really pretty. I also picked up a Sally Hansen nail polish in Fairy Teal and the best is yet to come…..On Sunday I’m going to a MAC launch party at my Nordstroms so I’ll be able to pick up more goodies from the Give Me Liberty collection……….YAAAAAAAY!

  74. amy

    My haul includes: Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Serum; MAC Blush in Two for Rhapsody; and MAC Nailpolish in Blue India.

  75. Jaqueline

    This week I bought:-

    Nars orgasim illuminator
    2 lancome lipsticks (cant remember the numbers/colours)
    Retrospeck pro pan
    Omega pro pan
    Romp pro pan
    Soft & gental MSF
    Velvet Teddy lipstick
    Plink lipstick
    a lip gelee (cant remember the name)
    Turkish Delight lipgloss
    A Nars highlighter (again, cant remember the name, but apparently its a new one!)
    Skinny Jeans by Benefit
    Strut by Benefit

    It was my birthday on Wednesday, so I got all this with my birthday money woooohooo.

  76. make_up_maven

    Christine! I love ALL of your dogs!!! You’re such a good Mommy! I’m so sorry about Willy, he was adorable. He knows you loved him. I lost two cats in one year, one was 12 and one was 20! That’s right, 20 years old – and I had her from the time she was 6 weeks. I try to focus on happy times and that helps me tremendously. My babies will live forever in my heart and memories. Thanks for sharing your babies. Personally, I’d love to see more pictures of Mellan on the site, cuz he is GORGEOUS! Congrats on the 1,000,000 mark too!


    • make_up_maven

      I forgot to add my hauls. Estee Lauder Exotic Bronzing Blush and Estee Lauder Pink Kiss lipstick. That’s all for this week, but next week I’m waiting for the MAC Give me Liberty of London.

    • Aww, thanks!

      Wow, 20!! That is major!

      LOL, Mellan used to have his own “column” on the blog, but it was the most hated type of post on Temptalia so I pulled it!

  77. Cherie

    AWWWW PUPPIES!!! Mellan is so sweet! I like when he’s giving you the ‘evil squint’ eye! Again, I’m so sorry for your loss with Willy :(

    Even though it’s Saturday, I cannot resist a good FFHF comment :) I love this part of your blog and look fwd to posting my goodies to people, I think, can actually appreciate it and read what other goodies everyone has picked up! Here we go…

    This week I picked up:
    – OPI’s Suzy Says Fung Shui
    – Essie’s Chinchilly and it came with a little bottle of Matte About You
    – Orly’s Foil FX in Rose
    – MAC’s Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Scoop
    – MAC’s Paint Pot in Bare Study (gift for my mom)
    – Gosh’s Lipgloss in #0075 (no name but it’s a pretty light-shimmer purple-mauve. The best part is that it has great colour payoff with a NON-sticky formula!!! Almost like a lipbalm with wet feeling… lol. I will definately try more of their range. They are $15 CND for 8ml 0.3 fl oz)

    Went to a Raptor’s vs. Knicks game last night. My first professional b-ball game and it was fun. :) Just had lunch with my mom and we did home-style mani/pedi’s. Not much else planned for this weekend. Maybe check out Alice in Wonerland tonight if I can convince the bf. Oscar’s Sunday night most likley.

    Hope everybody has a great weekend :) Enjoy the sunshine and +8C weather for those in the GTA!

  78. aradhana

    i finally picked up the ud alice in wonderland palette, show orchid and a couple of blushes from colour forecast (ripe peach and azalea blossom). i haven’t tried the blushes yet as i just picked them up today, but i’m kinda struggling with the ud palette….i guess i’m not use to the texture and the shimmer factor…they end up havng a massive glitter fallout on my cheekbones so not the best for the office….oh well, at least the shades look nice in the pans…!

    nice to see the pics of your dogs and really sad to hear about willy…

    • Aww! I find that some of the more glittery shades I just can’t use… like Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is one of the worst eyeshadows I’ve ever used. EVER!@

  79. Joanna

    This was a lean week for make-up purchases.

    I bought my first paint pot in Bare Study and brush 249 – thanks to Christine for the recommendation!

  80. rowan

    mac mineralize eyeshadow trio in danger zone
    mac silver glitter
    mac wedge eyeshadow
    mac hello kitty nail polish – vestral white
    all discounted from a cosmetics outlet!
    and i got some urban decay big fatty mascara in electric blue and chanel nail polish in dragon

  81. I actually did a huge haul on Friday at the warehouse sale.. but my fave by far were the old style pigments: Golden Lemon, Mega Rich, Tan, Rose, Frozen White, Spiritualize, Deep Blue Green, Copperize & Chocolate Brown.

    I was called into work Saturday, but today I plan on just relaxing and playing with my new goodies. :]

    I love the photo of Mellan as a puppy, so adorable.

  82. agrin

    thank you …