Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What feature do you tend to center your looks around? Examples: eyes, lips, bone structure, etc. Share!

Temptalia's AnswerIt’s usually eyes for me!

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44 thoughts on “What feature do you tend to center your looks around?

  1. It’s usually my eyes, but I really like my lips so I’ve been focusing on them lately.

  2. Bee

    Eyes for me as well! Unsurprisingly, as that’s usually the first thing I put on.
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  3. KaseyCannuck


  4. definitely eyes, brows and cheeks. lately i’ve been more open to bolder lipstick, but then again, it’s so hard to keep the eyes simple!

  5. Samantha

    Usually the eyes, but sometimes the lips.

  6. Normally, eyes! Because I love that winged eyeliner and mascara look.
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  7. Jan

    Making my skin look as best as it can. On the days I’m successful, it typically glistens.

  8. With my watery eyes, I usually center my looks around my lips, especially if I’m in a hurry.

  9. Usually eyes, but sometimes I’ll make my lips the focal point or even my cheeks.

  10. Clara

    While I’m working I focus on a flawless face with a nice blush.
    During the weekend I play with different eye looks.

  11. Sophia B.

    is skin a weird answer? I like to play with different finishes, level of coverage, types of highlight and contour, strong or natural blush, and then make up the rest of my face to compliment that.

  12. Lips! My eyes are usually very simple + winged liner + mascara. But man, do I love rotating my lip colors!

  13. Usually my eyes but I like to accentuate my lips in the summertime as I use less of everything else because it’s so hot. :)

  14. Lauren

    I always thought you had to pick either eyes or lips to play up, so it took me a long time to realize that my complexion is actually my statement feature! When I want to feel amazing, I go light on the eyes and lips and focus on making my skin glow. I finish with highlight, blush, a very soft contour, and finishing powder :)

  15. It used to be eyes due to the amount of eye shadows I have, but lately I’ve been sporting bolder lipsticks and I’ve really been liking that.
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  16. Usually lips – I do the rest of my makeup based on what colour lipstick I want to wear that day; heck, I do my *outfit* around the colour of lipstick I want to wear! I don’t feel that my lips are particularly special – I just really like lipstick as a thing 😀
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  17. My eyes, but I do also love a light eye and statement lip.
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  18. I tend to focus both on the eyes and lips. Why choose when I can have the best of both worlds? I am also a blush girl, but that is very minimal for me.

  19. zainab

    I have big eyes and really thick eyebrows so unless I put on a really bright lipstick or bold blush they tend to be the focus. Lately, because it’s been hot and humid and I’ve been too lazy to bother with detailed eye looks I’ve been putting most of my focus on my cheeks- my hair really frizzes up in the humidity so I figured I may as well enhance the 80s look rather than try fighting it.

  20. It’s often my bone structure, now I think about it. I’m happy to leave the house with just my cheeks and brows done if I’m in a rush.


      Yes totally agree that Brows and Cheeks are the most important features that frame the face.
      My cheekbones are my best feature i think and i love playing with my zillions of blushes, bronzers and highlighters !!!
      I wish i had thicker brows though so i didn’t have to define them everyday as i don’t find this part very fun !

  21. Definitely my eyes. I hate my mouth and my teeth, but I’ll probably focus on my lips more once I get my Invisalign off.

  22. brenda

    eyes – I feel like a lip centered look would take a lot more confidence for me. I’m pretty low key to begin with.

  23. Definitely lips. Occasionally I do keep my eyes as the main focus, but I do that maybe one or two days out of the month.

  24. My lips! I always pick out what lipstick I want to wear and then go from there.

  25. Greta

    I love my green eyes, so I always try to play them up. But I have actually found that in many ways a red lip (or pink, or purple, or coral) can do more for green eyes than eye makeup. Ii do eye makeup and lipstick about equally, but always with the same intention.

  26. My eyes. I always wear at least liquid eyeliner on my eyes as their quite small and I like to bring them out with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I also like to use a bronzer to slim my face down.

  27. Eyes, for sure – mostly because they take more time, products and “work” than any other part of my face (primer, lid colour, crease colour, inner corner, outer V, browbone, liner mascara….). But even when my eyes are the main feature, I never back off on my lips – I don’t like a “nude” lip on me (or on most people, for that matter) so my lips are always “in balance” with my eyes.

  28. My lips, pretty much always haha

  29. xamyx

    I have fairly light skin, and my eyes are large/round, and nearly black, so they tend to pull focus no matter what I do. My lips, however, are my weakest feature, so even if I wear a “naked” eye with a bold lip, my eyes still stand out. I also tend to put as much “work” into a neutral eye as I would with bolder shades, although I will omit liner at times.

    I also like to play with contouring & highlighting, although I have a strong bone structure naturally. I just saw feel it adds a bit of dimension, and balances my strong jawline.

  30. Nikki

    I’m all about showcasing my lips!

  31. LU

    Usually my eyes. Although, I’m not afraid to do a bold eye and lip lately, since I’ve ventured into the realm of dark lipstick. I was always conscious of my small, thin lips, but now I’m ok with showing them off. :)

  32. Corliss

    Mostly lips for me. I like very bright highly pigmented lipsticks, or very dark vampy lipsticks.

  33. Usually eyes, but sometimes I like to focus on a brighter blush or a nicely sculpted face with a perfect highlighted glow. I never ever let the lips be in focus!

  34. Michelle Reece

    Vast majority of the time it’s the eyes! Go browns!

  35. Usually my eyes and lips. Depends on my mood and if I’m being lazy lol
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  36. Ida

    I usually focus on either my cheekbones (I love my contouring powders!) or my lips.

  37. Usually lips. Sometimes, on weekends mainly, eyes! Dark smokey eyes!

  38. Leah

    Usually my lips. Gotta love bold and bright lip colors.

  39. My eyes; they are round and quite big, and I love bright eyeliners and eyeshadows; however, I would love to center my look around my bone structure… the big problem is I don’t have such a great one, so I’ll just pass :(
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  40. Mari

    Usually my eyes, but I feel I’m becoming a lip person because I’m so in love with some darker lipsticks and I want to wear them all the time.
    But, overall, I use eyeliner everyday, but I feel ok not using lipstick.

  41. It depends, if I have a very good skin day, then lips it is, but If my face is feeling a little bad because of some nasty pimple then eyes it is haha so I can focus attention anywhere else xD but not on my pimples :)