Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever had a day where you just didn’t feel like putting on makeup? Did you apply it anyway? Did you go bare-faced?
Temptalia's AnswerOh, definitely! There are days where I feel so tired, my skin says, “You lose,” and then there are times when I don’t feel good (like a cold). On occasion, I will defer for a few hours (to see if I feel better), will only apply eye makeup and no foundation, and if I have enough products I’ve tested recently that I can miss a day of testing (technically, I don’t have room to do so, evidenced by my backlog), then I might wear nothing.

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44 thoughts on “Have you ever had a day where you just didn’t feel like putting on makeup?

  1. Hahahaha, often. I don’t have a life, really. I mean, my life has been picking up a little more at least friends wise, but other than that, I just… don’t care to a lot. Because. TAKING IT OFF, I HATE.
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  2. kdukart08

    When I’m sick. Otherwise I love makeup!

  3. Denise S.

    I’d have to be pretty sick, lol. And even then I”d manage a little lipstick!

  4. C

    Yeah. My hair’s bright blue and when it fades, so does my confidence, so I don’t really bother prettying up

  5. xamyx

    All the time, LOL! Actually, it’s more a matter of prioritizing; there are definitely days when putting on makeup is simply pointless. If I have a ton of household work to do, then I’ll just start doing the things that need to get done, and if I finish early enough, I’ll take a quick shower and put a bit of makeup on. However, if I have errands to run outside of home, I’ll typically do at least a minimal look.

    • Eileen

      I’m definitely with you on this one. The days where I’m involved in an activity where I know I’ll need to bath as soon as I finish, I simply can’t be bothered with makeup although I always, always wear moisturizer and sunscreen.

  6. Today no makeup for me except under eye concealer. It was the choice between makeup and 10 minutes more sleep and this morning I needed the sleep. I try not to do that too often though!

  7. Most definitely. On days when I am feeling low, I wish I didn’t have to put on make up and face the world. When I do feel ill, but just have to go on the road, I just put on foundation, setting powder, and some lip balm.

  8. Caroline

    Yes, definitely – when I have to get up at 6am to do an early shift at work, it’s still dark outside and I’m feeling tired, I just think ‘Oh, I’ll give it a miss today’ and leave it at that.

  9. Only when I’ve been so sick that I couldn’t even get out of bed. Putting on makeup (even just a bit of concealer, gloss and blush) is as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth and washing my face. Having said that, I don’t wear anything at all when I go to hot yoga – just moisturizer with sunscreen (because I never leave the house without sunscreen!)

  10. Jaz

    yep. Actually, yesterday was that day for me. My alarm didnt go off, my car wouldnt start, its colder than a freezer/it was snowing AND I was 45 minutes late to work. So I just made the decision that I was going barefaced

  11. I go with just brows, concealer and mascara a lot, but there are days where I am under the weather, preoccupied with running a business, etc.. and I just can’t be bothered. Yeah, and winter I’m staring you in the face right now with the temp hovering around – 20 C this morning and so hell yes I go without makeup a lot more in winter months, but not moisturizer 😀

  12. Absolutely! As much as I love make-up, there are days when I just can’t be bothered, whether it’s just because I’m lazy, feeling crummy, or if my eyes/skin are angry at me. Although, since I wear no make-up most days, I make a point of wearing make-up when I go out to see friends, even though I never feel I NEED make-up to be seen in public.

  13. artemis

    Well, when I’m sick and when I don’t have anywhere to go…but it happens when I have to go somewhere too(so I do put it on).

  14. Yes. I work from home and there are days where it is just too tempting to shower and put on whatever clothes and just go from there… I was turning into a slob! And worse, I would go out of the house like that!

    So I have been making an effort to dress nice (jeans and a pretty shirt are still comfy!) and putting on makeup… Thing is I just can’t do a minimal face, as soon as I start putting it on, I get carried away and end up with a full face, primer foundation, 3-4 eye shadows, liner, brows, mascara, blush and lipstick! I do look good though!

  15. Oh, and sick days and Sundays when I stay home and do nothing are makeup free days.

  16. Yes of course, but much less now than when I was younger. I then to wear make up every day even when I don’t go out.
    Judith Recently Posted: Skin care routine essentials

  17. I get up at 5:30 AM every day so it’s always a toss-up as to whether I’m putting on makeup or not. I feel like I would wear it more if I had a vanity or someplace where I could SIT and do my makeup, but right now I have to stand at my bathroom mirror and that doesn’t always sound like fun first thing in the morning. I also never wore makeup much as a teenager so I never really feel like I NEED to put makeup on.

    Whenever I don’t wear anything I’m a little sad though because I love wearing lipstick! Lipstick makes everything better.

  18. Most days, to be honest. It’s one extra, time-consuming step in my very time-limited day.

    I always wear makeup if I feel I’m going to be in a situation where people will judge based on my appearance (work, social events), but unless I’m going out to a special event, I never wear it on weekends, and have no problem going to a restaurant or shopping while bare-faced (except for moisturizer, I’ll never skip that step). If I have days off during the week, I’ll go bare-faced then, too.

    I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have enough self-confidence to go without, and my spouse loves me whether I’m wearing it or not. I’ll admit – I do look a lot better/prettier when I wear makeup, but it’s not going to make or break my sense of self-worth if I don’t.

    As much as I love applying it and trying different looks, it’s a relief on the days where I don’t have to take the time to put it on. It’s freeing when you can just get up, shower and go.

  19. I’m going on 30+ years of days like that! Although I’ve been putting in more of an effort, I still default to “I don’t feel like taking the time to put it on” and “I don’t feel like having to take it all off”. If I have to choose in the morning between putting on makeup or drinking a cup of tea, tea always wins.

    See Diane’s comment – that’s me, too! :-)

  20. TrippyPixie

    Frequently. Normally, I don’t do any sort of eye makeup since my ocular allergies are horrendous. Sometimes, I don’t do any makeup either because I’m sick or my skin isn’t agreeing with me (excessive flakiness, especially during this time of year). Mostly, it’s because I’m tired since I was up late studying the night before. I end up thinking, “I’m at school to learn, not to look pretty!”

  21. Nikki

    I have these days quite often actually. I rarely wear makeup everyday, and even when I do, it’s usually very little. My “everyday” face consists of wearing brow powder, blush, and gloss. On other days when I simply don’t want to put on make up, I just skip it, put on lip balm, and go. Being bare-faced doesn’t bother me at all.

  22. i loooove makeup!!! but I only use it when I go out ( which is not that often ), so most of my days I only have moisturizer on : )

  23. YES! Absolutely. I used to work as a nanny from 5:30 AM-5:15 PM, and then off to my second job from 5:30 PM-9:30 PM. Makeup was not high on my list of priorities. Now that I’m in college, I actually have more time, so I’ve been wearing more makeup.

  24. Bell

    If I don’t leave my house, then I don’t do makeup. That usually happens on lazy sundays, or when I’m ill. Otherwise I love putting on makeup ’cause it makes me more confident!!

  25. Christine, that means you just cant get sick 😉

  26. After sometime of not going anywhere where I can wear some full on makeup I sort of miss it and when I get the opportunity to wear full-on makeup I get lazy and just end up doing something simple. So yeah sometimes I don’t really feel like putting on makeup.
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  27. Caroline

    I don’t even take out the garbage without at least mascara on lol!
    However, having said that, I do have days when I do not feel like putting makeup on-don’t we all?-but I rarely indulge that sentiment. I feel better with it on, and I like to always look my best. Even if I’m just staying at home, I get dressed nicely, (I NEVER EVER stay in my pyjamas), put on a little perfume, and do my makeup, simply because it makes me feel good and also because I like to look nice for my husband. He really appreciates it and does the same for me (minus the makeup, of course! LOL).

  28. Trudy

    I’m a nurse and I work at 7am – with an hour commute time… Ain’t nobody got time for makeup!!! I go without makeup every time I work… otherwise I wear it.

  29. Susan Dowman Nevling

    When I was working, I wore make up every workday unless I really overslept. If that happened, I’d take the make up with me and apply on a break if there was one (I was a registered nurse) I cannot go outside without moisturizer because my skin burns.
    Now that I’m retired. I wear make up when I go out or if I feel like playing. I also wear make up if someone is coming over.

  30. SatelliteDreamer

    All the time Lol. I can’t wear ‘unnatural’ makeup to work, so I wear tinted moisturizer, and my brows all week, and sometimes yearn to wear more, but really, don’t have the time on those days.

    On my first day off, I plan on a “couch” day, and just do a topknot, and stay in jammies, with nothing on my face. It’s great. Oh, the life of a shift worker.

    My other days off, I will do a full face if I’m going out.

  31. Meredith

    I wear makeup if/when I feel like it. Like the others here, if I’m home doing housework I don’t bother with makeup. I know my husband loves me with or without, I’m the same person and the inner person is really who you are. I use makeup to express myself and to feel better and more confident. Men don’t have to wear makeup so neither should we. We are just as valuable as women with or without. Do it for yourself, not others. Makeup should be fun, not a chore. Some women don’t like it, some love it, some don’t really want to bother, some don’t have time or the money or some other reason. We should all be allowed to be ourselves and wear it if and when we wish.

  32. smfrances

    I usually don’t wear makeup on the weekends – always skincare and sunscreen and lip balm but that’s about it. I wear it to work, even the days when I was teaching in a school on a cement block with no trees, no a/c and 103 degrees, I wanted to look professional. I just made sure it was waterproof and I used Urban Decay All Nighter. If I am staying home and don’t go out I don’t wear it. Once I didn’t wear it to work and the students asked if I was sick.

  33. Cat

    Oh yes, mostly when I feel I haven’t slept well and want that extra 30-45 minutes to sleep! And when my skin has reacted to something because it is so sensitive, then I tend to want to just leave it alone, but I might still do my eyebrows, mascara and a MLBB lipgloss/lipstick. And then obviously when I’m sick, although sometimes I still FEEL like wearing makeup even when I’m sick, but don’t because of germs and such!

  34. I love putting makeup on, but I recently had surgery and have been at home recovering. The combination of limited activity and limited daylight to work with has meant that I more or less haven’t bothered at least half the time. I sort of see it as giving my skin a vacation.
    Kate Recently Posted: making faces :: xmas kisses from guerlain

  35. Jennifer m.

    This week I only wore makeup once at school (well lipstick) because it was finals week

  36. Brenda

    Yep, that should have been this morning LOL. I don’t wear it when not working, but today should have been a no makeup at work day – nothing worked right. My skin is tired and dry and I just felt obligated to wear it. My face was NOT happy. And yes, there are many days when I just don’t want to be bothered, so I throw on a BB cream, concealer and something like Estee Lauder Twilight Rose. I can’t bring myself to go barefaced while on the clock even when I really want to.

  37. Quinctia

    I don’t wear makeup if I’m not going out. If I have to go out, but I don’t feel well, I do minimal stuff…I haven’t left the house without a base on for so long, I can’t remember.

  38. I find this question funny, I guess because I only wear makeup probably every other day on average. When I do wear it, I absolutely go to town and do it properly but some days I just don’t have the time/energy. I want makeup to be something enjoyable and if I felt like I HAD to wear it every morning it would turn into a chore. I want it to stay as fun as possible!

  39. Jennifer

    Most days my only “indulgence” is putting on makeup and I have fun with it. The only days I didn’t were when I had other things going on – the birth of my son, pneumonia, and an appendectomy.

  40. Jan

    Many. T causes me to review my schedule and assess how many people I ,might frighten if I went out with bare skin.

  41. Vanessa

    It depends. On work days, I’ll pare down my routine to 5 minutes or less. But, I’ll admit that I feel obligated to keep a consistent appearance, even though my office doesn’t really require such a “look.”

    On weekends, no, I forget about it :)