Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Estee Lauder Violet Underground Collection for Fall 2012

Introducing a new multi-dimensional, limited edition trend collection for 2012, Estée Lauder Pure Color Violet Underground. Inspired by multiple cultures, styles and textures, this collection is the ultimate fusion of high style and street chic. The makeup in Pure Color Violet Underground takes glam rock to a new dimension with a fantastical aesthetic revolution of deep, vibrant violet and fuchsia tones.

Estée Lauder translates the drama of underground style fused with the luxury of couture onto eyes and lips saturated in a jewel-toned palette. Cognac and bordeaux combined with neon brights in scarlet and crimson create a mysterious palette rich in sensuality. Pure Color Violet Underground uses contrasting high lacquered intensified pigments and matte hues to create rich dramatic dimension. Together the strong pigments collide against a beautifully radiant satin complexion to give the overall look a modern yet dramatic high-fashion feel that any woman can try.

Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette ($48.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Violet Underground Rich mix of deep violet, crimson, and fuchsia grounded with a sensual pale pink and powerful matte black (Limited Edition)

Pure Color Quick-Thick Eyeliner ($21.50) (Limited Edition)

Punker Black Dramatic black (Limited Edition)

  • Pure Color Velvet Lipstick ($25.00) (Limited Edition)
  • Black Cassis Matte deep wine (Limited Edition)
  • Violet Crush Matte violet (Limited Edition)

Pure Color Gloss ($22.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Chaotic Currant Deep plum wine (Limited Edition)
  • Rebellious Violet Dazzling violet (Limited Edition)

Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Black Iris Black with an avant-garde violet twist (Limited Edition)

Availability: Now @ Nordstrom; August 2012 at Estee Lauder counters nationwide and esteelauder.com

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46 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Violet Underground Collection for Fall 2012

  1. trel

    Can’t wait to see swatches…looks so pretty collection…

  2. coldvault

    Oooooh, I love purple… this looks gorgeous. No purple blush? D: And shouldn’t the liner and mascara be at least plum-colored?

  3. Elle

    Gosh, this all looks so beautiful. O.O

  4. elewis429

    The purple lipstick and gloss are right up my alley, so I’ll have to check those products out! My initials are “EL” as well, so I like having Estee Lauder products, don’t know if that’s weird or not.

  5. yellowlantern

    I really wish Estee Lauder would step up their game and get more modern or luxurious looking packaging. Most EL stuff I’ve tried is good quality, but their matronly looking packaging make this a brand that I usually avoid. 
    Also I wish they were releasing more purple eyeshadows and perhaps a plum blush. That’s how I usually get my purple fix. 
    Lol at “Punker Black”. Edginess fail. 

  6. I’m find myself interested in the Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette again but I’m not sure is this is the gelee eyeshadow formulation on them on or (getting mixed information on that).

    • 11jadestone11

       @Ani_BEE Same here.  I can’t find out for sure either way if this palette uses the gelee formulation.  I’d definitely purchase if it was though!

  7. So weird..  I love this palette of colours for fall, but I don’t care for this collection.  Maybe it is just the overpowering coolness I see with all the products sitting all together in a photo.  When I see collections leaning all to one side like this, I think they lack sophistication.  I do like the purple lippie and the nail varnish in red violet, but I can say I really do not care for the eyeshadow palette whatsoever..  I will leave this to the gals with cooler skin tones who can do it more justice.  

  8. t_zwiggy

    First thought: Purple! 😀 Second thought: I don’t like Estee Lauder :/

  9. freshpinklips

    I like the packaging and color. Will probably purchase one or two of these to see how they are!

  10. MaggiesMakeup

    I love that this is not a “appeal to everyone” collection. The dark, vampy, cool-toned shades are gorgeous for fall, but edgier than I would expect from EL. Then again, they’ve been surprising me consistently for the past year or so. Quite excited for this one!

  11. sshine0923

    OMG–I am so psyched for this! It looks beautiful.

  12. Theresa T

    Definitely getting that lipstick. It’ll be my first purchase from Estee Lauder in a long time! Their stuff does not usually appeal to me.

  13. Kafka

    I was like @t_zwiggy : my first thought was “Purple! And from Estée Lauder, no less!”  That was a bit of a surprise.  My second thought: “I don’t like Estée Lauder!”  
            It’s not just the fuddy duddy packaging which is simply terrible, it’s also that they do animal testing in China. Worse, they quietly resumed it on the sly, thinking they would get away with it and in order to avoid bad press. I’m not paying $48 for colours that look pretty boring and easily dupeable, in fuddy duddy packaging, from a mediocre company like E/L that, on top of it all, has added deceit regarding animal testing to the mix.   

  14. xamyx

    The shadow palette is absolutely amazing, as far as shade selection, but I’m wary of the pigmentation (or lack of) that I’ve come to expect from EL. The last few shadows I’ve purchased have been on the sheer side, which I think was the intention, but I love a bold, dramatic eye. The lip products, on the other hand, look like they’re worth taking a look at.

  15. I just love how edgy this collection looks and how original. (I’m a purple fiend.) I’ve really only tried EL products here and there, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to grab several things from this.

  16. blueraccoon

    Not the biggest fan of Estee Lauder – it always seems to me like makeup my mom and women her age would wear. But this looks maybe interesting, and I love purple. I’ll see what the reviews are like.

  17. JenniferElizabeth1

    Noticing a lot of comments about Estee Lauder being more “40 and over” due to colors and packaging.. I think there is a reason for it… Although they have got more hip in the past few years… Estee Lauder owns Mac Cosmetics. I doubt since they aren’t in competition, that Estee would try to be hip like MAC. Estee Lauder is for the crowd not interested in crazy colors or too young for it, while their other brand MAC is for the younger and hip … I don’t think we will ever see Estee Lauder being as cool in colors or packaging as MAC nor as high end as Chanel or Dior.

    • xamyx

      @JenniferElizabeth1 It’s a brand I associate with safe, sophistiated neutrals, and it’s what I use when I need to look “professional”. As for the fact they own MAC, that was a fairly recent acquisition, so I think that’s irrelevant, and they’ve maintained their original “image”. I used EL some 20 years ago, and I don’t think they’ve changed much. Although they’re a department store brand, they’ve always been at a lower pricepoint than some of the more luxurious brands, and I think the market has always been conservative, working women.

    • mppaul2

      yes and they have brands that hit every demograghic and spend level, Tom Ford, MAC, Origins, Aveda, Coach, Michael Kors, Bobby Brown, and more so they are doing just fine if that 40 and over perception is there for the flagship. They are making moves into China in a huge way so I think with all things considered, not to mention the 20% jump this year in Operating income, they are hitting the correct buttons in the market.

  18. Amanda Fusinatto

    Animal testing in China aside, I love Estee Lauder. I used to work in the cosmetics dept. of a small department store and Lauder was probably my favorite counter. Double Wear is my HG foundation, hands down. Their Double Wear eyeliners do not budge. I use some of their skincare as well and love it. Being young and hip simply isn’t what they are, and from the types of customers I’ve seen frequent the counter, that’s not their target market either.

  19. MACaddict22

    I was shocked to see such beautiful purple shades from Estee Lauder! I know they own MAC, but wow! I just placed an order. I had to get both lippies. I am hoping MAC will come out with some more purple colors soon. I’ve been dying for a true lavender blush for awhile now.

  20. MACaddict22

    I was shocked to see such beautiful purple shades from Estee Lauder! I know they own MAC, but wow! I haven’t bought anything from Estee Lauder in ages. Their products are usually pretty good.  I just placed an order. I had to get both lippies. I am hoping MAC will come out with some more purple colors soon. I’ve been dying for a true lavender blush for awhile now.

  21. Yikes, that’s a lot of purple… Not for me. It’s just not my color. 
    That said, I do like Estee Lauder. It’s true that their make-up has a bit of an “older women” look and feel, but I am 25 and there are plenty of Estee Lauder products that I really like. I like their newest Invisible Fluid foundation and their Double Wear line. And they have great mascaras.

  22. jdr77

    I love the palette!!

  23. Phew, that’s a LOT of purple. I almost never wear purple, so I’ll probably pass on this. It’s interesting to see Estee Lauder stepping out of their comfort zone, though! 

  24. dramabelle1

    Looking SO forward to this! I am really glad that Estee Lauder is making an effort to inject a bit of youthfulness into the brand. The purple lipgloss looks divine! As does the eyeshadow palette… I am starting to save money now!

  25. Evrim Esat Güler


  26. Scarlettheweary

    I REALLY want to see swatches of the eye palette! It looks beautiful.

  27. Turboweevel

    Everything looks so damn cool!

  28. That palette looks like it’s going to be EPIC! Can’t wait!

  29. beautylove le mie follie

    …very interesting this collection!!!

  30. Jennifer Trevino

    Fall is going to be huge for Lauder!

  31. ThatCrazy8

    The purple lover in me is swooning right now!

  32. Tweakweasel

    Hey, Christine, was just curious to see if maybe you yourself might be buying anything from this collection?  I’d love to see some swatches and hear your opinions on this one.  Have to admit, part of me is thinking, “Is $10o something REALLY that much for two lipsticks, two lipglosses, and an eyeshadow palette?  I mean, that’s reasonable, right?  …right?” 😛

    •  @Tweakweasel I’m not sure! I bought a bunch of stuff for fall, so once I am (at least… seeing the end of the tunnel) through that, I’ll assess what’s left!

      • Tweakweasel

         @Christine (Temptalia) Ooh!  Ooh!  I actually just found swatches for the eyeshadow palette, the liner, and the Violet Crush lipstick.  I’m not sure if it’s the done thing but would I be able to put a link here?  Just to satisfy your own curiosity and perhaps that of any others?  If that’s rather frowned upon, I do beg your pardon.

  33. Joan Poucher

    Love their products. All ways top quality.

  34. AbbiPemberton

    I’m a big fan of purples but I haven’t worn much EL makeup, I’m also a big fan of kinda wild fun colors so I’m most excited for the purple lipstick!! PLEASE please do a review of it Christine if you can possibly find the time, I know I’ll be going out to try it on and hopefully I’ll fall in love and buy it. Thanks as always for keeping us all up to the minute with your amazing blog :)

  35. paigertexas

    I might finally buy some  Estee Lauder again!! 

  36. clubcouture

    @MorenaBarbee thanks for sharing! :) so pretttayyyy

  37. Neliza

    I purchased the shadow palette at Nordstrom and I love it. It’s the gelee formula :)

  38. Neliza

    I purchased the shadow palette at Nordstrom and I love it! It’s the gelee formula :)