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Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush
Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess: Sea Star

Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush ($34.00 for 0.42 oz.) is a duet of bronzer and blush The bronzer is a medium-dark tanned peach with subtle gold sheen, while the blush is a semi-sheer coral-red with soft gold sparkle. Estee Lauder suggests using them together or alone, but the way the star is splayed out, you’re likely to get at least a little bit of the bronzer shade with the blush. Together, they swirl to create a orange-peach with a subtle play of pink and a gold-tinged sheen and some gold sparkle.

I found the gold sparkle too obvious; it created a less-than-desirable texture because it didn’t feel as smooth and almost gave it a powdery feel. The color itself was on the sheerer side and tended to sheer out even more when blending. It’s definitely a subtle product, because I could not build up much color in the swatch.

My compact felt wobbly–like you could shake it and hear parts moving about, but the pan didn’t fall out when I held it upside down. It just felt flimsy and not nearly as secure as I’d like. It’s possible that it is an individual product defect and that the majority won’t find this an issue. The design on the powder itself is lovely, and the golden sheen on part of the starfish is overspray but there is some shimmer/sparkle in the powder afterward.

The Glossover


Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

I don't think it excels at either blushing or bronzing and falls somewhere in the middle. Based on the amount of orange in the swirled color, I'd recommend this for warmer skin tones, because it may turn ruddy and too orange on cooler skin tones.











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Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush
Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush
Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush
Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush
Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush
Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush
Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush
Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

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Nordstrom, $34.

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Bobbi Brown Nectar is similar in swirled color, though it has a frostier finish.

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83 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Rosa

    What foundation are you wearing in the photo? you look great!

  2. From the pictures, it looks lovely on you.

  3. Michelle

    I have this and absolutely love it. My compact didn’t feel flimsy at all. When you first get it, it does have a sheer golden overspray. After a few swipes, it is gone and you don’t get an obvious gold sparkle. You are left with a beautiful pinky peach blush that give a wonderful glow and has a soft sheen rather than sparkle. Love!

    • bxboricua

      Ditto! I love mine too :) I think I’ve used it every day since I got it…

    • Melina

      I agree with the both of you! I love the finish and the color of it, so nice and peachy. Perfect for spring and summer! I absolutely love and adore this.

  4. Sixx

    Just curious why you didn’t “grade” this product? Thanks.

  5. Mimi

    Looks great on you Christine, very fresh and glowy! Is this really a bronzer though? The bronzy part of the product looks like a peach blush! I may look into this as I always think that brown-bronzers are too brown for me~

  6. Yaz

    I am surprised that your product wasn’t amazing in terms of packaging and the product itself. Because I got mine about three weeks ago, and I don’t find it sheer at all, to me it looks beautiful and the texture almost creamy. I am a NC40 and I swear it looks quite obvious when I wear it that I have blush on. :) Any way, thank you for your reviews Christine, I find them extremely helpful. Love from Canada. xoxo

  7. SUCH a pretty look on you!

  8. Nazih

    it looks beautiful on you! :)

  9. Nadia

    Oh wow, I got this the day it came out and it’s absolutely gorgeous!! The texture, pigmentation and packaging are all fine. I use the bronzer part more underneath my cheekbones and then I apply the coral part to the apple of my cheeks and it gives my face lovely definition and an overall, ‘tan’ effect. It’s beautiful! I preferred using it this way than swirling the colours together.

  10. Christine, you always look beautiful but I think this probably one of the most beautiful pictures you have taken in a long while. This product seems to compliment you quite well, and the rest of the colors (your lids, your clothing even) all tie in. Beautiful.

  11. gaby

    you look so pretty and cute!

  12. Thank you so much for reviewing this! I agree that texture doesn’t look very nice in the swatches. Thank goodness for it being no so great; you saved me some money!

  13. B Jones

    Your new ratings system is Fantastic. I appreciate that level of specificity. You keep outdoing yourself and great job. Thank you

  14. Dawn

    It looks really pretty on you

  15. Daniel

    I didn’t think that your blog can be better or imrpoved. I think you have the PERFECT makeup reviewing site EVER. You can be really proud of yourself :)

  16. You look so pretty with your hair down! :) Which eyeshadow are you wearing with it~? x

  17. Nicole

    I like the new review system and was frustrated by the many negative and critical comments you received. It is clear that you put a lot of thought and effort into Temptalia, and your hard work is very much appreciated. I want to note that I use Internet Explorer 8, and with your new rating system, the numbers (e.g. 8/10) do not line up with the category name (e.g. product). The numbers are one line underneath where they should be (so that product is blank, and the rating for packaging falls underneath the table). Also, as for some of the readers’ negative comments regarding the font, the italicized text (mainly the numbers) looks very pixellated on my browser, and it could be what people are responding to.

    • Nicole

      I’m not sure you will see this, but since I posted (above), both issues have been corrected, and it looks great! I’m impressed. Thanks for all you do.

  18. Farida

    OMG, I love this on you. It looks very natural and fresh. I have it too and I really like it. It’s too bad that you are not a fan of it.

  19. S

    I think you look fresh and lovely wearing this bronzing blush! I’m not a huge EL fan, but I got last years version and I picked this up as well. I love both of them! Thanks for your excellent reviews, Christine :)

  20. It looks so pretty in the pan !! Too bad it doesnt work too well, but im a warm medium toned girl so might look good on me. Super cute pic yr hairband..adorable!!

  21. Rae

    I take it back, I take it back!! I am completely, *completely* in love with the glossover. (Staring it down for ten minutes last night in a last-ditch attempt to get accustomed to it? Actually, surprisingly effective.)

    I love how this shade looks with your skintone, but chunky shimmer is a total dealbreaker for me. Thanks for reviewing it – now I don’t have to seek it out and swatch it myself ^^ #lazy

    • Haha! Well, we are definitely considering some tweaks based on the suggestions and feedback, but we are pretty committed to the overall design (and definitely the concept).

      Thanks, Rae 😉

  22. Lulee

    I have this and I adore it. It is the perfect summer blush. I too had no problem with pigmentation or packaging… Maybe yours was a dud?

  23. looks kinda crappy on the swatches, sorta gritty, but looks really amazing on your face! :)

  24. gads! i have this and i looove it! so much that i’ve been thinking of buying a second one just for myself (when you find something that works, buy a couple of them! lol!) i thought it was gorgeous and when i compared the two, it seemed like a more orange version of “marine life.” totally not a bronzer though, i wish they wouldn’t call it a “bronzing blush” because it gives people the wrong idea. i don’t know how you could really bronze with that puppy.

    • Maybe I got a dud – everybody seems to love theirs but I didn’t like the texture of this at all – just felt… almost glittery (though it didn’t LOOK particularly glittery). But I agree, not much of a bronzer – call it a beauty powder, haha.

      • Bianca

        I agree w/ you Christine 100%! I bought it & I was not impressed! I was drawn to how pretty in looked… The texture is glittery & not very pigmented & it faded so fast! So not worth the $ in my opinion. The packaging did feel flimsy. I exchanged it for a double wear cream eyeshadow which I just love!

      • I have purchased products before, found them to be not what I thought – Ended up swapping them for the SAME product and it then was fine – So duds to happen. It could be… I donno. I’d let you borrow mine but it hasn’t left my sight since I bought it! LOL 😉

        Either way – It a shame yours doesn’t have a good texture cause it looks REALLY pretty in your photo!

        Could be the cute headband too :)

        • As soon as I could hear mine rattle, I just knew it wasn’t going to be a good thing, LOL!

          There’s something about that headband – people always ask me where I got it whenever I wear it!

  25. sam

    this is a beautiful blush!! and i have to say you are looking very gorgeous in your pic- the make up you have on is really working for you :)

  26. I really love your eye make-up on the ast picture, blue suits you really well!

  27. It’s such a shame the color isn’t that great (or versatile) – I would’ve loved to try this! I think it’s just because it’s so darn cute, though. Loving your hair accessory, Christine! Looking lovely, as always!

  28. It actually looks great on you, I’ll try it in Sephora and will most probably one for myself :)

  29. Erica

    It looks lovely on you! Very subtle.

    I’ve been waiting for your review of this! I trust your opinion a great deal! Thank you so much!!

  30. Laura

    Where did you find that cute headband? :)

  31. I like it on you a lot! I agree it looks more blushy than bronzey, though. And I’m really sure it would just be oompa loopa on me. It’s so pretty to look at, though, kind of like MAC’s Marine Life (I like looking at it more than the way it looks when I use it)

  32. Wow, i have to get it. Its so beautifull!

  33. stick to my mac marine life i think.

  34. Ingrid

    Hi Christine – I just wanted to say you look BEAUTIFUL in this pic!!

  35. You look super AMAZING in these colors!

  36. Rishma

    Amazing blush!

  37. Your hair looks lovely in this photo!

  38. Kelly C.

    Wow, my experience with this product is completely different than yours. My compact is very sturdy, not wobbly at all. IU’m inclined to think yours must be damage, nothing rattles and nothing shifts. Also, I see no gold shimmer at all in the powder, more like a satin sheen with no obvious shimmer at all, even in daylight. I also found the powder to be very smooth. I’ll agree with you that it is more of a blush than a bronzer, but I like how you can adjust how much brown/peach and pink you want in the color. It looks totally gorgeous on me, and look seems to look the same on you : ) Sorry you didn’t like it very much.

  39. Carrie Ann

    I’m really surprised you gave this a C. I absolutely love mine! It’s the most unique bronzer I’ve ever used. It’s pigmented, goes on smoothly, blends easily and the color is so pretty. I also appreciate that the sea star seems to go all the way down to the pan instead of disappearing after the first few uses. The only downside is that the gold overspray comes right off. Overall, I’m very pleased with this. I love it even more than I thought I would.

    • I had the complete opposite experience – sheer, slightly rough/gritty texture! :(

      • Michelle

        Christine — I wonder if you try it again after the overspray wears off a bit — maybe it won’t have the gritty texture for you?? It gave you a really pretty flush in the picture! Maybe that is why I like it — so natural and hard to over-do :)

  40. disappointing because it looks so pretty!

  41. Maria

    How does this compare to/contrast with MAC Marine Life?

  42. Kaarani

    I have this and loooove it! I’m NC30 and works great as a blush on me. I wear it almost everyday. I like it so much I just bought a back up :)

  43. This looks BEAUTIFUL on you!

  44. Hannah

    You look GORGEOUS!

  45. b.

    Oh wow.. I love your look today.. and your outfit (little that I could glimpse) — definitely your color :) so fresh and youthful.

  46. Maria

    How does this compare to/contrast with MAC Marine Life? Thanks!

  47. Altea

    Love the look on your eyes and how it matches the shirt & headband, very summery.
    I don’t really like this product but it looks very natural on you.

  48. The design is so cute! But I really never cared for the outside appearance of Estee Lauder products.. This color actually looks great on you, especially paired with the blues =)

  49. Lisa

    In the comments it says it is recommended for warmer skintones because it may be “too orange or ruddy” on cool skin tones. I am cool toned and this blush isn’t orange or ruddy at all!! It is a soft pinky peach color. No, it isn’t a true bronzer. I think it is great for fair to medium skin tones. Also, it doesn’t have a lot of sparkle. It doesn’t have nearly as much shimmer as blushes like Orgasm, etc. It is a soft glowy blush and I didn’t notice any off texture at all. Different people obviously have different experiences with products — but just wanted to give my thoughts.

  50. Adelita

    I’m sorry, I can’t comment on the product because I got distracted, YOU’RE GORGEOUS GIRL!!!
    Seriously, I love this look on you, your hair do, your eye makeup and Guerlain Mitsouko lipstick looks totally fab on you!

  51. I love the design on the blush! It looks very pretty and natural on you. It doesn’t look too powdery in your pictures.

  52. This looks so cute on you! I know you didn’t give it a great overall rating, but I may just check this out for myself anyway :)

  53. Cornelle

    I have this bronzing blush and it is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t think it looks glittery, it is more of a sheen. I have nothing but praises for Estee Lauder limited edition bronzers. Love ’em all:)

  54. kfm

    aw. sorry to hear that you didn’t like this one. i absolutely love mine (no problems with the packaging- after reading your review i went and shook it a bit to make sure) and i find it turns a gorgeous apricot shade on my cheeks. i’m pretty pale, though, so it shows a little more prominently on me. in my opinion, though, it does look gorgeous on you.

  55. Whitney

    I wasn’t even going to look at this powder in stores based off Christine’s review, but I’m glad I read the comments and saw that everyone loves it! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  56. Jen

    Like the rest of the comment-ers, I happen to love mine. I’m fairly neutral but I hate bronzers because they swing me to the orange side of the spectrum. For me this is a lovely blush that gives a bit of summer glow without overdoing it.

  57. Grace Chin

    oh gosh im a sucker for coral blushes. LOVEEE

  58. I toally disagree with the grade! I absolutely adore this blush. It has just the right pigmentation for me… also its adorable 😀 Please test this one for yourselves if you are contemplating getting it

  59. Hope

    I agree with the majority. I love mine. I get asked what I am wearing every time I use this. It is a shame you did not like it because it is one of my favorite looks on you.

  60. OH My Sweet God. I need that headband in my life. Yeah I’m not a EL fan. I will pass on this. It does look kinda glittery, it doesn’t look like something I can’t create with other things I already have.

  61. Seems like this product was supposed to go out with Mac’s To The Beach,from last year, doesn’t it?? :)

  62. Chelsea

    You’re sooo pretty in that pic of you!!!

  63. This product looks lovely on you!! I’m going to have to buy some soon :)