Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Coming in September: Essie Stylenomics

This autumn, leave nothing to chance. Consolidate your power with color that heralds the return of the woman of substance. It’s no secret, women are major players in the economy, and what fashionable purse-strings they hold! Wise to the credit debacles of the past, they are playing it safe in spending and in style. Classic, statement dressing is the look of the moment, and serious silhouettes require a fabulous match of full-force color. “I absolutely love hearing from women about how essie color makes them feel,” essie founder, Essie Weingarten explains. “And when they tell me it made them feel powerful and poised in a business meeting, to me, that’s just the best!” Her own storied rise to the top of the nail color world began at a time when the fashion & beauty world was populated mostly by men. “Now, I get such a thrill from rubbing elbows with more fabulous women than ever. I created this collection with those can-do women in mind!”

stylenomics (stahyl-NoM-iks), noun: opulent color that lends an upscale look without breaking the bank.

There’s a sense of ease in refinement and confidence in restraint. No need to overdo things and above all, don’t sweater it! Profound green plays the role of black beautifully this season, creating a glorious counterpoint to striking red and lush burgundy. Austerity measures be damned, miss fancy pants always keeps it classy with graceful greige. Take a tip from the crush-worthy head mistress who whips everything into shape, without skirting the issue. It’s an ambitious wardrobe of color that’s sure to inspire every recessionista.

  • Miss Fancy Pants Refined, chic greige
  • Recessionista Millionheiress magenta
  • Stylenomics On the money opulent green
  • Head Mistress Bold, take-charge red
  • Don’t Sweater It Warm & cozy mauve
  • Skirting the Issue Slinky & subversive burgundy

Availability: Sepetmber 2012 at salons and beauty destinations worldwide, $8.00 each

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38 thoughts on “Essie Fall 2012 Collection – Stylenomics

  1. Dea

    OMG, I think I want them all! :-) This is exactly what I want when I think of autumn colors!!!

  2. Sarah

    Lovely colors… but: What about this stupid press text? That women define themselves in the business world by the color of their nails?! The nail polish enables them to feel powerful?! Women hold fashionable purse-strings?!?! WTF!No wonder that they still are not taken seriously, if they are not recognized by their abilities but by their flashy pink nail polish :X Not feminist at all, rather sexist and politically incorrect.

    • Sanguine13

      I have to agree, I don’t like the description either. How does wearing nail polish make a woman more “powerful” in during business meetings? It’s belittles women’s ability to succeed based on their intelligence and instead draws the focus back to their physical appearance.

  3. Dinitchka

    Stylenomics grabs my attention and so does Miss Fancy Pants. I know it’s just me but Skirting the Issue and Recessionista look almost the same in the bottle.

  4. That green is perfect for the holidays!  LoL  I am wearing Recessionista right now and it’s lovely and quite frankly I am relieved it is an excellent performer. I was sweating it a bit after the Mirror Metallics collection.  I also picked up Don’t Sweater It, but have not had the chance to wear, but love funky weird neutrals like this.

  5. You know I’ll be picking up Stylenomics. lol

  6. ShelleenYoakum

    Perhaps it’s just the coloring on my computer screen, but I can see hardly any differences between “miss fancy pants” and “don’t sweater it”. As well as a difference with “recessionista” and “skirting the issue.” Especially in the last photo. I personally would have liked more of a color variety from Essie.

  7. Nicola

    Love the burgundy and the greens! Very appropriate for fall and even for the holidays. I’ll probably pick some of these up.

  8. glossmenagerie

    I love this collection, especially compared to yogaga, which just looks so boring. These colors are more fun!! I just wish they’d do some more nice blues – Essie has the BEST blues!!!!

    • Oleander

      glossmenagerie Boxer Shorts from the Yogaga collection is actually blue, at least to me. Dunno why everyone calls it purple. But I agree, Yogaga is a pretty meh collection.

  9. That green is absolutely beautiful!

  10. The two neutral colors and Head Mistress look good.

  11. Cherry Belle

    Wow, these look amazing. Very “autumny”

  12. Kafka

    Mmm…. Stylenomics…… dark green…  Mmmm…..   I’ve concluded I’m really predictable when it comes to certain colour categories. LOL! I’ll wait for a review since I think I have about 4 nail varnishes in that same, overall colour family already with Illamasqua’s Viridian being my absolute favorite. This looks like it lacks Viridian’s depth and duo-toned nature, but is more of a true green, so we’ll see. London Butter’s famous green (British Racing Green?) may be a bit more my cup of tea as it lacks some of the blue of this one. 

  13. JennJam

    I have a question about essie being sold now at Walmart . . .
    I know that the OPI colors that are sometimes sold at Target are not there through proper contract (and I did buy one before I realized that and when I took it to the salon to get a pedi with it, the employee there had no idea but put on one brush stroke, closed the cap, held the bottle sideways, and pointed out to me how thin the color was. He asked me wheer I got it and I told him and he indicated it wasn’t legit. I don’t know if that means it’s not really OPI or what, but . . . )
    Anyway, sorry – – for Essie at Walmart, is that a legitimate sale? Is Walmart an authorized dealer of Essie polishes?
    Thanks! ~Jennifer

  14. yellowlantern

    Two of those colors look the same in the promo? These are mostly too conventional to appeal to me. 

  15. Annette

    They look so much better on these pictures than in reality. They re so dark in real!

  16. Katherinne

    Stylenomics looks amazing!

  17. xamyx

    I wonder how close Miss Fancy Pants is to Yogaga.

  18. Didi

    I saw this at my Ulta about a week ago, but when I came back today to take a second look the SA said they were sold out!

  19. Ana G.

    I’m actually considering buying Recessionista – love these kinda a colors!! I’m happy to hear from wwendalynne that this one performs okay!!

  20. Lolly

    In magazine ads, Stylenomics appears black. Until seeing it here, I thought it was a matte black….
    If it is the color that appears here, it should be considered a fall classic, really. A go-to green.

  21. JennJam

    Thank you, Christine. :)

  22. Victoria

    Holy cow, I’m not a big Essie fan but this entire collection is sweet. Hmm, may have to pick up a few.

  23. Elysha

    I have Stylenomics, and I like the color, but it’s very different in the bottle than on the nail. In the bottle it’s more teal, on the nail it’s almost black. But I still like it, and I’ll probably rebuy it