Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Don’t Forget:  Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III @ Sephora Times Square

As a tribute to NYC, Urban Decay will be hosting a one-day, sneak peek event at Sephora Times Square (1500 Broadway, #304) on Saturday, August 28th from 1 to 9PM where 1,000 pieces of the limited edition Book of Shadows Vol. III will be available for purchase on a first come, first served basis. The first 200 die-hard fans will also receive a limited edition Urban Decay t-shirt with their consultation. Urban Decay’s Eric Jimenez, Worldwide Retail Sales Director and International Makeup Artist, and his team of A-list artists will also be in attendance!

  • Where: Sephora Times Square, 1500 Broadway #304, NYC, NY 10036
  • When: Saturday, August 28th, 1-9PM

Note: There is a limit of three per person!

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38 thoughts on “Don’t Forget: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III @ Sephora Times Square

  1. Natalia Bortoli

    It’s so sad see so many pretty things here and don’t see them for me to buy here in brazil :(

  2. Kat

    Stop reminding people! I live in NYC and I already know I’m lining up early lol, so if they run out I’ll be sad. Hopefully I will by lucky, since Aug. 28th is my birthday haha.

  3. Hubby and I are going if we can find a babysitter for the morning and afternoon. Well, if we have to…we will break out the jogger stroller! Hopefully the rain storms will be over by the time the event comes around.

  4. aradhana

    sadly decided to go without it…and just hope that loaded and rockstar get released separately someday…
    (please urban decay, are you listening?)

  5. Gina

    Hey Christine, do you prefer Loaded or the green from Rajasthan? You stated in an earlier post that Loaded is greener.

  6. Carrie Ann

    I think I’m going to skip this palette. I have Book of Shadows I & II and therefore, a lot of the shadows in Vol. III. I also have the eyeliners and primer. It’s a really neat set, though, if you don’t already own UD palettes. I wish they’d make their palettes w/ all-new shadows, rather than recycling shades like Midnight Cowboy, Maui Wowie, Smog, etc. I had to skip the Alice in Wonderland palette for that reason, even though it was absolutely adorable.

  7. LU

    I won’t be able to make it, I have to work. :(

  8. Annette

    I just got the Naked Palette, so not sure I can really afford the BOS III, but I am from NY and think it’s so cool that a BOS has the NYC theme. It will definitely be an adventure to wait on line for hours for an early BOS…chaos – since the two times square Sephora’s that I know about are both smaller than one would think, so I don’t know where all of the people would go, but probably a lot of fun. Will definitely post again if I go.

  9. Shelley

    Remind us again when it goes on sale to the general public?

  10. Loaded looks like an incredible colour. (I wonder if there are any good dupes of it.) It’s too bad that I live in Canada and that I’m allergic to bismuth oxychloride. Otherwise, I’d be all over this.

  11. samantha

    Any Loaded dupes or something similar?

  12. Cherokee

    Thanks Christine, I am there. Saturday is my first day of class so hopefully the professor will let us out early and not keep us until 12:30pm. But hopefully there will be one left for me. Can’t wait.

  13. Karen

    The naked palette already fulfilled my eyeshadow needs :)

  14. Jessica

    Ugggghhhh every reminder I see makes me so sad. I planned a trip out of the city the DAY BEFORE this event was announced and it’s my weekend off from work!! This is such a unique opportunity, and opportunities like this are one of the reasons I love living in New York…so very very jealous of those that get to attend. I’m looking forward to September 7th though as well as all the pictures and news from the people that did get to go!!!

  15. Caitlin

    I can’t get to NYC. But I’ll be buying this, definitely. I just bought the Naked palette and as it was my first UD palette the only dupe I’ll have is Smog – so I’m sure to be pleased. Those blues are just gorgeous – everything is. Can’t wait!

  16. Caitlin

    Sorry, I forgot to ask – I’m sure these definitely aren’t full size shadows so for someone like me who is new to UD – you’d say this is still a good deal, right? I’m just trying to think of how many of the small eyeshadows in the palette would go into one full size shadow. If it comes out better, than I guess yeah it definitely is. I’m not explaining myself very well lol – but just wanted to be sure!

  17. Maxi

    Hey Christine!
    What four or five MAC eyeshadows would you recommend for blue eyes (My eyes are super, super blue) and pale skin?

  18. Rachael

    If you are in the UK peeps you can already buy this on and it will be in store from around the 3rd. I already have mine :) its nice to be treated well in the UK for once!

    • I got mine too! :) It’s gorgeous (the eyeshadows, not so much the pictures for me). So happy about Rockstar and the SEphora exclusive shades coming out in this palette! :)

  19. Can’t wait! I will be there early! 😉

  20. Nicole

    Any word on Urban Decay friends and family sale? Usually they do one every fall.

  21. i cant wait to gooo!!! i hope i get a shirt =( do you think many people will be attending??

  22. sarina

    I got mine along with a t shirt
    Thanks for the info

  23. Hayley

    Says this is available on as of september 7th does that mean it will be available for us in Canada on the same time???