Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Does makeup make you feel more confident? Less? The same?

Temptalia's AnswerMore confident usually, sometimes about the same, and rarely less. The point of makeup (at least, at its base) is to enhance, so foundation definitely makes my skin look better, which leads me to feeling better about the way I look. It doesn’t mean I look at myself bare-faced and think I’m ugly, though!

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52 thoughts on “Does makeup make you feel more confident?

  1. blueraccoon

    Yes and no. Yes, I usually feel better about how I look, more confident and happier with myself, but sometimes I’m paranoid I gave myself clown cheeks or crooked lipstick or something, so I keep glancing in mirrors and obsessing. But usually I feel better.

    • Maggie

      OMG! You make a good point. Usually, I feel more confident–esp when I’m wearing long-lasting makeup for a “natural” look with products I KNOW will work. But yes, I feel less confident when I’m using newer products or trying out new looks. (Is this new mascara going to smudge on me? Will this new bright lipstick bleed all over? Is this eyeshadow creasing all-over? Will this foundation make me break out or irritate my skin?)

  2. Veronica

    For the most part, it’s a confidence booster only during times when I’m generally feeling low – like occasional spells of depression or when hormones are wreaking havoc on my body.  The rest of the time, I have no problem going without makeup.  It’s a hobby, not a necessity.  I refuse to let it be crutch for my self-esteem rather than just something I do for fun.
    Albeit, I will admit that I do have trouble going out without concealer for my dark circles on days when I’ve slept poorly.  Less of a, “oh noes i’m ugly” feeling and more of a, “#@%!%&@# now everybody is going to ask me if I’m sick” situation.

  3. Miss J

    About the same – I just feel like an enhanced version, not really better or worse. Just more polished and put together.

  4. Oh my confidence definitely increases when I wear makeup!!!

  5. EstherKudron

    I’d say 99.999% of the time, it does. I like playing up the natural color in my cheeks or my eyes or covering up little blemishes, and that always makes me feel a lot more confident. that other 0.0001% is reserved for times when I’m wearing a new foundation or concealer where I’m unsure of the match or when I’m too heavy-handed with bronzer.

  6. Dominique33

    Oh yes sure but not always in fact. I love makeup, it’s colourful and pure luxury to me. Yesterday I was at a local Chanel counter, the Fall collection is so great I know I will purchase soon ! Self confidence but most of all love of colours, textures, looks.

  7. CatherineM

    I think it does. But thinking you look extra good usually does, and makeup does its part just like that pair of jeans that makes your butt look great, ot the heels that make your legs go on and on. It’s all about working with what you have and emphasizing the parts you like best. Would I leave the house without makeup? Yes. But a bit of concealer and mascara just gives me that extra spring in my steps…

  8. Kathy S

    Makeup is amazing stuff, but no makeup brush is a magic wand. Makeup can’t make me confident. If I’m not sure of myself, no amount of makeup will make me so. Makeup can act like a mask, though – something between me and the world – but confidence comes from inside. You can’t paint confidence onto your face.

  9. Prncess Jenn

    War paint! Haha. No, it’s just I take on a different persona when I’m wearing my eyeliner. I wear it when I swim because I need some kind of ritual and some kind of war paint to feel like a warrior. I used to use Mac’s liquidlast as a temporary tattoo thing. I just draw a design and it makes me feel tough… like that one time I asked my teammates to draw angel wings on my back… and yes it stayed on. :) I miss Liquidlast.

  10. simone lymbery

    Yes when i wear make up i feel more confident and beautful. I also feel that my skin looks better when i cleanize and tone it so its all good :-)

  11. nacacijin

    Sure, absolutely. I don’t think anybody could honestly say that it doesn’t, otherwise none of us would wear it, or at least not to the degree that we do. The artistry is one thing, and I know many of us particularly enjoy that aspect of makeup, but if it didn’t have some influence on our confidence (however subtle it may be for some) I’m sure it wouldn’t be such a large part of our lives. There is nothing wrong, I think, in saying that makeup makes us feel more confident, though I know many women are apt to deny that it does. I think there’s a stigma about wearing makeup for a lot of women that says you’re “less than” if you wear makeup (and I attribute a lot of this to the idea that “men hate makeup and prefer natural beauty”–which is silly at its core–and also to this Hollywood idealism that these beautiful icons created when they started their whole “i don’t wear makeup unless I’m working because I don’t need it”). It’s almost as though women who wear makeup are looked down on for whatever reasons people deem sufficient. But as you said, Christine, makeup was created to enhance and, by extension that leads to upping our confidence about our appearance. Of course that doesn’t mean that we’re not confident *without* makeup–after all, why shouldn’t we be?–but makeup obviously adds a little something special, if done well, allowing us to look like the absolute best versions of ourselves. I think it’s no different than wearing nice clothes, getting a manicure or even washing and styling our hair. Looking good helps us feel good, whether it’s by the use of makeup, exercise, a nice outfit or a hot shower, and I think that feeling good is an essential part of living life happily and successfully.

    • nacacijin I totally agree – makeup is very much like when we style our hair a certain way, choose to wear certain clothes/styles/fits/colors, etc. 

    • xamyx

      I can honestly say that it makes no difference. Maybe because I’m older, or perhaps because I’ve never had major skin issues, I don’t know. For me, wearing makeup is no different than wearing jewelry; there are days I wear neither, and I feel exactly the same. Granted, I didn’t start to feel this way until I reached my late-20s, but sometimes makeup just isn’t an option, and I still have to go about my life, and my attitude shouldn’t change. I also know many women who wear absolutely no makeup, and they are some of the strongest people I’ve ever known.

    • Maggie

      So I completely agree with you in that vanity helps us feel good and take care of ourselves. But I can understand the Hollywood icons’ point of view as well. The truth is, there’s a difference between looking good for your audience, and doing things that feel great for yourself.

      I got a job as a sales rep and did some stage-performing for some fun. The reality is, it SUCKS to must wear makeup for over 40 hours a week (and to only look certain ways!). Now, I can totally understand why some people, especially Hollywood icons, would make a statement along the lines of “I don’t wear makeup unless I’m working bc I don’t need it.”

      If wearing makeup feels like a mandatory part of your job then it becomes a freeing experience to NOT wear it. It will really feel like you’re really on your day-off or on your vacation. Bc you don’t have an audience (or the Hollywood icons will pretend the paparazzi are not their audience) bc you’re not onscreen, onstage, or hoping to land a business deal. Your looks are not necessary to enjoy a nice day-off.

      So yeah, you and I may love makeup and feel confident when we wear it–bc otherwise, why would we be temptalia readers? But there are confident people out there, who only wear makeup if work requires it, but would not see the point otherwise. Their priorities lie elsewhere.

  12. Alison Cole

    When I’m feeling confident, I’m more likely to put some effort into clothing and makeup. I’ll be like, “Yeah, let’s get the war paint on!” and put in some effort. Its fun! If I’m feeling sick or off-colour or not great about my appearance, my response is more likely to be to hide and try to blend into the background. So its not entirely true that wearing makeup is based on a lack of confidence in one’s own appearance. For me its generally the opposite. 

  13. artemis

    definitely…..i let almost no one see me without it…mostly cause of my very bad hereditary dark circlesthat you can still see a bit through make-up and my ‘spotty’ skin with blackhead(ugh, i really hate those..)

  14. cydoniac

    Makeup makes me feel more confident for sure…besides,that’s the whole point of makeup,isn’t it? but like you,Christine,it’s not that I feel ugly without any makeup on or that I refuse to go out bare-faced…also,for me, makeup is a creative way to relax…I find it very relaxing whenever I put on my makeup…it’s like a pampering experience that I offer myself!!!!!

  15. Por

    It definitely can make me feel more confident. When I’m feeling under the weather, makeup can boost my mood, and I don’t have to worry about people thinking that I look tired/ill. I can also really appreciate those days when I don’t wear makeup and I feel just as beautiful as when I am glammed up.

  16. Dinitchka

    Christine, you are not ugly! You are very blessed to have a natural beauty that does not need make-up, if you choose not to wear it :)
    Make-up does give my confidence a boost. My mum has a friend who wears minimal make-up. She is a fab lady!! Her words of wisdom are “You don’t need make-up but a little bit of red lipstick doesn’t hurt!”


    i guess it does. it makes me feel more “put together”. if i don’t wear make up to office i feel like i look a little less professional. I don’t care if I dont wear make up around to the store or shopping though.

  18. Absolutely!  But I don’t think I look like dog’s breath without it either.  That wasn’t the case if I go back 8 months or so when my hair/nails/skin were in pretty bad shape due to the drugs I was taking.  On days where I totally felt like Haggis McBaggis, I would pick out a really powerful lipstick and just wear that.  No other makeup at all..just the lips and for some reason, it would make me feel better.  

  19. About the same. I only really worry about make (foundation) when I know I’m being photograph. I wear eyeshadow without foundation all the time. It just fun.

  20. Foundation makes me feel more comfortable, so I guess it would mean more confident as well? Everything else is just sort of for fun. :)

  21. paneradfisk

    According to many, including me, makeup should make you feel more confident and beautiful. The only bad thing about it is when it has the opposite effect on very young girls who think that they NEED makeup, and think they aren’t beautiful enough.

  22. Ana

    Of course!! :) I feel more pretty than usual LOL wearing it.

  23. Kimberly Nguyen

    Absolutely, I feel pretty self conscious about my forehead where I break out the most, so when I can cover up the marks and whatnot, I feel much prettier and more confident 

  24. t_violet

    It does.  Not necessarily because I feel prettier (although I do) but because I feel “finished” and prepared to face the day.  Wearing make up shows indicates that I’m a person that takes care in the way they look

  25. yellowlantern

    If my makeup looks bad (usually because it’s smearing or melting) it can make me feel less confident. I hate it when my mascara smears since trying to remove the smears with water in the bathroom never works even though I don’t wear waterproof mascara. Usually it makes me feel more confident since I feel like I look more polished. 

  26. Sarah

    Absolutely. As much as I hate to say it, I’m generally not a very confident person, and wearing makeup helps to give me that little confidence boost I need. I would love to be able to say I feel the same with or without it, but that’s just not the case. Some would say that if you feel like you need makeup to “feel pretty”, it’s not a good thing. But I say if you find something that works for you, use it. Having said that, I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with going out of the house without makeup (I used to completely refuse to leave bare-faced!). It’s an ongoing process. On top of that, I just like the artistic side of it- puts me in a good mood to put on makeup in the morning!

  27. Camila Santiago


  28. Deszirae Boldt

    More, but I don’t only wear it when I go out..I don’t know anyone where I live, so I’m not as pressured too look my best always.

  29. Deszirae Boldt

    Ooops no “dont”

  30. julielik


  31. Candace33

    Sometimes makeup makes me feel less confident because I don’t like drawing attention to myself. My bf has made me feel more confident though. He loves helping me pick out my eyeshadow combinations lol.

  32. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    Yes it does! But i apply no makeup during the weekdays,just a little lip balm. With the acne i have i don’t want to make my skin worse. On weekends id apply a full face makeup. Plus i think even if my acne clears i still will be bare faced during the weekdays, my complexion is pretty good anyways.

  33. KayeBaye

    Makeup is just an adornment. I dont wear it on days when I feel lazy or just dont feel like slapping stuff on my face. Does not affect my confidence one bit. I believe confidence comes from within, and not from what’s shellacked on my face.

  34. JEN

    No I don’t personally. I wear it when I want to enhance my natural features or for fun, simply because I love makeup. However, I feel the most confident when I don’t wear makeup and let everything, flaws and all, lay it out front.

  35. Megan

    Natural looking make-up does make me more confident because I like that it covers blemishes and enhances my cheeks and eyes. I feel less confident when I wear a lot of fun make-up. I love colors but people where I live tend to not wear much make-up, so if I wear the crazy colors that I love I tend to feel like I’m getting odd stares from people. I think if I lived in a more urban environment or at least a place known for fashion it wouldn’t be an issue.

  36. MizzLovely210

    My problem is not that I have flaws to hide, but that Im 30 years old, and look like I’m 16. With makeup, I can get away with looking 20. I have a question. Can anyone recommend a great volumizing mascara that doesnt smudge? Im so tired of wiping all my undereye makeup off because of my mascara!!

  37. Carissa

    To get rid of those smudges, take a bit of lotion, rub it into paper towel or a face cloth, and rub it where te smudges are. I don’t even buy eye makeup remover anymore because lotion works do much better, and lasts way longer and keeps the sensitive area around the eyes moisterized. Even my cosmetology teacher recommends it. She’s a beautiful woman in her sixties, doesn’t have a wrinkle in sight, and all she ever uses is the original Nivea lotion day and night :)

  38. Morgan

    Yes, definitely, I’m very ashamed to say I’m crazily vain and like having full coverage makeup otherwise I feel very self conscious. On the other hand besides foundation, wearing a lot of lipsticks and darker coloured eyeshadows don’t do great for my confidence because I go to very relaxed places and always feel overdressed or rather, overly made up…=_=

  39. Amanda

    If I’m having a good skin day, makeup doesn’t make a difference to my confidence. If I’m overly tired or have bad skin, it does increase my confidence a little.

  40. Makeup makes me feel more confident, but I’m with you in that I don’t feel completely hideous without it. I feel like I look much more put-together when I’m wearing makeup, which is definitely part of it. I also think that wearing any kind of eye makeup makes my eyes stand out and people look me in the eye more often. Maybe I’m just imagining that part but it definitely seems that way!

  41. What a great question! Overall, wearing makeup does make me feel more focused. I have a fair complexion and wearing no makeup unfortunately makes me feel washed out. I have great facial features, long lashes and all, but they are light colored, so unless i wear a mascara they look non-existent :) LOL Even very natural makeup makes me look a lot more defined, contours and brings me forward, just because it adds the right amount of color to my face in the right places..

    Another point is that i always looked way younger than my age, so i always wore makeup when i worked in corporate world and now that i’m a business owner i always wear makeup to make people take me more seriously during business meetings with suppliers, outside contractors, real estate agents, lawyers etc. It’s not a security blanket by no means, but it’s a part of wearing proper clothes, shoes, hairdo and makeup that would suit a business or a formal occasion. Makeup is a part of the overall look and if the overall look is cool, of course it makes me feel more confident.

    Last but not least, my business is beauty-related, so working without makeup or perfectly manicured nails is out of the question :)

  42. Tam

    Having acneic skin with areas of hyperpigmentation from it, I definitely feel more confident with makeup on, especially when I’m experiencing breakouts. When my skin is clearer, I feel more confident with less of it. Ladies with clear skin, praise the Lord for it because you are truly blessed.