Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you have any tricks for getting eyeliner to stay on the waterline? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI prefer to use MAC Chromagraphic Pencils and then set with a coordinating powder eyeshadow, and then make sure you’ve set the under eye area, too, because creamy foundations can sometimes cause the liner to migrate.

Thanks to Marie-Claude for today’s question!

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30 thoughts on “Do you have any tricks for getting eyeliner to stay on the waterline?

  1. Bec

    I make sure the waterline is dry before applying the pencil!

  2. It’s really just about finding the right product that works for you. Wet n Wild cream liner works for me all the time! Just apply with a flat liner brush and you’re good to go!

  3. makeupaddict

    Try to pair a matching eyeshadow to smudge the two right beneath the waterline, the shadow with help to absorb excess oil and tears for longer lasting liner :)

  4. Kay

    I have really sensitive eyes and after trying all the brands – from Mac to Stila to Estee Lauder – good old Revlon is the only one my waterline can deal with on a daily basis. So I dip my revlon luxurious color eyeliner in black velvet (http://www.revlon.com/Revlon-Home/Products/Eyes/Eye-Liner/Revlon-Luxurious-Color-Eyeliner.aspx) into my mac fluidline in blacktrack and then line my waterline. Sometimes I use just the Revlon pencil on its own but when I want an intense, black look for the waterline that is guaranteed to last all day, I combine it with fludline. With the fluidline I have to be careful to remove my makeup from the waterline at the end of the day…get every last bit of it off to avoid irritating my eyes while I sleep. When I use just the pencil I can even skip makeup remover and my eyes will be fine.

  5. Nicole

    Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner! It’s waterline safe, and I find it stays put so much better than a pencil!

  6. TygerKitty

    I’m using Buxom insider eyeliner and am loving it! Sometimes it migrates down a little bit but it doesn’t completely go away like a lot of them do. If I am aiming for more staying power I will set it with a powder eye shadow. I used to love stila smudge pots but the application is much more fussy than the insider eyeliner.

  7. Courtney

    I don’t really wear any liner on the waterline. It doesn’t really suit the type of looks I like. I like the softness of only wearing mascara on the lower lashes, and that defines my eyes enough for my taste.

    I was thinking about investing in a nude or champagne liner for my waterline to see how I like that.

    • Ami

      I’d recommend Stila Kajal in Topaz, or if you’re near a pro store, the chromographics have a couple of nude colours. I love this look, and feel it really makes my look pop-and me (apear)more alert! Ha. So far, I’m not loving the value for price on the Nars pencils enough to try their nude.

  8. Nic

    MAC Fluidline applied to dry waterlines – that’s the only thing that really doesn’t budge on me.


  10. artemis

    it always fade and i re-apply it :)) the only way it stay(kinda) is when i do a smokey eye and put a lot of dark eyeshadow under it

  11. huong nguyen

    I use urban decay primer then on top of liner and some eyeshadow to keep it there.

  12. There are no tricks. The only eyeliner that stays on waterline for hours (at least on me) is Guerlain Loose Kohl.

  13. Alecia

    I like to use Urban Decay 24/7 liners, they seem to stay really well on me and I like the wide range of colors they come in. I usually use a 24/7 liner then apply a similar eyeshadow on top to set. I also apply a MAC paint pot to the lower lash line and then the same 24/7 liner and eyeshadow as I put on the waterline. It seems to hold the color on the waterline and prevent it from running and smearing below my eyes.

  14. Yazmin

    Yes! Use a gel liner!

    Its really hard for me to apply gel liner to my waterline with a brush, but what i do now is buy a cheap drugstore eye pencil, dip the pencil in the gel liner, and apply like you would a pencil. PERFECT RESULTS everytime, i even tightline my eyes with this method and i wear cosmetic contact lenses and i get no irritation at all

  15. BooBooNinja

    Great question! I will be hanging on this thread to pick up some tips.

  16. Sara

    try l’oreal infaillible 16h indefectible retractable eyeliner, it’s waterproof but goes on and stays on the waterline. It has a smudger which is totally useless as the eyeliner sets very quickly but it’s still fantastic eyeliner.

  17. Dana

    I dry my waterline with a q-tip first, then apply my eyeliner. It does seem to last longer when I do this but have not found anything that lasts there all day.

  18. Farida

    Smashbox jet set eyeliner works great for me. I wear eyeliner on my waterline every single day and this works really well. I put it on at 6:30 am and does not budge until I take it off at 10 pm.

  19. Hannah

    I use avon mega impact get pencil liner, this is super black and sets pretty quickly so before it completely sets I pat on a coordinatine eyeshadow which really help it lock in place. Sometimes I dry the waterline with a cotton bud and the apply the liner which also helps.

  20. meme

    Finding the right product. Making sure the area is dry to start with. Blending in a smudge line under the waterline fill to increase the ooomph factor. Last, apply Laura Geller Vanilla matte highlighter below the liner to set that area. it helps keep things put and from migrating.

  21. make sure your lids/waterline are dry — i always start with concealer, set it with powder, and prep with shadow primer before putting any eyeliner on the waterline.

  22. Luiza

    My trick is to find the perfect eyeliner. I just do a lot of research to try to find the best eyeliner to stay put in my waterline! And right now, my favorites are mac fluidlines and stila kajal eyeliner. So far so good! I’m ok with these. I tried to set my eyeliner with eyeshadow and at the end of the day all the eyeshadow is in my tear duct. It’s just disgusting! Hope I did a good job with my english…

  23. Meg

    Put e/s over the eyeliner or use a waterproof eyeliner like MUFE aqua eyes or UD 24/7 glide on pencil

  24. amanda

    waterproof pencils..

  25. I at times after applying eyeliner on my waterline seal it with a liquid eyeliner just outside the water line it is like doing the outline or boundary with the liquid liner…it works for me always!!!

  26. Jenn

    For me, the chanel waterproof automatic pencil works the best on the waterline. I have tried mac fluidline a few times but found that it dries my eyes out. Has anyone else experienced this or am I the unfortunate one?

  27. nitnot

    I have never been able to get ANY liner to stay, either on my waterline or my upper lashes. Yes, I have that crazy oily eyelids some people have. But I have been using Maybelline gel liner for about a week and let me say… it sticks. Not 24 hours, no, I imagine it will flake off before then. But it doesn’t run down my face like every other product out there, DS or HE.

    Since it is not available here (I buy online and that jacks up the cost) maybe after this is finished I will go for Bobbi Brown’s. My friend swears by it. So girls – having trouble not looking like a raccoon 15 minutes after line application? Gel liner is the answer.

  28. I have a trick, if anyone is still reading this: Prestige cosmetics or Styli-Style’s liners. I have literally put these on my waterline at 8 AM and removed them 12 1/2 hours later. They were in place still and didn’t want to move.

    Another tip: if you have deep-set eyes, line your top water line as dark as you like, but wait to line the bottom one until the top one has dried. All liners take time to dry down and, when you blink, the dark color will transfer. Once it’s done, then clean the transferred color carefully off of the lower waterline and apply a lighter color. Dark top and bottom just closes the eye and makes it look like it’s set more deeply. Dark top and light, but obvious, bottom opens the eye up. HTH!

  29. Maureen

    I don’t put liner on the waterline. If I do, my eyes go from this O_O to this >_< to this T_T to this X_X

    Or, more eloquently, they get itchy and irritated.