Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Disney Villains Designer Collection — Beauty

Disney Villains Designer Collection products are inspired by those dastardly villains Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians), Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Mother Gothel (Tangled), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) and the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland).

Compact ($16.50)

Silver mirrored compact.

Lipgloss ($24.50)

Three piece set featuring a gloss for Cruella De Vil (shimmery red), Queen of Hearts (beige), and Evil Queen (plum).

6-Colour Nail Polish Set ($29.50)

Six piece set featuring a polish for Devilish Diva (red), The Real Fairest of All (shimmery purple), Original Goth (teal), Forever Young (dark red), Fashion’s Wild Card (orange), and Stylish Sea Witch (pink).

6-Colour Eye Palette and Eyeliner ($29.50)

Features Cruella De Vil (brown), Evil Queen (plum), Maleficent (green), Mother Gothel (orange), Queen of Hearts (beige), and Ursula (white).

Availability: Available at in August 2012 and at Disney Store locations nationwide in September 2012 (SRP- $14.50 and up)

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78 thoughts on “Disney Villains Designer Collection — Beauty

  1. ang s

    I must have all of this!! Luckily, my husband has a whole bunch of Disney rewards points, so I know what I’ll be spending some on ūüėČ Thanks for posting!!

  2. While I think the artwork is pretty, I’m appalled at how they changed all the ladies’ looks. Where’s fat Ursula and fat Queen of Hearts? Where’s ugly Cruella? I don’t get it. If you’re going to do a villainesses collection, why completely change how they look? How are people going to recognise them properly? I think it’s ridiculous to beautify these characters to sell a beauty product. They’re iconic, why on earth would you mess with that? The MAC Venomous Villains collection kept the original looks of the characters and it looked great and sold like wildfire. Why Disney is backpeddling on their “ugly” villains is beyond me.

  3. sss215

    Wow! They have them younger, and trimmer in Uraula’s case, lol. Youth culture is alive and well.

  4. Veronica

    I know it’s petty, but I’m kind of irked they made Ursula so tiny and petite.¬† Give me back my big, busty, Divine-inspired drama queen!

    • artemis

      well, she still is busty…and 2-3 sizes bigger than the rest tho yeah, not at all like in the movie ūüėČ

      • KayeBaye

         But Ursula and the Queen of Hearts werent just 2 Р3 sizes bigger than other women. Their size and width and bustiness were part of their character and effectiveness as villains. A tiny Ursula and a tiny QoH doesnt inspire fear in my heart the way their former incarnations did.

      • Veronica

        She’s busty, sure, but her new body shape is physically impossible.¬† That hip to bust ratio doesn’t exist in nature.¬† Besides, half of what makes these characters so iconic is their character design.¬† If you take that away, then what’s the fun of buying the product?

  5. teluete

    @PinkTattoo Wah! Want! Pero sana hindi puro shimmer yung eyeshadow.

  6. Abi

    Thats not what Ursula looks like!

  7. Abi

    Ursula is one of my favorite villains, and that’s not Ursula!

  8. I though MAC was doing a reboot there for a second. That would have made my day. lol Does anyone know  how the manufacture is for the makeup? I know Disney owns the label but I find it interesting to see who id making the product.

  9. And not to mention the limited edition designer dolls. I’m getting ALL 6. I’m a Disney Villains freak!

    • I like the dolls more for some reason with these designs. Expect Ursula’s, she look anemic and a corpse.¬† The illustration gave her more meat on her bones and a fuller face.

  10. Kassy

    I want every single peice O_O

  11. GUSnail

    Are you going to review these Christine?¬† I’d love to hear about the eyeshadow pallette.¬† I love the combination of colors they’ve put together.

  12. Nicola

    Loving the Stylish Sea Witch nail polish. This is a cute collection!

  13. Melody

    Um.  The Queen of Hearts and Ursula were not thin.  Body positivity fail. 

    • artemis

      promoting very overweight characters isn’t really positive either :/

      • KayeBaye

         Uhm. They were overweight in the cartoons, why should they be thin in the packaging Рto me that is the body positivity fail.
        It isnt promoting overweight characters – it is staying true to who they were in the movies.

      • Dana

         @artemis Neither is promoting an unrealistic body image.  She has an exaggerated chest and no waist, more so then a Barbie doll, which is impossible to attain even with surgery.

      • holly

        ¬†@artemis¬†body shaming in general isnt really positive, either ¬†ūüėČ

      • Veronica

        Yes, I fully expect the portrayal of two moderately heavyset women on a makeup palette to completely undermine the entire culture of magazines, television, movies, advertisement, and fashion that consistently portray thin women as the quintessence of beauty.
        Christ, almighty, people.  There is a healthy middle ground where we can tell young girls they should eat healthy and stay active and not punish them for being unable to slip into a size 2.

        • Sun

          I agree with your second paragraph, but to the first paragraph – no ones saying its so influential, but that kind of attitude is how we got this entire culture of impossible and harmful beauty standards. That entire culture is made up of small choices made by these industries. So, no, designs on MAC products are not terribly influential, but it’s very easy to make complacency a habit. So, I’m not going to be complacent about anything, no matter how small it looks to someone else.

    • joanatabata

      Although I liked the art, I was kinda upset they put some of the villains on a diet :/

  14. Dana

    I would never go to the Disney store to buy cosmetics, and I don’t know any adults who would. ¬†I would much rather buy a $30 pallette from Sephora from a real cosmetics company. The Mac collaboration was Mac cosmetics, so that was different. ¬†I wonder who their target customer is? ¬†This is not kiddie-play-dressup makeup.

    • artemis

      someone that loves fairtytales and cute things. i would get them but they’re expensive x_X

    • ang s

      Collectors of Disney stuff like me! Someone who is 30 and still proud to wear Disney t-shirts once in awhile and who flaunts her “Evil Queen” shirt! Someone who picked up a green nail polish at the Disney Store at Disney World (made by OPI)! That’s who would buy this stuff :) I do admit to liking the packaging, even though there is debate over the weight of some of the characters.
      It seems maybe their target customer for this collection might be teens, and¬†I can’t really say I’m surprised, but it is a different audience than what we usually think Disney is targeting toward.

    • floz

      It reminds me of the ‘Disney Couture’ jewellry – it seems like it’s aimed at girls in their late teens who want to be quirky and nostalgic, and have a bit more cash to spend than little kids.
      I have to agree, I’d much sooner buy from an established cosmetics company – I don’t have much faith in the quality of novelty products, though I do think the mirror would make a sweet gift for a Disney Villains lover.
      Like Artemis below, I think general fans of cute Disney stuff are going to be put off by the prices… I love Disney, but I think I’ll stick to buying cheap and cheerful Disney Princess stationery and save my makeup budget for my other brands :)

  15. Yumi

    I love the art on the packaging!

  16. artemis

    i love the packaging, so pretty. idk how well they’d look on, though :/

  17. Though I love the art on everything and the colors do look great the price to me is a bit much because for example the nail polish does have a more “for kids” look to it as far as bottle design and quality of the polish (not sure how long that polish has been sitting but it does look a bit¬†separated¬†on some colors) and the packaging looks a bit messy with the corners and stuff. I sadly think that since they did the MAC collection and it did so well disney thinks if they do their own it will do just as well but forgets that we paid those prices for the MAC name as well. ¬†Though I might get the compact because I do love the art.

  18. yellowlantern

    Bleh, the illustrations of the ladies all look like some fanart Disney found off the internet and decided to paste on some makeup. I’d rather have the original looking¬†villains¬†if I was going to buy something like this. ¬†

  19. yellowlantern

    also lol @ the photo of scuffed the lipgloss box. You’d think a Disney promo pic would be nicer.¬†

    • ¬†@yellowlantern The box seems like mock ups to me. When you do it for photoshots we go back in to touch up any seams that have cracked in folding in Photoshop. lol


    I kinda like how they “glamourized” (not a real word, i know) them. I know ursula and the queen of hearts are fatter, but I enjoy the re-vamped appearances. Also I would buy the hell out of that compact.

  21. I’m going to be Cruella De Vil for Halloween and this is just really tempting…

  22. Rika Balboa

    Federica PuleoAnnalisa Li Puma

  23. Annalisa Li Puma


  24. Federica Puleo

    Rì! Stavo x linkarti la stessa cosa ahahahah

  25. Rika Balboa

    Ahah siamo sincronizzate !

  26. Jasmin Rahman

    Wasn’t this supposed to be a MAC collection?

  27. 18thCenturyFox

    Shame on you Disney- you are sending a clear message to impressionable young girls. The Villains are NOT Bratz dolls. How demeaning. The art is cheesetastic .

    • jeezitscarrie

      ¬†@18thCenturyFox I highly doubt that this is targeted to young girls. The villains are being portrayed in an evil and glamorous fashion because it’s a make up collection. I’m pretty sure 8 year old girls aren’t going to be tugging on their mom’s coat sleeve to buy an eyeshadow palette.

      • 18thCenturyFox

        @jeezitscarrie Well teaching in elementary schools has taught me that this sort of thing could easily be coveted by an eight year old and teaching middle school has taught me that tween girls are even more vulnerable to this message then a young girl who hasn’t yet become so incredibly self conscious and acutely aware of image.

  28. laura

    this looks like one step up from the crap you see at the dollar sotre.  MAC gets to be more and more disappointing every day.

  29. More things to steal my money. *shakes fist*

  30. heavenleiblu

    Tough crowd!

  31. Ellie

    I actually really like the artwork on this packaging… more so than MAC’s villain’s collection. But I would doubt the quality of Disney cosmetics. Will have to wait and see I suppose!

  32. I’ll pass…looks cheap to me, and the colors aren’t anything new or exciting. Sorry Disney. I feel like Disney would be the LAST company I’d think of to buy makeup from. I’d imagine it was for dress-up or something.

  33. royaldoultonsan

    Well the artwork is cute at least!
    Christine– will you be posting pictures from the Disney Villains nail art challenge soon? :)

  34. lalacarter3

    @IDidMyFace OMG-that is so awesome.buying collection tonight. Did you see the Mac Villains collection? Innocence Beware is still my fave!

  35. bulletwitch93

    I really like the compact! Not sure about the makeup but I’d be willing to give it a try.

  36. itscarin

    Eww. ¬†I dislike the color combination they put together for the palette, and I don’t really love the cardboard palette construction. ¬†I guess it’s better than plastic because it’s easier to rip out.

  37. TangeReen Ford-Dudlicek

    mac did venomous villains a few years ago. this collection is being launched just by disney in conjunction with the designer villain dolls :) excited for both!

  38. Liana Worshell

    want. hope they’re decent quality

  39. Tiffany

    Compact is awesome! ūüėÄ

  40. uh, no!  But thanks for coming out :)  

  41. queen_frostine

    I think the makeup looks cheap and crummy but I WANT that compact. It’s the sort of art quality I had been hoping for from MAC’s Villains’ collection (which looked like kids’ stickers slapped on regular MAC packaging). I don’t know that these villains look Disney-ish though. I wouldn’t have been able to ID Cruella DeVil without the PR copy.

  42. Lorraine ER

    This strikes me as a total ripoff of Mac’s collection. I don’t understand why they greenlighted that if they wanted to do it themselves or maybe they are doing it because of the success of Mac’s collection. I don’t know, it just strikes me as off somehow.

    • ¬†@Lorraine ER¬†How is Disney making a Disney collection a rip off of MAC? It’s their company, they have every right to do the collection however they want. This isn’t a MUA collection, it’s for little girls to play dress up.¬†

  43. TerriMcMillanMansfield

    Disney…… ¬†What’s next, Home Depot themed orange lipstick? ¬†These two thing just don’t go together. ¬†And I liked the villains in their normal, voluptuous state!!! ¬†But that’s me…

    • ¬†@TerriMcMillanMansfield¬†You’re right, because no little girl wants to place dress up with makeup made by Disney themed after fairy tale characters….¬†

      • princess heather

        ¬†@southerngorgeous¬†not interested in buying this line for myself–but i agree with you, little girls will be so excited over this

  44. morlonbrondo

    None of the products made me say ‘wow’ or ‘I need that’ (it doesn’t take much to make me say the latter), and this definitely strikes me as a rip off of MAC’s collection. Kind of strange that they put it out considering how similar the themes are.

  45. kathrynvm

    The Villain Designer Collection is a continuation of the Princess Designer Collection. ¬†It isn’t something they drew to slap on some makeup, it’s a whole line of dolls, mugs, etc.¬†

  46. Lizzi

    When they had done the Disney Princess Designer Collection last year I had actually bought the glosses. They’re pretty good quality, I always have the Mulan one handy. And the Snow White was just the right amount of pigmentation for a sheer, wearable red.

  47. luvfromamy

    @biankamaree saw this the other day! Hellooo shadow palette and compact mirror!! <3

  48. Amy

    Not sure why people are hating on this collection..o.O
    The pigmentation in the lipglosses are higher quality than the MAC ones,in my opinion.Just because MAC did it first doesn’t mean Disney has no right to their own collection of makeup.The nail polishes are spectacular colours ,long wearing and fast drying too.
    Dunno what all the hating fuss is about. xD

    x ~ x