Saturday, June 8th, 2013


Disney’s Ariel Collection will make its debut exclusively at Sephora soon!  It will be online in June 2013, in-stores in August 2013.  Looks like we’ll see an eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow quad, six Sephora X polishes, compact mirror, perfume (both bottle and rollerball), and four squeeze-tube lipglosses.

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76 thoughts on “Disney Ariel Collection at Sephora Coming in June 2013!

  1. Sasha

    I’m still feeling buyers remorse for not getting the Cinderella compact. My local Sephora had them for months after Christmas. Sigh.

  2. erin

    oh my god. want. very much want.

  3. brittany

    That compact will be mine! :-)

  4. Another beautiful Disney/Sephora collection that I can’t buy. Sob. That compact looks especially beautiful.

  5. Clio

    I WANT this! But oddly, only because of the cover art and that seafoam shade in the large palette. I hardly ever do blue looks, and have nude eyeshadows coming out my ears, but gorgeous seafoam green makes me want the whole darn thing. I wonder what the shades in the quad will be.

  6. Daisy

    Okay, THIS time I WILL grab that compact! Still kicking myself for skipping the last two!

  7. Stellar

    My friend always told me since they started the Disney collection to keep an eye out for Ariel 😉

  8. That compact… omg, it’ll make up for not getting the Cinderella one. Lol.

  9. les

    Ive regrettably passed on jasmine and Cinderella, well never again lol im getting this. There is just something about collecting princess items from being a kid:)

  10. wow – ariel has a lot of makeup on in that promo. but seriously she is my favorite princess so i hope this collection is awesome.

  11. Roberta

    I really don’t need this but I’m so going to buy this! I have the Cinderella palette which I really like so I am excited for this! I skipped Jasmine only because the colours don’t go well with my skin tone and the colours I prefer to wear.

  12. OMG I have been WAITING for this! Ariel is my favorite!!! I will be getting the mirror and palette as per usual.

    • Por

      Ariel is my favorite Disney princess too! I was going to be on a no buy period indefinitely, but this is going to really test my willpower. I think I have to buy everything in this collection!

      • I was planning on cutting down my purchases to necessities only. All about orange killed that and now this is making me put it off again. I have such horrible will power when it comes to cosmetics…

        • Ava

          Julia, I feel your pain. I’m the same way. You think you know what you’re getting, you do the research ahead of time, etc… there’s times when you know you don’t need it but hype doesn’t help much either. Then there are those products you don’t plan on getting at all until there’s a fabulous review and your wallet is dying a slow death

          sorry to be so dramatic haha but yeah, I definitely understand!

        • Krissy

          Me too. I swore I would not get anything else until the fall and then I randomly saw some swatches of all about orange and had to get at least 4 of the lipsticks and 2 blushes! I decided to get this palette and I will be getting an msf from the mac tropical taboo collection and that must be it for me, I only have one face after all lol.

  13. VickyM

    I really really want the compact, Ariel was my favorite princess when I was a child :) .

  14. cayleigh

    This compact looks so nice! I don’t have any use for the compact mirrors, but all three so far have been so lovely!

  15. This is why I’m on a no buy for this month (saving for this). *_*

  16. Sephora, this is no help if you don’t tell us what day. Sigh.


    I’m curious about the compact with this one. I didn’t get the Jasmine one because – as much as I loved it – my Cinderella compact cracked within a week just from kicking around in my bag. I don’t think it necessarily reflects poorly on the quality of the piece, I just took it as a sign that it wasn’t for me and said, “THIS IS WHY I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!”

  18. Tiffani

    This looks lovely! The compact is gorgeous! Honestly, though, I’m waiting patiently for Belle and Mulan – my favorites 😉

    • redshift87

      Belle and Mulan are my favorite too! : -p

      I especially think the Mulan eyeshadow palette could be gorgeous. I’m picturing some colors similar to Guerlain’s holiday Liu palette (plus others, of course, like a nice emerald green and scarlet red to name a few…).

  19. Annie

    I can’t wait for this collection. I skipped out on the other ones, but Ariel is my favorite and I’m not gonna pass this up. I am gonna stalk the Sephora emails and website now. Thanks!

  20. I still haven’t gotten anything from the Disney collections. I will have to see this one in person before I decide.

  21. Everything is so ocean-y. I love it and therefore gotta have it.

  22. As someone named Ariel, I’m def looking forward to this collection! It literally has my name on it! :)

  23. Karla

    I hate it :( I expected to see bright colors mixed with purples and other dark shades. But the palette is most neutral

  24. Renee

    My favorite princess!!! Those mirrors are like Pokemon!! I gotta have em all!

  25. I haven’t allowed myself to partake in any of these yet, but if they stay the course, then there will probably eventually be a Snow White collection…and THAT is something that I literally need.

  26. Jaz

    So far , I am disappointed. I do want the mirror though. I had envisioned so much more from this collection. Where is the yellow for flounder? Or a great red for her hair? Lastly, where is URSULA?

  27. Ashley

    I have been waiting for Ariel (favorite Disney princess) and now I can’t wait till Mulan hits stores!

  28. This looks nice, but I’d really like to see a Belle collection.

  29. marilyn

    I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the makeup bits, but I NEED that compact. Still kicking myself for missing the Cinderella one.

  30. Kathryn

    I’ve been waiting for the Ariel one! Totally gonna splurge!

  31. I am so getting this! I didn’t care about the Jasmine or Cinderella one, but I love these colors, and Ariel was my favorite princess when I was a kid. (:

  32. EmJay

    Anyone has a list of prices for all the items?

    • Ashley

      Full palette – 55 USD
      Small palette – 30 USD
      Nail polish – probably somewhere around 19.95 -24.50 USD
      Lip Gloss – probably somewhere around 14.50 – 19.99 USD
      Compact Mirror – 20 USD
      Perfume – 58 USD
      Rollerball – 18 USD

      (This is just based on past prices from the Disney Princess Cinderella and Jasmine collections.)

  33. Sophie

    I just love those compacts!! too bad i can’t get them….the Sephora in my country does not carry out collections by sephora :(

  34. Katherine

    I was anxiously waiting for the next princess nail polish set as I already own the Cinderella and Jasmine sets by OPI and love them. I’m disappointed to see they changed the polish from OPI to Sephora X. Wish they just kept OPI!

  35. Katherine

    Ps – the Ariel story look palette is already for sale on Sephora’s website.

  36. The eyeshadow palette is up on Sephora now!!

  37. redshift87

    : -D
    FYI – I just searched Ariel on the Sephora site, and landed on the palette

    Looks like it might just be available to beauty insiders at the moment…

  38. Hannah

    FYI everyone, the palette is available on Sephora right now for BIs.

  39. Julia B

    I ordered the palette because the rep on the VIB hotline had no clue when the rest was coming out and I didn’t want to miss out. I hope the mirror is released soon!

  40. Atanza

    Just ordered it! This is the last thing I need to spend money on, but I don’t care. Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. :)

  41. Do you know if this collection will be available in stores world wide?

    • Ana

      I wish I could know too! I live in Portugal and, since we don’t have a national Sephora website, it’s difficult to know these things.
      Ariel is my favourite Disney princess of all times, I need, at least, to have that compact!

  42. artemis

    All these are just sooo beautiful! I’m surprised they didn’t use a redhead as Ariel, lol! I especially love the squeeze-tube glosses, hey have perfect shades! After those, the eyeshadows and nail polishes. I’m not a fan of metallic polishes but these look pretty 😀 I bet they’re expensive :(

  43. Judith Delowery

    This is absokutely Gorgeous <3

  44. AHH! I’m so glad I decided to collect the compact mirrors + perfumes. I don’t know what I’ll do with the mirrors, but everything sure looks so pretty on my vanity.

  45. You just convinced me to spend the $50 Sephora Gift Certificate I had on the Ariel Palette :)

  46. Nicole

    I’m glad I ordered the palette yesterday. It is now sold out on the website…yikes!

  47. Sushi

    How did you BI’s order it?! I’m a BI and I can’t click the QTY pull down….what’s going on!? I MUST HAVE THIS!!! <3 <3 <3

  48. michaela.

    I need everything in this collection solely out of obligation.

  49. I might have to purchase that compact mirror, it’s beautiful!


  51. amy

    This pallet is so beautiful and worth the money. I regret not having the opportunity to purchase cinderella and jazmine pallets.