Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Summer 2011: Rosy Nude Palette

Dior Rosy Nude (634) Eyeshadow Palette ($58.00 for 0.21 oz.) is one of two new (and possibly limited edition–I’m still trying to get confirmation either way) quints, and they are part of this summer’s Electric Tropics Collection.

It contains five shades: high shimmered white (with a touch pink warmth); soft, champagne shimmered beige; medium brown with subtle red undertones and soft bronze shimmer; iridescent peach-pink with a frosted, metallic finish; and cotton candy pink with blue undertones with a glowing sheen. All five shades were soft, silky smooth, and nicely pigmented (everything swatched very true-to-pan). You can check out the look I did earlier this week to see it in action! :)

I’m always hesitant about Dior’s eyeshadow quints, because sometimes they’re amazing and other times, I’m unimpressed, but both summer quints (the other I will review later) are really lovely. The texture is buttery and smooth–not too soft–but still very silken against the skin where it lays down easily and blends out effortlessly.

I also love how the colors coordinate with each other. This is definitely a softer, more neutral color palette, but the shimmer and frost in the finishes gives the colors more pop. I think it could have used a semi-matte or matte shade (perhaps the medium brown), but otherwise, it’s perfect for summer. It should work well with bolder lip combos as corals and oranges abound this season.

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Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

It's very appropriate for summer--it has just enough warmth to give it that lit-from-within glow without being too warm for cooler and more neutral skin tones to wear well. The colors work well together, which will make this easy to travel with. Great textures and pigmentation make this one worth checking out!











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See more photos & swatches!

Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette

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40 thoughts on “Dior Rosy Nude (534) Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Mariella

    Pretty colours but I’ve got eye shadows that are fairly close to all the colours. It makes lashing out on this palette (add 5 to 10 dollars to the price for us Canadians) a bit of a waste.

    • Jihae

      Dior is the only cosmetic brand, that I know, which is cheaper in Canada. It’s about $60 and you can get $20 gas coupon from Shoppers if you spend $75 or more there this week.

      I am going to get one!

    • hightea_xx

      5-color palettes are only $60 CND! :)

  2. These are just a bit too nude and subtle for me.

  3. I love the look that you did with the palette, but I can’t help but wish there was a darker color instead of one of the two light nude shimmers that look nearly the same.

  4. AnGeLwInGz

    I love Dior’s shadows and I like these colors individually but there’s something about this quint that just seems like it’s missing something. I will always compare everything to ’09 Cristal, which IMO reigns supreme in the history of Dior’s summer collections.

  5. Julia

    This is really gorgeous!!

  6. Very pretty summery colors! I’m not a big fan of brights, so I usually feel a little left out when summer collections hit the shelves, but this is something I can get behind! I’d love to see these in a look, if you have the time… (hint hint!) :)

  7. chips

    Thanks for the swatche! This is stunning, now I am way more excited to see this in person now.Can’t wait to see Rosy Tan’s swatches. I need o decided between these two,so I will not get both of them. Christine, is there an exact date when this is coming out in US?

  8. Sexy Sadie


  9. Pretty, but these look like colors I already own. :(

  10. Ginger

    What gorgeous colors! Could you recommend any dupes?

  11. Josiane

    Ohhhh another one I have to buy!

  12. baby in a corner

    I’ve really been looking forward to your review of this! I think I might purchase but I wish the brown wasn’t so warm and there was a matte! Will def check out in person – thanks!

  13. I’ve never tried Dior eyeshadows (I usually stick with Guerlain), but these colours are amazing. I can’t wait to see the swatch of the other quint :)

  14. Julia

    I don’t mind paying $58 for a quad of shadow but it has to be something special. All of these colors can be easily duped. Boring!

  15. Andrea

    Really really pretty!!! Will be checking this out!!

  16. Very pretty and I like the pigmentation, but I would be more inclined to spend $58 on the other quint, Rosy Tan, since I need a bit more color. Except for the medium brown, these look more like really nice browbone highliters to me. Thanks for the detailed review!

  17. Jackie Li

    can’t wait to see another one to be swatched! These nudy colours may be too boring to somebody but for me, I am a big fun of high quality nudy colours (great for everyday look)!although Dior is big pricey, I have to say.

  18. Thanks again for including the ingredients! Dior shadows are of the few I can wear right now. This reminds me of a quint I already have, the Earth Reflections one. I use it so much though, I think the price is worth it. My job requires neutral looks. As long as you use it, it’s worth the price. If it were more colorful, I would probably hardly use it and that wouldn’t be worth any price.

  19. Samantha

    Oooh! I like these, I think that it is something my mom would very much enjoy, making it a perfect mother’s day gift!

    I know this is a little off subject, and sorry to bother you since I know you’re quite busy with school and swatching summer collections, but do you know if you’ll be swatching and reviewing some of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine line? I think you did something similar with the Rouge Coco’s when the released and was just wondering if you were doing the same with this.
    Thanks so much:)

  20. cherryglass

    I’m really digging this. The rosy undertones are speaking volumes to me, especially after the look you’ve posted earlier. Happy to know that the quality is good. I bought only 2 quints in the last 3 years which were a miss for me. The texture of Sunset Cafe is not the best and all shades except darker brown (which is STUNNING!) in Designer Amber palette I can only describe as bizarre. This one seems exactly what I need to “wake up” my eyes. Thank you!

  21. hightea_xx

    rosy nude is a one-shot, while rosy tan will become part of the permanent range! : )

  22. J1nxx

    under wear to buy bergdorf is listed. but bergdorf doesn’t carry dior. Is this an error, or is dior going to BG?????

  23. Traci

    I love the way Urban Decay’s Rollergirl Palette does brown and pink – waaaaaaaaaaaay better than this!

  24. JennerLynner

    please do a look with this! i love the idea of this palette, but i’m a college student and definitely have to limit my purchases lol. i don’t want to waste money (like i did on TF Neutral Eyes palette) if i only like it in theory :)

  25. Pretty, nothing special but still pretty

  26. KewZee

    Is the Rosy Tan review coming soon? Will you be reviewing the Chanel Summer 2011 collection too? :) Btw, thanks for doing all this. I make 90% of my make up purchases based on your review (hence why I’m waiting on the Rosy Tan review, lol).

  27. Maureen

    Hi there! Will you be reviewing the Rosy Tan palette as well? So anxious to see swatches for that one! Thanks :)

  28. norci

    Hi! Will you be reviewing the Rosy Tan palette? It would be helpful! :)

  29. zeldamarie

    Sorry I’m late commenting on this, but I have a question – is the shelf life really 6 months on this quint? And is that standard for Dior quints? That seems really short for dry eyeshadow, and I wouldn’t want to shell out $58 for a quint that I have to throw out in 6 months. Aren’t most dry eyeshadows listed at like 24 months shelf life?

    Personally, for dry products I usually don’t worry too much as long as I maintain hygiene, only use them on myself and spray them with alcohol every once in a while but… the 6 months expiry listed on the package concerns me…

  30. Queentut

    I love this palette and it looks beautiful on you, but for the money..I really think I have SEVERAL dupes of all of these shades. It would be a pain to sort through them all, but I’d have extra bucks for something more original and unique. Again beautiful on you Christine :)

  31. fi

    how this palatte compares to crush glow?

  32. I got 2 of these sweeties. It’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for. I think it’s appropriate for any season, anytime you feel like to rock a natural youthful look.

  33. Brittany

    eh i feel like i can find those shades at some drug store or walmart makeup. Very boring and nothing new, my friend likes dior products and i wanted to check it out for myself sense i never bought anything from them. Now i can see why i never been interested in them o well just not a huge dior fan. I recommend people try to find dupes for these before shelling out 58 bucks, and im pretty sure you can find dupes sense the colors are very similar to other nude colors that are out there in other make up palettes. 58 bucks for this just isnt worth it.