Monday, June 28th, 2010

Dior Fall 2010 Collection

Dior Fall 2010 Beauty & Makeup Collection

“Dior women are not shy, they’re modern and daring,” says John Galliano. The Dior fall color collection pays tribute to this idea of unabashed femininity with shades of sensual mauve, deep purple and smoky charcoal and grey tones. The eyes are the focal point of the look: endless and full lashes, mysterious, smoky lids and soft, pink hues for the lips.

Dior 2-Colour Logomania Collector’s Edition in Silver Screen #085 ($38.00)

Embossed with the Dior “Logomania” pattern, this limited edition 2-Colour shade plays with highlighting silver and sparkling black shades to light up the eyes with a dramatic, shimmering effect.

The Collection

  • Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Misty Mauve #844 (except Sephora) ($58.00)
  • Dior 5-Colour Designer Eyeshadow in Pink Design #808 ($58.00)
  • Dior Serum de Rouge in Pearly Pink Serum #470 (except Sephora) ($32.00)
  • Dior Serum de Rouge in Radiant Pink Serum #560 ($32.00)
  • Dior Serum de Rouge in Pink Diva Serum #670 ($32.00)
  • Dior Serum de Rouge in Ruby Serum #870 ($32.00)
  • Dior Serum de Rouge in Plum Serum #880 ($32.00)
  • Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Tailored Mauve #692 ($26.50)
  • Dior Addict Lipcolor in Spectacular Mauve #694 (except Sephora) ($26.00)
  • Dior Addict Lipcolor in Technicolor Red #873 ($26.00)
  • Dior Vernis in Cherry Blossom #386 (Sephora Exclusive) ($21.00)
  • Dior Vernis in Black Sequins #905 (except Sephora) ($21.00)

Availability: August 2010

See more photos!

Dior Fall 2010 Collection

Dior Fall 2010 Collection

Dior Fall 2010 Collection

Dior Fall 2010 Collection

Dior Fall 2010 Collection

Dior Fall 2010 Collection

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56 thoughts on “Dior Fall 2010 Beauty & Makeup Collection

  1. Kathy

    The quint with the darker/smokey colors is gorgeous!

  2. Natalie

    Sigh.. Want all of the quints, shadow duos and the new gloss. Dior always gets to me :(

  3. Eileen

    Chanel and Dior are evidently shooting for similar eye looks this year: misty, smoldering, plum-tinged eyes. The big difference seems to be in the approach to lip color. Whereas Chanel is soft and light, Dior is deeper and more sophisticated. It looks like I’ll be getting items from both collections :-) They’re both simply gorgeous.

  4. alex

    Amazing. Thanks for the sneak pick :)
    hope to see swatches soon.

  5. virginiaisforluvrs

    Do you know the names of the lip colors? The list doesn’t seem to match up with the photos.

  6. Looks like purple’s the big colour for fall and winter — great!!

  7. Michou

    This is the first Dior collection I’ve been really excited about in a looooong time. Just in time for my birthday splurge!!!

    The smoky quint is perfection.

  8. aksaiyo

    OMG! More Serum de Rouges! Which one is the 2nd to the left in the picture? I love it! I love the formula and the colors they make and this looks like it’s going to be my go to fall shade! *throws all other fall shades out the window*

  9. Colette

    I’m not in love with this, but I tend to prefer Chanel over Dior anyways. The more neutral quint is stunning though.

  10. Gisele

    Loving the Misty Mauve (the darker quint); leaving the lip products (they will disappear on my pigmented lips like very expensive lip gloss). But the look is gorgeous, including the hat! Definitely love!

  11. Ru

    What’s the lipstick on the model? Is it the muave color?

  12. ooo i cant wait to see pictures of that new quint!

  13. Connie

    LOVE the first quint and the cherry blossom NP! Thank goodness thats all i really want. =D

  14. Love the lip and nail colour on the model in the promo picture!

    I’m definitely gonna get Misty Mauve, and I was so lucky I spotted Pink Design on eBay the other day and won it for £27 incl. shipping (rrp £39 for these!). So excited, can’t wait to receive it! :)

  15. Macaddict

    Black Sequins nail polish??? I hope it’s not the same “Black Sequin” that I purchased a few years ago…Christine, do you know if it’s a repromote?

  16. kasiaj85

    Am I the only one here that is not attracted to this collection?? My relationship with Dior brand has always been difficult. I can’t name one single product I was satisfied with. :( the quints look nice but I prefer MAC eyeshadows.
    and btw… I am troubled by the photoshopped picture of that model… does it really need that much of improvement?

  17. Hend

    Ah the collection looks amazing

    I lovved the darker eyeshadow palette

  18. Serene

    Love the lip and the nails! I’m such a sucker for purple.

  19. nicci

    Wow, I just realized I don’t own any Dior cosmetics. Pretty packaging and everything looks great but part of me feels guilty if I stray too much from Chanel… (lol)

  20. AnGeLwInGz

    :( They did all purple and gray last fall. C’mon now Dior, don’t be lazy. OK I admit I’ll probably end up buying something but nothing’s jumping out at me just yet.

  21. Nancy

    When will they release these in the fall? I’m lemming for the Mauve eyeshadow..not too sure about the price though

  22. SHERRY

    The Serum de Rouge looks pretty- a cream blush? The shadows and glosses look pretty. However, they look like colors that have already been released in other palettes. I have quite a collection of the 5 pan eyeshdows and Dior seems to repeat colors over and over in their palettes.I would like to see them step up their game and get more creative in introducing some bright vibrant colors.

  23. The lips and the nails are gorgeous.

  24. MoNyCKa

    The eyeshadow with the black and silver… don’t see the name… is very pretty :)

  25. Sharon M

    The shade of lipstick the model is wearing looks a lot like one I used to wear back in the early 80’s… now I’m feeling old, LOL!

  26. I love the purples……hmm does it come out in Canada in August as well?

  27. Hilana

    Beautiful collection. .

  28. Helena

    Anybody else think that the promo looks ’90s-tastic? (Not complaining…unabashedly my favorite decade.)

  29. Lulle

    I’m a big Dior fan and I think the first quint looks gorgeous, but haven’t they been selling plums/purples as the brand new trend for like, 3 fall/winters in a row?
    I got the Night Butterfly quint last year.

  30. Great fall collection! I want the quads *__*

  31. allison

    I have never been interestd in Dior before, but the color on the model’s lips has my curiosity piqued. I would love to know what it is. 😀 That will definately be my first Dior purchase! 😀

  32. jane

    Nails & lips- absolutely gorgeous!

  33. Melissa (divinem)

    I’d like to know what the model is wearing.

  34. Melissa (divinem)

    My Dior quint collection is going to expand again. I love their quints. Have at least 6-7, soon to be 8!

  35. Clarivette

    Are all of these products going to be available at Sephora?

  36. Lynn

    Swatched these yesterday and love the colors! Just in time to make a list for my birthday splurge- My very first Dior makeup ever! I know for sure I’m going to get: Lipcolor in Spectacular Mauve#694, Ultra Gloss in Tailored Mauve # 692, Misty Mauve #844, Serum de Rouge #670 and when I can make it to Sephora, Vernis in Cherry Blossom#386! Whew! I think my wallet just fainted:) LOL

  37. Beautiful collection.

  38. nawi


    Thanks to your article I got the Dior Misty Mauve and the tailored mauve 692. I loved them. Thank you!

  39. Catherine

    Hello Ladies :)

    I just called Dior today about the lip colors the model above is wearing and they are:

    Dior Addict Lipcolor in Spectacular Mauve #694 ($26.00)
    Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Tailored Mauve #692 ($26.50)

    She says everything is limited, especially both quints, Silver Screen, nails, basically everything.

    Hopes this helps! Have a great day and thanks for the great up close pictures.

  40. Melissa (divinem)

    When I saw the Pink Design e/s quint online, I was less than impressed. It looks like cotton candy. I happened to be at Sephora today, and they had the Pink Design palette on display. Oh, it is SO beautiful. There was one left, and it had my name written all over it in invisible ink. I snatched it up immediately. Absolutely beautiful, creamy pink and purple. The highlight and base colors look totally different than the pic. Must see this in person.

  41. Jonalyn

    I am so inlove with your make up(: