Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

In Christian Dior’s early years as a designer, he was keen on exploring the visual and cultural magnificence beyond Europe, and Latin America became a source of inspiration for years to come. His global interests were evident in his designs. Vibrant colors, sophisticated fabrics like organza and silk, and ornamented details (often featuring feathers) exuded an exotic femininity and glamour. Drawing from nature’s tropical paradises, Dior takes a journey through Latin America once again to evoke the intoxicating aura of fresh greenery, glistening waters, and exotic creatures.

The Bird of Paradise collection embraces the vibrancy of nature and translates to versatile, wearable color for summer. Lips are inspired by tropic temperatures, while eyeshadow palettes feature a spectrum of luminous, marine blues, bamboo greens, and subtle accents of soft yellow for dramatic, shimmering lids inspired by the plumage of an exotic bird. A combination of bright pigments and rich textures celebrate summer’s energetic mix.

Nude Tan BB Creme ($44.00)

Dior has infused its original BB Crème with a natural bronzing agent. The exclusive Tan Beautifier complex works in combination with the sheer Complexion Corrector to enhance and prolong a natural healthy glow. In addition, Diorskin Nude BB Tan Crème features hydrating ingredients including jisten, mauve and hibiscus, as well as green, red, and white tea extracts to offer the same skin-illuminating effects as the original Diorskin Nude BB Creme, now with the added benefits of SPF 15. Available in two universal shades: 001 and 002.

Jelly Lip Pen ($26.00)

  • Copacabana (516)
  • Carioca (636)
  • Gaia (656)

Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Blush Duo ($56.00)

This summer, Dior introduces a multi-faceted product that provides all the tools for achieving fresh-faced beauty. A unique hybrid of bronzing powder and high-pigment blush, Dior’s signature cannage patterned compact holds a quartet of bronzy shades and bright tones ideal for illuminating the complexion and sculpting cheekbones. The iridescent harmonies blend seamlessly to create a multi-dimensional effect, while complementary light and dark shades provide subtle highlighting and define the natural contours of the face.

  • Pink Glow (001)
  • Coral Glow (002)

Dior Addict Lipstick ($31.00)

  • 751
  • 771

Diorshow Waterproof Eyeliner ($29.00)

  • Aqua Green (348)

Vernis Nail Duos ($29.00)

  • Samba (001)
  • Bahia (002)

Paradise Summer Blush Brush ($55.00)

5-Couleurs Eyeshadow ($60.00)

  • Blue Lagoon (347)
  • Peacock (434)

Availability: May 2013 at Dior counters nationwide, Now @ Nordstrom

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43 thoughts on “Dior Bird of Paradise Collection for Summer 2013

  1. This collection is truly gorgeous <3

  2. LJ

    Wow this is you all over Christine!! I can imagine these colours looking absolutely fabulous on you!

  3. Dominique

    I picked up the 2 quints and 2 jelly lipsticks/pencils yesterday, this collection is so beautiful, more than the Summer 2012 Croisette which was gorgeous. Bird of Paradise is beyond gorgeous, I need everything ^^

  4. Georgina

    Absolutely love the colours! It makes me excited for Summer! The Jelly Lip Pens look interesting.

  5. Aida

    I already ordered the nude tan in Pink Glow 001 and I’m excited to get it. It looks so pretty :). I read on a international blog that the collection also includes two new mono eyeshadows (available at Harrod’s online), a light blue (can’t remember the name) and a dark blue, 273 Parati, which looks devine, I wonder if it will be available in the US at all…

  6. pockykami

    Those quints sound so beautiful. It’s hard to justify the cost though, at least for me. I secretly kind of hope they’re lacking. Last summer’s aurora palette was so nice and I did get a lot of use out of it. I guess I’ll wait for swatches.

  7. My South American heritage makes this collection especially interesting, but of course it’s completely out of my price range.

  8. Aida

    p.s. just checked Harrod’s, the other mono is 371 Feather

  9. Oh this collection looks so stunning! Those lip pens! I swear, anything with the name jelly in it and I’m sold. I just feel like I can’t catch a break lately with Dior’s new releases. I have an Addict addiction, you see. 😉 Thanks so much for the info Christine!

    Do you happen to know when the other two Addict lipsticks in this collection will be available? #471 Flamingo and #431 On The Beach?

    Thanks again for all you do! :)

  10. VickyM

    I wonder what the lipstick colors look like, and I seem to be in trouble since I love the nail polish the blue one, I´m interested in the eyeliner pencil, possibly the lipsticks and from what I see the eyeshadows, which is quite unusual since 99% of the time I don´t care about eyeshadow, and those jelly pens look cute…What are they? Are they just for lining the outline of the lips or are they supposed to be used like lipsticks or lipgloss for the entire lip? Oh my God save me I like too many things! And why use a theme I love so much like the gorgeous Paradise bird, the colors and that beauty, the magic that I can see from those colors and this collection. Seems like Chanel with their new lipgloss collection and Dior with this Paradise Bird collection are going to make me bankrupt 😛 . Looking forward to the entire collection this time 😀 .

  11. The image with the nail polishes is absolutely breathtaking! The whole campaign is a feast for the eyes. Right now, what don’t I want?

  12. mirian

    the bronzer/blush duo is making me soooo happy right now!

  13. GUSnail

    Oh, these colors are right up my alley. I can’t wait to see the eyeliner color.

  14. Cami

    I’ll probably pass on this collection but the ad pictures are gorgeous and really well done (NARS should pay attention…)

    • xamyx

      I happen to like the fact NARS keeps it simple, and just basically shows the products. It’s all about the product, not all the bells & whistles in the background. As long as the product performs, I’ll buy it, regardless of the model, theme, fancy feathers in the background, etc.

      • Cami

        And I definitely agree, simple ads can certainly make just as big an impact but NARS photos have been just BAD lately, it’s almost awkward to even look at some of them.

    • Stacey

      Cami, I totally agree with you! There are a few lines this spring that should take notes imo…

  15. Carrie

    Oooh the blue-green quint and the metallic teal polish look amazing.

  16. Bananas4bourbon

    Wow. I think I could just gaze on that eyeshadow palette all day. I wouldn’t need to use it, just look at it.

  17. Veronica

    Oh my goodness, a collection released after my mother’s own heart. I might have to pick up the nail polish for her as a treat.

    Also, I am liking the look of Pink Glow. A bronzer that might actually work on cool-toned skin? My interest is piqued!

  18. I’m so excited about these products!

  19. Jackie

    Absolutely beautiful!! I’m a sucker for anything peacock :)

  20. Elle Jaye

    Excited to see the blush duos! Hopefully one will be my summer blush/bronzer purchase!

  21. I am a complete sucker for Dior collections, no lies. I will be checking this out (and lamenting my eternal lack of money) for sure.

  22. Marisa

    I am in love with this!! Does anyone know if the Jelly Lip Pens are twist up? Or do you have to sharpen them?

    I’m super into chubby sticks right now, but I only like the kinds that twist up.

  23. Leslie-Marie

    OBSESSED with Blue Lagoon….I love all those shadows! Purchased! :)

  24. Az sunshine

    I feel like I need the blush and brozer duos… I have no self control…

  25. This collection looks beautiful! I’m really intrigued by the Jelly Lip Pens.

  26. n.

    The products are beautiful and the way they’ve displayed them in these photos are amazing. Dior art department, whatever its called, gets an A+ from me 😉

  27. nawi

    Hi, I really really hope you will be reviewing some of these products please?

  28. Liz

    The ad people earned their keep with this one. Those pictures are stunning!

  29. Aiman

    WOW! The pictures and products are gorgeous!

  30. Ilona

    Just bought the Blue Lagoon palette and can’t wait to play with it! The SA at the Dior counter showed me how you can mix the colors to create different effects. The Peacock palette is gorgeous as well and so is the aqua eyeliner. I’ll probably go back to get them.

  31. gabriella

    CANNOT wait to see swatches of the jelly lippies!! I don’t own anything high end, but they’re only $1 more than the Nars pencils, and I totally just got one in the mail today lol. the colors are gorgeous, i hope they will be pigmented enough for me

  32. maggy

    hey christine! i just want to khow if this collection will be at sephora aw well??

  33. DocSmitty

    Picked up the peacock eyeshadow quint yesterday….and am so very sad! Chalky, poorly pigmented, dry shadows :(. I was so excited to get this, as It looks so beautiful…hoping I got a defective batch, headed back to return :( so very disappointed.

  34. Ms Laurence

    Hi Christine,
    thanks for the review you wrote and the pictures.
    In the south of France, this new collection is not available yet and not even available at Sephora, even on the Net. I wonder why, as last year as the same time, I had already ordered and received some products from the summer collection ; I think Dior is a little bit late : I am so anxious to be able to see the products, they seem to be gorgeous. I’ll let you know my comments as soon as I buy some products if :first, I can afford, second if they seem as nice “in real” as they do on your pictures. Last but not least : I am surprised to notice that on its French website,as per today, Dior does not sell all products from the summer collection…as some must be bought in retail shops, as it is mentioned.

  35. Vic

    The collection looks lovely, only a few notes.. Peacocks and Paradise birds are ASIAN, not from south america… We have hundreds of beautiful birds they could be inspired by in Brazil alone, literally hundreds, and they chose two asian birds… oh well, I guess Dior just made a fool of themselves, by looking ignorant. Nevertheless, the colours are stunning.