Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Update on Dazzlelash: This formula just isn’t working out for me!  Some days it flakes, some days it smudges, and then other days it lasts all day.  I just can’t deal with a mascara that’s as finicky as I am!  What Dazzlelash excels at is lengthening lashes and separating them.  You’ll find it harder to clump up as you apply multiple coats with this formula.  It has a nice richness in its black color, too.  I don’t feel it thickens much (if at all), which is a drawback for me as I need thickening for my stubby, wispy lashes.  I found this was more likely to smudge/flake when I used it with Prep + Prime Lash than without it.  It removes easily (no stubborness), and if you’re in the market for separation and length, you ought to check this out if you can.  This seems like a mascara that people either love or just find so-so, but I haven’t heard from too many who outright dislike it.  Plushlash still holds as my go-to mascara (along with Lancome Oscillation and Chanel Exceptionnel) for the time being.

Have you tried Dazzlelash yet? What’s your verdict?

See naked lashes…

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24 thoughts on “Dazzlelash Mascara Update & Review

  1. Vivian

    Aw, sorry to hear it didn’t work for you! I never got it, so I don’t know if it’s working for me… but I got my drugstore staple – rimmel glam eyes, it lenthens and separates and I look like i had strips of falsies. I know some don’t like it, but it def works for me, it didn’t flake/smudge often, but the brush takes some getting used to and different techniques!

    Thanks for reviewing this!!

  2. Rabi

    I bought this and I agree with you. It’s a nice mascara and it does lengthen and separate, and washes off easily at the end of the day. For a natural look, it would be a nice way to enhance my eyes without looking like I have anything on. I didn’t particularly find anything dazzling about this, but it didn’t flake on me and doesn’t clump, so I can’t say I hate it. It won’t be the first mascara I reach for, though. I’ll stick with my Lancome and Make Up Forever.

  3. Kirsten

    I didn’t even buy it because the MA straight up told me it was a lengthening mascara and is not meant to thicken at all! How weird.

  4. Dee

    I bought it and it actually does clump just a little on me. It’s under no circumstances a go-to mascara, but for an natural but better lash look, it’s perfectly ok. Although now that I think about it, I like ProLash better for the natural look. I’ve never repurchases a MAC eyeshadow yet and at this point the only one I would is Plushlash.

  5. It actually works really well for me, and I really love it! It does clump if I wait too long to apply another coat, but it does wonders for me. I do like thickening mascara, but the lengthening and separating is great on this one! (at least for me) I love the smaller brush on this one. It sort of remind me of lash injection from too faced, but is WAY easier to get off at night.

  6. Manda

    I’m with Molly.. it really flatters my lashes.. It lifts my lashes away from my eyes which is major.. I feel like it opens them alot. Definitely lengthens.. gives you kind of that shoe lace doll lash look.. but I use a primer for volume because it doesn’t volumize width wise.. and it’s so easy to wash off :)

  7. mahalia

    it was decent but it was not plushlash at all.

  8. leslie

    I’ve tried it in store and i wasn’t that pleased with it. I’ve been wearing MAC for close to 20 years and i’ve never bought their mascaras.As for a mascara, i went and bought make-up forevers smoky lash.

  9. Cody

    Thanks for the update on Dazzlelash! I was considering it briefly, but I think I’ll steer clear. I need thickening and lengthening, not just lengthening.

  10. liz

    I really like your makeup techniques and everything you do – except for your mascara. it always looks spidery and cakey and makes me want to cringe! you’re such a beautiful girl, and it always brings down your whole look. I recommend using one of those brow/lash brushes and comb out after so they don’t look so clumpy. Please :( It’s so bad. But I really do love all your other stuff!


    • Hiz Liz! I use a lash comb already, could you tell me what I might be doing wrong? Or a recommendation for a better one?

      My lashes always look fine to me when I’m in front of the mirror, but I’m afraid the macro photography amplifies mistakes I can’t seem to see!

  11. Jess

    I loooooove it! It is my new fav beating out diorshow lashblast and all that other shizat. It lengthens volumizes and makes em huge! Its more length then volume but its nice for a change to have long voluminous lashes then short stubby really thick lashes.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Christine! I’ve never bought MAC mascaras, but after reading your reviews, I’ll try Plushlash next. If I could have the volume and inky color of L’Oreal Carbon Black combined with the separation and lengthening of Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening, I’d be in mascara heaven. BTW, I just tried the new L’Oreal Double Extend with “Beauty Tubes” Technology. It created good length, but it won’t replace my go-to mascaras.