Friday, May 27th, 2011

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer<
Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Laquer ($10.00 for 0.5 fl. oz.) is described as a “deep berry creme with gorgeous red flakes and hidden gold shimmer throughout.” It’s a medium-dark berry red that’s dark without being vampy with ruby red reflective flakes and gold shimmer. The flakes give it more dimension and depth, and though you might think they’d make the polish uneven or bumpy, they don’t. I couldn’t feel them at all; the surface was still smooth. I used two coats to get opaque color, and the formula was the right consistency that allowed for even flow of the polish over the nail without getting too much or little polish on it. I tested Iconic out for wear, and it lasted a full week with minor tip wear.

Cult Nails was created by Maria, a nail blogger at R3daily. There is definitely a story behind the brand, and with it being in its beginning stages, it’s so easy to fall in love. It’s like supporting your local grocer, farmers’ market, or corner store. Their passion for their new brand is infectious, and I’m so glad that the brand created and rolled out a well-executed formula that really cinches it for me.

Part of the brand’s philosophy is creating a green company, so all polishes are big-three-free (no toulene, formaldehyde, or dibutyl), but they also exclude phthalate and camphor. They list all of their polish as vegan-friendly, along with repurposing or using recycled supplies for shipping and packaging. The brand began with four shades (of which I will be swatching the other three), and more recently launched an addition five shades (all limited), but I haven’t seen those yet, though they are tempting!

P.S. — They’re actually have a buy three, get one free sale through Tuesday, just use code NEVERFORGET! :)

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I always love finding really amazing products created by people passionate about their products. There is just something about really seeing the care, energy, and love that goes into their creations that makes their products even more enjoyable.











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See more photos & swatches!

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer<
Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer<
Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer<
Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer<
Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer<
Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer<
Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer<
Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer

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Is it limited edition?


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I couldn't think of any, as I don't have many polishes with flakes in them, and I think the flakes alone really change up the look and feel of the polish.

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53 thoughts on “Cult Nails Iconic Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Vanilla

    This looks beautiful! Thanks for the swatches… Would you consider this a duochrome?

  2. I looked at this and thought “Bad Fairy” but then I saw it when it was on. It’s lovely, and nothing at all like Bad Fairy.

    • Ooh, I can see that vibe, definitely, but the flakes definitely play such a huge role in the way it looks that the end result is different! Agreed!!

  3. Pame

    love it, dosent look chunky like most glittery polishes, love the color

  4. Andrea

    wow preety color like the berry color

  5. Nina

    Lovely polish and there was several others just as nice at the sellers website…. Iยดm sold and 4 polishes is mine…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. SA

    AH!! So pretty!!

  7. Kristen

    Wow, that is beautiful!

  8. WOW! What’s not to love? Definitely looking forward to seeing more from them. Thanks for introducing. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. mel

    Being featured on Temptalia will definitely be a major boon to this company, especially since the color is so gorgeous! I want this.

    • I hope it helps them in some way, since I really like their product line so far! I have a pretty strict review policy (I have a bit of a reputation as being “difficult” to work with, because I don’t guarantee reviews and hold back nothing), and they took it in stride (a lot of new/smaller brands will email me every other day asking where the review is!).

      • Steph

        It is nice that you review new/smaller brands on your website because there are so many people (including myself) who never would have heard of them if they are not in large stores. Much appreciated!

  10. Michelle

    I like this! I only wish the base color was more of a jelly so the gold shimmer and flakes would come through more.

  11. bessy

    really beautifull

  12. Serena

    I’ve been interested in this brand and definitely want to get some, especially with the promotion! Do you think you could do more Cult Nails posts over the weekend?? :)

  13. Megan

    If you got the Inaugural collection…that means you have Living Water.

    Cannot. Wait. For that review. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more nail polish until RBL’s pre-fall collection came out…I am going to break that promise unashamedly.

  14. wow i am soooo glad you reviewed a polish from this company. i know maria and love her polishes, this one in particular is my favorite that i’ve tried of hers. it’s TOTALLY unique and great quality. i hope girls see your review and give cult nails a try :)

  15. Kacey

    I’m so excited you’re reviewing Cult Nails! I have loved following the progression of Maria’s dream of creating a nail polish line/brand and am really amazed by the stellar quality and gorgeous, unique colors. I’m so glad you’re helping to get the word out and look forward to more reviews of this line.

  16. Nele

    Wow, beautiful! I had never heard of this brand – thank you for showing it to us!

  17. maurine

    christine, i really don’t know if i love you or with i hate you!So beautifull! And your swatches are just perfects! I have a blog and you inspire me!

  18. Devi

    I’d honestly love to buy this just to support Miss Maria… it’s always nice to know that there is some real passion behind the nail polish. Love is a key ingredient that many products don’t have.

  19. Ahh, it’s beautiful! I must have this.

  20. Traci

    Wow. I usually don’t care much about polishes, but I am impressed with the company trying to be green and the quality of the polish. I would actually pay $10 for a polish from them!
    This is why I love you Christine, you show us great new products that we might not find otherwise!

  21. Sarah M

    Pretty! … This kind of reminds me of MAC’s Totally Bang Superglass. Is it just me???

  22. meme

    OMG! Loving this shade and the entire company concept! I am rushing to the linked site to look at other shades and take them up on the buy 2 get 1 free before this Tues….IF the postage is not outrageous. I NEED to try this new brand – and this shade needs to come live at my house!

  23. Angelcat47

    What a uniquely gorgeous polish!!

  24. Michelle

    LURVE this color!

  25. A green company, vegan-friendly and they recycle supplies? Okay, where did I put my credit card? I am placing an order tonight!

  26. Mer

    Really appreciate this review. I am interested in trying Cult Polish out! Thanks for always being honest and upfront, whether it’s by expressing disappointment in an established brand, or genuine excitement about an up-and-coming brand. :)

  27. Jessika

    looks exactly like a Barielle Elle’s Spell dupe

    • I actually don’t think they look alike at all. They are similar in that they have flakies in a reddish base, but that’s it. Elle’s Spell is a sheer red jelly with more flakies than Iconic. Iconic is a more purple toned and is a shimmer, not a jelly. According to Christine this only took 2 coats to be opaque, while you couldn’t achieve that with Elle’s Spell.

    • Jessika, Elle’s Spell is a deep red, where Iconic is a berry – so they’re not dupes! If you look at Kellie’s swatch, next to Christine’s swatch of Iconic, you can see they’re different colors. Plus, Elle’s Spell was really thin – it took me four coats to get it opaque, and Christine said she only needed two of Iconic.

  28. It’s so nice to see such great reactions to Maria’s line, which is a dream come true for her! I think she’s created some absolutely lovely shades, Iconic among them. I can’t wait to see your swatch of Living Water!

  29. kristi

    i love flakies, they are so unique. i like doing two or three coats of the flakie polish, a coat of clear topcoat, and then one coat of essie matte about you topcoat. really a cool effect.

  30. I received my order today from Cult Nails, I have Living Waters on my nails and Iconic on my toenails. I am in love :)

  31. Ashley D.


    • meowshirl

      Yup, I also MUST HAVE this colour!! Too cool .. Too beautiful!!! I love it.

      Hope they can send overseas :) *finger crossed*

      • Kris

        They do! Just placed an order with them: the shipping is standard at 8.00 USD. I’m in the UK, so we’ll see when I actually receive them ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Nina

          I placed an order May 27 and the parcel arrived today (June 3). Fastest shipping ever ! :)

          (I live in Norway)

  32. Nandini

    this shade is a beauty…simply gorgeous!!

  33. malia

    Wow, it is so gorgeous !!!

  34. barclee

    I wanna see a swatch of this please christine!
    it reminds me of unicorn pee!!!
    I hope you have time, thanks for the review.

  35. barclee

    D’oh, just saw the swatches. Beautiful!

  36. Bethy

    I have a terrible lust for this polish.

  37. Jules

    I have 3 of the 4 polishes this line has available and this color is outrageously gorgeous in person. Not even these pictures do the real thing justice. I am a bit of a nail polish junkie (about 300 polishes so far) and this polish is in my top three favorites. Thanks for swatching them.

  38. ca_rot

    oh man! I was on a nail polish no-buy… keyword now is “WAS”…

    This was so pretty that I went and researched more swatches…now I’m buying Iconic, Captivated, Quench, and Cruisin Nude… :-) Thanks!

  39. Saffy

    Love this colour, but Cult Nails seems to ship to every country *except* Canada :/

  40. Do you prefer this to Barielle’s ‘Elle’s Spell’ ? They look pretty similar with the exception of the gold shimmer in this one!