Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

To celebrate the new year, we want to give our readers the chance to win a spectacular prize–and by this, we really do mean one fantastic prize that will blow you away! But wait, we not only have one insanely large prize, but two other giveaways for our New You with New Beauty contest. For now, we give you the first of at least three giveaways for the New Year.  (But stay tuned for an amazing skincare prize bag as well as our finale prize bag–sure to blow your mind!)

Charles Worthington London wants to give you a chance to win this amazing gift basket (worth $70!) full of hair care goodies so that your hair is absolutely stylin’ all throughout 2008. To enter, readers should submit their horrifying hair stories — and if you have pictures, even better. Share your stories in the comments! :)  One lucky winner will find themselves with amazing hair for the new year.

  • One entry per person.
  • Part 1 of the contest is open to US residents only (sorry international ladies!).
  • Winner will be announced December 17th.

For prize details…

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33 thoughts on “Contest – December 2007 – New You with New Beauty

  1. Tekoa

    Again, no love for Canada. *sigh*

  2. Tekoa

    Okay then. The snowball wielding beaver army will not attack.

  3. Tanya

    am I a total dork (don’t answer that) or am I simply missing the part that says where we enter the contest?

  4. Betty Riegel

    Where do I enter?

  5. Jill

    Hair story…once I wanted to save a few dollars and went to get my hair chopped off at a place my mom recommended (red flag!). She only did layers, but unfortunately, I looked like a 50s housewife, all poofy and short and SOLID. I ended up going to my favorite hairdresser and having it fixed, at the expense of 5 more inches. I had my drivers license picture the next day – and my hair was ear-level! I ended up paying over $100 total…next time I’ll just go for the woman I trust!

  6. Joy

    Ok, so when I was younger my mother had her hair permed every so often but I didn’t realize at that age that chemicals created the curls. I had wanted curls too (what lil girl doesn’t want to look like her mommy?). So one day I took her round brush and started rolling my (VERY LONG, THICK, STRAIGHT) hair around the brush until *OOPS* the brush wouldn’t budge! I tried in vain to get that brush to relinquish my lovely locks but to no avail. Next thing you know I’m surrounded by several female members of my extended family tugging this way and that. Well, they had to CUT the brush out of my hair. My dad was soooo not pleased!!! BTW, all of my aunties are licensed hair professionals to boot! Haha, well at least I can laugh about it now…

  7. Kelly

    I think my worst one was in the 3rd grade. Perms were all the rage and I begged my mom for one until she conceeded. So we go get my hair permed… my just-grazing-my-shoulders length hair permed. I vividly remember sitting in bed crying that night mortified that I’d have to go to school the next day with “bozo” hair. It wasn’t quite “bozo”, but I had some serious triangle going on! Looking back, if my mom or I had been just a little more savvy, we’d have had the lady put some layers in so that the dreaded triangle didn’t happen. C’est la vie.

  8. Marilyn

    Oh my! A couple of years ago when I was trying all different colors of hair dye I decided I was going to try a really pretty alburn color on my day off. Well I don’t know what went wrong but OMG I ended up with Barney purple hair. And to make matters worse I was called into work to handle a situation (I worked with the public at the time) and I had to go with this nasty purple hair and customers were trying not to laugh and giggling. I was so embarrassed and my co-workers were calling me Barney for weeks after. Ugh, needless to say after some serious color stripping I was back to normal by the next day. Never Again !

  9. When I was 14, I snuck away to a hair salon and had my VERY dark hair bleached platinum blonde. That afternoon, my own mother passed me on the street and didn’t recognize me. That evening, however, she nearly killed me! Let’s just say that it was not a good look for me!

  10. Dont ever ask the hair dresser to razor your hair and say “oh just whatever you feel looks best” then proceed to close your eyes and relax… the outcome.. um.. not at all what you expect. (this happened to me just a few weeks ago.. why on earth would i say something like that??)

  11. Vida

    I let my sister-in-law (who had just graduated from Cosmetology school) dye my hair from black to brown…or at least try. It ended up blonde at the roots, brown in the middle and black on the ends. That is until she tried to dye it all a redish brown. Then it was clown red at the roots, splotchy red brown in the middle and black on the ends.

    That’s a mess I’m still trying to correct.

  12. Michele

    this is my brothers story – he thought the peroxide surfer look would be cool. But on dark brown/black hair it became bright orange like wire. Being a guy he just let it grow out – yuk.

  13. Amanda

    My mom gave me a permanent before my 1st birthday! The pictures are cute, but honestly my hair has never been right.

  14. Cindi Hoppes

    “Happy Holidays!” I can’t show you a picture because this happened quite a few years ago. Of course, I threatened anyone to try and take a picture. My sister and I decided to have blonde highlights. Well, I did an okay job on her hair. Then, came my turn!!!!! I ended up a bonified blonde! Not only that, my hair was fried! I laughed, then I cried. In the end, I ended practically shaving my hair almost off! Cindi

  15. Danielle

    I have always had long hair…All of my life, even as a toddler! Well, when I was about 16 I decided to get layers cut into my hair. As a b-day gift, my mom gave me a gift certificate to get it done at a local mall salon. Apparently I got a very “New” stylist and she did a terrible HACK JOB on my hair. It was so horrible that one of the other stylists called in the Owner/Manager from home to fix it. I was crying and hysterical as he told me the only way to get it to look “professionally cut” again was to cut it off up to the first so called “layer” that the 1st Stylist had cut! Unfortunately that was at my lower ear level! So i got this awful super short bob! I looked like a mushroom head and cried for weeks! Maybe even months! Ever since it grew back, I have kept long, straight, one length hair because I’m terrified of stylists!
    BTW, my cut was of course free and they gave me an additional $50 gift certificate…as if I was really going to come back! LOL!

  16. elly

    for my senior prom, i thought i’d treat myself to something nice and get my hair done at this really ritzy looking place. the hair stylist ended up being a total sleaze ball that would not stop hitting on me! he was so busy trying to impress me, going on and on about his motorcycle, and his chateau in france, that he apparently was not concentrating very hard on my hair. he ended up doing a horrible job and still had the nerve to ask me for my number. i still can barely look at my senior ball pictures to this day.

  17. I bleached my hair myself in college and it turned out the color of a #2 pencil.

  18. Tracy

    Oh which story to choose. All the at home perms, colors and cuts gone wrong…

    I guess the most traumatizing would be when I was actually very young, just going into the 5th grade. I had long, but very fine hair and it would get very matted because I would scream and cry when my mom tried to untangle it because she is just not gentle.

    So…behind my back she and my aunt come up with this EVIL PLAN to cut my hair SHORT…told me I was getting a trim. So I entered the 5th grade with SUPER SHORT AND LAYERED hair — I totally looked like a boy!!! And when I say short I mean you could see my ENTIRE NECK!

    SSSSSOOOOOO BAD!!!!! Seriously traumatizing.

  19. My worse hair story ever is when I was 15. I was trying to get my long forelock all curly like my classmates’ (theirs is quite short, how didn’t I notice), and I tried to do it with a hair brush, like it’s the 1+1 kind of a process. I had the brush turn like 4 or 5 times in my hair, and when I thought I could just take it off like with a magic stick, it got stuck. I desperately tried to save some of the captured hair, but the verdict was pronounced by my mom: I should just cut my hair if I want to release my forelock, or what’s left of it, and have it short. Too short. Invisible forelock. It was so ugly! I cannot tell you! I tried to change my hair style (I think I had one back then), but no matter what I did, it was quite obvious that I got teased about it. A forelock that was a complete shock. And I guess I was too traumatized that it never wanted to grow.

  20. I tried a new salon (during finals in college, so I was tired) I did not notice that one side was a full inch shorter.

  21. Tamera

    Remember those weight loss machines that had the big belts that went around your waist and you turned on the electric knob and the belt would jiggle you to death? Well, I bent over to turn it off and my long hair got caught in the turning belt and yanked a baseball sized chunk right out of my head down to the skin. It happened so fast that it didn’t hurt so much as it hurt my pride. School was starting the next day and I had a huge bald spot. I tried combing over like an old bald man but it was so obvious for months. Then when it started to grow it was curly and the rest was straight. What a mess for a teenage girl!!!

  22. joann

    I’ve been going to this great salon since 1992.I should have known better but when my regular hair master had an appendectomy I let them switch my appt. to another hairstylist. I ended up with trailer hair.The owner appoligized.I was so ashamed at not maintaining my loyalty to my regular guy,that I took matters in my own hand. Believe it or not I went to Walgreens and this young lady working there told me what to buy how to use it,and I got the best color I ever had.This amazed me ! I’m now much happier with my checkbook balance.Now, do I take a chance and get a cut at a beauty college?

  23. Katie

    My worst ever was proably when I decided to go for a big change and went from long (almost to my butt) brown hair to short (above my shoulders) blonde hair.

    First of all, it was a BIT too short. Second, it was ORANGE. I said to the lady…I don’t want any type of red or orange. So, she says to me that it was called hot spots or something like that and that after about 3 days it would be normal…well guess what it wasn’t.

    I was SSSOOO mortified that I ended up calling out of work and using Clairol or something…several of them trying to get to a color where I didn’t look like my head was on fire.

    It was TERRIBLE….and I couldn’t even put my hair up because it was so SHORT! I asked for just above the shoulders, not just below my ears!!!

  24. I would have to say it was when my 2nd grandson was born! 2 days prior i had my hair colored(by a friend no very rarely color my hair so she was going to do ”touchups”..
    Well needless to say i wound up in the delivery room and with all the pics with dull orange hair,dark roots here and there and to add insult to injury,a skunk line!
    In the excitement i forgot about my hair until i had time to upload pics..So i am in almost all the pics with a skunk…
    thanks for the contest ,i’d love to win!
    merry christmas

  25. Teresa

    My worst hair experience is when I trusted an experienced stylest to choose the best colors… holy cow if I didn’t feel like a clown with the different colored streaks emanating from my scalp! I kept trying to wash it out with every shampoo that was NOT for colored hair. I didn’t even get my hair cut for 18 months, because I was afraid to step into a salon!

  26. Elouina

    Hope you didn’t draw yet! :)

  27. Elouina

    Oh I am sorry I didn’t mean to submit yet. Anywasy my worst story is the hair dryer catching fire. And singing my hair. I had beautiful long hair then, and I cried after the salon cleaned up my ends etc…

  28. Dee

    my worst hair experiance was getting a perm and she was trimming the ends, my hair was a little longer than medium length when we started and when she got done and twirled me around to the mirror……I looked like a pin head!

  29. Frances Carty

    The worst is when I had my hair lightened at a very expensive salon. All my hair broke off on my soft spot. So I had a 5″diameter bald spot

  30. dd

    If you’re still accepting submissions–One Christmas I was “aging” some pictures by burning the outsides, for a charred effect. Well my lovely long hair caught on fire and I reluctantly had to get it cut–a new do for the holidays!

  31. Brooke

    I’m a day late on this, but just in case I wanted to post my story! When I was in 6th grade, right before pictures, my mother let me pick a new hair style of a book at the salon. Note to self, never let your child do that. Anyway, I picked a VERY short style, that was basically a lady combover. Me and the Donald were twins that year. Everyone “affectionately” refers to this as my “flock of seagulls” hair. I have a pic somewhere lol I wish I could find it for this.

  32. So My hair hasn’t been the same since I was 16. I use to sing in a pop group in which we had one of the most fantastic hair stylists. Even after the group split up I continued to get my hair done every 3 months by him which cost $175 each time. He was a joy, until he got an offer to some great things in Europe. Sadly I never found anyone who came even close to his coloring skills.. and in the meantime managed to have my hair dyed not by choice.. orange, green, and pinkish red, styled so bad ruined one of my homecomings and my prom, and it’s just never been the same. I now will be attending Paul Mitchell (where the old stylist went) January, in hopes to give Orlando, some more good stylists like him! I certainly deserve this! :)