Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau Red Abundance (R2) Extra Rich Lipstick

Decadence in Lipstick with Red Abundance

Cle de Peau R2 Red Abundance Extra Rich Lipstick ($60.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a wicked, wicked, wicked shade of vibrant red. It’s a slightly orange-hued red with ridiculous pigmentation and glossy sheen. This is not an affordable lipstick–this is, quite easily, a lipstick that epitomizes luxury. The color is rich, smooth, and clings to lips for hours (I had six hours of wear, including a meal) and retains much of the sheen throughout. It’s not a heavy, thick, or particularly creamy lipstick, but it’s hydrating and doesn’t leave lips parched after it’s removed.

The Exra Rich line-up includes a total of eight shades: R1 Black Bacara, R2 Red Abundance, R3 Leonardis, R4 Danse du Feu, T1 Halloween, T2 Just Joey, T3 Baby Julia, and T4 Calliope.

The lipstick itself is shaped into a baguette, where the edges are designed to help you apply it as if you were using a lip brush. While I didn’t have any trouble applying it without a lip brush (the swatch is an application straight from the tube), I don’t know about it being particularly owing to the design. It’s pretty and unique as far as lipsticks go, but in terms of making it easier to apply, it felt about the same to me. The lipstick also contains Vitmain A Acetate, which is supposed to be the first lipstick formulated with it, which gives it both the texture and the moisturizing properties. I found the lipstick easy to apply–no drag–but it’s not creamy like YSL Rouge Voluptes; it’s smooth and feels like silk against lips.

Where this lipstick excels, as with Cle de Peau’s lipsticks in general, is de-emphasizing lip lines, giving lips a fuller, plumper look (but make no mistake, it’s merely from smoothing out lip lines–no actual lip plumping here). R2 also happens to be a very pigmented shade that really showcases the brightness and depth of this particularly red hue.  I’ve also experienced particularly long wear with this shade (which does lightly stain even as it begins to wear off in the sixth hour), but even in the lighter shades (to-be-reviewed), wear is surprisingly lengthy.

Price aside, is this a red you’d wear?

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: If you’re in the market for a truly stunning red and don’t mind the splurge, Cle de Peau’s R2 makes an excellent orange-toned red.

Availability: Saks

See more photos & swatches!

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

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57 thoughts on “Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches (R2 Red Abundance)

  1. Roxanne

    *sigh* I can never manage to get those crisp lines on my upper lip! Tell me your secret! :) Would you say you prefer this one to Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon?

  2. Serene

    On colour alone, I am not so sure about the orange base. This is so brght and in-your-face. How does this compare with the CDP extra silky lipstick, quality and texture wise? I bought one of that based on your previous reviews and am loving it. Is this lipstick non retractable too or is it just a normal lipstick? Eagerly anticipating your reviews on the other 2 colours!

    • Extra Silky is TOTALLY different! Like from every part of it, lol! Well, QUALITY wise, no, they’re equal. I’d say that the Extra Rich Lipsticks are very similar to their normal lipsticks (which I believe are $55, so these are $5 more), but perhaps more pigmented. Even the neutral shades feel like they might be sheer, but they’re really not (which I’ll show later, rest assured!). However, I don’t know if I’ve tried enough lipsticks from their normal lipstick line to judge.

      Extra Silky has a creamier, wetter feel. I think if you’re loving the texture of Extra Silky, Extra Rich won’t feel the same at all. It is a normal lipstick, so you can twist it up and down without problems, and you get twice as much as Extra Silky (woo!! biggest downside of Extra Silky is the size).

      • serene

        Thanks for your reply. I’ll go to their counter when I get the chance to try. I have a feeling I’ll stick to the Extra Silky lippy thou! P.S Do you know we get unlimited free full faced makeup sessions at their counter if we are their CdP member? I can get to try everything, slowly!

  3. Lossa

    That is a really nice colour for you Christine. It really works with you skin tone to make your lips POP :)

  4. Kim L

    Give me chills (and thrills) to see it on you. Wish I could afford it – it’s gorgeous!!!!

  5. Josi

    I really like the red one :)

  6. Swatches look very lovely and creamy. Did you use a lip brush? I can’t believe you did that free hand.

    • No, I never use a lip brush in lip swatches – lip swatches are always the bare bones – in the sense that this is how the lipstick (or gloss) performs on its own without having to do anything special (e.g. use a lip brush, layer a primer on, use lip liner, etc.) – I want you to see the color as it is, whether it bleeds or not, is it drying, how does it interact with the lips, etc. without the aid of helpers. ‘Cause of course, a primer, balm, lip liner, or the like all help enhance or define lips 😀

  7. Sexy Sadie

    so lovely.

  8. eli

    My mom’s favourite brand……

  9. Sarah

    Wow… $60 for a lipstick? That seems just kind of frivilous.. it cant be that great!

    I personally wouldnt wear it. Looks gorgeous on you though :)
    Why dont you ever include your hair in pictures? And do you have your camera set up a specific way for face shots? They all look so close

    • It’s so I don’t have to switch lenses every other photo – I use a different lens for all my lip photos, and I typically use a separate lens for full-face photos, but I’d rather not switch between the two repeatedly (knowing me, I will end up damaging one of the lenses).

  10. Andrea

    That red is stunning! But I hate to think how much that would cost to get in the UK, if it’s even available here? You look beautiful in it Christine.

  11. Emily

    Damn….I really wish i had an extra $60 right now!

  12. alex

    In my opinion, this color is just too much – almost clowny.

  13. Oh my god! I want one so bad

  14. jess

    Wow! That’s gorgeous!

  15. Laia

    WOW!!! This colour looks surreal… I looooove this! Christine, it looks amazing on you 😀 I should give this a try!!!

  16. Sweeda88

    It’s a beautiful shade, but it’s too orange for my skintone. The price made me gasp. lol

  17. That looks so gorgeous on you! I would have never guessed such an orange based red would make your teeth look soooooo white!

  18. Wow, that’s really a statement lipstick, isn’t it? I ADORE it! And it makes your teeth look so white. I’d wear this in a heartbeat…

  19. Wendy M.

    Wow, it looks fab on you! 😀
    Must give this a try sometime. ^^

  20. missy

    $60 for a lipstick :(

  21. Rachel

    Gah, it’s gorgeous. I normally ignore the cost of makeup items, but even I think 60 bucks it too much to spend on a lipstick..lol. Looks amazing though!

  22. Victoria

    Holy BLEEP this is THE best red lippie I have ever seen in my life. Period.
    The finish looks amazing and that color!! But $60?! *DIES*

    The day I become a millionaire, I am getting my hands on this lippie.

  23. Tara

    The price is outrageous, BUT, I would pay it if I could find the perfect red lipstick that looked as good on me as that one does on you!

  24. Hi which camera do you use? Do you have a trick to shoot so great pics of closeups?
    Please answer me by e-mail or in my blog if you’re able to do that! thanks!

  25. Crissy

    So gorgeous!! I love this, but I prefer to wear blue-based reds.

  26. Nic

    This is gorgeous! Much more than I’m willing to spend on a lipstick, but it’s really beautiful.

  27. Sabrina

    Christine, what do you mean by ysl rouge volupte is more creamy and this is more silky? (sorry if that’s a really dumb question, I’m confused). And which do you think is a better product? Also, I’ve heard that nars satin formula of lipsticks are pretty smooth, moisturizing, and pigmented. I’m sure they’re not as good as cdp (more affordable, lol), but how do they compare? Thanks!

    • Rouge Volupte has a creamy, thicker texture. It’s considerably thicker than Cle de Peau’s, and while Cle de Peau feels like butter on the lips, it’s more of a silky smooth, glides-right-on kind of feeling.

      Cle de Peau’s is a better product, IMO, but it’s much more expensive, too.

      I have tried several NARS lipsticks, but none have similar textures to either the YSL Rouge Volupte or the Extra Silky lipsticks!

  28. jessica

    $60 for a lipstick?! yeah right! if i paid $60 for a lipstick it better have real gold in it

  29. wow, these lips are lined perfectly, you did a great job!!

  30. Krystal

    what is your technique to apply it?! you should do a lip tutorial… they look FLAWLESS

    • I swear, I don’t have a technique! The swatch you saw is the first time I applied the lipstick 😛 I suppose I kind of use the edges of the lipstick to apply.

      • Marty

        Hi Christine,
        How does this compare to: YSL Rouge Volupte’s #17 Red Muse, Giorgio Armani’s rouge d’armani 400, Mac Mattene Seriously Rich and Classic Dame? Color and quality wise. Also, which do you like the most? Hehe sorry so many questions!

  31. wbwrightMakeupArtist

    I actually gasped as this scrolled into view. *swoon*

  32. Erin

    It’s a gorgeous red! Too expensive.

  33. Brittany


  34. shaheera

    what is the closest ‘dupe’ to this, but inexpensive? it’s so incredibly beautiful…ALSO, have you tried the concealer? I don’t know if I’d buy it again, but it’s good…I could be saying that because I have to…because it’s $$$$$$$

  35. avos

    when i scrolled down, i literally said “wow!”
    sigh. if only i could have this. must get rich soon, so can buy itt!

  36. Ana

    Wow. That colour is stunning. Seriously.

    I saw that you also tried Just Joey on in a later post. What was the third lipstick that you swatched? Did you ever post a picture of that lippie on? It’s a gorgeous colour.

    I can’t believe that you have me contemplating purchasing Cle de Peau makeup. (I could get more than three MAC lipsticks for the price!) But this colour and the Extra Silky lipsticks are very seductive.

  37. zainub

    what is the 3rd 1 on your right called?