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Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad ($55.00 for refill of 0.17 oz., $25.00 for case) is a decadent option for eyeshadow. The formula is “resistant to smudging, creasing, and fading” while “Argan Tree Oil provides smooth application and wear” as well as it contains “moisturizing Hydro-Wrap Complex.”

The product itself is embossed with muted, plum-pink iterations of their logo, and these are just an overlay, as they disappear after a use or two. I made sure to remove them from mine before swatching the colors themselves to ensure nothing altered the actual underlying colors!

My first reaction was: “WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS SILKINESS?” I felt like I had touched silk dipped in butter, because it was so soft, so smooth, and creamy (but it is a powder). I’ve tried Cle de Peau’s eyeshadow singles, and some are nice, others are so-so–but the product, while soft, felt nothing like this palette. I just stared at the compact dumbfounded when I first swatched it. I’m not easily impressed, but this really caught my attention. It was the softest eyeshadow I had ever used. The formula is soft like silk, but smooth and creamy like butter that glides across the skin and melts into it. When I wore these alone (without primer), they lasted a full ten hours without creasing, fading, or fall out.

  • The first shade is a sparkling pink champagne with silvery-white micro-glitter. It’s similar to Giorgio Armani #7, which has a more metallic finish. This shade is soft but does apply opaque–though it can be sheered out with ease. I thought it would have fall out, but I didn’t experience any when I wore it. The texture is almost like Urban Decay’s Stardust Eyeshadows but smoother.
  • The second shade is a softened, peach-beige with a bright, metallic sheen. It’s more opaque than NARS Delphes, but it is shade or so lighter and warmer than Inglot #397. This has great color payoff and an ultra-smooth texture.
  • The third shade is a gray-casted purple with a hint of blue. The finish is part shimmer, part sheen. I couldn’t think of any dupes for this one, though I looked through the blue, gray, and purple eyeshadow galleries. It has good color payoff (could be a little more rich in color), but it applied beautifully.
  • The last shade is a warm, soft gray with a shimmery finish. The only shade I could think of that was even remotely similar was theBalm Come Hither Heather, which is many shades darker. It has the same really smooth texture with a soft feel, and the pigmentation is good.

For those who might find Cle de Peau a bit out of their price range, consider purchasing the refill and storing it inside a more affordable compact (maybe a Z-palette or the like), as the pan of eyeshadows is $55, while the case is sold separately at $25. The refill makes it much more in line with Chanel, Dior, and Guerlain and may make the product more . The case is sturdy but ultimately made out of plastic. It has a large mirror inside as well as two brushes. ┬áThis is what I’ll be doing–I’m not willing to shell out $25 per compact, but I┬áliked the quality and texture of this palette so much, I purchased two refill quads after I finished testing this one, which I’ll be sure to review once I’ve received and tested those.

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Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

I can't fathom why the compact is so costly, but the product itself stands out in texture. The colors are softer, so they are not always opaque, but those who prefer subtler looks would likely enjoy Cle de Peau's take on them. I do appreciate and like that you can purchase the product separate from the case--at least you aren't paying for packaging!











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See more photos & swatches!

Please keep in mind that Cle de Peau is a luxury brand, and their business model is not about being affordable–there are readers interested in these products but often find it difficult to locate swatches online. Having the ability to test out both the more affordable and pricier products enables me to create a fuller picture of the products on the market and ultimately review things with more discernment–and maybe I can help you save money, find things worth saving up for, or the like.

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad
Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad

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32 thoughts on “Cle de Peau #207 Eye Color Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. This looks too cool to use.

  2. flyavsted

    Looks pretty, but it is too frosty for my taste :)

  3. I’ve never checked this brand out at Neiman’s but now I am going to! Thanks like you said some things are worth saving for if the quality is top notch!

    • I think with how popular Chanel, Dior, and Guerlain are (and those palettes are $50+), it’s definitely worth considering! I have fingers crossed that the testers will show how soft these are!

  4. Catherine

    Is the refill magnetic?

  5. kaelakaela

    i have #201 i think it is–the golds. i use it everyday. love cle de peau. i agree–the blush container is sooo expensive also. i was shocked at the checkout

  6. Julia

    Honestly, I don’t find the colors that interesting. But I can’t wait to see the other two you ordered, maybe they will be more up my alley!

    • The colors on this one didn’t grab me (personally), but the texture did, which is why I had to check out some of the other combos to see if they are more my kind of colors!

  7. April

    What other palettes did you purchase? Malachite (201) & Gold (204) look promising

  8. Candace

    Please do an eye makeup tutorial with this palette.

  9. My all time favorite eye shadows are Cle de Peau…..I use Urban Decay now,but I luv Cle de Peau. Yes, their shadows stay on the eye for the entire 10 or more hours without primer. Before Cle de Peau discontinue their single shadows where you buy separately and put them into a duo case of a six in one case, I bought the shadows consistently. Note: their singles before were $17.00 at that time and are not like the single $45.00 shadows selling now. Prior their discontinuation, I bought six of #39 color. I almost bought this quad in #202 several months ago, but I could not fathom shelling out $55.00 plus $25 for the case. I glad instead now in bought UD anniversary palette. These makeup companies like Guerlain, YSL etc. create these cases where I have bought separately; then when I ready to purchase the refills, they discontinue the product. UUUUGH!!!!

  10. Carrie

    I remember checking this out one day and although I liked the colors, I was also amazed at just how ridiculously tiny the refill really is – you can barely fit your brush over that last purple stripe!

    That said, I really did like the colors and I really do get that it’s a luxury brand, so I can’t gripe about the price. Well, I can. I just wish I felt like I could spend the money on it because I do want it XD

  11. Maggie

    Lovely! Could you please create a look with this? I’d like to know how it all works together. Thanks!

  12. Eileen

    I have several palettes by CdP and not one single case. The cases are an extra and totally unnecessary expense. The sturdy plastic case it comes in is perfectly serviceable although not travel friendly. Thanks for mentioning it, Christine, because it is the overall price that usually stops people from trying these incredible eyeshadows. At $55 these are highly competitive with other high end brands. These are silky smooth and buttery soft, they wear beautifully without a primer, they stay color true, and they blend like a dream. So, who needs a case?

    • Yeah, the $25 on the case is jaw-dropping–much more so than the eyeshadow!–and personally, love things in palettes, so it works for me, ha!

  13. Carrie

    I must say that this palette is stunning.

    By the way, Japanese makeups are famous for their high quality packaging, everything included is very usable – those sponge tips and brushes too! I especially love Cle de Peau’s blushes and loose powder.

    In Asia, most product from Dior, Chanel are about the same level of cost as Cle de Peau, consider that, this eyeshadow is not really that expensive, and it’s a department store brand, other Japanese department store brands (for example, SUQQU, est, Chicca, Elegance) are just about the same price.

    Thanks for the swatch!

  14. Lorna

    i’d like to see reviews of other colors in this line. i don’t care for these colors and their sheerness but if the formula is as silky as you say then perhaps i would be more impressed with other colors in this range.

  15. Joanna

    Thanks for the review. This is gorgeous and it’s fun to see new products.

  16. Meg

    I just don’t see how this pallette deserves an A :/

    • Have you tried it? Perhaps you could share with us what you didn’t like about it. I can only base my review off my personal experience with it, which was extremely good. I even bought two more because I liked the texture of this one so much!

  17. I don’t like this combination – too similar colors. When I saw your swatches I thought you’ve put 2 photos of each eyeshadow and then I realized – those are 4 eyeshadows! They just look to similar so I’d say it’s really expensive for basically two colors.

    The design is pretty though, but to shell $80 total I’d expect MUCH more.

  18. baby in a corner

    How to these compare to shiseido eyeshadows? Cause those too have a silky texture that is different to most other brands.

  19. emily

    That’s impressive! A full ten hours WITHOUT primer. Even with primer, my shadows tend to crease a little still. This is one of those “worth saving up for” – like I did with my Diorskin Shimmer in Rose. To further stretch my dollar, I waited for a gift with purchase haha :)

  20. milo

    Yeah…another Cle de Peau review…keep it coming Christine!!

  21. Katherine

    I can’t thank you enough for swatching this brand. Thank you!

  22. LuxLosAngeles

    It’s terribly beautiful, but seemingly not outstanding, for the price. I imagine it would be a beautiful prezzie to receive, but I don’t believe I would invest. Thank you for the swatches!

  23. Dana

    How would you rate the brushes that come in the compact? Sometimes I’ll spend a little more on a palette if the brushes included are small but high-quality….with such a soft formula, which brush type would you recommend most for use with these? I’d love to try some CdP shadows — so far have only got some of their lipsticks and a gloss. But I love those, so I want to try more of their products!