Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick
Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick

The Sultry Season:  Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick

Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick ($52.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a reddened brown berry with gold and ruby micro-shimmer in a semi-opaque color base.  It is a really nice shade during fall, because it is vampy enough to be deep and dark but not overpowering.  This should look amazing on cool-toned beauties!

my thoughts on the formula: Extra Silky Lipsticks are one of my favorite lipstick formulas, for their lightweight feel, moisturizing properties, and the way colors look on. I average around four hours of wear, sometimes getting five, and with lighter shades, between three and four. I haven’t met a shade that wouldn’t work on a variety of skin tones. I recommend applying less than you think, because it’s easy to over-apply the product here due to the creamy nature of the formula. At this price (and the amount you get), you don’t want to waste a single bit! These are also scent- and taste-free as far as I can tell.

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: If only these had more product in a tube, these would be some killer lipsticks. As is, the formula is amazing, but it’s so easy to use a tube up.

where to buy: Neiman Marcus

See more photos & swatches!

Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick
Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick

Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick
Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick

Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick
Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick

Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick
Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick

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Where can I purchase #113? How much is it?

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No, though it is supposedly discontinued--it is still available at some retailers.

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It is deeper than Estee Lauder Plum Fizz.

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33 thoughts on “Cle de Peau #113 Extra Silky Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Carolina

    this looks so amazing on you, maybe the prettiest lippie i have EVER seen on you, honestly!in a way honey, who cares about the price..i mean, it’s worth it xx

  2. Amy

    Such a pretty shade…I just can’t get past the audacity of the price. Makes me angry. My monthly car insurance is cheaper….

  3. Taj

    The lipstick gives off very nice gloss effect, but its just to pricey.

  4. Ashley Sarah

    I love the color but the price for the amount you get I don’t love.

  5. Heather

    From the first Photo I thought this was a gloss.

  6. Julia

    Beautiful color but $52 for that amount of product is a total and complete rip-off. You can buy a whole palette for that price from a brand that will match Cle de Peau in quality. NO THANKS!

    • Nina

      And what brand would it be? I think many of us are interested in a brand that would “match Cle de Peau in quality” and offer a whole palette for the price of one CDP lipstick! BTW, one should really test the mentioned CDP product first before trying to find that “matching in quality” brand – just to be fair.

  7. anonymous

    leaving this based on price but I love it on you, def not just for cool toned women. we use opposite tones to our eye color so the contrast allows them to pop, I often find the same is true for skintone and lips. shades like this are my favs on you, they really brighten and lighten your face making you look very young and awake. I’d love to see you keep this for use with shades like jordana, clinic, golds, deep blues and grays.

    • Krysta

      I have been eying Cle de Peau’s extra silky lipstick for quite some time and loved #114 you did a review on. I still can’t get over the price! Its so expensive. I have chosen to get Dior’s Serum de Rouge over these. I have never been able to see Cle de Peau lipstick in person; however from what I hear Serum de Rouge are pretty close to them….?

      • Serum de Rouge is similar but not the same, IMO. Serum de Rouge also wears off really quickly on me (less 2 hours – average is 4 hours for lipsticks on me), so I actually go through a tube much, much faster than Cle de Peau. Cle de Peau’s formula also seems to de-emphasize lip lines within 10-15 minutes of wear but Serum de Rouge hasn’t done that (and purportedly, it can be used as a lip treatment, but it also needs to be used daily – I think theysaid 30 days for results).

        Is it a good alternative to Cle de Peau? Maybe. I think it is more about the color range of each and whether you mind reapplying constantly.

  8. baby in a corner

    This is lovely! Would love to try Cle de peau and Metier de beaute but they are not available here!

    Re Rouge g fuschia delice – I love to see your interviews before I buy, even if I’ve seen it in person, I like to know your view! My boyf jokes that temptalia is a cult I’ve been inducted into – cause I spend so much time on the site!

  9. samantha

    I could buy 4 mac eyeshadows for $52.

  10. marla

    I agree that this one of the best colors I have seen on you — really, really pretty! I am always willing to splurge a little on a great cosmetic item but MAN this one’s pricey!

  11. Nice… but is veeeeery expensive! not for me :(

  12. Deb

    Pretty color and looks great on you….but so do several other lippies in this color range that you have reviewed. I understand that this is a very luxe brand but the price is just stupid. I mean really, how many people would be able to tell the difference?

    • I know that I don’t wear makeup for others – just myself :) It doesn’t matter to me if they know what I’m wearing! We all have different price points/budgets.

      • anonymous

        I wouldn’t pay more than $40 for a lipstick on a regular basis BUT if I was putting up photos of my lips on a blog all the time I probably would. Especially if I had a blog to help me subsidize some of the more expensive items. If I could afford the prices skincare, foundation and lipstick would be the first areas where I’d pour my money. I think it’s worth noting that I have way more $ worth of MU that doesn’t get used than the cost of a Cle de Peu & if I found a to die for lipstick, I’d be wiser buying that than one more BOS with all my other lipsticks. Some people just prefer that one perfect item over a shelf of variety.

        As long as Christine is covering items she likes and enough items I’d buy to keep the site useful for me, I can’t complain. Even if I take a day or two break during a MAC rush, I’ll be checking the names of any other items and the rest of the content when I log back. It’s nice to know what’s out there. If I ever won the lottery I’d know where to shop & what to get :-)

      • Deb

        You are absolutely right…we should all be wearing what we like and what likes us :) This wasn’t meant as a criticism directed at you. I actually have a large budget and am very lucky to be able to afford what I want in the makeup aisle. That said, as I get older and wiser I find my patience for very pricey stuff wearing thin. Yes, there is a lot of truth to “you get what you pay for” but at some point enough is enough. I assume that Cle de Peau is pricing their products to lend to create an air of exclusivity. We all know that it doesn’t cost them much (if any) more to produce a lipstick than it does other brands. I missed out on the rant and rave for pricey products! :)

  13. Sarah May

    For me, a lipstick rounding more than the $50 mark would have to be an insanely unique color and one that I couldn’t replicate anywhere else using either a lipstick/gloss combo or just a lipstick alone. I’m not sure this falls into that category, but it is still awfully pretty.

  14. Nora

    I wish I had this, it’s so, so pretty! Too expensive, though!

  15. grace

    i really love this on you! unfortunately, i’m going to pass, hate the price and amount of product you get =/

  16. Erin

    I think it’s strange how the NYX lipstick in Sparkling Beige was described as “patchy” but the swatch was not patchy at all, yet this lipstick’s swatch is beyond “patchy” yet that was never mentioned in its review? Is it because this lipstick is an expensive high end brand, so it gets a seemingly more positive review?

    • It’s not patchy when you wear it so there is nothing to mention? Though, if you simply asked rather than accused, I could also tell you that when I swatch on the skin, I pull it back and forth, so the edge of the tube pulls the product up as these are the kind of lipsticks you click up as much as you need, not just swivel up and down at will. I don’t really see patchiness, because what I see is simply multiple passes over one area of the swatch and just one pass on the other, which accounts for the unevenness, but patchiness tends to occur if color pulls into spots or if the product is drier and thus doesn’t apply evenly.

  17. Diane

    I was a non believer until I treated myself to one on my bday. I’d rather own one of these than 4 Mac lipsticks. I know he price is insane but they really are unlike any other lipstick I have tried.

    • Mimi

      I totally agree. I’ve been using and playing with many different high end brands for decades and IMO, none of them can compete with Cle de Peau. The Silky Lipstick is unlike any other and really ruins anything else for you, including Chanel and YSL. Almost all their products are far better than anyone else’s and makes all others seem cheap in comparison. Still love Creme de la Mer cream and Regenerating Serum and La Prairie old basic eye cream. I’m with you in that I’d rather have fewer products of top quality than a raft of products that I end up giving away or throwing out. Oh my poor wallet!!!!

  18. Amanda

    Don’t get me wrong, it looks very nice on you and brightens up your whole face. But the amount of product you get for the price is just sad…plus, I think if I WERE actually going to pay that, I’d want more opacity from the lippie. Just my two cents. 😛

    • Nina

      Then you should probably try their Lipstick or Extra Rich Lipstick. They are even more expensive but the opacity is better. The colors and wearability, too.

  19. marla

    I agree that this is one of the very best colors I’ve seen on you yet. I love an occasional splurge but that price point is a huge OUCH!

  20. Julia

    $52 freaking dollars!?!?!?!

  21. K

    I’ve been hoping you would post more Cle de Peau reviews! Actually, I am hoping you will eventually swatch their entire lipstick line. I guess I am one of the unusual ones who is extremely picky about color and texture and would much prefer several excellent lipsticks (even if they are expensive) over a large variety (even if it costs less to have more numerically). It ends up being a much better value for me, anyway. Thanks for the swatches, Christine; I love seeing less accessible brands featured here. Not everyone prefers MAC and it’s nice seeing other choices available. :)

  22. Keni

    I love the lipstick line. I tried it, I was hooked. Thank you to Christine because without your blog and reviews, I would not have tried it myself. I am Asian, and I have dark eyes. This lipstick shade, gotta have it, and loving it. My lips are moist all day. Its worth the price. I’d go for quality than quantity as always. I’d rather have one great lipstick that I often use than 4 I don’t use and they clutter my drawers. Again, wonderful lipstick, wonderful review. Half the tube gone now, getting another one ;).

  23. mumtaza

    I love this!!! Please do more Cle de Peau swatches and reviews!!!! Especially the lipsticks. No one online has done their third formula, not the silky or the extra rich. They’re round with a traditionally shaped lipstick bullet. Anyway, I would love to see some of those colors swatched! Cle de Peau is worth it, and I am notoriously cheap, but their lipstick hangs on and moisturizes. I have one that everytime I wear it strangers tell me I’m beautiful! Men and women!