Friday, January 4th, 2013

For Spring: China Glaze Tranzitions

There’s nail art and then there’s China Glaze® nail couture. Reverse French manicure, half moons, ombre, basket weave, dots or racing stripes: nail designs are intricate and multi-colored. China Glaze® introduces a new way to get multi-color, unique nail art with fewer bottles of polish with the new color-changing Tranzitions collection!

China Glaze® Tranzitions’ revolutionary new nail lacquer reacts when a clear top coat is applied, changing the color from one shade to another for a stunning effect. Wear any of the six beautiful, color-shifting shades alone, or allow your creativity to run wild and create intricate nail designs by applying a top coat in specific places. Try different looks using nail art brushes, free-hand designs or nail guides. Because each shade changes color, you get two lacquers in one, creating an entirely new look with just one swipe.

The China Glaze® Tranzitions collection features six shades, though with the color transition, you get 12 unique shades including:

  • Split Person-NAIL-ity Dusty pink shifts to fuchsia
  • Duplicity Mint green shifts to vibrant teal
  • Modify Me Periwinkle blue shifts to indigo blue
  • Altered Reality Teal blue shifts to turquoise
  • Metallic Metamorphosis Silvery grey shifts to bluish-charcoal grey
  • Shape Shifter Smokey violet shifts to dark purple

How It Works:

  • Step 1: Apply a base coat.
  • Step 2: Apply two coats of China Glaze® Tranzitions shade of choice. Allow to completely dry.
  • Step 3: Lastly, apply one coat of clear top coat such as China Glaze® Fast Forward and watch the color change right before your eyes.

Availability: The China Glaze® Tranzitions collection will be available in January 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide.

See more photos!

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23 thoughts on “China Glaze Tranzitions Collection for Spring 2013

  1. Eli

    I saw something similar by Essence :)

  2. I love the idea of these, and you could do some really awesome designs, but I much prefer my nail polish with a top coat all over. If only there was a specific top coat that changed the colour instead of any doing the trick.

  3. Norah


    I really need to try these, As we all need to!

  4. Can’t wait to see what swatches of Metallic Metamorphosis will look like. Seems like it could be interesting.

  5. OMG, I’m in LOVE with the blue nail polish!! Me and my obsession with blue nail polishes!!

  6. Sarah D

    This look pretty awesome and China Glaze hasn’t failed me too bad in the past. I hope they’re not too gimmicky!

  7. This is a cool concept; almost like those mood polishes! I hope they dry nice and shiny – the non top-coat colors look great!

  8. Alex

    Purple, green and the shimmery tealy colour. I must have them ;;

  9. Amanda

    Looks so stupid, sorry. :/

  10. Marian

    I want to see just what it does!

  11. I always like the look of colour french manicures. Some of these shades don’t look that striking in difference but I like the tone of the Duplicity one.

    You can in theory use Konad plates with top coat to get pattern effects. 😉

  12. Ru

    There’s a Youtube video on how it works:

    I think it’s neat. I would love to buy it. The only concern is that if you want to stick with the base color, and you don’t apply the top coat, it may chip faster.

  13. You can do this already by using a top coat on matte polishes, at least I was able to do something similar with Zoya mattes. But maybe this color change is more dramatic. Either way they’re pretty colors and I definitely will be picking up a few!

  14. Sabriel

    It’s cool that they’re catering to the nail art trend and I might pick one up just to play with it, but I really need my top coat or else I get tip-wear within 24 hours.

    I also find that a clear top coat makes nail art look better because it levels everything off and somehow makes lines look cleaner.

  15. We got these super early in my area and the collection is super hit or miss. Some of them have great contrast (the pale blue and rose) but the ones I wanted most were the worst (grey and teal).

  16. Madison

    I’ve seen them in online stores already for some time, but the reviews/swatches I’ve seen of them didn’t make me want or need them.
    It’s an interesting concept that I can see these being used in a lot of different ways.

  17. JennJam

    I agree with Rachel.

    I was wondering about how easy the mani will chip, too, if your design left the tips of your nails (especially) without a top coat.

    Too bad CG didn’t make a ‘special’ top coat for the color change, allowing any typical top coat to keep the initial color when applied over all at the end.

  18. I do really like this idea, only downside is that I never wear polish without topcoat.

  19. Kami

    I really like the idea just wish the colors were better.

  20. MichelleChefNYC

    This idea is cool, but all adding the top coat seems to do is darken the existing color. This isn’t really the dramatic change they are toting in their press materials, and the low contrast isn’t going to appeal to anyone except those going for a monochromatic look. I also wonder how these wear without topcoat on the whole nail. Will be curious to see these in action.

  21. Irina

    There’s a very similar nail art set by Pupa I saw in a store the other day.

  22. Nice color variety and packaging. Nail art can be so much fun!