Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Let It Snow displayers

China Glaze @ Cosmoprof

I spent some time with the lovely people who work on China Glaze, and they had a TON of goodies on display that we’ll be seeing over the next few months.

  • Just in time for Halloween, China Glaze has the Haunting Collection, which features Crimson, Haunting, It’s Alive, Near Dark, Ghoulish Glow (which glows-in-the-dark), and Black Mesh.
  • For the holidays, we’ll see a collection called Let It Snow. China Glaze has several polish sets that also include another goody (like a pair of finger-less gloves), but you can also purchase the shades individually. We’ll be seeing: Twinkle Lights (multi-colored glitter), Champagne Bubbles (gold), Holly-Day (dark green), Glittering Garland (green), Velvet Bow (ruby red), Winter Berry (red), Ring in the Red (glittery red), Poinsettia (red), Blue Year’s Eve (blue), Tinsel Town (silver glitter), Icicle (silver), and Snow Globe (multi-colored glitter). Also, in November, we’ll see six shades of glitter shades come out in Eye Candy, including such shades as Material Girl, Marry a Millionaire, Some Like It Haute.
  • Next spring, we’ll see Electropop Brights and Lights–together, they form a rainbow of creamy colors, though there is one glittery shade. The Brights Collection includes Techno, Aquadelic, Sunshine Pop, Gaga for Green, Make Some Noise, and Wicked Style. The Lights Collection includes Fuchsia Fanatic, Dance Baby, Electric Beat, Kinetic Candy, Sweet Hook, and Gothic Lolita.

See more photos!

Let It Snow Collection

Let It Snow Collection

Let It Snow Collection

Haunting Collection

Electropop Collection

Electropop Collection

Eye Candy Collection

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36 thoughts on “China Glaze @ Cosmoprof 2011

  1. I LOVE the glittery colours!

  2. I’d love to know what lipstick is on the model in the big sign in the background. electro pop is so pretty, true basic colors. Like looking at an 8 pack box of Crayolas, PLUS glitter! Snow Globe looks a bit like a flakie from here. :)

  3. Ok. I will buy every single one of these! They look so good and unique! 😮

  4. Ana G.

    Humm..very very interesting!!

  5. misself

    I want to get all the colors from the eye candy collection and the really dark ones from “haunting”, can’t wait!

  6. Ari

    yay more crackle polishes!!!! those halloween colours look stunning!

  7. You cannot know how excited I am for the colors in each of their upcoming collections!

  8. Carrie

    I’m…feeling underwhelmed by everything. I think the last time anything from them caught my eye was Anchors Away. The holiday collection looks very traditional (and kinda safe) and neons/glitters are not my thing.

    I guess my wallet is happy, even if I’m disappointed!

  9. Nancy

    I am so excited for these, they look like fun! Thanks for posting all the info and pics. Love your entire site!!!! I just recently became obsessed with nail polishes and really enjoy seeing swatches of colors before I make my purchases.

  10. liz

    I can’t wait for these collections, especially the spring collection!

  11. I love the look of the Haunting Collection – that’s right up my alley :-)

  12. Angela

    love china glaze! can’t wait for halloween edition, my fav. holiday!!

  13. leesie

    I literally started crying at the sight of Electropop. Not full-on sobbing or anything, but I totally teared up. THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL. Spring, exist already.
    And I see five glitters I want in my life in Eye Candy.
    Darn you, China Glaze! D:
    Thank you for posting these, Christine!

  14. I am looking forward to the upcoming China Glaze collection, especially Electro Pop and Eye Candy Collection! The colors are gorgeous!!


  16. Susan

    i need that multi-color glitter from the electopop collection!!

  17. Lisa

    OMG! I can’t wait, I am a nail fanatic and can’t wait to see this stuff come out. Love it!

  18. O__O Haunting Collection is that glow in the dark on crack as well or just the darker shades?

    Sally Hansen put out a glow in the dark shade and Wet N’ Wild so other then getting the China Glaze formula that nothing new.

  19. Bex

    does that haunting collection have glow in the dark polish??

  20. Lulee

    the glitters in electropop!!!!!! i want them

  21. I love it ALL! I remember buying the glow in the dark topcoat by China Glaze at Sally’s a couple of years ago. It didn’t glow much, but I can tell that this formula has been revamped and will probably work a lot better than before.

  22. Ooh, Haunting looks really nifty! Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of these colors are pretty standard fare? Ring in the Red is one I’d like to see up close, though!

  23. melissa

    hey christine, is that glow in the dark nailpolish i spy?!

  24. Constanze

    Snow Globe and the Eye Candy Collection are amazing ♥ !!

  25. GLITTER!! How I love you!! I wonder if snow globe is the same as the snow globe from the specialty collection?

  26. Ashley Marie

    Ooooh the halloween collections amaaaziinnnggg…is that glow in the dark crackle!??! oooohh ahhhhh

  27. Kasey

    do you know if any brands are getting a black lighttop coat again this year? I had hoped there would be one with the glow in the dark but no such luck.

  28. My

    I love love love love China Glaze! Gorgeous colors. :)

  29. Meika

    MmmmHmmm.. I’m liking the Haunting and the Eye Candy. Yup! On my list

  30. Grace

    I love the Marilyn Monroe inspired names/shades in eye candy!!!! (Some Like it Haute, Matieral Girl, Marry a millionaire, etc). Can’t wait to get my hands on these!!!!

  31. Kenneth Alan

    From the picture it looks to me like only one polish from the haunting collecting is crackle… at least I hope only one is. I can’t stand crackle polishes and they look like shades I’d buy if they weren’t.

  32. Eye Candy and Haunting WILL be mine. This is such a horrible tease Christine. I can’t take waiting.

  33. Diane

    Is that a glow in the dark crackle I see there?

    I also love China Glaze colours, but they almost always consistantly chip the first day of wear, no matter what I do.:(