Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Chanel’s Aurora Blues spring 2008 collection is centered around shades of icy blues, including Blue Satin, which is a dark, rich navy blue that’s nearly black with extremely subtle shimmer. It is already sold out at many online retailers (including Chanel’s site), but it is available at department stores already — I picked up mine just this Wednesday. Unfortunately, while they had the stock available, there was no display, so I couldn’t play with much and only purchased Blue Satin. I apologize for my shoddy application, in advance, as I was just testing it out and cleaned it up later.

What makes it worth it: If you are a fan of Chanel polishes, this one will not disappoint you in color pay off, texture, or application. What I have always liked about Chanel polishes is how much depth each color has, and I love that even one coat can almost be enough. Two coats makes it absolutely dreamy, but you would never even have to consider going for a third with a Chanel polish. The color itself is a gorgeous shimmery navy-blue-black in the sunlight, but in regular, indoor lighting, it looks like a matte blue-black (more like black with undertones of blue).  I have heard some compare this to OPI’s Russian Navy, but I personally find that Russian Navy has too many purple-blue undertones and reflects to be a good substitute–at least not in terms of similarity–because Russian Navy is divine in its own right. The polish hasn’t chipped yet after three full days of wear, and I actually do not have much visible tip wear, either, which is surprising. This polish definitely holds up in terms of wear. Blue Satin is also ultra glossy, which I love, and the shine hasn’t worn off over tmie, either.

Why you might pass: I wish it had more noticeable shimmer, especially in regular lighting.  Sure, it’s nice that there’s a different look to my nails in sunlight, but considering I’m indoors the majority of the time (hello, it’s cold outside!), I’d like a bit of reflecting shimmer from time to time.  Also, the price of Chanel polishes are expensive: $19.00.  This is not exactly an easy price to pay for a bottle of nail polish, especially when there are so many shades that are less than $6 a pop (so you could end up with three for the price of one Chanel polish!).  I personally wouldn’t say that this shade is worth the $19.00 unless you’re a polish fan and addicted to blue hued lacquers.  If you have the money to spend, go for it, because the shade is lovely, but there’s no shame in admitting that it’s out of your budget!

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27 thoughts on “Chanel – Spring 2008 – Blue Satin Le Vernis Nail Colour (Polish) Review

  1. victoria

    you’re right, the color and quality is really good and the colors i loved were dark ones and they were beautiful. i wear opi and essie only because chanel has discontinued my favorites which were very vamp and brown sugar. i haven’t come across a nail polish that was as good quality and color as chanels. i’m not really into changing my nailcolor all the time but when i find something i like, i stick to it. now i feel like going back there and finding a new shade. it’s your fault christine.

  2. addicted_2color

    that color is really pretty. although i dont think i could pass wearing blue-black nails.

  3. Nicole

    What a pretty color!

  4. Hend

    can i find it anywhere online?

  5. Tanya

    Oh what a beautiful color. Dark blues are everywhere this season. I had to make a quick run to the beauty supply store today and noticed the new OPI winter colors and they had a similar dark blue color (russian navy or something like that). I thought about picking it up and may go back and get it. I think dark nails and “un-natural” colors look really amazing cool on various age women as long as they have short’ish natural nails.

    • Russian Navy is kind of close! I see a lot of purple shimmer/reflects in Russian Navy that Blue Satin doesn’t have, though. I love Russian Navy, though :)

  6. JackA

    I honestly have never seen a color quite like that, and I’m really into it. Wonder if there’s an OPI equivalent or something…

  7. lisa

    Love the color!

  8. Lena

    Mamma mia!

    The colour is great, and $19 for Chanel nail polish sounds like heaven, actually )))
    Here in Russia (Moscow and StPetersburg) it’s about $25-26. Bouhgt my favourite Rouge Noir last week, though ) Lol, outrageous ))

  9. s.

    Umm..quite agree with you that it’s a little too dark for indoor..and can’t see the shimmer. Now, I’m not sure if I want this one..
    Ah..I have some glitter polish, just wonder it’d work or worse. Well, here in Bangkok will be launce on Jan.7th.

  10. Megan

    My mum went to Paris and i asked for this as my present back and i got it. I absoloutely love it , it’s definitely my favourite polish. Just hope i don’t use it to much and it runs out cause i won’t be able to get a new one

  11. Ellie

    It looks like a color I would paint my car with;) My sister picked one up for me here in CT so can’t wait to try it tonight! Thanks for posting the real-life picture with you wearing it. It helps a lot to see it applied, and bythe way you have nicely shaped nails. I can’t imagine this color on square stubby nails (like Britney Spears has, bless her heart).

  12. Got it now and I love it! Longalsting, shining and really special!

  13. Anna

    Chanel in Canada is $26 + 13% tax :((( Thats almost $30 :((((
    Just recently I bought couple Chanel polishes (Rose Confidential and Paradoxal). The first one I thought it’s gonna be a boring neutral (bought it for one of my clients- I’m a manicurist) but I put it on my nails and I’m in LOVE!
    These polishes go on like a dream, are thicker consistency so I can get very close to the cuticle without polish flooding the cuticle area.
    The coverage is amazing too! And the depth!!
    Blue Satin and Rouge Noir cover sooo well. No streaks, no pooling. Pleasure to work with!!

    I get about 5 days of perfect wear. At about 5 days the polish starts to wear at the free edge but it doesn’t chip.
    I used it with Cheeky Monkey “Make me Wet” (base coat) and Deborah Lippmann “Addicted to Speed” (quick dry top coat)

    Do you guys find a difference in quality between the Euro versions and US versions? Here in Canada the departament stores carry the euro versions