Friday, September 10th, 2010

Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis
Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis (Natural Light)

The Femme Fatale of Red

Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis ($25.00 for 0.4 fl. oz.) is one of those OMGSEXY reds, and of course, limited edition. I’m actually very rarely tempted by red creams; they’re never bad and certainly aren’t disliked by me, but I never crave a creamy red. (I do, however, have a total love for shimmered/glittered reds, though.) Rouge Fatal (which I actually want to call Rouge Fatale!) is a deepened scarlet red with such richness.  It’s darkened slightly by brown, which makes this a nice red on both cooler and warmer skin tones.

It’s still a bit glossy without a top coat, though I topped all of these with Zoya’s top coat (and used Zoya’s base coat underneath). This is incredibly pigmented, and I really debated just using one coat, but I went with two just in case. Now knowing that one coat is almost enough, I might try doing just one thicker coat and calling it a day; but if you’re short on time, two thinner coats would work, too, and I always find thinner coats dry faster.

Application is smooth and even; not a single issue when I applied this shade at all. It actually felt like the perfect consistency–not too thick, not too thin–as Chanel polishes sometimes feel rather thick (and though not problematic overall, may be harder to control, especially for those with smaller nail beds).

I’m contemplating doing a full manicure of this shade, just so I can hear my Dad crack, “Why are your nails bleeding?” Gotta love him — ironically, he reads Temptalia almost every day! My Mom heard my voice (coming from my dad’s office) at midnight the other week, and she raced out of bed figuring I was in a crisis, only to find him watching one of my YouTube videos, LOL.

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you like high-end polishes and don’t mind the price, this is an excellent shade of red for fall.


See more photos & swatches!

Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis
Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis

Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis
Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis (Natural Light)

Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis
Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis (Natural Light)

Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis
Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis (Natural Light)

Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis
Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis (Natural Light)

Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis
Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis (Flash)

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90 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Fatal Le Vernis Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Dani

    LoL your Dad sounds adorable!

  2. Wendy M.

    Such a sexy color! <3

  3. Roxanne

    Pretty! Amazing to me how many shades of red there actually exist! And LOL, your parents are so precious :)

  4. Stephanie B

    wow it does look like blood perfect if your into Vampires perfect for halloween. Do you think this is a dupe for essie’s Limited addicted? Aww… that is a really sweet story about your dad…

    • Limited Addicted seems more blue-based, not quite as dark and doesn’t have that brown touch that this one does. They ARE similar, but they’re not 100% the same. It’s also a bit jelly-ish while this is definitely creamy.

  5. Anna

    That’s adorable, your dad sounds like a total sweetheart! haha

  6. Kaoyee

    SOOO CUTE about your parents!! :) :) I like that shade but I’d wear it on my toes.

  7. Tricia

    Wow, what a gorgeous red! It does look like blood lol. How awesome of your parents to be so supportive of Temptalia 😀

  8. eva

    how does it compare to the essie one far fall? thanks

  9. nicci

    I am curious why did this get an A- but the Les Khakis collection a B+? You mentioned it was because of the price but both are the same price.

  10. Love it, have it. A very wearable red fpr office.

  11. Lyndsay

    Beautiful color-very classy!

  12. El

    this is a nice red! I’m not a “creamy red” person either. and your Dad is cute!

  13. I very lovely blood red. :)

  14. Ryan

    Im not reallying a red person but this is beautiful… this is off topic but i wanted to ask where you do you live? I think i remember somthing about san fransisco or somthing. just woundering. Thanks!

  15. Annigjen

    I am not really into reds,
    but this one I can really apreciate and love :)

    And how sweet of your dad to watch your videos at midnight !!

  16. baby in a corner

    I prefer my reds more blue based than brown but the chanel names make them seem so sexy and covetable! Go chanel marketing

  17. Kelly C.

    Wow what a red. I’d be tempted but I only paint my toenails, I think it’d be a waste for the price for me since so few people would get to see it! Could you recommend any close dupes that are more moderately priced?

  18. Stephanie

    I’m contemplating doing a full manicure of this shade, just so I can hear my Dad crack, “Why are your nails bleeding?” <—HAHAHA gotta love those Dad jokes.

    Pretty nail polish, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect red.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! Christine, you paint nails impeccably.

  20. Michele

    Love the color but wouldn’t spend the $$ for it.

  21. Luna

    OMG I just drooled

  22. Leslie :)

    this is SUCH a sexy color! I must have it, and I want a lip color that matches it exactly!

  23. Kit

    I love that colour! (:

    Also, your dad reminds me of my dad. That makes me happy.

  24. Tiffypixy

    I own ZERO chanel varnishes, but this one is beautiful. Maybe this will be my splurge for this paycheck. Thanks you Christine!!!

  25. Sami

    Yes!!! I will DEFINITELY be buying this. Reminds me of Sephora by OPI’s Personal Shopper(: but I might have to have this one too…(:

  26. Bernice

    OMG Christine! When I skimmed the title I read Rouge FatalE (in my head) and it wasn’t until I read that you wanted to call it Rouge Fatale that I realized that I read it wrong ! LOL

  27. Tish

    This is an amazing color, and I’m telling myself I can wait until next week to buy it. I don’t think it will work. LOL

    Love that your dad reads your blog all the time. That’s awesome!

  28. aradhana

    looks awesome! are there two chanel LE collections out at the same time? (ie this and the khakis?)

    your p’s sound so cute!

  29. Grace

    How does this compare to Essie Limited Addiction? Could you do some comparison swatches? Thanks!

  30. I love it – it’s a proper 80’s power red. On short nails it looks really modern though. I bet it would also look smashing as a pedi.

  31. Leenie

    I haven’t used red nail polish in years, but this is a pretty color.

  32. Tekoa

    Its a good colour. But I don’t love it enough to pay $26. Paradoxal was another story.

  33. yvette

    I LOVE this. Can you think of any dupes though? I just shouldn’t spend that much on one freaking nail polish. I saw an OPI shade called Prune Danish that looked similar but I don’t think it’s available any more. Also, what lipsticks would you say are this similar shade of browned red?

  34. Elle

    That’s totally something my dad would say…and my bf’s dad…LOL. Just dad jokes all around. I love this red! I don’t buy a lot of Chanel polishes–I think I own three–but I might cave on this one. :)

  35. Sabrina

    I love this colour! I’m wearing it on my toes right now heh… It looks almost like a brownish deep red on me which I LOVE.

  36. Ashley D.

    Ooh I’ve never owned a red nail polish, but now, this one is going to be a member of my nail polish family.

  37. Grace

    This looks exactly like NARS M.Butterfly Nail Polish!

  38. Tiffany

    I’ve never looked at a bottle of nail polish and gone “OH.MY.GOD” before. This feels so classy and quintessentially Chanel. I have to have it. Throwing away my budget for VV for this.

  39. Jessi

    The story about your Dad is the cutest thing ever! My Dad would never do that, but only because he doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer, haha!

  40. abby

    gorgeous colour! lol your dad is funny!

  41. nicci

    I really like this one! I have Lotus Rouge but this is a totally different shade of red!

  42. Christine-
    I freaked for a second when you mentioned how it seems like it should be “fatale” and then I remembered rouge is masculine. Yes, I am a language nerd.
    Let’s blame it on the gorgeousness of this color, d’accord?

  43. Heather

    WOW you have instantly made me want this color! Absolutely stunning.

  44. Lenora

    that’s a beautiful color – but I LOVE that your dad watches your videos. that is SO cute!

  45. Kristi

    SUCH a gorgeous red. I neeeed this collection!

  46. Christina


  47. amy

    That is a beautiful red, I always love to crack out the scarlet colours come fall. I am wearing MAC Concubine right now and love love love it.

  48. Mia

    That is SO cute about your Dad Christine :)

    Lovin’ this nail color – may even part with the $25 to get it – hmmm

  49. Alison

    I generally hate Chanel’s polishes: The shades are fantastic but the brush and the texture of the polish are way off: Would you say that this one is very different to the others?

  50. CharismaSL

    Wow this colour is gorgeous. I want to get it but before I do (if available in Canada) I would like your opinion on whether this is the same shade as ‘Dragon’ and ‘Gondola’? What are your thoughts?

  51. Margarita

    Hello Christine, the shade is beautiful – hands down. I’ve bought it as soon as I saw it, and I’m very happy I did. You just can’t go wrong with a Chanel red.
    Question – what Chanel lipstick (especially from the COCO line) would you pair with it? I know they used Rivoli for the show, but it seemed blue-based when I swatched it myself. Any hints/ideas?
    I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance!

  52. Carolyn

    Just purchased Rouge Fatal from my Macys… I am in love. It is so stunning.

    Thanks for doing a review on it.

    Love your website btw.

  53. Kristin

    Do you know of a good dupe for this color?