Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque

Chanel Rouge Allure Laques ($32.00) are one of my new favorite lip products. I loved the formula so much I had to own every single shade–luckily, there are only eight at the moment–because they’re that amazing. The formula is long-wearing without being drying, provides rich, opaque color in one easy swipe, and the shades are full of dimension and easy to wear.

Dragon is still my favorite. None of the other shades quite captured my heart like Dragon did, but all of the other shades are wearable and flattering on my skin tone. I’d say Coromandel was my least favorite, if only because I don’t like orange-based reds on me, so I don’t think it looks as good on me, but I think Coromandel is stunning on others–so it’s still a great pick if you’re a fan of orange-based reds.

If I had to rank them, I’d put them in an order like this: Dragon, Santal, Dynastie, Ming, Imperial, Phoenix, Mandarin, Coromandel. But in reality? Dragon is first, Coromandel is last (but only for me), and the rest are all great, wearable shades. I think the quality is consistent from each shade to the next, so it’s really a matter of what shade(s) you’re drawn to and feel are flattering on you.

Rouge Allure Laques

Which of the eight is your favorite?  Top three?  Will you (did you!) purchase any of these?

See swatches for a refresher

Coromandel, Imperial, Dynastie, Dragon

Ming, Santal, Phoenix, Mandarin

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72 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Allure Laques Review Round-Up

  1. Hinahon

    I went to check on them at “Nocibé” (shop in France that is like Sephora but the brands are “shared” between the two types of shops) and they’re lovely. Plus they’re permanent, so I don’t have to regret not buying any now. I’ll wait to have a bit more money and buy me one. But I think that in the end, i’ll get them all.
    At the same time i saw the “gondola” nail polish and now i want that too ! :(

  2. bluematilda

    i have ming which i like very much, and i thought santal looked very good on you (well i thought they all looked good against your skin) but one must pick and choose *sigh*…besides i just did some damage on the chanel noir collection! love hysteria!!
    ps. what’s the word on mac holiday? i was told at “my” store that i would have to order from pictures (?) and not from actual testers…

  3. Andrea

    I bought Ming and Santal, and of the two, Santal is my favorite. You’re making me want to go buy Dragon even though I’m terrified of red lipsticks :)

  4. Tina

    I love Phoenix and Mandarin and I have ordered both! Thx Christine!

  5. Amanda H.

    I purchased the Coromandel and Ming. I REGRET not picking up dragon I keep stopping at the chanel counter just to put it on. I’m pretty sure the sales lady thinks I’m crazy! I also love Phoenix… I wish I would’ve gotten it instead of ming because I tend to like more color on my lips… I feel so naked without color! Thanks for doing this even though it has made increased my obsession!

  6. Toni

    Dang girl…you got me hooked on these babies. I’ve picked up Dragon and Imperial – will probably go back for Dynastie. Your swatches make me want to believe I can pull of Santal – guess I’ll just have to try! Thanks again for sharing your experience on these lippies! :)

  7. Bridgette

    I have a list of what I want to get. I want to see how they look on me in person but this is my list of what i want to get so far… Imperial, Dynastie, Dragon, Santal, and Mandarin.

  8. Natalia

    I’ll probably get Ming some time soon. And I’d like to get Dragon as well but I’m so pale (NW15) I’m afraid if I put it on I’d look like a vampire who just fed on someone’s blood.

  9. Alexis

    I bought Imperial but I’m starting to rethink my purchase – I am really starting to want Dragon instead for date nights with my husband. Also, I want to try Santal – it looks very work friendly!

  10. Almost black.

    I think I’ll tell my boyfriend to buy me ‘Dragon’. Soon is my birthday 😀

  11. Rae

    After seeing Dragon, nothing will ever seem as pretty to me! I didn’t end up picking any of these up, but man do I want to 😛

  12. Carol L

    OMG, you have the perfect lips for this red.

  13. Bettina

    The Dragon lipcolor is stunning on you Christine. I can see why you love it, it’s a beautiful color. I may have to hunt that one down now. :)

  14. Kim

    I bought Dragon and Santal this weekend. I really LOVE Dragon and Santal is a more wearable shade. Thank you again Christine for your reviews!

  15. Anitacska

    I prefer the lighter pinkier shades, but I won’t be buying them at full price, but might do if they make it to eBay.

  16. Nicci

    I have Santal but I would like to get Dynastie or Dragon.

  17. amy

    I picked up MIng, but eventually I will pick up Santal and Phoenix as well because I love pinks.

  18. Samantha

    I bought Ming & Phoenix. I want them all!

  19. Rachel

    I think coromandel and dragon look the best. I plan on getting both.

  20. Ashley

    I haven’t bought any yet, but I might pick one up when I go to the mall with a friend of mine in a few weeks! I hope that they will have these at Sephora, I can’t remember if they only sell Chanel perfumes or if they also sell their makeup.

    This would definitely be my faves order:
    1) Phoenix and Mandarin (I can’t choose which of these two I prefer, they are both so perfect!)
    2) Coromandel
    3) Dynastie
    4) Dragon
    5) Santal
    6) Imperial
    7) Ming

    I think the only ones I would not bother trying out are Imperial and Ming, as I don’t like the colourings of them or how they sit on the lips in the swatches that were done. But I’d totally try out all the others! If most of them suit my skin tone, I may just have to ask Santa to help me out with this one.

  21. Carolina

    As you know, I bought Dragon. I’m not big on red lips, but that truly is the best red lip ever. I bought it with my sister in mind, as she’s spent some time looking for a good red lip, finally buying a Dior lipstick and gloss.

    I must say what won me over was the texture: part lipstick, but creamier, with a lovely shine, not too glossy.

    The sister looked good in it, but handed it over to me. I don’t wear red lips. Until now. Now every event will be an excuse.

    Might also buy Dynastie or Mandarin, as in the duty free shop they are 24€ (that’s about US$20).

  22. I love all of them. I wish I had 32 bucks to spend on lip colour. =(

  23. Alice

    1) Phoenix, hands down! And your swatches have convinced me to buy my first high-end lipgloss ever.
    2) Santal
    3) Tie between Mandarine and Coromandel. I really cant pull off dark lipsticks though. I look like a little girl playing with my mothers makeup haha

    • Gracie

      1. I am with you on this one, Alice. I just bought Phoenix today after trying on the five other pink, plum, coral shades. I love the bright pop
      color of Phoenix- but it’s a tad dark on me, so I also have to apply my Chanel Aqualumiere Lip Gloss in Candy Glow #68 to lighten it up. This means I use Phoenix sparingly, which is easier on my wallet!

      2. My second choice is also Santal. I almost bought it but my girlfriend said it made my face look sallow.

      3. I can’t wear reds because I wear smokey eyeshadow everyday.
      I would have to go for very subtle eye makeup in order to wear red lipstick- but I am more into emphasizing the eyes, not the lips.

    • lol, aww! I feel weird in dark lipsticks, too, sometimes, but you just gotta wear ’em more often!

  24. I like Santal and Phoenix. I hope I can fit it into my budget. There are so many collections coming out!

  25. Katherine

    I bought Phoenix and Mandarin. Considering Santal and Dynastie = need to go look at both today :) These are fabulous! My fav is Phoenix – such a face brightening pop of pink – it’s just gorgeous.

  26. jollie

    I am a NW15, so when I tried dragon, it kind of look familiar. So I checked all my red lipsticks/lipgloss and it is identical to MAC red (don’t recall the name) Lacque. At least on me, it is identical on color, just different texture. I don’t like to have the same color even if it is on different texture, so I returned Dragon.

    I will get another color.

  27. do you know if these are perm? I want them all but broke ATM :/

  28. Fuzzy

    Wow! This is electric. This looks magnificent on you.

  29. Kelly

    I think I am definitely going to buy either Santal or Ming for my little sister when I go shopping with her for homecoming makeup tomorrow.

  30. aradhana

    am thinking about getting either dragon or coromandel but can’t make up my mind. i’ve swatched them in store, but only on the back of my hand. i like them both!!

    any advice for an nw35?

    does coromandel remind anyone of red flicker/orange flame?

  31. I love Mandarin…I got one 2day and it is the shade for me the one I have been looking for so long n very flattering..expensive though…can you suggest me the almost shade for me in the lipstick form..my lips are medium pink pigmented..i love dragon too but i think it wont luk gud on me..my eyes n hairs r black wit light skin..any clue wat red wud b da best..need for my wedding..

  32. I loved Imperial, and have been lusting after it for a while, I just got it today, I wanted to let you know!! Thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful pictures 😛

  33. Lilacs

    Dragon is definitely a very pretty red! I just picked this up over the weekend to wear for the holidays. Just curious, are you wearing Dragon on its own or are you wearing with a lip liner? It looks amazing on your lips!!

  34. Dosha

    I recently purchased “Dragon” (I’m NC45). I luv this lipcolor! Great red for WOC IMHO! Overall, the quality of the product is awesome. I luv that it is opaque. I’m able to get even color on my top and bottom lip. The texture feels great. Also, the balance of a lipgloss and lipstick to achieve a classic yet fresh and youthful look. My other two favs other than Dragon are Mandarin and Phoenix although I do not own the ladder of the two…they are on my wishlist; however, I’m just not sure if either will work for my NC45 (Y/O unertones) skin.

  35. Sasha

    Hi Christine,
    What rouge allure laques color is most like rouge coco mademoiselle ?

  36. Marina

    NEED Dragon and Phoenix! :)