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Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Fall 2011:  Peridot Le Vernis

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis ($25.00 for 0.4 fl. oz.) is easily one of the most buzzed about items from Chanel’s fall collection. I just received mine last night (all polish has to be shipped ground when ordered via Chanel, aka takes ten days to get to me here on the west coast!), and it looked absolutely stunning in the bottle. Depending on the angle, the bottle read more of a murky greenish-gold flanked by edges of indigo and teal to an almost spring green with an edge of antique gold and indigo ribboning.

Peridot is opaque in two coats, and on my nails, it’s greenish-gold with a real murky quality to it. I keep using the word “murky,” but it’s the only one that keeps coming to mind. Along the edges of my nails, I can see a slight darkening of green and almost teal. As amazing as the bottle looks, I don’t think the duochrome ends up translating as strongly on the nail. It is there, and it’s subtle–and still more noticeable in person as you move your hands around in the light. As far as Chanel polishes go, it is certainly what one would expect from high-end polish–different, nuanced, and not-quite-dupeable.

I don’t have anything that’s exactly like Peridot. The subtle duochrome makes it difficult to dupe, but there are similar shades–they just tend to be the dominant shade of that murky green-gold. China Glaze Peace on Earth is deeper and greener. In a trio of duochromes, ORLY It’s Not Rocket Science, SpaRitual Optical Illusion, and China Glaze Zombie Zest all have a murky green quality mixed with gold along with a duochrome effect–but they are quite different from Peridot.  You can compare all of them by dragging them side-by-side in the Swatch Gallery.

This shade is limited edition. The nice thing about Chanel limited editions is they are often available for a couple weeks before they do eventually sell out–but at least you don’t have to stalk the website during the wee hours of the nights. It has been my experience that counters do often sell out much quicker, once they get their stock in.

The formula is nice on Peridot; it’s thin without being watery or sheer–two coats is enough for an opaque result–and even though there is a metallic finish, it was easy to control brush strokes.  Given that I’ve had this shade for less than twenty-four hours, I couldn’t tell you how this particular shade wears. In my experience with Chanel polishes, I get around a week’s worth of wear with minor tip wear, when used with a top and base coat (I usually use Zoya’s Armor and Anchor)–it’s around average for me, so it wears well but I do get a little more wear out of a few other brands.  To be fair, I can’t think of a brand that does chip on me, though.

Is Peridot worth it? Have you found a dupe?

The Glossover



If you only splurge on polish when you find unique colors, Peridot might be one that's worth the splurge. It applies well, color payoff is excellent, and the overall effect of the duochrome gives it a different look from many other shades I thought might be similar.











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Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Peridot? How much is it?

Chanel, $25.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

I don't have anything that's exactly like Peridot. The subtle duochrome makes it difficult to dupe, but there are similar shades--they just tend to be the dominant shade of that murky green-gold. ORLY It's Not Rocket Science, SpaRitual Optical Illusion, and China Glaze Zombie Zest all have a murky green quality mixed with gold along with a duochrome effect--but they are quite different from Peridot.

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79 thoughts on “Chanel Peridot Le Vernis / Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches, Dupes

  1. Patty

    This looks too gorgeous to pass up. I think I might splurge.
    Is there a free shipping code for the Chanel website? Thanks!

  2. Lilly

    I find that there is a very beautiful blue hue when you see Peridot inside the bottle, but once applied, it turns more into sort of a lemony-gold, with olive shadows, and you lose all of that beautiful blue hue that you could see in the bottle. Seems like something I would buy in a heartbeat, but probably regret it because it doesn’t meet my expectancies, exactly what happened with Mimosa and Morning Rose…

    • I totally understand what you mean, Lilly! I think after reviewing and wearing ORLY’s duochromes, I expected that the fantastic multi-colored look you see in the bottle is not quite what you get on the nail (it never seems to be quite as strong). It’s likely that in the bottle, it’s liquid and quite dense.

      • leelee

        I think it’s the glass bottle that might cause the color to skew a bit blue.

      • ellyp

        I wear the Orly duochromes a lot on my toes and I don’t find they hold up too long (as opposed to most of OPIs). I wonder if this one is better lasting. I would pay money for the awesome color and a longer wear time for sure! (This color would look horrible on me so I ordered Graphite today instead. Hope that works. It looks beautiful online!)

  3. Absolutely love it!

  4. I think this is one of those polishes that look way better in the bottle than on the nail. I haven’t yet found a color from Chanel than tempted me enough to drop 25 bucks on it.

  5. This is such a gorgeous colour, but I don’t think I’m ready yet to splurge on a Chanel polish. Hope I won’t be kicking myself later! :S

  6. Melody

    It looks so stunning in the bottle, but I’m not as impressed with it on the nail.

  7. Brie

    I think I may have inadvertently made a near dupe of this a few weeks ago whilst playing around with some Coastal Scents mica powders. I took an olive-gold shade with a bit of copper and mixed it all in a clear top coat…I may just try adding a bit of a teal color to try to match this particular shade. If I’m not successful enough though, I might just give in and purchase this because it is super gorgeous (even though it’s a pity it’s not as nuanced as the color shows in the bottle!).

  8. Katie

    Inside the bottle it looks awesome…applied though it’s kind of boring. Not worth $25 in my opinion! I would love it if there were some blues when applied.

  9. Elokitty

    I’ve seen a dupe for Chanel Peridot : Sephora Diving in malaysia on :

  10. I think Sephora’s no. 68 Diving in Malaysia is a dupe to this one. Not sure if it’s available outside Europe as well, in Italy Sephora’s polishes retail for 5,50€ (7,90 USD) for 0,17 fl. oz. Not that much cheaper actually if you plan on using the whole bottle, but still great if you are changing a polish per day and like tiny polishes!

  11. I’ll try layering Nubar Okey Dokey Artechoky (sp?) over a gold NP to acheive a similar effect. It can’t hurt to try:)

  12. Dana

    Not sure if I want my nails to be murky green, and I tend to shy away from green polishes in general. I think I’ll pass on this one. Thanks for the review :)

  13. Tekoa

    I think I must have this. A complex green duochrome? Be still my beating heart.

  14. meme

    It’s one of those I would regret having spent that much $ on and only wear it maybe 3 times.

  15. Annamaria

    It reminds me of Wildlife by Nubar.. :-)

  16. Nadia

    It’s beautiful but nah…at the end of the day, it’s just nail polish to me. Never worth paying more than $10 for, IMO.

    By the way I asked this before but you didn’t approve my comment. Why don’t you use OPI polishes?

  17. I’m actually a bit disapointed with this color.. i love it in the bottle, but on the nail it’s just not my kind of thing..

  18. I’m kind of wondering if NARS Mash would be a better bet?

  19. Carolina

    That looks like a pain to photograph Christine! :) I think I’d have to see it in RL to really have an opinion.

  20. snm

    I was planning to get it before seeing your swatches but now I think I will pass.I am such a sucker for duochromes but the effect is definetely no similar to the color in the somehow reminded me of nubar-wildlife.not dupes,but the same idea with a lot better result:)

  21. kalex

    I was just at my Chanel counter this morning and applied it to my thumb nail to test it out. I really think this color is ugly! Despite my personal feelings towards the shade I do think it’s best suited to darker skin tones. Not flattering at all on my NC15 skin.

  22. Chrissy

    You know, I may be in the minority, but I don’t think I really like this shade. I love how it looks in the bottle, but I don’t know if I really like it on nails. I know it’s difficult to show how they really look in pictures. I’m glad I don’t really like it because that’s $25 saved! haha

  23. Alyssa

    i’ve been spoiled by the duochromes from venomous villains (MAC) since they change a lot and this… it’s really pretty don’t get me wrong but when i think of duochromes…. meh

  24. AnGeLwInGz

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting your review Christine. Just called Macy’s and they have one on hold for me. Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow!

  25. Petra

    It seems a bit similar to OPI’s At your Quebec & call, though probably that one is a lot less duochrome and shiny-metallic-y… but the colour does seem somewhat similar.

  26. MJ

    I just ordered it from Nordstrom. I was waiting for you to review it. Thanks.

  27. Dana

    strange murky color..I think I’ll pass

  28. I’m not a polish fiend, but it looks lovely.. I may have to swatch it at the counter. >.<

  29. what an interesting color!

  30. Vania

    I think this is probably the first time that I have looked at a Chanel nail polish and found it horrible. For me, it’s just ugly… I like the other two that came out, though! :)

  31. Susan

    I’m waiting for Peridot, Quartz, and Graphite to arrive. The tracking info says it’s out for delivery today, but I haven’t seen it yet! I can’t wait to try out each one! They look stunning in pictures, I can’t wait to see them in person.

  32. La-Shaun

    This is so beautiful!

  33. Helen

    I like this, but the color doesn’t really flatter me. I hope Christine reviews Graphite…

  34. Avia

    Ohhh, these are the kind of colors I love! Green-golds…

  35. Although I find that Chanel polishes often look nicer in the bottle than in use, I still really want this one. In fact, from the photos I’ve seen, I think I want all of the polishes from the Chanel Fall collection…

  36. cait

    I am sure I have an older Wet ‘n Wild in that exact colour! I dont have the label for it but the sticker reads #100A. Very similar!

  37. Thanks for the swatches, I love the look of this. I also saw your color comparisons and although they all look great Peridot seems to be a one off color- so beautiful! Thanks for sharing xxx

  38. This seems to be a must have for all nail lacquer fanatics… Lovely and so unique!!

  39. rowan

    i find it kind of an ugly shade, it looks nothing like peridot.

  40. I kinda want this since Peridot is my birth stone…lol

  41. Kiah

    It’s a nice color, but I have to say that for $25 it just isn’t… IT enough for me. I’m much more in love with my ORLY ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’, which has that same sort of green/gold thing going on and for $15 less. :)

  42. It’s funny to me that, for such an expensive polish, there are still ridges from the brush! C’mon, Chanel! lol

  43. ak

    Peridot looks like Nars Bohemia nail polish only without any red in it.

  44. tehteh

    it looks gorgeous, but I don’t think I would let myself shell out 20 soething euros on a nail polish

  45. What a fantastic color! I would have expected a blue metallic with green and golden tinges but this is completely unexpected.

  46. Alexa K.

    This is soooo pretty and special, I haven’t seen any shade like this before!!! Season must HAVE!!

  47. Emma

    I’m not sure if the brand ‘Models Own’ is available in the US but it is in the UK and they sell a great range of nail polish colours which are all really cheap (£5 I believe).. Any way, they have a colour called ‘Green Flash’ which really reminded me of this Chanel polish, especially in the first two photos of it on your nails Christine. The colour looks nothing like Peridot in the bottle and the nail varnish isn’t duo chrome and is more shimmery but it does have a similar colour and effect to this polish in those images I mentioned so it could be a more affordable option. Admittedly also, Green Flash does require 2 or 3 coats but I does have a good finish :)

  48. Sara


  49. if only the colour in the bottle translates directly into how it appears on the nail – i’d buy it in a heartbeat!

    btw, i think there’s a typo in your last sentence, you prolly meant “a brand that doesN’T chip on me”..?

  50. looks better in the bottle than on the nails…unfortunate

  51. Shirley

    This is definitely a close match to Gleek Out from the Sephora by OPI Glee Collection.

  52. Sarah

    I have this one, and I have to say it’s even prettier than these pics,( even though these are great pics!) I got a lot of compliments wearing this, and could not stop looking at my nails. I cannot wait to try graphite, hope it doesn’t sell out too fast!

  53. I’ve never been interested in splurging on Chanel polish, but I might have to pull the trigger on this one. I love green polishes, and I don’t have anything in my stash that looks like Peridot!

  54. josephine ocean

    sooo nice! but i miss my chanel kaleidoscope…

  55. Collette

    Is Zoya Irene somewhat close to this?

  56. Giovanny_colate

    I just got this nail polish today!!!! thanks for the reviews

  57. Elaine

    I always get tons of compliments when I wear Peridot! If you ever buy any Chanel, this is beautiful!

  58. Eva

    The best way to bring out the “beetle” irridescence is to put a coat of gray under and then put a coat of Peridot, it look the same as in the bottle.

    • Ana

      I tried this and it really makes a difference! Thanks :) Glad I finally gave in and got this; it is my birthstone after all.

  59. Sephora’s Diving in Malaysia is a close dupe. You can see swatches of it in my blog :)

  60. yoyoma

    Opi I spotted a Lizard is an almost identical dupe
    amazing colour!!!!!!!!