Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection

Chanel Les Folie Noirs Eyeshadow Quad ($60.00) is from Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection.  ( Be sure to check out reviews on the limited edition nail polishes and lipsticks, too!)  It’s a limited edition eyeshadow quad with each shade being embellished with the brand’s signature logo in black.

While I was impressed by the new Rouge Allure lipsticks and Le Vernis shades, the eyeshadow quad was a disappointment.  In fact, I had to let my disappointment simmer a bit in case I was too harsh/expected too much.  I do not recommend this eyeshadow quad unless you’re a Chanel collector–then you’re not really looking to use it so much as own it as a collector.

If you actually want to use it, the shades are poorly pigmented, go on unevenly, and just overall, look mediocre–even with a sponge applicator.  (Swatching with a brush always gives the least amount of pigmentation, whereas swatching with a sponge applicator usually yields the most.)   The swatches included in this post are with a sponge applicator, for your reference.

The dark brown shade (top left) goes on extremely sheerly and almost looks chalky on my skin.  The color itself is a cool-toned dark brown.  Next to it is a dark forest green with a slight bit of shimmer.  This one swatched better and had so-so pigmentation (just not quite as intense as I’d like).  On the bottom right, there’s a muted, dark navy blue with subtle navy shimmer.  This also swatched decently, though not quite as well as the green.  The last shade is a slightly warmed-up medium chocolate brown that isn’t as sheer as the other brown in the quad, but it’s still quite faded when swatched.

Ultimately, if you use a sponge applicator (or even use this product wet) and layer on the color–and I do mean layer–you may find this works well for a range of smoky eyes.  For me, at the price tag, I expect well-pigmented eyeshadows that feel soft, silky, and require minimal effort to work into my eyeshadow wardrobe.

Chanel, I love you, but this one is a miss for me!

  • Product: 16/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  Skip this — opt for a permanent Chanel eyeshadow quad if you’re in the market for eyeshadow or else sneak a peek at the limited edition Rouge Allure Lipsticks!

Availability:  October/November 2009

See more photos and swatches

Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection

Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection

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67 thoughts on “Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection: Les Folie Noirs Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. shontay

    Wow, that really sucks. I love Chanel and I wanted to buy one of their quads, but this isn’t the one. I do want a polish and lipstick from this collection though.

    • More money for the lipsticks/polishes, at least!

      My favorite Chanel quad is definitely Beiges de Chanel, which they should have made permanent. Such a perfect quad for a neutral eye!

  2. Bridgette

    Although the dark green looks pretty. The rest of the colors look bleh!

    • johmarie

      in europe chanel only sells the eyeshadow quads in a baked version which is much much worse than this black-quad. so u see i have enigma and i cant use it unfortunatly. but the blacks in this product are better in pigmentation and easier to handle than the other baked-quads.

  3. Melissa

    Oh, ew! How do they think they can get away with charging $60 for junk?

    • LOL! If you want to use it wet, it’s better. Or over very dark bases, it’s nice. I’d personally opt for NARS’ Night eyeshadow series, MAC’s new Style Black mineralize eyeshadows, or even NYX’s dupes (which I don’t know the names of, I just know Pursebuzz covered them!).

  4. Alexis

    I am so disappointed but my wallet isn’t!

  5. Natalia

    I was so upset this quad was sold out at the local store ’cause I liked the lipsticks so much. Well maybe I really shouldn’t be. The swatches don’t look too good.

    • Nah, it’s not worth it. Chanel has made better LE quads and has better permanent quads available. I’d recommend skipping this and opting for one of those instead!

  6. Jenn

    What a shame on the lack of pigmentation.

  7. Wow, they really look horrible. :(

  8. Angie

    These look baked like the Euro version of Chanel quads. That being said, I wonder what the colors look like applied wet? Granted, for Chanel, you shouldn’t HAVE to apply them wet, but I’m just wondering if the pigmentation wouldn’t be better.

    • I think they made this one all circles across countries (I don’t even know why it’s different in the first place, LOL). That’s how I feel — it’s $60, I shouldn’t have to apply them wet to get decent pay off.

  9. Anitacska

    That’s disappointing. :( Wasn’t sure I’d want this quad in the first place as I prefer lighter/brighter colours, but after reading your review, I most probably won’t buy it now.

    • It requires more work than I’m OK with putting in for a $60 quad, to be honest! If used wet, they’re nicer, but they’re still not worth it to me.

  10. lovepotion18

    I was so expecting this quad to be amazing since it’s a highend brand. I wanted to purchase this quad when it came out, but thanks for the honest review. I’ll be saving my money and I think I’m going to spend it on one of the new Bobbi Brown pallettes. =)

  11. amy

    I always like the look and quality of the Chanel quads but this one was disappointing when I say it at the counter. There are other blacken colours from other companies that are so much prettier, I just wasn’t attracted to this palette. I played around with it too and it is quite sheer for such dark colours. I think my friend go this palette and it well below or expectations too. I think I rather get the Murano palette in about two weeks, hopefully they still have it in stock!

  12. Macaddict

    As I have mentioned in a few prior posts, I am one of the poor suckers who ended up buying this e/s quad! :-(
    I admit it: I caved in because I couldn’t swatch the product beforehand since they didn’t have a tester and there were only like 4 quads available altogether at Holt… I thought I’d be sorry if I passed on it… Silly me!
    The Chanel Murano Fall e/s quad, in comparison, which I also own, is wayyyy better! Love it! If you can get your hands on it, I recommend it instead of this one.

  13. Melia

    I really wanted this quad, I had been drooling over the promotional pictures for some time now. Not any more, I won’t buy it, not when it seems so sheer.

  14. I bought this as a birthday gift to myself, and I am quite happy with it, I didnt buy it for a straight black, had that been the case I could get one anywhere, I like the colors and the pigmentation of the one I got. it is too bad some are disappointed in this product, but perhaps I am just the minority that likes this, but this quad is something I could wear everyday

  15. I got this palette too. Disappointing, but it is possible to use it over bases and wet. I have pics of the various bases I have using this palette in my blog for anyone who is interested. (click on my name) If you want to do a panda eye, something like Blacktrack or Blackground or even the new greasepaint sticks would work well. Otherwise, I’m going to mix these into a neutral brown smoky eye look.

    Also, the colors DO NOT work well together at all. The colors end up melding altogether and looking all crazy. (yes, I tried…sigh, didn’t work well at all)

    For comparison, I got the Murano palette as well and I adore that one so so much more. It’s the cool toned and bluer version of the MAC Photorealism quad. So gorgeous & oh so wearable!

    • Macaddict

      Just checked your blog! Great pics. I own Blackground paint pot, Dark Soul pigment, and all the new greasepaint sticks and the 2 new CCBs. Will be playing a lot with them this weekend and trying to figure out how to make the Chanel Noir Obscurs e/s work for me with their help. I like my smokey eyes real dark/black. I guess one does need a black base to use the Chanel quad.
      Thanks for the ideas and swatches. 😀

      • No worries! Just thought I’d point it out for others who got this or are thinking about it.

        Also try using some Carbon with it too, it helps tremendously! My expectation was the burgundy to be closer to Beauty Marked from MAC, just in terms of pigmentation in blackness and actual color. The grayness just seemed ashy, not at all something I’d equate with Chanel chic!

    • Thanks so much, Christy! :) I appreciate the tips!

      IMO, for $60 and CHANEL!! I don’t expect to have to experiment that much to find a way to just make it *work*, you know? Boo!

      • Sigh… yes for Chanel, there should be little to no experimentation. I got my first quad in January, Mystic Eyes. I love it so much, no bases & no need to apply wet.

        Then after receiving a bonus, I figured I’d pick up some more goodies from Chanel. So I got this quad, the Murano quad and the eye gloss kit. I returned the eye gloss kit the next day after considering all of the creasing. (ew!) Plus Style Black & Dsquared were coming along anyways. I figured the greasepaints would be better (they definitely are!). I didn’t bother returning the noir quad, since it looked so pretty & I had already exchanged my broken quad.

        I’ve heard other people like this quad, since they’re not as glittery as the MAC MES’s. I still disagree because of the ashiness, almost chalkiness to them.

        • Hey Christy,

          I completely agree! One of my favorite quads is Beiges de Chanels — so pretty. Like butter. I’ve found most of Chanel’s shadows feel great, even if they aren’t always super intense… but this one felt chalky, almost gritty to me. Definitely not the quality I expect of Chanel shadows.

          The Eye Gloss is a collector’s item, IMO! It’s just not very practical, since it’s not creaseproof (or remotely so!).

          • Heheh, yes, true it was a collectible. Did you get it? I just didn’t like the thought of having something so expensive sitting in the drawer and not being used. Perhaps if it was collectible packaging, I’d be okay with keeping it.

            I’m glad I did return it since there are so many collections coming down in the next 2 months. I really really want the Baroque Boudoir compact (roughly the same cost as the eyegloss), its going to match my bathroom! =)

  16. DJ

    I purchased this because I just loved the way it looks, soft and easy to build. I think the gray-ed shades are more gentle to wear than if they were solid black with sparkles. For sparkly drama, I got the Style Black shadows (ok, this has been a splurge month for me).

    I have been wearing it over blackground paint pot. I really like the texture, but you pretty much dupe it/ get the same look with more pigmentation with the following Nars duos: Brumes and Blade Runner, if you use a dark paint pot/ cream shadow underneath.

    It was an expensive purchase, but I am ok with it. 😉 I don’t have anything like it in my stash.

    • Thanks for the tips, DJ! I’m glad it’s working better for you than me! Trust me, I don’t like it when products don’t work for me, LOL. I always have such high hopes!

  17. Terri

    Christine, thank you so much for saving me $60.00!

  18. Jennifer

    Wow, what a bummer for Chanel. Eek!

  19. Katia

    Totally agree with you, I swatched this quad and it doesn’t have any colour pay off!
    My wallet was really happy!

  20. Michelle

    I just heard back from today and was told that the Noirs Obscurs Lipcolors WERE NOT going to be available, and that their being on their web site was an error and was being addressed by their IT staff. Is this true? I really want to get Maniac in the nail color and the lipstick….

    What’s the real story???

  21. Lorna

    that’s very disappointing. but i am happy with my NARS and MAC e/s for now so i wouldn’t be buying anyways.

  22. Nicci

    This sounds like the Eye Gloss. I tried it on a couple weeks ago and was really disappointed.

  23. Vale

    I am DISAPPOINTED. And sad… I was looking at it with my usual “oh, I can’t wait to buy it!!!”, that is the primary impulse which moves all us, beauty addicted! 😀
    Thanks for info! I am going to skit this.
    By the way, in your opinion, which eyeshadow have they used, for making the pics of the model? The make up with dark grey eyelids!

  24. rowan

    all the chanel eye shadow palletes are terrible used dry. i have sparkling satins, and the shades are absoloutely beautiful wet, but very poor dry.

  25. Kristina

    this looks like covergirl made it. Just awful.

  26. G

    I have to say I used this w/Mac’s vanilla as a highlighter & it looks absolutely gorgeous – blended so well & what a smokey eye – think you need to try it again Christine – I really like it so much better than the mineralized ones by MAC. – Check it out & repost – think you will be surprised.

  27. AngelWingz

    What a shame. The green and blue look gorgeous, but with the price of Chanel’s quads I wouldn’t want to splurge for just 2 colors. I was trained by Chanel for cosmetics and their shadows really are difficult to use dry without layering.

  28. DonnaN

    Really?? Dang-it! I was really hoping this was fab-ulous….I was planning to get it, tried unseen, but I will instead put the funds towards something else.

  29. Resa

    I just bought this after having swatched it on the back of my hand. What I found really makes the colours work well is the eye pencil in Demoniac. It just makes it pop and I’m in love with it! Sad I seem to be in the minority..