Monday, August 24th, 2009

Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection for Winter 2009

Ahead of her time as an arbiter of style annd colour authority, Mademoiselle Chanel recognized and revered the colour black as a symbol of luxury, modernity, sophistication and seduction. Today, Peter Philips creates a tribute to black with an avant-garde collection of trend-defiing eye, lip, and nail shades, uncovering the many nuances and undertones of this iconic shade. While these statement-making tones are more daring than demure when worn together, they can easily achieve a quiet elegance when colour is limited to either the eyes, lips, or fingertips.

Les Folies Noirs Eyeshadow Quad ($60.00)

Nowhere is black’s mystique more strikingly expressed than on the eyes. A shade quartet of deep green, mahogany, midnight blue and dark violet — embellished with the coveted CHANEL signature — creates a dramatic, yet sophisticated look.

Rouge Allure Lipstick ($30.00)

  • Hysteria Eggplant black
  • Maniac Deep black red
  • Obscure Brown black

Inimitable ($30.00)

  • Noir Obscur

Exceptionnel de Chanel ($30.00)

  • Noir Obscur


  • Furious (#717)


  • Demoniac

Le Vernis ($23.00)

  • Diabolic (#427) Deep black
  • Forbidden (#437) Deep black burgundy brown
  • Vendetta (#483) Deep violet

Availability:  November 2009

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57 thoughts on “Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection

  1. tess

    the model is gorgeous! i’m loving the whole makeup look on her, especially the lipstick! can’t wait for the swatches on the lipsticks and eyeshadows!

  2. Aleksandra

    I plan on buying everything except for the Forbidden NP! Not really feeling that earth-y color…

  3. LuvJ

    I love this!! I swear Chanel originated the “Vamp” look.. I had the original “Vamp” shades.. I’m excited for this collection!

  4. sprut6

    those lipsticks! they look fantastic. I hope you get these to swatch, I’m definitely interested in what that deep purple one looks like.

  5. Alexis

    Okay – I’m feeling this collection. Ugh why does it have to be Chanel – my wallet is crying!

  6. The first pic is kinda scary!!
    All the other pics are great…the quad looks GORGEOUS!!!
    As another reader said..why does it have to be chanel!!!

  7. I love the dark lips and eyes! Dramatic and gorgeous!

  8. smut

    very nice collection. I just wish I could splurge on Dior products….

  9. Omg, the most beautiful promo pictures! I want it all! LOL

  10. Hinahon

    I love the lips on the model picture !

  11. glitter princess

    oh wow that model looks like a sexy siren!! the e/s quad looks amazing!loving the dark lips look! x

  12. bluematilda

    hey christine,
    is this collection releasing in the states? i know that chanel had released the lipsticks back in february….because i missed it and i want it!!!!

  13. Chris

    Oooo!!! I want all of it, except for Vendetta nailpolish because I have that already. Gah, my cosmetics budget will be blown up this September.

  14. Meta

    Didn’t they just released the lipstips and Vendetta nailpolish this year? Or am I going mad?

  15. Jenn

    lovely…I want it all, especially the eye palette & lipsticks!!! Guess I’ll have to re-work my fall makeup budget again :)

  16. Faye

    These pics look so gorgeous, but I know I won’t look like that. I got these lipsticks when they were released earlier in the year, and they looked freaking hideous on my pale skin — they each looked black, no matter how lightly I used them. Not “eggplant black,” not “deep red black,” just black. The only place I could have worn them was a Halloween party. Oh well, I should look at it as money saved I guess :).

  17. Lindsey

    i love the lips on the model

    could i use the midnight media and night violet mattene from the style black collection to create those lips?

  18. TJ

    So after MAC cleans me out, I have a couple of months to regroup for the Chanel collection, huh? Smh.

  19. liz

    OMG. all of that looks beautiful. i assume the gloss is the aqualumiere? i prefer those to glossimer’s so i’m sure ill be getting that.

  20. Mariana

    VENDETTA !!!!!! YAY

  21. I like the eyeshadow quad, the colors are great for the fall!

  22. mlleliz

    The lipstick on the model looks gorgeous but i’m not sure that a color that dark will work on me though. Well, i’m looking forward to try them at the counter. And the eye palette looks interesting. Wonder when the collection will be available in asia.

  23. Michelle

    Love these colours — I wish I could pull off a dark lip like that! I don’t own any Chanel makeup — but I feel the need to go buy something Chanel!

  24. Nicci

    wow, I wouldn’t expect this from Chanel…so dark!

  25. my mouth dropped when i saw this collection. i-waaaant-it-aaaalll..

  26. Natalie

    Oh my gosh.. I wore those lipstick shades in 90s.. don’t think I could do it again lol. Love the cheek color on her too. Even though I don’t care much about Chanel cosmetics, that logo and packaging are getting to me. I love Chanel, well except the cosmetics.

  27. Lorna

    i don’t know if i prefer this or the upcoming black mac collection

  28. Helena

    The lipstick in the first picture is interesting, but, really, MAC’s Style Black will have a better price and selection 😀

  29. Michelle

    That looks beautiful, I love chanel products…

  30. jessica

    holy shit this looks hot! lol I need those lips and nails! NOW!

  31. fks

    Diabolic looks more like a deep red than a black. The model too seems to be wearing black on her nails. Is there is an error either in the description or in the photograph of the nail polish bottles?

    • Siledhel

      I agree, I noticed that to. She doesn’t seam to be wearing any of the lipsticks from this collection on that picture either.

  32. Michelle

    I’m very in love with this collection. Especially the quad , liner and the nail polishes!

  33. ThunderBird

    The eye shadow quad looks stunning! I wonder if the quality of eye shadow is really great(I know, I know, it’s Chanel, it should be great…), because it happens that colours are really beautiful, but the quality of them… like not intense enough, or chalky. :( Maybe I’m buying these… I need to see the swatches, anyway. 😉

    • Diabla

      I’m with you on this.
      I’ve bought a lot of their stuff and I find Chanel to be so-so sometimes. Concerning matte black eyeshadows, I’ve bought “Ebene” their blackest eyeshadow of the main line and it doesn’t look intense at all (like just a matte black grey) and it’s very chalky. It’s there in my stash and I don’t use it because when I want to wear black, I want it to be really black so I pick an other brand. So yeah, I’d swatch the quad before buying, how beautiful it seems on pics! :)

      • Macaddict

        Sadly Chanel e/s tend to be inconsistant whereas their l/s and other products are more consistant in their quality!
        Yesterday I went to my Holt Renfrew (the canadian equivalent of Nordstrom I think?). I stopped by the Chanel counter to reserve ahead all the 3 lippies and the e/s quad. I fell in love with the promo pics (so different for Chanel, which tend to be much more conservative in their choice of colors usually). The Chanel MA had all the products in her stash and decided to do a makeover on me with the products…
        Yay for me! I got 2 play with them.
        Anywho, whereas the pigmentation and creaminess of the lippies is FANTASTIC, I have to say that the quad is s**t! :(
        The MA even wetted the e/s (which should have made the color much more intense) and I was not allowed to look in the mirror until she was all finished. I had restaurant and movie evening ahead and had to go home and fix myself (i.e. smudge some black liner and more black e/s) on myself cuz I like my smokey eye REAL BLACK and SMOKEY. When I left the store I looked like I hadn’t washed my eyelids and they were covered in dust rather than smokey. VERY disapointing so much so in fact that I will pass on the quad! Too bad!

  34. frini

    Too vampy!!!Dont know if I would wear such an intense colour on lips.
    Quad looks interesting but MAC has these kind of shades also. Don’t know…Waiting for the swatches.:)

  35. Chiara

    What a beautiful campaign add! Makes me itchy to try out a vampy lip sometime :)

  36. Miss QQ

    The promo pics are the best this year from Chanel. I can’t wait to try all the items! I may pick up my first Aqualumiere gloss. I hope the quad is has good payoff and maybe I will buy it. The lipsticks look gorgeous but I hardly wear dark lips so I will pass.

  37. inuchan

    The shades are gorgeous !!!

    (but since I am a bit clumsy as far as dark looks are concerned, I yielded today in a Chanel quad “Sparkling Satins 95″

  38. Tizzy

    These are already out in Australia! I only got Diabolic nail polish. It’s somewhere between Rouge Noir/Vamp and a black. With a few coats it’s quite dark. Definitely the most impressive of the three shades. I don’t like brown or wear it at all, but Forbidden was pretty too if you can carry off browns. The lipsticks are ok. Disappointed that they don’t match the nail polishes that well.
    The rest of the collection was awful. The eyeshadow quad was terrible!!! There’s very little pigment in any of the shades. You may as well rub dirt on your eyelids. Oh how I wish I was kidding. And that lipgloss is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. This is coming from a Chanel lover, btw…

  39. Luda

    I’m not big on dark lip colors but the dark eyes – I am a big fan of.

  40. mac kitty

    I’m loving the collection. some of the polishes are repromote which r great! and yes your pockets are going to be screaming! you get what u pay for!

  41. Those lipsticks are outrageous! C’est magnifique!

  42. Letty

    I already started to save, so I can buy the lipsticks and the nail polish. Love it. The vampiest collection so far.

  43. Christy

    I got my quad yesterday, then discovered that the burgundy eyeshadow was cracked. I was able to exchange it, but it was so annoying to have to do so. It doesnt come with the plastic piece covering the eye shadows, so Im guessing that the applicators were running around loose and knocked it. I have yet to work with them, but am hoping that it will work as well as the promo pics.

  44. Emily

    I love the models makeup in the second pic. I’m guessing they used that bronzey e/s on her. blakc liner, and the gloss. oh, a few coats of mascara. But, im not totally in love. i’ll probably just get the n.polishes. i’m trying to build up my glossimer collection!

  45. Mary

    I spoke to a Chanel model about the eyes, and she gave me a great secret how to make it look like that.

    Just dab your brush with water and apply the colors (brown/Green) with a mix.

    Works like a charm. My eyes look like that now, and I’m not a model.