Monday, October 29th, 2012

Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer
Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer

Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer ($26.00 for 0.40 fl. oz.) is a deep, dark red with ruby red shimmer. Guerlain Lou-Ling is similar in the base color, but it doesn’t have the same ruby shimmer. MAC Gadabout Girl is darker, no shimmer. MAC Vintage Vamp is browner and has no shimmer. Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies has a similar base color but is a cream. China Glaze Velvet Bow also is similar to the base color but doesn’t have any shimmer. Illamasqua Scarab is redder, warmer.

Malice is a stunner in person. It’s so rich and dark, but it doesn’t lose its color to black–it’s definitely a burgundy-red with a little wine-tint to it. Then there’s the ruby shimmer that catches light so well.  Chanel nailed this polish; the consistency was a dream to work with, as it flowed across the nail without pooling, streaky, or bubbling.  It wasn’t too thick or too thin, and it was fully opaque after two coats (one is almost enough).  It even had a slightly glossy shine to it naturally, though I’d still recommend a top coat to get the most out of this polish.  I typically get a week of wear with minor tip wear but no chipping with Chanel’s formula.

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Sometimes Chanel does amazing color in their lacquer range, and sometimes, the formula isn't quite there; here, Chanel knocks it out of the park with a flawless formula, enchanting color, and a hue that is utterly perfect for the holidays.











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Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer
Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer

Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer
Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer

Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer
Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer

Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer
Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer

Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer
Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer

Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer
Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $26.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

MAC Gadabout Girl is darker, no shimmer. MAC Vintage Vamp is browner and has no shimmer. Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies has a similar base color but is a cream. China Glaze Velvet Bow also is similar to the base color but doesn't have any shimmer. Illamasqua Scarab is redder, warmer.

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67 thoughts on “Chanel Malice Le Vernis Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Alison

    Oh, beautiful!

  2. Cat

    Beautiful polish! It reminds me of OPI’s Every Month is Ocktoberfest but way less black

  3. Kafka

    Simply stunning. But, due to the price difference and the slightly brighter aspect, I still plan on going with Illamasqua’s Scarab. (Which I would have bought by now had that blasted Sephora F&F sale happened some weeks back. Grr.) Actually, having re-checked your swatches of Scarab, that one is much, much more coppery brown to my eyes. Now I want both of them!

    • xamyx

      I’ve heard/read rumors of a V.I.B. sale in November. I’ll be at my “regular” Sephora on Wednesday, and if any of my “girls” are there, I’ll ask them. If I find out anything definitive, I’ll let you (and everyone else) know! Whenever I go to this particular location, I usually get a bit of a heads-up on what’s going on. Either the SA’s are just super nice there, or I spend way too much time & money there, LOL.

    • Terri

      I have scarab and I don’t know if it’s just me but it looked so brownish on me. Not that brown is a bad color but I expected it to be redder. I am really disappointed by it. It’s still a nice varnish, but not nearly as red as Malice…oh well!!

  4. Katherine

    I have this on right now and have gotten a ton of compliments on it!

  5. t_zwiggy

    WOW! Awesome shade! 😀 Wonder if this is similar to China Glaze Short & Sassy or Zoya Blair.

  6. Dinitchka

    WoW! That sure is beautiful. I just picked up CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant polish in Forever Festive (which I called Maybelline on Friday. Sorry folks if I caused any confusion on FFHF) and it may be a dupe for this.

  7. Dana

    Looks a lot like China Glaze Long Kisses to me.

  8. It’s pretty, but I’ve got Scarab on right now and I think they’re too similar to spring for the Chanel.

  9. Gorgeous! So rich, perfect for the holidays!

  10. I don’t need another deep red, but I could see this being my first Chanel purchase!

  11. Polly

    Who would deny such this elegant garnet red… At least not me !

    I <3 it

    Ty for your swatch !

  12. Yay, Chanel! Now that’s a wicked holiday colour!

  13. Anne

    Now THAT is gorgeous. I know what I’ll be asking my sister for Chrismas (we usually buy each other make up!)… I just hope this won’t sell out too fast.

    (the little banner “Temptalia recommands” is lovely, Christine!)

  14. xamyx

    Sinful Colors Rich in Heart is nearly an exact dupe, at less than $2.00.

    • Miss J

      Thanks for the dupe suggestion, Amy! I will definitely check out that Sinful Colors one!

      • xamyx

        Rich in Heart, it seems, is a wee bit deeper, but it’s still very shimmery. It looks most like the very first nail photo. Either way, it’s still very pretty, LOL!

    • I am going to check it out also. I think this color is pretty….but too poor to buy Chanel or any brand name polishes.

      • xamyx

        I happened to stop at Rite Aid today, and Sinful Colors polishes were 75% off, making them less than 50 cents each. I don’t know if it’s a storewide clearance, or just the one location, or if they may be DC’ing some of the shades (so other stores may have them on clearance, as well).

    • Rich in Heart is much more blackened and warmer than Malice. It doesn’t have that same from-within glow either.

      • xamyx

        @ Jennifer A How can something be “warmer” & “more blackened” at the same time? The very definitions of both are complete opposites… Besides, unless one is looking at your hands at less than a few feet away (which would be pretty creepy in and of itself), both really are close enough to each other to not be able to justify a $20 price difference.

  15. What a pretty name and a pretty color. In my younger days when I was in my mid-teens, I bought Chanel nail polishes. Chanel never had this kind of color…only reds and coral…and this woman would say my nails look like Chinese BBQ pork due to the color. I do note that in those days, there was ,5oz not .4oz. These makeup companies always deliver less product as the years go on.

  16. Sara

    Avon nail polish in Golden Wine is an exact dupe for this color. I even have on rigt now.

  17. ElvenEyes

    I bought this a few nights ago and it is on my nails right now. I love it! It is such a stunning garnet colour! One of my all-time favourites by Chanel already!!

  18. Laura

    Stunning! I just don’t know if I can justify buying this when I already own Illamasqua Scarab…especially with the Chanel Price tag.

  19. tania

    I remember OPI Royal Rajah Rubi…

  20. Elena

    Looks like China Glaze – Heart of Africa

  21. Erin

    Thank you for the review! Malice is absolute perfection. I have never been able to justify spending this much on nail polish, but a little birdie might have to tell my husband I need this for Christmas.

  22. I own this one and absolutely love it!!!! Deep dark red is my favorite nail polish shade ever, and this one is by far the one I’m liking the most. Chanel Rouge Noir will always have a place in my heart, but this one is perfection.

  23. Aiman

    Tried it! Loved it! Will definitely buy it!

  24. mags

    If you are able, can you compare this to OPI Midnight in Moscow?

  25. Dominique

    Gorgeous ! I will buy it, it’s even more pretty as the 2011 Rouge Carat !

  26. yellowlantern

    This color is lovely and holiday appropriate. It does look a lot like German-icure by OPI though.

  27. Sher

    Christine, do you know how similar this is to OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest? Thanks in advance!

  28. Carrie

    I don’t wear red often enough to justify buying it…but man is that gorgeous!

  29. Looks great :) anyway I almost always like Chanel’s limited edition nail polishes

  30. Terri

    Oh so, so gorgeous!! This is a must have. I am still waiting for the Harmonie quad to arrive but I think I will need to get this too….malice to my wallet indeed! :)

  31. VickyM

    I´m in love with this polish! however being that it is from good old expensive Chanel…I don´t know if I will get it…it´s limited edition too :( .

  32. Sparitual Epicurean is an older shade, but it looks awfully similar, if not the same, to the flash photo. :)

  33. Marisa

    I can’t believe I caved and spent $26 on a single nail polish! It’s beautiful, but darker on me than in your pictures. I was hoping it would be a brighter red, like Chanel’s Metal Garnet. It’s much darker, but still beautiful.

  34. Liliana

    Gorgeous color! I saw this post and went out to purchase it at Macy’s during my lunchtime. it’s such a pretty color and perfect for the fall.

  35. very nice Color and Nails of course… by the way i almost always like Chanel’s limited edition nail polishes

  36. Mariella

    What a gorgeous polish! While I won’t shell out that much for nail polish, I’ll check to see if Zoya has anything similar (I like Zoya polishes).

    • Brianne

      Zoya Isla might be close, but it doesn’t have the microshimmer of the Chanel. Isla is a great deep red though.

    • Christine

      I think Zoya’s Blair might be similar. My bottle of Malice should arrive at the end of the week – I’ll let you know.

    • Christine

      In the bottles, Malice looks like a deeper (and more gorgeous) Blair.

      Very different on my nails, tho. On my fair, cool-toned skin, Malice looks almost like a dark brown in indoor lighting. The gorgeous dark-red sparkle I saw in the Chanel bottle is nowhere to be seen on my nails. However, the look of the reflection of the Chanel is definitely more refined than either of the Zoya polishes. I think I will be happier with Blair.

      I did (Z) Isla, (C) Malice, and (Z) Blair, 2 coats of each on my hand.

    • Christine

      Two corrections ::

      First, I *can* see the shimmer, but only when my hand is up close. Farther away, it almost looks like a cream.

      Second, it *does* look like burgundy, rather than brown. I had “stumbled into bad lighting” before the last response.

      I try to stick with brands that don’t allow animal testing (not going to be selling in China) like Zoya, so am delighted to say that Zoya Blair is even prettier than Malice.


  37. Mayra Aversa

    How close is it to OPI Royal Rajah Rubi? I already have the OPI and this looks really similar in pictures. Would it be a dupe?

  38. woahhhh LOVE it!!!!! so pretty~~~~~~

  39. So gorgeous! But it looks a slightly dupeable, so I guess I’ll pass.

  40. alyssa fermin

    i am in love with this!

  41. Michelle

    Wow, Chanel really do reds well! Too bad it’s not unique enough for me to break the bank.

  42. Ashley

    I looked for a dupe of Malice, and compared OPI’s Every Month is Oktoberfest and Midnight in Moscow–Oktoberfest was a bit too purple-y.
    Midnight in Moscow stood a better chance, the red hue is similar between the two, although Moscow is MUCH more black than Malice. Although Moscow is a beautiful color, I needed 2-3 coats, and of course had to wait a whiiiile for it to dry completely.
    I think I’m going to go out tomorrow and buy Malice, Moscow didn’t dupe enough for me.

  43. Sandra JT

    This looks nearly exactly the same as a Wet n Wild Megalast polish I have called Under Your Spell. It comes in a fairly large bottle, .45 fl oz. I love the brush on this thing (which they call a ‘ManiCurve Pro Brush), as well as the formula, which is beautifully pigmented. If I’m in a rush, I can get away with one coat because it’s very opaque. It’s one of my favorite shades, absolutely gorgeous for fall & winter, and lasts on my nails for over a week without chipping when I use my Seche Vite fast dry top coat. Chanel has some very nice products but spending this much on a nail polish when there are so many really good drug store products that are near or exact dupes on the market for a fraction of the price now really is a waste to me. Love my nail polish, have hundreds of bottles, but can’t justify spending this much on one bottle. It’s cash I could spend on so many other mid to high end foundations, blushes, eye products etc.

  44. Tara

    Oh dear. This color is me in a nail polish bottle. I adored several of Chanel’s fall colors but managed to fight the temptation, as I have never spent more than $14 for a bottle. But I don’t think I will win this battle, this color is a stunner! Why not add another $12 for a Chamel polish? Am I crazy?

  45. Shahee

    Hi Christine,
    I just bought the OPI “spy who lovesme” skyfall collection red.

    I thought you might like it.
    It is a red metallic and shiny.

    I also have the last collection metallic red (a bit like styleseeker but red) : Danke Shiny Red

    Just if you did mot have them bit I believe you do :)

  46. Pamela

    Orly Smolder is very similar to this :)

  47. Clementine Roy

    Hi Christine!
    I was wondering how you would compare Chanel Malice to Essie Thigh High.
    thank you :) I wish you a very good year!