Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Chanel Lumiere Celestes Collection for Summer 2009

Glossimers ($27.00)

  • Nebula Rosewood
  • Meteore Deep coral
  • Mica White
  • Mirage Brown
  • Venus Fuchsia
  • Silex Coral
  • Cosmos Bronze
  • Jupiter Red

Le Vernis Nail Colour ($23.00)

  • Mica Rose Rose
  • Cosmic Violine Brown copper

Available: May 2009.

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57 thoughts on “Chanel Lumieres Celestes Collection for Summer 2009

  1. cloudburst

    I used to collect these & then I stopped a while back…but I think I may have to start again, they look really nice especially the second from the right.

  2. sprut

    Christine, I tried the glossimers because of you and oh my gosh I absolutely love them! They are by far my favorite lip glosses. I hate that they are so expensive but if there were one item I was going to splurge on it would be for these. I hope you do swatches!

  3. Deanna

    Why, oh why, do these have to be so expensive?! They all look so pretty!

  4. Susie

    love to get them!WHooo

  5. Macaddict

    MICA is said to be white but I don’t see a white one… It’s more like a milky pink… :-(

  6. sandra

    anyone know what color lip gloss the shes wearing in the picture?

  7. CeeBee

    I like the standing one on the far left the best, sort of a coral pink with shimmer. The second one from the left lying down looks like a similar shade to Sideral (though that has masses of glitter) – I’m interested to see the brown shade – I tried Hibiscus a while ago but it didn’t really work for me and I keep going back to Equinoxe, which looks deep red in the tube but is the prettiest, most natural MLBB shade for me!

  8. carriespooner

    How am I supposed to live without these?

  9. Liana

    which one is the girl wearing in the promo pic?

  10. Rachael

    I swatched all of the glosimers at the store yesterday, they are all gorgeous and super pigmented. Silex was my favorite!

  11. Pat

    are these limited edition? I love all colors of chanel gloses.

  12. Miss QQ

    I am set on getting Venus! I saw this collection already. They are gorgeous!

  13. Brenda

    will most definitely have to check out Meteore…i’m thinking it must be the orange one?? anyone know for sure??

    • Sugarcrumb

      I’ve got Meteore – i thought it was the nicest of the bunch. its rather pigmented deep coral with lots of reddish-pink and gold micro-shimmer (from what i remember from swatching all of this is that all have loads of micro-shimmer; thats the theme of the glossimers). Meteore is deeper than Silex and Cosmos which came off looking rather bright orangish on me (i’m NC 43 for reference). I regret not getting Mirage also; will have to check it out again.

      I may not be as spot on abt descriptions as Christine, but i hope i helped =)

  14. Lix

    So is it safe to assume that these are the same gunky/sticky formula as Glossimers…? ‘Cause that would suck. These colors are really pretty.

    • I don’t find Glossimers to be sticky at all… overall, they seem nonsticky to very lightly tacky!

      • Sugarcrumb

        Agreed – not sticky at all (i have 3 glossimers and i love all of them v much); Stila lip glaze – now, THAT is sticky =)

        These are smooth and glossy; “Mellifluous” comes to mind [(1)having a smooth rich flow; (2)filled with something (as honey) that sweetens] – yes to the glossimers on both accounts! LOL!


    • amy

      I agree with you lix, I find Glossimers to be gunky, though not really sticky. But I do love the cristalle and aqualumiere gloss formulas.

  15. Stephanie

    Love it. On a side note: I really want her sunglasses and necklace :)

  16. Cosmos and Jupiter are limited edition and from the looks of the colors in person the model is wearing ‘mica’ HTH!

  17. Sheila

    Hi, I received Mirage off of Ebay and it isn’t brown at all. It is a mid-tone pink with a hint of purple and loads of pink glitter. Hope this helps!

  18. Sandra

    i got Venus, Silex & Jupiter. i love Chanel Lumieres..

  19. Chiara

    Can’t wait for the nail polishes!

  20. I occasionally like to just stop by the Chanel counter to splurge on an item or two, and since I hated the Aqualumiere glosses I decided to give the Glossimers a try. I got Silex, and absolutely love it! Very summer and fresh! 😀

  21. PinkCouture

    I would like to know what’s the difference in texture and moisture between Chanel Glossimier and Aqualumiere? I’ve been eyeing their glosses for awhile, but my friend told me not to get it because it goes bad after 3 months and also tends to dry out your lips. Want to know your opinion and if i should get them or not. I’am new to this brand, because I’ve been using Dior (my fav.) a lot and wanted to know if I should stick to the Dior Addict lip gloss or if it’s worth trying out Chanel’s Glossimier and Aqualumiere?
    Thank u!

    • Aqualumieres tend to be a bit more pigmented, they’re thicker, and glossier. I don’t know — they’re distinctly different when you feel them on your lips. I think Glossimers tend to run sheerer overall, and they’re fairly thin.

      I don’t know what they’re talking about three months… Glosses can be kept for longer than that! I think if you like Dior’s glosses, you’ll like Aqualumieres.

      • PinkCouture

        Thanks Christine! I’ve tried both the Glossimier and Aqualumiere, I love them both! I finally gave in, and got the colors Glossimier – Mica (pink), and Aqaulimiere – Diamond Rose. I was skeptical at first, cause I thought they would contain fragrances (that bug me), but I was wrong. Should I convince my friends to go back to Chanel? I’m loving it! The Diamond Rose color reminds me of NARS’s lip lacquer Baby Doll, but I like Chanel far better! In comparison it’s hard to choose between Dior and Chanel. I’ve got both!

        • Very nice! I might have to pick up more Aqualumieres myself :)

          I’m not brand loyal, so there’s no reason why you can’t love both :)