Monday, April 19th, 2010

Chanel Noir et Or Palette

Out of Chanel’s ultra exclusive Noir et Or Collection, Ligne et Ombre de Chanel in Jet-Gold ($45.00) emerges. While not exactly groundbreaking in terms of color, it’s extremely fitting to the collection. It’s a matte black cake eyeliner paired with a golden peach flecked eyeshadow.

The black side is not meant to be used dry–it needs to be used wet so it can “activate.” I just gave the brush the tiniest bit of wetness, and I was already able to get a nice, intense black out of it. The gold, while it can be worn dry, also looks and wears better wet–and I like that with Chanel shadows, I can use them wet without leaving a wet spot behind. (Similarly, the gold would adhere and look more uniform used over a base rather than dry, since it is so shimmery.)

When used as an eyeliner, the black lasts for hours on me. I didn’t have any fading, smudging, or migration after eight hours of wear on my lower lash line (not my waterline, to be clear). If you really wanted, you could definitely use it with a brush to darken up the crease or any shadow you’re wearing, but it doesn’t excel at that (and again, it’s supposed to be used as an eyeliner).

It’s a fun product, but there’s nothing so standout about it that it’s necessarily worth hunting down and forking over $45 for. Chanel and luxury makeup collectors will likely enjoy it, but I think for others, it’s not going to knock your socks off–I’d say grab an eyeshadow duo, lipstick, or gloss instead (or even an eyeshadow quad, since this is just a little less than one!). I think if they made the gold a metallic cream finish, it could have gotten really interesting. It may not have been the most wearable, but it would have certainly played into the collection’s theme just a bit more.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: The cake eyeliner is excellent, but the gold eyeshadow is almost like a throw-in–pretty but not amazing. Chanel collectors will likely covet the piece, as exclusive as it is, but non-collectors won’t miss out if they skip this.

Availability: Chanel Boutiques

See more photos & swatches!

Chanel Noir et Or Palette

Chanel Noir et Or Palette

Chanel Noir et Or Palette

Chanel Noir et Or Palette

Chanel Noir et Or Palette
Gold (wet), Jet (wet on one half, dry on the other)

Chanel Noir et Or Palette
Gold (dry), Gold over Jet

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28 thoughts on “Chanel Ligne et Ombre de Chanel in Jet-Gold from the Noir et Or Collection

  1. Wait… does that mean I can use my Chanel quads wet?!

      • diana

        can you use most other eyeshadows wet? such as the mac mineralize eyeshadow duos? I always thought it would end up messing up the product

        • Hi Diana,

          In my experience, most you can’t, but it depends on the brand and the shadow. Like Chanel makes their quads a wet-to-dry formula, so you can use it either way. MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadows can also be used wet or dry — I’ve found most “baked” products to be fine to use wet or dry. However, MAC’s powder shadows will have a wet spot if you use them wet!

  2. kristina

    You are the only beauty blogger who reviewed this one accurately. If a product is gratis, then I think the blog has more of an obligation to understand the product and review accordingly. It bothers me to see products and brands misrepresented and then to see hundreds of comments following their gospel.

    • I think it’s important to do so regardless of how you came across it (from the brand, gift from a friend, purchased yourself) if you’re reviewing it, because at the end of the day, people are going to read your review and may walk away from a product because of it – it is vital to do your best to “get” the product and its concept. Even though I’m a pigmented lipstick kind of gal, I recognize not all lipsticks are *supposed* to be pigmented, so saying, “These suck!” because they’re sheer seems rather silly!

      I haven’t seen anyone else review it yet, ’cause I tried googling after I wrote mine to see what others thought! I’m always interested in reading other people’s opinions on new products! I’m hoping some more reviews come out in the next couple of weeks!

      Anyway, all this is to say is I appreciate you saying I reviewed it accurately :) I do try!

      • Emily

        I love and respect your honesty…that is one of the main reasons I read your blog religiously! =)

      • kristina

        All of your effort is apparent in your reviews, as is your diplomacy. I think your readers understand things about makeup that you love (like the colour coral!) but we never see your preferences creep into your assessment.

        It is amazing how influential beauty bloggers have become. Traditional magazines seem archaic. I think we have lost faith in magazine copy, it now seems like a never ending advertisement.

        The one great thing about them though, is their depth and understanding of product and the ability to articulate it. That is the one thing you have in common with them.

        • Thanks again, Kristina! :) It’s just really good hearing that it comes through in the reviews.

          It is! What I like about magazines, though I’ve never been an avid reader of them, are the elegant spreads and presentations. It’s like a pretty picture book for me. I’m not hugely into following celebrities, but occasionally they’ll have a feature with one I do like, and I think that’s something that beauty bloggers don’t have access to, but magazines do. Similarly, I’m not exactly about to take a $55 lipstick and smear it all over so I can take a photo of it, but it’s artsy and pretty to see in a glossy magazine.

  3. Michelle

    I love all swatches on Chanel products! I wish there were more of their entire line :) I don’t have a Chanel counter by me — so I love the swatches for ordering on-line. Your reviews are always honest — I don’t care if a blogger buys the product or gets it for free (why do some people make the biggest deal out of it??), I just love the honest reviews!

    • Hey Michelle,

      Glad ya find them helpful! :) If I had to order based on those terrible “swatches” they provide online at retailers, I don’t think I’d ever buy makeup, LOL! They’re so, so off!

      I think the idea is that there’s always the possibility that by receiving it for free, a blogger doesn’t want to “stop” getting products for free, so they may not point out the products flaws. Based on my experience, I’ve never had a brand stop talking to me because of a poor review (or reviews!) — in fact, a lot will say thank you for the review and bring it back to the brand. In any case, if a brand consistently put out poor performing products, I don’t exactly want to keep getting them, period! Ironically, I think Chanel earned one of the lowest grades from me ever!

      Thank you!

  4. Alexis

    I just recently started to pay more attention to Chanel and I’m somewhat curious about this but I’m not overly anxious to find it either. I have heard a lot of good things about their cake liners so I’ll have to think about this one. Is it only offered online or at the Chanel boutique? I hear they give out lots of great delux samples – it may be worth me looking into purchasing more online or in person at the boutique.

    • I think you can get another cake liner duo or something to the same effect here at most Chanel counters (I saw it on the Chanel website when I was hunting for this one to link to). This one, though, is only offered at Chanel Boutiques as far as I know — I didn’t see it online myself.

      • This one is currently available on the chanel website – I saw it a few days ago. I think they’re also doing complimentary shipping with any purchase right now as a mother’s day promotion. =)

        Their regular cake liner duo (i think is called noir-lame?) is a plain black on one side and a sparkly black on the other. They also had a greenish one over the holidays. (I think it’s called celadon lame?) I would’ve definitely gotten this one if I didn’t already have both of those, as well as a gold chanel eyeshadow!

        I agree with the others – it’s awesome that you write an honest review. I haven’t visited in a long time, but I’m glad I did today! I’ve been super tempted to buy this duo, but trying to convince myself not to… Layering the gold over the liner looks pretty though – I may have to try that with what I already have to see if it’s the same! (because the shades do look different to me – do you have any idea if they are?)

        also, i agree the brushes aren’t totally useless – I actually almost always use the eyeshadow brushes in the chanel compacts (i think mostly cause I never seem to have regular ones around when I use them! lol) and I’ve used the liner one in my duos before. However, a normal liner brush works so much better. I really like the chanel one!

        ughhh. i’m still tempted! thanks again for this review!
        Endless Nights

  5. Amanda

    I love the gold over jet. Are they both dry there?

  6. Jackie

    Hi Christine!
    Love your blog. It is always trustworthy. Any chance you can post a pic wearing the shadows?

  7. Laura

    Really appreciate your honest reviews!! It always helps me to get thoughtful, well rounded opinions :-)

    • Thanks, Laura! :) It is always my pleasure to share my experience with a product — it is always my hope that it helps someone in some way, no matter how big or small!

  8. HC

    I’m tempted!

    Are the two brushes included in the compact completely useless? haha

    • Not totally useless – the liner brush is decent (that’s what I used to create lines in the swatches), but my hands are too big/clumsy for those small brushes!

  9. amelia

    another great chanel product. i hope the black is sold seperately or with a colour i dont already have one day :)

  10. Hi Christine
    I just wanted to echo everyone: Your reviews really are a godsend! You are 100% trustworthy, and always fair. Your blog is perfection; keep up the great work!!!
    Your UK fan, (well, one of them)
    Gail xx