Friday, April 19th, 2013

Chanel L'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013
Chanel L’Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013

The dazzling colours of butterfly wings inspire a joyful look for Summer, with the enchanting collection L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON DE CHANEL. Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup Peter Philips envisions electric shades of gold, pink and platinum to set eyelids aglow, with lashes fluttering in whimsical aqua, lime and blue hues. Crisp peach and bright raspberry grace the lips, while nails finish the fleeting mood in glimmering shades of intense coral, deep blue-green and heavenly blue.

Stylo Eyeshadow / Fresh Effect Eyeshadow ($34.00) (Limited Edition)

A smooth-gliding pen applicator delivers a new lightweight, long-wear shadow that highlights eyes with gleaming colour. A cooling, water-infused formula creates a shimmering veil on lids — or precisely lines the eyes with perfect definition. In six playful shades, from light and soft to dark and metallic.

  • Moon River Platinum
  • Cool Gold Luminous gold
  • Pink Lagoon Fresh pink
  • Jade Shore Tender green
  • Blue Bay Silvery turquoise blue
  • Black Stream Silvery black

Inimitable Waterproof / Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel ($30.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Zest Bright yellow
  • Lime Light Tender green
  • Aqua Blue Bluish green
  • Blue Note Electric blue
  • Noir Black (Permanent)

Stylo Yeux Waterproof / Long-Lasting Eyeliner ($30.00) (Limited Edition)

  • True Blue Turquoise blue

Rouge Coco Shine / Hydrating Sheer Lipshine ($34.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Idylle Soft peach
  • Pygmalion Raspberry

Levres Scintillantes / Glossimer ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Zephyr Beige with shimmer
  • Envolee Coral
  • Eden Translucent raspberry

Le Vernis / Nail Colour ($27.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Lilis Intense coral
  • Azure Metallic blue green
  • Bel-argus Metallic blue

Availability: Chanel counters nationwide, May 2013

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Chanel L'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013
Chanel L’Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013

Chanel L'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013
Chanel L’Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013

Chanel L'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013
Chanel L’Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013

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47 thoughts on “Chanel L’Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013

  1. YES – those eye shadow pens!

  2. femmelady

    I’ve ordered a polish (Azure), the raspberry shine (Pygmalion), and placed an order for the gold eyeshadow (Cool Gold), although it shows backordered right now. Some of it is a little too young for me, but were I a little younger, I’d go for it. On Chanel’s site, the complimentary samples are fragrances from the Les Exclusives collection, which is fun. They are showing a limited edition quad in Metamorphose, but it’s Baked, and I cannot tolerate their baked versions. I don’t know how anyone gets any use out of them. It seems bright & bold is here for the summer, so fun, fun!

  3. Kaoyee

    Oh great, another Chanel polish I like. *throws cash at screen*

  4. AnGeLwInGz

    Omg the mascara s!

  5. In love with the colors <3
    OH YES. Will be difficult to ignore these.

  6. Corliss

    Nothing in this collection moves me.

  7. Maya

    I wonder how the azure polish compares to the green from the new Dior collection, I got that and they look similar. I don’t know how I feel about colored mascaras, especially if they cost so much. I’m not sure if I’ll use them much…yellow, green seem a little crazy :) the shadow sticks seem promising though.

    • VickyM

      I haven´t bought anything yet because the collection hasn´t arrived in my country…we don´t even have the new glossimers and Taboo polish here yet so…But I´m also really interested in comparing azure with the blue green ones from Dior I´m going to compare them before buying any of the two, I hope they look similar so I won´t have a hard time choosing, but really everything is gorgeous 😀 .

      • Maya

        I couldn’t control myself since the Dior one was already at the store! when you do compare, if you like both then go for Dior. You get two colors since its sold as a set. The bottles are slightly smaller but it’s ok since most of us never finish anything. The turquoise polish that comes with Dior is really pretty also.

  8. Dani

    I’ve ordered the entire collection, except for the mascaras and the quad. My wallet hates me.

  9. Erin

    I just bought the new Azure nail polish from my local Chanel counter less than an hour ago and it’s gorgeous.

  10. cydoniac

    I’m really curious about the mascaras…will you be reviewing them?

  11. ReneeP

    Did Chanel really have to do this to me?!

  12. Katy Maloney

    YES! The Lilis polish is right in there in my duty-free list for my upcoming trip to Chicago, next to Taboo (which I’m absolutely obsessed with!). I will attempt to ignore the new Rouge Coco Shine colors, as I’m a sucker for those too.. but who the hell wears green and yellow mascara, seriously?! I wouldn’t even want those if they gave them to me!

    • daheep

      With the right eyeshadow colors, they can actually tie a look together & look really pretty! Maybe try the green against navy blue, turquoise, & lime green shadows. And the yellow may look nice with rusty orange, magenta, & pink shadows. But I agree with you to a certain extent; even with an awesome look, I’d have to wear it every day for 3 months to get my money’s worth. I seriously don’t want to rock peacock or sunset eyes all summer! Most likely I’d use them 6 or 7 times before they’d go bad. I wish they sold these in mini form instead.

  13. Stephanie

    yellow mascara sounds fun i’ve never seen one of those

  14. Anne

    That first blueish nailpolish! And the rasberry gloss! *flails*

  15. Katie

    Idylle Coco shine is really the only thing I like the look of.

  16. VickyM

    Why are they so many gorgeous collections this time? After Dior now this…I really like the raspberry glossimer and Rouge Coco shine, that blue green nail polish sounds like my dream nail polish… and that eyeliner and those eyeshadow pens…Oh no they´re really all out to get my money O_O .

  17. koolchicken

    Maybe it’s just me, but in these photos the green nail polish looks a lot like BUTTER’s Thames. The other color looks nice, but I have ones that are similar to that one too. The colored mascaras intrigue me though. I was a fan when they were popular years ago, hopefully they become popular again.

  18. Ra

    I am so happy that I am not interested in these 3 nail polishes! Yaaahooo!!

  19. Jenny

    I can’t wait to see your swatches of this collection!!!

  20. Madii

    Oh no. I want everything :( The prices in Poland are insane though :(

  21. Della

    Am so excited for this collection! I just got the rouge coco shine in Pygmalion, the glossimer in Eden, the eyeshadow quad, the eyeliner, the shadow pen in moon river ( yay taupe!), and azure polish and bel argus. I’d have gone for the mascaras too if I didn’t have so many issues with mascaras, and if I though I’d wear them more. It’s just a little too high in price for a fun experiment. I am such a sucker for these turquoisey green/blue collections. I picked up taboo too and a couple other glossimers as well. A big hit on the wallet, but I think it’s going to be worth it. 😀

  22. I love the imagery and whimsy of this collection, but I find some of the items- the mascaras and even the shadow pencils- a bit gimmicky. I don’t know if I’d pay Chanel prices for something that I’d wear so infrequently…

  23. divinem1 (Melissa)

    I snapped up the Azure and Bel-Argus polishes. Gorgeous!

  24. divinem1 (Melissa)


    Do you have any experience with their Fresh Effect eyeshadow sticks? After poor results with MAC and Bobbi Brown, I’m a skeptic that one can find a decent eyeshadow stick anymore.

  25. cel

    The mascaras are so interesting! I would to see them in some kind of editorial.

  26. In finding the summer collections in general to be far more appealing than the spring. My wallet is going to hurt. I’m particularly interested in the stylo eyeshadows. Summer is the perfect time to swipe and go.

  27. Hazel


    I love colored mascaras. These sirens are calling the credit card out of my purse.

  28. Pink Provocateur

    This collection arrived at Sak’s in San Antonio yesterday. I bought four of the eye stylos (pink, blue, green, gold), the eyeliner, two mascaras (bright blue and light blue), and two nail lacuers (Azur and Bel Argus).

    The eye stylos feel wet and cool on application — almost like an eye mask, which is a lovely feeling for Summer. They blend beautifully! I tried several brushes, but they seem to blend best with fingers — not a precision product, but great for a quick look, which is what I love for Summer and for vacation. Once blended, they are waterproof!

    The mascaras are waterproof (easily removed with Chanel’s DÉMAQUILLANT YEUX INTENSE). I don’t think they are good for adding length and volume, though, so I used LE VOLUME first, and then added the coloured mascaras once set. The bright blue and light blue are absolutely noticeable, unlike other “coloured” mascaras, which seem to reveal colour only in direct, bright light.

    The nail lacquers are superbly awesome!

    Chanel is =finally= coming up with unique, eye-catching products and colours. When I wear make-up, I want to be noticed. This collection is a good start. 😉

  29. Carrie

    I went to my local counter today and they had the collection out. Everything was pretty, but…

    I thought the eyeshadows leaned too warm for my own personal taste and Azure was much more interesting in the bottle than on a tape swatch. Oh, it was still very pretty but it didn’t feel unique enough to pick up at that price point.

    I’m still interested in the mascaras, but I rather wait for reviews on those first, I’m always skeptical about color mascaras. I love the colors but they never seem to show up on me :(

    That said, I did pick up a bottle of Taboo, so my trip did not feel wasted. LOL.

  30. CMG

    The mascaras are AWESOME! I caught them at Bloomies over the weekend. AWESOME!

  31. Aida

    The only item I’m truly interested in is the online exclusive eyeshadow quad, Metamorphose, but I have no experience with Chanel quads and have no idea if their baked shadows (I assume the round pans are for baked eyeshadows?) are any good. I do love blue/green shadows and I just picked up Dior’s Blue Lagoon and I wouldn’t mind adding another blue/green palette to my collection. Any thoughts? Will you be reviewing the quad? Thanks, Christine!

  32. kendrixloves

    I would love to see a review of the shadow sticks

  33. Georgia Grace

    Hi Christine,

    I would preemptively like to ask if you might be willing to do a swatch comparison / nail next to nail comparison of Chanel Azure and Zoya Akyra which you reviewed back in 2007. I have been looking for the best dupes of Azure and Bel Argus, and I think Akyra and Tart respectively are very close, but there’s no way to tell based on online comparisons because I can’t see any side by side comparisons and therefore cannot tell differences in undertone / finish etc.

    Anyway, maybe this is too much to ask / very picky, but I just thought I’d try!


    Georgia Grace

  34. dana

    I love the mascara colors! very creative

  35. Love the entire range of colors!!!