Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Chanel Holiday 2010

Chanel Les Tentations de Chanel Holiday 2010 Collection

LES TENTATIONS DE CHANEL offers a sumptuous collection of tempting chocolates and fuchsias for the holiday season. Warm, vibrant tones punctuated with pops of festive colour create effects that are at once charming and sensuous.

Les Tissages de Chanel / Blush Duo Tweed Effect ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Tweed Fuchsia Pink

Les 4 Ombres / Quadra Eye Shadow ($56.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Tentation Cuivre Copper brown, light beige, shimmering pink, plum copper

Ombre d’Eau / Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Splash Smoky pewter

Le Vernis / Nail Colour ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Pulsion Fuchsia

Rouge Coco / Hydrating Creme Lip Colour ($30.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Magnolia Soft pink
  • Patchouli Copper

Levres Scintillantes / Glossimer ($27.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Charming Iridescent pink
  • Pink Pulsion Sheer fuchsia
  • Pleasing Golden brown

Availability: October 2010

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Chanel Holiday 2010

Chanel Holiday 2010

Chanel Holiday 2010

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70 thoughts on “Chanel Les Tentations de Chanel Holiday 2010 Collection

  1. gorgeous!! I love the light smoky brown eye and the fact that the color scheme isn’t really typical holiday colors. Wonderful!

  2. Jenn

    YES! I’m excited! The promo pic is absolutely gorgeous! πŸ˜€

  3. Aysegul

    I should get the Tweed Pink, Magnolia and Pulsion. Maybe they are not very new or shocking colors, but such colors suit me so well in my experience.

  4. Niamh

    I normally LURVE chanel releases but I dunno, I only feel a bit “meh!” about this one, like the nail varnish but that eyeshadow quad is verrrrrry like kaska beige…. hmmmm

  5. Dini

    This collection is beautiful. It all comes together so nicely. Love the promo pic.

  6. 1 word? I’ll choose: WOW!

  7. Like the sound of the blush, Magnolia lipstick and 1 or glossimers. However, the eyeshadow quad is just another boring one. The last interesting one Chanel has produced was the Bird of Paradise one.

  8. Layla

    omigosh! i’m a sucker for those sweet pink colours … definitely going to break my bank this christmas!! with the tartan collection of MAC and all…

  9. Ann

    I am so excited that there is a new Ombre d’Eau / Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow – these are AMAZING products – have you ever swatched them?

  10. aradhana

    i’m not usually so into chanel’s glosses, but i’m very much intrigued by this fuchsia gloss for winter…it’s almost summery?!

  11. I love the promo image of the model. I want to try a look like that but I don’t think I have any similar eyeshadow. I’d swatch the quad but it’s out of my price range so I don’t want to like it, lol.

  12. Orangeyouglad

    I love the tweed blush- it reminds me of an iconic Chanel jacket. Again, Chanel is leading the charge with nail polish. Even though it’s not exactly new to paint your nails fuschia, who’dathunk fuschia in the middle of winter?

  13. M

    Hope the Pink Pulsion glossimer will be similar to Pink Teaser! I love that one and didn’t get a back-up. :( Am down to my last quarter in the tube.

    • erin

      Hi M,
      Idk if you’re in the nyc area but I know FOR SURE the century 21 in Brooklny has a few pink teaser in stock. Hope that helps!

  14. ioanna

    omg! i can’t wait!

  15. Nancy

    I want the Nail polish and Blush. The rest I need to see in person

  16. Amber

    Well I just love Chanel! NEED the e/s quad for sure and must check out the pink/fuschia Glossimers!

  17. Lurique

    The quad, the blush, the nailpolish, ah who am I kidding, I think all the products are going to be gorgious!

  18. Violet

    Glad to see Magnolia coming out… we need more cool-toned Rouge Cocos!

  19. Ashley

    Pinks! πŸ˜€ I like the look of that blush.

  20. OMG all the colors are sooooo pretty! Definitely gonna check it out once they’re out in my country! :DDD

  21. phuongk

    hi christine, i’m really loving this collection. do you think you’ll do swatches or a review of some of the items? also, if you could guess, what do you think they used on the lips for the model in the promo pic?

  22. Laia

    I SOOOOOO want this! πŸ˜€

  23. victoria

    what a beautiful collection, i can’t wait, i want to check this out, thanks for the info christine.

  24. Jadis4742

    I was really excited about that blush until I saw the price tag. O_O

  25. Jennifer

    I want the e/s quad… The last promo image is flawless.

  26. Joyce B

    They had these out at Nordstrom’s yesterday. The colors are gorgeous. I bought the Glossimer in Pleasing, which really isn’t brown. It’s very sheer with tiny flecks of glitter. It will go great over any lipstick. I love the pink lips on the model too, but $60 for l/g and l/s? Can you suggest any MAC lippies that would give the same look?

  27. Lauren

    It looks beautiful! Hopefully I can put this on my Christmas list since I really cant afford Chanel :(

  28. Kimberley

    I love the look of this collection, especially the nail polish.
    I would love a review, it looks very similar to Chanel’s Splendeur and Rose Insolent or Riviera?

  29. Angel

    I have never been even remotely tempted to pay Chanel prices…..but oh man, the pink, it calls to me. This is a dangerous trend!

  30. Rachael

    I love the neutrals with brights that they’re rocking for fall. So much fun!

  31. AnGeLwInGz

    These look like tried and true wearable colors. The promo pic is gorgeous.

  32. Lynn

    I saw the eyeshadow Quad at Nordstrom the other day and I like it! Thank you for posting this! Will definitely be grabbing something from the holiday collection!

  33. Val

    I love the lipstick!

  34. Beautiful colors and textures from Chanel, as always.

  35. Eileen

    Really pretty colours in that shadow quad!

  36. Shirley

    I don’t know how far everyone here is from San Diego but the Nordstrom at UTC San Diego already has the testers on display!

  37. Lea

    do stores already have this in stock? and if not when will they?

  38. Ashley D.

    Wow, that blush looks amazing!

  39. Janet

    Honestly I was only looking forward for the nail polish but Pulsion doesn’t interest me :/ but thanks for informing us :] Three weeks ago when I stopped by the Chanel counter at Bloomingdales, the Sales lady told me about an upcoming release of a new nail polish, something along the lines of Particuliere and Paradoxal. Have you heard anything about that?

  40. Evelyn

    I was skeptical about the quad but I popped in the store and tried it and it had to come home with me. love the colors!

  41. Lenni

    Is Pulsion anything like Riviera?

  42. Brandon

    Wow, i’m way more interested in these few products than I am the WHOLE Mac holiday collection lol

  43. Resa

    I’ve already seen this on sale at one of my Chanel counters! All I have to say is LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    The Fuschia tweed is so hot! My personal favourite.

  44. Fiona

    Does anyone know who the girl in the promo pic is? She’s gorgeous!

  45. Kellie

    As soon as I saw the pic of the set, I fell in love. And now I feel like I NEED to have this set heh. I <3 deep purples/pinks. Like.. obsessively <3 them. In makeup, of course. This is going on my Christmas wishlist lol.

  46. nicci

    I wish Pleasing was included. I saw a promo pic of it somewhere else and it looks so pretty – if you like nude colors. I am also curious about the RC’s which I heard are both LE colors.

  47. Christy


  48. Jen

    This is up on the Neiman Marcus website. The colors aren’t shown, but for example,if you go to order a lipstick, the color name will show up in the drop down box, but not in the swatches. If I recall correctly, the model is wearing the quad, the blush, magnolia, and pink pulsion. The nails are, of course, pulsion.

  49. elbas

    Nordstrom at Valley Fair have this in! But I wasn’t thrilled… the lipstick colors didn’t really jump out at me and the eyeshadow quad looked like it had a lot of fallout.

  50. Anna

    this is my favorite holiday’s collection…I need to know when this will be available in Italy, cause I have been tempted and I gotta buy it!
    I hope you’ll do a smokey look with the quadra eyeshadow!

  51. Ru

    Wow, the promo look is beautiful. But I do feel like I can pull that off with some things I already own.

  52. Melissa

    I hope you are able to do a look with the quadra eyeshadow! I just bought this and it’s GORGEOUS, but I’d like to see your take on it :)

  53. Oh yea. . . we need a tutorial on the model’s look for this collection!!!

  54. nicci

    It’s online! :)

  55. Jennie P

    Sooo pretty and a beautiful contrast to the overdone dark, dark, almost vamp look that holiday collections usually consist of. I love the “tweed ” collection of blush that Chanel offers. Beautiful soft color intertwined with a soft glow- not quite shimmer and definitely not sparkle. — Ms Christine, do you ever hear through your magic cosmetic grapevine if Chanel is ever going to consider doing a cream blush. Would be so heavenly…:)

  56. Faye

    I bought the eyeshadow quad and the Pink Pulsion gloss yesterday. The quad is very pretty and subtle, and works surprisingly well on cool-toned, fair skin like mine. I like the gloss but I don’t know why they call it sheer – it was highly pigmented and bright on me!

  57. Linnea

    Love the smokey eye and the blush. Love the nails, just not on that look! Damnit Chanel, why do you always have to do this to me?!

  58. Valerie

    Rouge Coco Patchouli! Copper = LOVE!

  59. Kelly

    Is the model wearing Magnolia? If she is, IT WILL BE MINE!

  60. I am heading to my counter this weekend,, i will hopefully pick up the eyeshadow palette, then a glossimer!