Monday, June 21st, 2010

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection

Chanel Les Contrastes de Chanel Collection for Fall 2010

Coco Chanel’s iconic style was a study in contrasts. She boldly mixed black and white, masculine and feminine, classic and modern. Paying tribute to her unique vision, Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, has created a makeup collection for Fall 2010 that brings bold emphasis to the eyes, and keeps lips soft and delicate.

  • Edited (6/21):  Now with high res images! :)

Les 4 Ombres / Quadra Eye Shadow ($56.00)

  • Enigma Shimmering peach, chocolate grey, violet grey, deep plum

Joues Contraste / Powder Blush ($42.00)

  • Pink Explosion Shimmer pink (Limited Edition)
  • Rose Temptation Shimmer rosewood (Limited Edition)
  • Plum Attraction Shimmer plum (Limited Edition)

Le Vernis / Nail Colour ($23.00)

  • Paradoxal Grey violet

Ombre Essentielle / Soft Touch Eyeshadow ($28.50)

  • Taupe Grise Chocolate grey
  • Vert Khaki Khaki

Le Crayon Khol / Intense Eye Pencil ($27.00)

  • Clair Beige

Stylo Yeux Waterproof / Long-lasting Eyeliner ($28.00)

  • Cassis Plum

Rouge Coco / Hydrating Creme Lip Colour ($30.00)

  • Chintz Peach rose
  • Rose Dentelle Rose pink
  • Chalys Luminous coral

Levres Scintillantes / Glossimer ($27.00)

  • Petite Peche Pale peach
  • Coral Love Coral shimmer
  • Rose Dilemma Soft pink
  • Pink Teaser Vivid pink

Availability: July 2010

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Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Glossimers: Petite Peche, Rose Dilemma, Coral Love, Pink Teaser

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Chanel Orchid Rose Powder Blush

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Chanel Pink Explosion Powder Blush

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Chanel Plum Attraction Powder Blush

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Chanel Rose Temptation Powder Blush

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Chanel Chintz Rouge Coco

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Chanel Rose Dentelle Rouge Coco

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Chanel Taupe Grise Eyeshadow

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Chanel Verte Khaki Eyeshadow

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection

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143 thoughts on “Chanel Les Contrastes de Chanel Collection for Fall 2010

  1. Kristen

    Jade Rose is a really pretty pink. Do you happen to know how many coats it tends to take for it to show up true to the color in the bottle? Thanks Christine!

  2. Wish list update: Paradoxe Nailpolish!!!

  3. Diana

    The single eyeshadows look GORGEOUS.

  4. Jennifer

    Love the first and last Glossmier colors and the lipsticks…Then again I am a lipstick fiend.

  5. HC

    I WANT EVERYTHING! All the colors are totally up my alley. Sigh. Damn you, Chanel!!

  6. LNU

    The blush looks nice and the quad is pretty…but the colors seem similar to ones I already own from different brands. Boo! Maybe I’ll get it though just cause its so cute.

  7. Mariya

    Paradoxe nail polish- beautiful!!!

  8. Alexis

    ooh new glossimers and rouge coco colors. I tried the waterproof liner when I had my makeup done by the Chanel counter at Nordstrom’s beauty event. I love it – need to go back and get the brown pencil used on me. I love how it has a hidden sharpener at the end of the pencil. Cassis looks pretty and so do those single eyeshadows. Is the instant pencil something used on the waterline to “wake up” your eyes?

  9. nicci

    wow, looks more like summer I think but I am sure I will pick up something! :)

  10. Jade Rose and Paradoxe look gorgeous!! Def gonna get those

  11. Dee

    I want it all!!!…Chanel rep at my local counter said it’s gonna hit the stores 1st of July apparently…can’t wait

  12. kristie

    FOUR glossimers?!?! Chanel is really trying to kill my wallet.

  13. Nancy

    I can’t wait. It looks like a beautiful collection. I love Chanel nail polish!

  14. Eileen

    A number of the fashion houses are showing shades of moss green and amethyst in their fall collections so Chanel’s color collection will be the perfect compliment for the looks that will be eventually hitting the stores. It’s really a logical extension of Chanel’s summer look: eliminate the corals and peaches, expand the pinks, and add a soft smokey eye. I can hardly wait to see swatches of the Enigma quad and the Cassis stylo yeux. As for the Joues Contraste, do I really need another one? You bet, I do! :-) The colors look so beautiful.

  15. Laura

    That E/S quad is GORGEOUS!!!

  16. Michelle

    Everything is stunning!

  17. rose

    depending ont he swatches and reviews when it comes out…i really may need this. :-)

  18. amy

    Paradoxe is completely down my alley. It is so gorgeous.

  19. I’ll check out the Glossimers for sure and maybe the lipsticks, but the quad looks almost exactly like Mystic Eyes to me, so probably won’t get it. The new Dior collection’s just out in the UK and those eyeshadow quints and singles are way prettier, rather spend my money on those. :)

  20. Andrea

    That Quad looks STUNNING!!!! So do the blushes! Can’t wait for this one!!

  21. Sparkleandsmile16

    The glossmier colors look gorgeous :)

  22. Michelle M

    Did anyone else notice that, in the first pic of the polishes, the purple one is labled ‘Paradoxal’, but in the second it’s ‘Paradoxe’? I wonder what’s up with that? In other news, that quad is amazing!

  23. Laura

    Wow I love this, and I usually don’t even love Chanel shadows!

  24. Dini

    Love the blushes and the quad.

  25. Kathryn

    I love the glossimers! They look pretty bright for Fall, but thats okay because I wear bright colours no matter what time of year. The eyeshadow quad is very pretty too!

  26. AnGeLwInGz

    meh…. there’s no such thing as a bad Glossimer but other than that I’ll pass. Jade Rose is a re-release, I like Paradoxe, the singles look like re-releases from the summer ’08 collection, and I fear the quad may have the same effect as the holiday Noirs disaster palette. It’s hard to tell what the lipsticks and blushes are like. Those are 2 Chanel products that are usually reliable.

  27. Sarah M

    Can’t wait for this collection. These are definitely my kind of colours. 😀

  28. Wow the colors are gorgeous! I want that quad and the lippy :)

  29. Ashley

    Totally getting the single shadows, I’m a sucker for those colours.

  30. Sarah

    Wow, this collection has my name written all over it! *Sigh* guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t fallen for many summer collections :)

  31. Abril

    Jade Rose is super pretty! Can’t wait!

  32. WOW WOW WOW! I am in love with these colors!

  33. Violet

    I’m eyeing those lipsticks! Most of the Rouge Cocos have been too warm for my taste… I could use some more cool pinks!

  34. Kim L

    I looove Chanel blushes! Can’t wait- have been dying for them to bring out new blushes

  35. Nicole

    Oh man…….this is going to hurt the wallet!! It’s all so gorgeous. That purple nail polish looks divine! 😀

  36. I wish you had posted more images from this campaign because it’s really beautiful and graphic visually. the products, I mean who can tell from these pictures, but I love the classy vibe the photos portray. much better than those tacky temporary tattoos of the spring season. THIS is what people want from chanel!

  37. Helena

    Wait…is it Paradoxal, or Paradoxe? Damn contradictory promo images.

  38. I’m definately getting the e/s quad and possibly a new blush. Looks gorgeous!

  39. Lorna

    this collection looks amazing. maybe i’ll finally be able to find the perfect pink glossimer.

  40. Carla

    Wow. I can’t wait for this collection to come out. I’m definitely buying the nail polishes because I am die hard fan of Chanel nail polishes (I have over 20), the quad and blushes are beautiful. I’m buying them all.

  41. The quad will be mine. I have two of them already and I use them and yes, they are great! Still lemming a Giorgio Armani Quad but Chanel is always a good to go.

  42. Josi

    i like the nail polish.. the purple one :)

  43. Virginia

    Do you know if the Rouge Coco lipsticks are new or LE? Thanks :)

  44. jaspreet


  45. Vutny

    lusting after the enigma eye palette…

  46. Isabell

    I hope Paradox looks as good on the nail cant wait for the first swatches

  47. fiona azzopardi

    thanks for these beautiful pictures of the forth-coming Chanel Fall look. i will be saving my Euros for this collection, i may end up buying everything xxxx :)

  48. Christy

    Good lord, I like all of it!

  49. Suzanna

    I will be buying that quad, despite a vague dissatisfaction with Chanel quads in general. Even with UDPP, they tend to melt away over the course of wearing.

  50. Kara

    Tasty! Been lemming purples lately.


    There is a pic of paradoxical on Sophy Robson’s twitter page (she is an amazing British nail artist)

  52. leinti nti

    this is amazing. feminine and wearable but with a twist. i am looking forward to july

  53. Virginia

    I love the shadow quad and the lipsticks and glossimers sounds great. I am SOO done with Chanel polishes though. They were so thick and terrible last time!

  54. Chelsea

    A bold eye with a soft lip–how terribly original!

  55. Kim L

    I am sooo there. Chanel blushes are fantabulous!

  56. Lily

    Christine, what colour lipstick is used on the model? It’s such a beautiful colour!

  57. LNU

    Something about chanels packaging has always attracted me!

  58. Paradoxal looks so good on the model but it looks shiny/sparkly in the bottle. Wish it was a solid creme shade! I’m really interested in the quad!!

  59. Cool ^^ I mean I totally wanna own this stuff but since it’s expensive I might would of only bought a nail polish if so.. But I dunno

  60. Haley

    REALLY want the eyeshadow quad, the pale peach glossimer, and the beige liner! Now if I just had the money….

  61. j e n

    I love the new nail polish shade I just hope it’s a creme and not a shimmery polish!! (Crossing fingers)

  62. Hendrix

    This isn’t specifically a Chanel gripe, but I really wish the high-end brands would stop putting those flimsy, cheap mini sponge applicator tips in their palettes. They’re generally awful for actual application, and I would think that someone who pays $50+ for an eyeshadow palette is probably using nice makeup brushes to begin with.

  63. Pippa

    i want all of it! definitely going to keep an eye out for the quad, rose temptation blush, paradoxal and jade rose though.

  64. Brenda

    I like the beige eye pencil and the single shadows, but I feel like while it is a nice collection, I have many similar colours. I don’t find it very inspiring :(

  65. victoria

    i know most are not unusual colors but unfortunately they are still colors i would wear and so i will definitely check this collection out. love the dark nailpolish, thanks for the post.

  66. Ember

    Paradoxal looks lovely. I wonder how far off it is in colour from Vendetta. It looks greyer, which would be easier to wear.

  67. OMG! I love the quad and Paradoxial!

  68. nicci

    the glossimers look promising and so do the lipsticks

  69. Natalia

    Kinda looks the same as their past collections especially the eye palette.

  70. Josi

    I like the paradoxe nail polish :)

  71. alice

    I don’t see anything unique or any must-have. Pretty but similar to hundreds of colors out there.

  72. Suzanne

    Amazing collection!! Those blushes and that quad are gorgeous!

  73. Christine


  74. Proenza

    Going to grab the ENIGMA quad, the ROSE TEMPTATION blush and a few bottles of PARADOXAL. Vendetta was such a pretty color, pleased to see that Paradoxal is a dark grey with purple tones. Great to see that Chanel nail polish is starting to have mixed colors in one tiny bottle.

    Hopefully will be released in a few weeks.

  75. jollie

    paradox looks similar to a nailpolish color that nars debuted with one of their latest collection this year (don’t recall the name). Do you know if they are dupe?

  76. patricia

    the nail lacquer is ‘paradoxal’ (image 5) or ‘paradoxe’ (image8)?

  77. I hope this polish doesn’t blow up as Chanel’s polishes have been doing. Dark purple, blah.

  78. Haley

    I want the beige pencil, petit peche lipgloss and the quad eyeshadow SOOO bad!

  79. Kathryn

    I am definatelly getting Rose Dentelle lipstick, Petite Peche, Rose Dilemma and Pink Teaser glossimer! Wow thats gonna cost me!

  80. Hend

    Amazinggg colours

  81. Sign me in for the quad and the Cocos lipsticks *tries not to look at the glossimers* – I hope I still get some percent off at my local dealer where I leave my paycheck every month!
    Sigh – I consider to have a second birthday in autunm right now?!

  82. Alexis

    YAY new glossimers/rouge coco colors. I will be saving up for this for sure. I am also going to pick up one of the eye shadow singles and maybe that cassis eyeliner. That sounds really pretty!

  83. Mui

    I wonder when this is going to come out?!

    I need to get this collection!!!!

  84. Sexy Sadie

    The lipsticks look great.

  85. Colette

    I love the look of this collection! But, I’m confused. Are there four new JCs or three? Why is Orchid Rose shown in the pic but not included in the product list? Also, is Jade Rose being re-released or not? Thanks!

  86. ssnug

    I love those lips!~

  87. Christina

    i neeeeeddd rose dentelle!! it just seems like the perfect color for everyday wear

  88. Jillian

    when is the date this will be coming out?

  89. cyndi

    I love this collection, but is that a Euro quad? Is the US getting the round e/s now?

  90. Proenza

    This collection should release on the 2nd of July. Cannot wait!

  91. Hilana

    Gorgeous collection and the most stunning promo picture. Makes you want to take your rent money and go spend it.

  92. Thank you so much for these pics Christine. I definitely will get the quad, also eying Coral Love and Pink Teaser glossimers.

  93. Luisafer

    looks beautiful!!! that nail polish really cached my eye!!!

  94. Marloes

    Hi Christine, do you know if the single chocolate grey eyeshadow (Taupe Grise)is the same as the chocolate grey in the Enigma quad? Thanks!!!

  95. Hey Christine,
    I have a question:
    I love the nailpolish in the press picture, it looks so smokey violet without any shimmer, but the chanel polish in real is full of shimmer, do you know any polish wich is similiar these on the first picture? I’m searching all the time for such a color!
    Thanks very much!

  96. Samantha

    This was out today at my Chanel counter!!! I purchased the eye quad, and two of the glossimers! My first Chanel purchase!!

  97. I’m so interesnted about the glossimers, i was looing for Venus (other glossimer) but it was LE, so i’m looking for a dupe… so i was thinking if PINKK TEASER can be the dupe i’m looking for.

    What do u think Christine?

  98. Laura

    Do you know if paradoxal will be limited edition?

  99. Mandy

    Would anyone happen to know who the model in the promo pic is?