Friday, August 13th, 2010

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

In 2006, CHANEL launched INIMITABLE Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel, revolutionizing the market with the first multi-tasking mascara to deliver volume, length, curl and separation in a single stroke. It also redefined the conventional mascara brush with an innovative applicator comprised of elastomer ‘bristles’ that allowed for a remarkably precise application.

New INIMITABLE INTENSE Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel Sophistiqué builds on the success of the original mascara with a new, technologically advanced formula, delivered with the unique brush. The result is a more intense lash look, with the same easy application. Lashes appear longer, thicker and more curled, yet each lash, even the finest, is still precisely separated — without clumping, spiking or flaking.

Now there are two choices for INIMITABLE lashes: the original formula for a subtle 3D effect, with volume, length and curl — and the new formula for a more intense 3D effect, with greater volume, length and curl.

Inimitable Intense Mascara ($30.00)

  • Brun Brown
  • Rouge Noir Black red
  • Purple Deep violet
  • Noir Black

Availability: September 2010

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Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

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34 thoughts on “Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

  1. nicci

    I have the original but I want the purple one!

  2. Resa

    Nordstrom already has it! At least the one here in Hawaii did when I went the other day. I got a sample of it, haven’t tried it though. I’d love to hear your thoughts when you review it, Christine!

  3. Already tried it. It’s crap, and Rouge Noir looks like black when worn. Huge dissapointment

  4. This is just one of the most beautiful promo pics I have ever seen. The thing with mascara is ( any mascara for that matter) that it never lives up to your expectations.
    They add fake lashes and photoshop the pics to make you believe that you will get lashes like that too.
    I have never, ever, ever been pleasantly surprised.

  5. Etaoin

    I’ve never tried this mascara, its always been too pricy for me cause i’ll have to throw it out after 6 months. I like the promo pic, at least the girl in the photos eyelashes don’t look like they are computer generated even if they prob are falsies!

  6. Roxanne

    I like the ad – it looks “real”.

  7. Alyssa

    I’d appreciate a review on the purple as you have brown eyes. The SA was going to try to sell me it but I’m convinced drugstore does a better job at mascara.

  8. Lulle

    I HATE this mascara!!
    I had really loved the original Inimitable, so when I finished my Dior Iconic, I decided to buy it again.
    The salesperson at Sephora convinced me to go for the Intense version, saying the only difference was a deeper color :[
    The formula is MUCH thicker, and it’s sooooo clumpy!! My lashes stick together, it doesn’t give any curl, it’s a total mess…
    I wish Sephora in France would have a better return policy, I would so have brought it back!

    • nicci

      wow, I wish Sephora in the US would sell Chanel!

    • Sylvie

      You can return any products to Sephora in France, as long as it’s within a certain time limit (I think it’s 3 months). They don’t ask questions. Maybe they’ll ask you if you’ve already used it before, but even if you have, they’ll still take it back. I just say “j’ai changé d’avis” if they ask me why I’m returning it. I’ve done that a few times myself, with a mascara as well. I live in Paris.

    • Sylvie

      Oh by the way, I also love Dior Iconic. That’s the mascara that I go back to all the time. I was curious about this new mascara from Chanel, but now that I’ve read your opinion about it, I don’t think I’ll be trying it. 😉

  9. traci

    The brush looks good.

  10. Ru

    Black red mascara? Interesting…
    It looks promising. If it could achieve the look on the model: nude face and fringy lashes- I would buy it.

  11. Jillian

    This is a tad bit random, but this is PROBABLY the first mascara ad I’ve ever seen were the models lashes actually look like natural lashes instead of huge falsies the company is trying to pass off as the models own. Odd comment, but true! They look great!

  12. Ms. Jimmi

    The perfect mascara is like the Holy Grail of Beauty; we keep searching and yet never seem to find “it.”

  13. Katie

    I’m tempted to buy it; I’d pay for an expensive mascara if it could make my lashes look like the model’s, but I can’t shell out $30 for it knowing that the pic was photoshopped. She looks like she has natural falsies.

  14. Tina

    September? This is already out in stores.

  15. SpecimenW75

    Ladies, I received a sample from my good friend at Lord & Taylor. This is the perfect opportunity to share with you my review. IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can honestly say this is the BEST mascara I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. Volumizes, lengthens, curls AND defines. Seriously – I didn’t think they would come up with it and here it is – not surprised that Chanel would be the one to have the preemptive claim!!! Yay! LOVE it, love it, love it.

  16. Laura

    I have tried this new mascara, plus the regular and WP versions.

    I can see no difference between the Intense and regular, other than the color options, which are nice. Like the original, Intense gives good separation, but that was it. Intense did not hold a curl and didn’t make my lashes any thicker than the regular.

    For what it is worth, I think the WP version is great (does hold a curl, too!), but is a pain to remove, even with the fabulous Chanel remover.

    Hope this helps!

  17. Shelley

    the blush and lip products used call my name. I’d love to know what they are.

    • Ilyssa

      The blush is Tempting Beige and the lip color is Insounciance in the Rouge Allure lipstick with Beige lip liner. The eyeshadow is the new blue duo. Her foundation is the Mat Lumiere. Chanel had flyers that described what she was wearing. I loved the look too!

  18. I love love love and adore the original so i’m all over this one. wearing the original now, it gives me the cutest doll’like lashes. this is also the blackest mascara i own. cant wait!

  19. AnGeLwInGz

    Inimitable… my favorite mascara since years ago and for years to come!

  20. Hend

    I Always try to love chanel’s mascaras
    but they always disappoint me and make my lashes feel like cement !! :(

    But I love the promo photo ! most other mascaras Advers use alot of fake lashes ! and never show you how real lashes will look like using the mascara !

  21. I like how Chanel mascara ads aren’t ridiculously Photoshoped to make it look like the model has crazy falsies naturally.

  22. The Rouge Noir has me curious!

  23. leslie

    I just got a sample of the new mascara, and I LIKE IT!It lasted all day on my oily lids with no smudges or flakes AND sitting at the beach. By the way Christine, how do the Chanel eyeshadows compare to MAC? I’ve never bought Chanel makeup before.

  24. konconsc

    OMG..I am in LOVE with this mascara..
    I don’t usually use mascara that is not asian formula just because my asian lashes are always weigh down by the heavy formula..but Chanel’s mascara didnt do that to my lashes. It really does length, volumize and seperate my lashes. This one is crazily amazing. I think this one will be my holy grail mascara.

    • konconsc

      forgot to mention, I only put two coats on and even my bf (who knows nothing about make up) said I look like i have falsies on. But my lashes were feathery soft yet with the mascara.

  25. Ilyssa

    Aaaah! Hands down… the best mascara ever!!! I’ve done my legwork. Lancome’s L’extreme was ok for a time til I realized how much it flaked, then Dior Show captivated me for a good 2 yrs, but when I finally compared a new tube of Dior on one lash to Chanel’s Inimitable on the other, I never looked back. There is no comparison. The Inimitable gave my lashes a lot more lift and distributed the color evenly from the base of my lashes to the tip, bringing out lashes I didn’t even now I had. Besides, I hate that every counter has 5 to 8 different types of mascaras to choose from, but Chanel makes it easy by giving you one that does it all. I looove the original Inimitable and the Intense I love for my night looks!

  26. Sarita

    Does anyone know who this is on the advertisement for Chanel? What’s her name?