Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Chanel | Fall 2008 Golden Child

I thought I would share these fabulous photos of the upcoming fall 2008 Chanel collection!Ā  You know, like you needed more makeup stimulus for today. šŸ˜‰

Chanel | Fall 2008 Golden Child

Gold Fever Joues

Chanel | Fall 2008 Golden Child


Chanel | Fall 2008 Golden Child


Chanel | Fall 2008 Golden Child


Chanel | Fall 2008 Golden Child

Bois Blue

Chanel | Fall 2008 Golden Child

Rose Dust

Chanel | Fall 2008 Golden Child


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38 thoughts on “Chanel for Fall 2008: Gold Fever Joues, Reflets D’Ombre…

  1. Nosh

    Must … buy … all! I just wish chanel wasn’t so expensive! poo =(

  2. Laura

    i am LOVING the look of the enthusiast lipstick! YUM šŸ˜€

  3. Love all of the colors. However, with all of the fall collections coming out I feel like I haven’t experienced summer yet!

    • I know what you mean! At least I feel like I don’t have to rush out the first day for Chanel/Dior – just because I think there will be plenty of stock, lol. I could be totally wrong in reality, though.

  4. Beautiful colours! I’m already in love with the ‘Kaleidoscope’ nail polish *___*

  5. Bea

    That lipstick is Gorgeous! Please tell me that its an orange red!

  6. Glosslizard

    Oh, yum! I’m a sucker for greens, and that quad looks amazing!

  7. Parveen


    yay this made my day..

  8. Miss QQ

    OMG! Thanks for sharing this, Christine. Iā€™m totally stimulated, in fact, I almost jump up from my seat. I think I need to get all of them! From the products photos, Amberlight and Delight are exactly what I have been looking for in glosses. I love the dark teal of Bois Blue, the green gold of Kaleidoscope, the sexy eye quad, the shine of Gold Fever and the dusty pink of Rose Dust. I always love shades of rose. I love Enthusiast too and hopefully it suits my skin tone.

  9. The nailpolish looks cool, but I’m not sold on Chanel make up. I got the Lumieres Facettes in Gold Rush quad last year and I wasn’t impressed at all.

    • That’s raelly too bad, Mary! I have one shadow that I really love from Chanel – such a pretty highlighter. I also love their lipstick!

  10. Heather

    Oh I HAVE to have the two glossimers!

  11. Shefali

    Wow…I don’t buy Chanel makeup ever, but these colors look freakin’ amazing. I’m actually more excited about this than any of the MAC collections coming out soon.

  12. michelle

    so much for my MAC quad haul. This is what I’ll be saving (and begging for BDay) for.

  13. Yes, i became stimulated.

  14. Carrie

    Oh my. Bois Blue and that nail polish will be, i think, my first Chanel purchases. That nail polish is about exactly my “signature color” that I wear constantly.

  15. cloudburst

    The nail polish looks good. It’s funny I have a silver version of Gold Fever Joues from quite a few years ago…

  16. Balqees

    I LOVE the nailpolish :)
    and Gold Fever Joues lip gloss..

  17. Jennifer

    *Sigh* That shadow quad looks so amazingggg!

  18. Eyeshadow Quad and Rose Dust looks yummy :))


  19. Some colors are seem scary to me (like Kaleidoscope and Delight), and some of them are ugly (like Rose Dust and Amberlight), but the rest of the collection looks pretty to me.

  20. Katia

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL on!
    I recently picked up this quad and LOVE it. I used it every night on our most recent trip to Vegas over the Independence Day weekend and it looked amazing!
    I used the shimmery tiel blue as a liner with the coffee color in the crease. The shimmery white lights up the eye brused near the tear area and underneath. The gold in the middle just opens up the eye. I recommend using the aqualuminiere lipgloss in vanilla. It’s neutral and shimmery and allows the eyes to shine in these colors.
    I would say this is a must have along with a few other palettes they have such as spices and demure.
    Wasn’t too fond of the rest of the collection once I saw it in person though ;( Lots and lots of Gold.