Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

Inspired by the heritage and savoir faire of the artisanal craftsmanship of the House of Chanel, Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, introduces new textures and makeup effects in a radiant Fall 2011 Collection, ILLUSIONS D’OMBRES DE CHANEL. At the heart of this captivating colour story: Shimmering bronze, gold and platinum are the perfect complements to plum, khaki and copper shades on eyes and lips. Unique reflections of metallic green, silver and beige on nails provide the ideal counterpoint.

Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow ($36.00)

A revolutionary silicone gel formula sets a new standard in eyeshadow with the advent of ILLUSION D’OMBRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow. A unique mix of silicone and a patented Silicone Elastomer Gel creates a texture that is soft and cushiony, and glides on easily. With an intense shimmer effect, eyes reveal a modern drama. A mix of pigments in varied sizes provides this enhanced light reflection. The versatility of ILLUSION D’OMBRE — it can be worn as eyeshadow or eyeliner — makes it this season’s true makeup must. A specially designed shadow/liner brush, developed specifically for this unique formula, is included to provide an elevated level of artistry that every woman can master. ILLUSION D’OMBRE is available in six long-wearing, luminous shades, ranging from intense black to delicate peach.

  • Fantasme White
  • Epatant Khaki
  • Emerveille Peach
  • Ebloui Red brown
  • Illusoire Purple
  • Mirifique Black

Rouge Coco ($32.00)

  • Plumetis Peach beige
  • Etole Rose brown

Le Vernis Nail Colour ($25.00)

  • Graphite Metallic silver (Limited Edition)
  • Quartz Silver beige
  • Peridot Green gold(Limited Edition)

Levres Scintillantes Glossimer ($28.50)

  • Pampille Sheer pink
  • Braise Reddish brown

Rouge Double Intensite ($34.00)

  • Rose Morganite Rose brown

Le Crayon Levres ($29.00)

  • Coraline Coral
  • Rose Cuivre Rose brown

Joues Contraste ($43.00)

  • Rose Ecrin Soft rose

Les 4 Ombres ($57.00)

  • Prelude Taupe, beige, taupe rose, plum charcoal

Le Crayon Yeux ($29.00)

  • Khaki Platine Silver khaki(Limited Edition)

availability: Now @ Chanel

See more photos & swatches!

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77 thoughts on “Chanel Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

  1. Uh oh. I think this collection is going to make me get my feet wet in Chanel!

  2. Whew nothing really calls out to me here.

  3. Brie

    Oh. My. Goodness. This is going to break the bank even more so than MAC’s Semi-Precious collection! If these Longwear Eyeshadows are ANYTHING like the cream shadows Chanel had in their limited edition Ombres Perlees palette from the spring collection, all six shades will be in my possession before you can say “Coco!” I’m going to try the Khaki Platine eyeliner on the lower lashline to see if it’s a good enough substitute for my favorite Rose Platine from summer (And if so, I’ll be sure to purchase at least a few back-ups). I’ll also be really tempted by both the Peridot and Graphite nail colors and the Braise glossimer. The Prelude quad looks lovely but probably a tad cool for my skintone. Can’t wait to get my hands on these products. I’ll have to stalk my Nordstrom counter after work today!

  4. Gabby T

    I have been looking forward to this for so long and then I was reading up another blog about how the Illusion D’Ombre shadows are similar to the Spring Ombres Perleés de Chanel palette (Think it was Beauty Look Book?). Anyway I’m looking forward to hearing your take on the formula. Also trying to see if I have a dupe for Khaki Platine anywhere in my Urban Decay stash….it’s gorgeous!

    • Brie

      Oh good, I hope that’s the case. The cream shadows in that palette apply like heaven on the eyelid. I’ve been using it sparingly though because I wasn’t sure if and when Chanel would release something similar!

    • Evelyn

      They look similar to the Perles but these new ones are very super shimmery compared to the Perles which really have a pearl-like, much softer effect to them. The colors aren’t quite the same. I have to say Epatant is the most amazing shade, you have to see it!

  5. Sarah

    so much want!!! interested to see how the shadows compare to the giorgio armani eyes to kill :)
    i love the polish pictured!

  6. Beautiful, I love it!

  7. Christine

    I think I just saw my first Chanel Quad! It looks amazing, as well as the new eyeshadows and nail polish! I look forward to seeing swatches of these colors. Thanks Christine!

  8. Lyza Rae

    Peridot I’ll have to snap up ASAP! It looks like it’ll be the perfect Christmas present for my green-obsessed mom.

  9. Laura

    Wow – that nail polish in the photo (I assume it’s Peridot?) looks amazing!

  10. shontay

    I just got my order of Epatant shadow and the coral lip liner. The shadow is too awesome. I am going to buy more. The liner isn’t that pigmented on it’s own, but it’ll be ok under a lipstick.

  11. Vicky Llamas

    OMG!! i love the Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow. I mean everything looks amazing….

  12. Marian

    I can’t wait for these shadows!

  13. Laura

    That nail polish looks interesting, I can’t wait to see a swatch!

  14. Violet

    Oh my, those eyeshadows are gorgeous. Will you be reviewing any of these? I’d like to know whether they’re worth that outragous price or not!

  15. Peridot may make me lose my Chanel virginity. :)

    Btw, I am still smarting from not being able to buy Jealousy Wakes yesterday. I can’t believe it sold out so quickly!

  16. Chrissy

    Oh no! I see something that I like. That Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Khaki and Purple!!! Plus the Quad has a Taupe color? Nooo!! Ahh!!! I have to buy those Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eye Shadows, the new MAC collection coming up, and now this?! What am I going to do??

  17. This collection is to die for. Sabrina at the Beauty Look Book posted swatches and I have 1 word for you ladies: Graphite!

  18. Daisy

    Oh Chanel, I’ve grown quite fond of our intrigues together.

  19. MP

    Oh… my… Goddess… I need everything in that top picture. They all need to be part of my life immediately, particularly that eyeshadow and nail polish!

  20. Hiromi

    oh shit. chanel does it again, and my wallet shall hate me for it.

  21. Maya

    The eyeshadows are beautiful & it’s totally worth the price!!! Illusiore is gorgeous! & peridot is amazing also!! :)

  22. tawny

    hmm, the eyeshadows remind me of armani eyes to kill.. will be interesting to see how they compare. I NEED that green-gold nail polish.

  23. maura

    Gorgeous! I so covet this collection, especially the khaki and and the plums. Never have splurged on Chanel. Do Chanel counters or website ever offer promo codes or good gwp?

    • Tabitha

      No but sometimes they give good samples. Depends on the sales associate or what is being promoted etc.

      If your store is selling it they may have an event for it where they’ll do your makeup for free (but you are expected to buy something), you can call and check and make an appointment. That at least makes spending so much seem not as bad lol.

  24. Nicole

    Peter Phillips has been consistently impressing me with beautiful collection after beautiful collection! I’m going to be so very broke after this one.

  25. Luka

    Graphite Graphite Graphite

  26. Abby

    Aaauguuhhh noooo. I resisted Graphite AND Quartz despite seeing gorgeous swatches for both, but now Peridot just might push me over the edge. x-x

  27. Helen

    I’ll probably get that Peridot nail polish! Not that I need it, as I could paint a car w/all the nail polish I have. No, a house!

    • meme

      When I saw these polishes in a much closer up bottle shot, I KNEW that Peridot would be the one many would be after – like the new Black Pearl. It’s got a tish of duochrome several are saying. All your green polish folks should be happy with this one. I am meh on graphite. There are plenty of puter metallics out there. This one shade is supposed to have a mix of gold shimmer in with the silver to add to it’s patina. It still looked a bit too glaring to me and certainly we have similar shades previously for way less $

  28. AnGeLwInGz

    I saw this collection on the Chanel site today and thought to myself, I can’t wait for Christine’s info because her pictures and descriptions are so much easier to read! Thanks!

  29. k7perez

    I can’t wait to see the lipstick and lipgloss swatches… okay and everything else. Was trying to be good and not buy anything after my mac purchase yesterday, BUT i’m a sucker for shimmery stuff.

  30. meme

    Very pretty – soft for fall. Nice not to see a ton of rich jewel tones but a continuation of the more natural, neutral look that has been showing and popular for summer 2011. I am lemming Quartz polish. Looks in another shot I have of it kind of like a shimmery shade of You Don’t Know Jacques – maybe Quartz is a bit lighter – hard to tell as this point.

  31. Marsha

    The Peridot and Graphite nail laquer arrived in the mail today and Wow! Peridot is off the charts! A duochrome from Chanel made this duochrome-loving girl extremely happy. It turns about four to five different colors on the nail in different types of light.

  32. Layla

    Christine I really cant wait for you to compare those eyeshadows to Eyes to kill intense… Please do!!!
    if they are as good then my wallet will b in deep trouble

  33. RedWeatherTigerD

    If I could resist The Glossimer, I might become financially solvent. But…not bloody likely.

  34. Maya

    This is really the first Chanel collection in while that I’ve been interested in almost the whole thing. Beautiful!

  35. Those eyeshadows look incredible. I will definitely have to buy the white, purple, and khaki.

  36. Gabriella

    I’m definitely getting the Peridot nail laquer- the color’s beautiful, and Peridot’s my birth stone :) . And the long wear shadow in Epatant is wonderful too!
    Without a doubt, I need to get Peridot- the name and the color (I saw the color first and was really stunned) just totally sold me. And I’m usually not a sucker for stuff like this.

  37. Oh. My. God. Peridot is way too fabulous!

  38. Dara

    I love the one the model is wearing on the pic. Anyone know which one that is?

  39. KSlone

    Is it me, or does this collection feel early to mid 90s-ish? Not that I’m complaining; Im having a fond memories moment!:)

  40. The shadow that is in the add…is that the khaki one? I like it.

  41. Maribeth

    I am running to Nordstrom to get the Khaki Platine eyeliner. I’m loving that khaki eyeshadow as well. Gosh, Fall already? I have learned, however, these collections go fast. I missed Ombres de Pearls this spring and will not miss this collection!

  42. Gloria

    looks so much like armani eyes to kill

  43. I’m loving the look of this collection! I’d like at least 3 of the cream eyeshadows if they are good, 2 of the nail polishes, maybe the peach rouge coco, eye palete (depending on swatches) and eye pencil. I will see about the rest if anything else draws me in.

  44. Laura

    Wow, everything looks gorgeous, my budget will only allow for one though so I’m probably gonna have to check out that peridot polish it looks beautiful!

  45. Anne

    Ooooof – waaaay too many things I want! Does anyone konw if any of it is limited edition?

  46. Summer

    This collection is so pretty! I’ll probably get the Epatant eyeshadow, Graphite Nail polish and the Rouge Coco Plumetis. I wish I could get more but my bank is already broken for fall.
    For those of you who the are asking, the model is wearing the Epatant and Illusoire eyeshadows. The look is at
    Christine, are you going to post any swatches for us? :)

  47. Stephanie

    How do these products compare to Armani’e Eyes To Kill? Which one is a better buy?

  48. trina

    Does anybody know when this will be available in Canada?

    • Tabitha

      Yes christine could you please tell us the Canadian release date?! I read on one blog Aug 22nd which seems way too late!

  49. Andrea

    Just ordered Graphite nail polish!

  50. I’m swooning over everything :) I’m such a sucker for Chanel!

  51. Bianca

    when are these eyeshadow gonna be available? Pls let me know asap :) thanks!

  52. Mimi

    The gel eyeshadows in the pots are to die for! Unique, gel-like silky smooth application. I used the green one as eyeliner yesterday. It stayed on all day perfectly without smudging or fading. Super pretty sparkle but didn’t make my eyes itch like other sparkly shadows. Had to send away for the purple one! The blush is really pretty, a neutral beige slightly cool pink. Soft, not obvious color will make this a staple for lots of women who like muted blush. Great for wearing with bright, bold or dark lipstick as it won’t scream “Look at me!” and compete with the lipstick. Also beautiful with soft light lipstick for a classy, not overdone look.

  53. Naheeda

    Usually dont like their product but first time, i really like this collection! Love the colours!
    So drak but sweet colours!

  54. hisa

    I really try to control myself whenever Chanel releases a new makeup collection. It’s so hard though! I definitely want to pick up Graphite. Mirifique looks gorgeous too. Sigh… this addiction!

  55. nikki c

    should this collection be at chanel counters?

  56. Rikki

    Do u know what the model is wearing in the second pic? (the one with they eye closeup)

  57. beautygirl24

    Do you know when this will hit Chanel counters? I know it’s available now at but I want to see everything in store! Thanks Christine =) I’m very excited about this collection!

  58. love the collection!!!

  59. shunnia

    Don’t you know why on is wrtitten than Rouge Coco & Glossimers in this collection are limited?

    • Not sure – I know sometimes when they launch a new collection everything gets marked as LE, but I went according to the press release from Chanel!

  60. ScarlettC

    If you want any of these, better hurry. Especially the nail polishes; the will go quickly. Got all 3 today; very excited to wear them. Also got the Illusion D’Ombre in Epatant (khaki). The most beautiful eyeshadow in the world-ever! Goes on very smoothly and evenly, unusual in a cream eyeshadow. Hope it’s not LE.

  61. This looks like a collection that would work for every skin tone and age groups especially for mature skin in applied correctly.I am going by the Chanmelk counter so I will surely start looking at this.

  62. Did you ever do a look with any of these products?