Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis
Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis

Chanel Summer 2011: Beige Petale

Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis ($25.00 for 0.4 fl. oz.) is a sheer, barely beige tinted polish. Over my nails, it just neutralizes some of the natural pinkness of my nails, but honestly, that’s really a stretch–I could hardly tell if there was any color deposited after two/three coats (swatches are shown with four coats). The only way I knew I had polish on was that the ones with it were glossy! Maybe there is a slight milkiness, but this is really, really sheer. I found the formula a little thick and did not flow as easily as the other two shades from this launch as well, but since there was little color, it didn’t seem to impair the results.

There is certainly room for sheers–in fact, lots of lines do them–but based on my experience, it takes sheer to clear, rather than providing soft, delicate color. ┬áIt provides virtually none until you’ve slathered on four coats–and before that point, it’s the faintest hint of color that is only picked up in direct light.

The Glossover


Beige Petale

You may want to try this before purchasing, because I could see very little color, even after four coats (which is what is shown). This crossed that subtle line between "sheer" and, well, just clear.











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Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis
Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis

Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis
Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis

Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis
Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis

Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis
Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis

Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis
Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis

Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis
Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis

Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis
Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase a Beige Petale? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $25.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Essie's Nude Attitude will get you a similar look--but in one or two coats (slightly more yellow-based).

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54 thoughts on “Chanel Beige Petale Le Vernis Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kayla Rachelle

    This is one of those polishes that would make your nails look super-healthy, which is great. What ISN’T great is the price for something so sheer!

  2. Deb

    Oh no, that’s so disappointing! I thought this would be my favorite of the three, but it’s basically clear!

  3. Whoa! Not worth Chanel prices! I’ll just go with Essie when I want a sheer shade. Thanks for the post Christine!!

  4. DJ

    Oh that’s just terrible!

  5. Thats 4 coats? Wow. Sheer is an understatement

  6. Wow, $25 for a virtually clear polish! I can put a few drops of an opaque nude in a bottle of seche vite and get the same effect.

  7. Even though there is not much colour, I still love it.

  8. Anne

    How disappointing! It is good not to want all three polishes though :-) So in a weird way, hoorah too!

    • snm

      Agreed:) as a nail polish freak,I feel happy that I dont want to buy any of the chanels this summer.70$ saved:)

  9. Nella

    Overall C??? $25 for this?

  10. AnGeLwInGz

    $25 for that?

  11. Jacquelin

    That is a shame, but I agree with Kayla that a polish of this nature is great for making your nails look healthier without covering them up. The Essie dupe may be worth checking out…

  12. Mabel M

    4 coats!!! O_O looks better in the bottle :(

  13. Emily

    Thanks Christine! Totally saved me $$$ with this review :-)

  14. Aneta

    Why a 6.5 for pigmentation?

    • Please read the review – I talked about how many coats it took to yield any color and how this crosses the line of being a “sheer” to more of a clear polish overall. I also mentioned it in the final thoughts! :)

      • Amelie

        I don’t know if that’s what Aneta meant, but I’m thinking 6.5 for pigmentation is way too generous lol

      • Hannah

        I think she was saying that it didn’t even merit than many points for pigmentation, but that is a kind of subjective thing to rate i suppose (totally appreciate you breaking it down :) definitely)

      • Quinctia

        Mmm, I think this was more a question on how or why you scored it that HIGHLY for pigmentation out of 10. Like you had mentioned, this isn’t even pigmented enough for what most would consider a “sheer” polish category.

        This only really seems suitable as a ultra subtle french manicure topcoat, and that’s pushing it. What would something have to do to score 0-1, or even something like a 3, if this nearly invisible product didn’t?

        • But it does produce color, does it not? It just doesn’t do so very well. It does yield color – but it takes 4 coats. If it was clear and could never build up color, that would be a 0.

          • Quinctia

            Okay, so it doesn’t deserve a zero. Luckily, this isn’t a binary choice, we’ve got a scale that goes up to 10. What would cause you to rank it at a 1? A 2? A 3?

            Inflated scores are a reason to disregard rating systems altogether. While, in the end, these things will always come down to the opinion of a reviewer, giving an item where you lamented the lack of pigmentation what essentially amounts to a passing grade in pigmentation isn’t especially helpful.

            It’s not a huge deal, I’m used to seeing these kinds of scales in gaming journalism where rating something a 7/10 means it’s abominable half the time, but it lowers the usefulness of having a broad rating scale. You’ve got to think in your mind, sure it’s out of 10, but it’s actually horrible once you hit a rating of 5. I know it’s why a lot of surveys end up with just three choices, negative/neutral/positive, to prevent that sort of thing.

            I think at a glance, most people would think a 5/10 (or, going classic grading scale, 7/10) is mediocre. If you’re talking about a trait of a product being bad within the review itself and then rating it at an “okay to slightly better than okay” level when you get to the end, it does lower trust in the scoring system.

            I hope this doesn’t come across as combative, I just know that I tend to just read your reviews and ignore the rating at the end, if it’s not A+, even now after you spent the time to redo the system. I know that you’ve been trying to ensure it’s useful, but when it seems like your scoring at the end doesn’t match what you’ve written above it, it ends up being less helpful than I think you’ve intended.

            • I’m not sure how 6.5/10 is really passing – that’s 65%. It’s pigmented – it’s not clear. If it was clear no matter what you did, that would be 0. Is there some color after 1 coat? If I look really, really close, yes. Is there more after 2? Yes, but I still have to look closely and lighting has to be just right for it to be obvious. But it’s supposed to be sheer – what you see at 4 coats is about where I would expect a sheer to be, but the problem is that it took 4 coats, not that it is inherently sheer. If, for instance, this was supposed to be opaque, and we could only get this level of color after 4 coats, you’d be looking at more like 2/3 kind of scoring.

              It seems reasonable to expect a polish to get to where it should be (whether sheer, medium, or opaque) in two coats. Three coats can be too heavy and compromise wear, but I think two is a reasonable place to look for a polish to perform well as far as opacity goes. Two coat opacity is 8/9 (depending on mitigating factors – two thick coats, thin coats, was it almost opaque in one but needed a second to polish it off, or did it genuinely need two coats?) – so say it was nearly opaque in one and the second really just brings everything together, that’s more like 9.5/10.

              We have a polish that is sheer but regardless, we should get our pretty sheer, milky look in 2 coats. We get it in 4 – but you do still get color at the second and third coat, I just felt it was faint enough where readers would complain and criticize me for not doing a fourth coat and deliberately making the polish look like garbage, so I did four, which I really feel is the upper limit for any polish because you really do compromise the wear the thicker the polish gets (easier to chip). You get the right result in 4 coats, but you do get some at 2 and 3 – which is why I settled at 6.5. You do get the color, but it takes more product and coats than it should so pigmentation isn’t where it should be but it’s not missing.

              I don’t see how 6.5 is okay or better – 65% is terrible. It’s not even average – it’s significantly below average. The whole system is based on the letter system – A, B, C, D, F – so C is average (which is what the product is overall, but pigmentation is significantly below average). I have continually surveyed readers and a numeric system that is based on letters is consistently what readers want, so that is what we have.

            • Lauren

              Academically, 65% is a 2:1 degree in Britain, which is very well thought of. Anything above 50% is surely above average?

            • If you received a 65%, you wouldn’t be able to graduate in most places here… I believe for law school, you had to maintain a 2.8, which is considered quite bad and honestly, they would work to kick you out of school if this was where you were at. Here in the states, C is average, which translates to 2.0. Even in undergrad, I don’t think you could even stay in school if you were getting 50-65%. Anything below 60% is considered failing. C is passing (which is usually 73-76%) – anything below is typically considered failing (e.g. in a pass/fail course, you would have to earn 73% or above, otherwise it is a fail). It’s stated very clearly in the background information on the rating system that is based on the U.S. grading system – as that is where I am from and live!

            • I completely agree! You said it perfectly.

      • Mel

        I think she’s asking why it gets such a high rating than a low one. The review makes it sound like it would get a score much less than 6.5 in pigmentation.

  15. cait

    i actually dont think it makes your nails look super healthy, it makes the white at the end look dirty :S

  16. That’s four coats?! You are kidding me right?!!! Why would I ever pay that much for that?!!

  17. helen

    I’m generally a big fan of Chanel nail polishes but this one is truly a shame. To try to sell “top coat” as a colour well, it’s like the Emperer wearing no clothes….

  18. helen

    Emperor…sorry for the spelling mistake.

  19. Maya

    Thank you so much for reviewing the new Chanel collection so quickly for addicts like myself lol. I wanted to buy this color but after seeing your swatches, I decided to pass. Instead I bought the Morning Rose nail polish and Aurore Glossimer today and I’m very happy with them!

  20. sarah

    shouldn’t it be rated like a 2 or 3 for pigmentation? obviously, there is very, very little pigmentation in this polish, so it deserves to be rated way lower than a 6.5. at least rate it lower than a 5 out 10, if not a 2 or 3!

    • It took 4 coats to build to about the level one would expect from a sheer polish – the problem is in how many coats it took, but the polish itself isn’t supposed to be opaque.

  21. Jessica.

    Wow your nails are so healthy and unstained! Product of Zoya’s color lock system, I assume.

  22. anita

    I bought it, and yes it is super sheer. I quite the the “better than natural look.”
    Some of my friends has mixed coats of Ballerina (Chanel), and Beige Petale and it’s GORGEOUS!

  23. alice

    This looks like the Max Factor “See Through Peach” which actually ended up being one of my favourite polishes to wear every day. I wouldn’t write it off.

  24. valentina

    isn’t 6.5/10 generous for pigmentation rating if the product delivers barely any pigmentation at all? i’m thinking more 2, 3 at the most…

    • It’s a sheer polish, though, and it did yield a sheer look – but it took four coats to do so. If it had no color, even after four coats, then there would be a lower rating, but it did yield a sheer, milky color (which is often what sheers do) – it just took far more coats than it should have.

  25. I always go NUTS whenever I find the perfect light pink and it just winds up going on clear. So annoying!

  26. Nancy

    I think it looks really great on your Nails. Sometimes a clean look is what is wanted.

  27. Four coats for that? I can’t believe it scored so high. I would think it at least earns a 3 or 4 in the scale for pigmentation and I think that would be generous. That is beyond sheer it’s clear and if anything it makes your nails look kind of stained. It doesn’t have enough pigment to even look delicate and fresh.

  28. Linnea

    “This crossed that subtle line between “sheer” and, well, just clear.”

    HAHA Awesome Christine. Thanks! Because normally I would be ALL over this shade.

  29. Proenza

    It is a shame this scored so low. I bought all three and I am NC15. This polish looks amazing on me, naturally I am quite pale, and this is my favorite out of the three colors. I am not normally a NUDE girl at all, but this suits more cool tones I think. My nails look fresh, and I only used two coats. It is very very pretty and application was perfect, unlike Mimosa which was dismal. I am really happy with this and Dolce Gabbana NUDE polish is very close to this…just a bit more caramel in color. Beige Petale is quite unique in the Chanel lineup, and I would recommend other pics on different blogs for a bit of perspective. ^^

    • Nancy

      Oh THanks For your comment Proenza I thought I was the only one who loved it. I got all 3 of them and this is my favorite and I normally always wear bright polish. I have had it on the last two days and it is beautiful with my skin tone in only two coats Mine is not clear at all it has beige to it. It is sheer but looks great. I am having trouble with the application of the yellow one but I keep trying.

      • Proenza

        Thats wonderful Nancy. I am the same where I always wear bright colors on my nails, but I was kinda stunned how youthful, how pretty this Beige Petale was on my fingers. Again mine is not clear either, and with a few coats, the nail looks like a soft pink and my nail tips a subdued white. I gave up on the yellow after a few tries. You have to use SO much product for poor results, and I am freaking professional with all the Chanel and Dior polishes. Unfortunately Mimosa will just be pretty in the bottle in the collection. But Beige Petale is not coming off until Dior ALOHA arrives in a few days!

  30. Jacquelyn

    May want to try Joe Fresh’s Nail polish in Seashell. Comes out as an opaque color that looks like what you see for this Chanel bottle

  31. G

    I find that these kind of extremely sheer polishes are best for people which yellow-ish nails (from putting on nail polish too much! =P)
    They help give your nails a natural pinkish look, especially if you pair it up with matte top coats.

  32. Geri

    Your nails are beautiful, how did you achieve that? Do you take any special vitamins?

  33. Anne

    I am a little confused as to why people bother to write such critical comments regarding the rating system. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. If you have issues with the blog, don’t read it. Surely this is Christine’s blog and she can do things in the manner she wishes/feels are appropriate. The negativity in the comments doesn’t make for good reading – lol!

  34. ashley

    gross has a yellow tint to it-too expensive for yellowish nails!FAIL!