Monday, July 12th, 2010

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow
Burberry Trench (02) Eyeshadow

Burberry Trench (02) Eyeshadow ($29.00 for 0.088 oz.) is one of twenty shades of soft, subtle eyeshadows launched in the Burberry Beauty line. I bought Trench, because it seemed like it would be a very fitting shade for the brand.  From the packaging to the color range to the feel, it’s high-end and stays true to the Burberry line and philosophy.

Trench is a smooth, buttery shade of light beige with a soft, satin sheen. It may seem hard to see on my skin tone, because it very much matches my skin tone, but it’s a beautiful barely-there shade. It’s perfect as a highlighter for lighter skin tones as well as an all-over wash for a touch of lightness. The texture is soft to the touch, but it’s pigmented.

The packaging is luxe with the gunmetal case with the signature Burberry check patterning on the cover. It also has the Burberry logo stamped across the front side. The eyeshadow compact does come in a velvet check-patterned pouch, and there is also a sponge-tipped applicator included inside. I don’t care for most included applicators, whether they’re actual brushes or sponges, because they’re often too stubby to provide enough control and precision, so it’s a throwaway for me. I like that the packaging feels weighty enough that it’s substantial and not flimsy, and the darker gunmetal hides some of the fingerprints (but you will see some). It stays closed when you want it to, and it also has a mirror inside.

Surprisingly, each eyeshadow contains a bit more product than the average eyeshadow–0.088 oz., whereas Chanel and Dior single shadows usually weigh in around 0.07 oz. and are similarly priced. Guerlain still comes in as one of the weightier high-end shadows at 0.12 oz. a pop, though!

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you like subtler color and enjoy soft, buttery textures, you may like Burberry eyeshadow.

AVAILABILITY: Burberry, Nordstrom

See more photos & swatches!

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow
Burberry Trench (02) Eyeshadow

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow
Burberry Trench (02) Eyeshadow

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow
Burberry Trench (02) Eyeshadow

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow
Burberry Trench (02) Eyeshadow (left), Taupe Brown (07), Khaki (08)

Burberry Trench Eyeshadow
Burberry Trench Eyeshadow

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow

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44 thoughts on “Burberry Trench (02) Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Debora

    Nice, real burberry, but not very special colors.. :)

  2. Abril

    Wow! I’ve never seen something like Khahi! It’s kinda unique I think!

  3. iris

    I’m curious why you would pay 30 bucks for an eyeshadow that you could barely see? not to be mean, just wondering. I would definately not pay that much for an eyeshadow unless it’s something very unique. Anyway, love the packaging!

    • It’s the same shade as my skin tone, which is why it’s hard to see but it has plenty of pigmentation – it’s a great nude shade for giving the eye a certain look. It works well as a highlighter (because it is similar to my skin tone) as well as a wash all over the lid. I would pay $30 over and over again for a great nude, personally. Finding really spot-on nudes is not always easy, depending on your skin tone! :)

  4. Kaylynrenee

    Pretty! How does it compare to Grain, Christine? I’m always in the market for a skin-matching, satiny shade for my lid… Grain works pretty well for me but isn’t perfect…

    • SO! I finally got around to swatching the two, and Grain is a little more pinky in comparison. Like Trench has no pink undertones whatsoever, but Grain has very, very subtle ones. I’d also say that Trench is more pigmented (though for a highlighter, it’s not 100% vital to be super pigmented). I don’t know if it’s worth paying double to get Trench if you find Grain working pretty well!

  5. Callen

    Ahhhh so gorgeous and elegant…

  6. Callen

    Wow trench is a phenomenal match to your skintone Christine! Do you have anything else that’s such a good match? Would you repurchase?

    • I don’t think I do – not quite, at least. It’s very, very subtle, but that satin sheen makes it pop just enough, you know? I love Femme-fi by MAC, but it can sometimes be too shimmery/obvious.

      I don’t think I’ll ever get through it, but I have no intentions of returning this shade at all – really pleased with my purchase :)

  7. Pam

    the eyeshadow itself (design of packackage and plaid symbol on the product) is sooo cool.. unfortunately, i don’t think i can afford this…

  8. Lady Di.

    I have to agree, $30 seems outrageous for one eyeshadow. I’ll stick to MAC!

  9. aradhana

    looks like the perfect nude for you christine, the swatch looks pretty seamless!

  10. kaoyee

    mmm i’d buy it just for the pretty case…

  11. Lisa C.

    These suit my aesthetic … but unfortunately not my budget!

  12. michelle

    So overpriced. What are you paying for the label and packaging?

  13. Looks similar to the revlon matte shadows lol. Although I’m sure these blend like a dream.

  14. I DO like soft and buttery textures. I bet that would work really well as a base.

  15. lee

    Can’t wait to see more reviews from the burburry line.
    Thanks Christine.

  16. Proenza

    Wonder what one would be prettier. The Vert Khaki by Chanel or this Burberry shade…

  17. Alexis

    The packaging and texture on the shadow are nice but the colors are meh…passing on this line.

  18. Jennifer

    Just to make note, for Canadian readers, it appears that Stereo Rose MSF is back in stock on the Canadian site! Too bad its not the one I wanted :(

    • Lady Di.

      thats great news, maybe they will get it back in the U.S. too! (and stop the outrageous sales on Ebay)

  19. Eliana

    It reminds me of MAC’s “naked” pigment! That is my personal favorite nude and matches my skin color so i use it a lot…I love the Khaki though.I’m a real green lover so i might get that one!

  20. Quick question — is it possible for you to translate this into a MAC color? ie. NC42 NW35, etc.

  21. Pearl

    Trench is very pretty. I love neutral shades and this may be good as a brow highlighter. The packaging is very classy and elegant. I like it but I’m not sure if I’m willing to spend $30 for it. Hmm…to splurge or not to splurge. Guess I need to sleep over it.

  22. nicci

    Burberry was setting up all last week at Nordstrom in Bellevue and they are up now but I am trying hard not to check it out, I’m sure I will walk away with something!

  23. Hilana

    Ooohh…. No. Not flattering colours for a pale blonde girl these.

  24. Kelsey

    that is probably some of the sexiest packaging i’ve ever seen.

  25. Cami

    this reminds me of mac’s blanc type.

  26. Heather

    good pigmentation on those shades

  27. My mister ordered me Trench and Ruby lip stick but they didn’t give me the pouch :( someone totally went in the bag too because they left finger prints behind on the shiny packaging and there was a tiny white fibre on the lipstick. Not pleased with Holt Renfrew.

  28. Jesi

    I adore that khaki color…

  29. Louise

    I absolutely love this eyeshadow.

    It feels so heavenly, I would rather buy 1 Burberry eyeshadow than 3 refill pans/ 2 regular MAC eyeshadows.

    I think it’s totally worth the money.

  30. Lydia

    Hi Christine! How does this shade compare to MAC Brule? Thanks!