Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Burberry Beauty Blush
Burberry Cameo (02) Blush

Burberry Cameo (02) Blush ($42.00 for 0.24 oz.) is one of only five blushes!  I picked Cameo because it seemed like it might be one of the natural hues available.

Cameo is dirty rose with a very subtle satin sheen.  It can be applied sheerly or built up for a more intense, noticeable cheek.  It’s such a natural hue that it’s wearable on both cool and warm skin tones, and it’s so hard for it to look garish.  The texture is buttery and smooth, and it applies like a dream–like it melts onto the skin.  I had no issues with wear–I wore it for eight hours with no noticeable fading.

The blush comes in the same gunmetal compact with Burberry’s check pattern on the cover and the logo by the opening.  It’s magnetic, weighty, and feels luxe when you hold it.  It also comes with a check covered velvet pouch for safe keeping.  Inside the compact is a mirror and slightly angled miniature blush brush–that’s actually functional.  The brush is not only usable, but it works well and feels incredibly soft against the skin.  It’s probably one of the best brushes I’ve seen included in a compact that wasn’t full-size.

Though the blush will cost you a pretty penny (but in line with other designer brands like Chanel and Dior), you get much more than the typical high-end brand provides–0.24 oz., which makes it a pricey (by the ounce) as Illamasqua and Smashbox (and significantly less expensive–by the ounce–as Dior and Chanel).

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

RECOMMENDATION: For an easy to apply, easier to wear, and incredibly natural but not boring shade of blush, Cameo is a new favorite.

AVAILABILITY: Burberry, Nordstrom

See more photos & swatches!

Burberry Beauty Blush
Burberry Cameo (02) Blush

Burberry Beauty Blush
Burberry Cameo (02) Blush

Burberry Beauty Blush
Burberry Cameo (02) Blush

Burberry Beauty Blush
Burberry Cameo (02) Blush (Heavily/Sheerly)

Burberry Beauty Blush
Burberry Cameo (02) Blush

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow

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54 thoughts on “Burberry Cameo (02) Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. alyssa

    i love the blush, but pressed leave it because it is WAY too expensive for me! 😛

  2. Debora

    Wooow! So pretty!! But a little expensive :S

  3. rashmi

    woohhh that is super tempting i must say …. and ur red lips … i dont want to bound my praises in words….
    u are looking awesome christine …
    pls tell which red is that i know u love ur chanel dragon ….
    i just asked my friend to get the le metier ECHO blush as i just read it is one of ur top 3 fav ….
    u know i like to have few of things which are ur fav … ofcourse only if i can afford that….

  4. Hend

    I lovve it ! the color is so subtle and beautiful

  5. Veronica

    That blush looks great on you! I’m now seriously considering adding this blush to my collection since I think it would go well with a number of looks and I like that you get .24 oz of product!

  6. baby in a corner

    To me this is a good solid blusher, everyone should have one like it but nothing wow.

    You look like a movie star in the photo Christine! very hollywood glamour!

  7. Maria

    I think it’s a nice and discrete pink. A bit expensive, though :) love the packaging…By the way (I hate i’m using the burbery review to ask something about illamasqua but maybe someone may be able to help me). In the illamasque website, in the category ‘eyes’, the dark skin model is wearing eye shadows that I love… that’s anyone knows if those eyeshadows are from the permanent collection ou it was a limited one? and that’s anyone know the names of the light blue shadow and the orange one she is using right under her brow bone?? Thanks a lot.

    ps- You always look fantastic christina. love the red in ur lips :)

    • Maria

      urrrhhh so many spelling mistakes :( sorry about that… i was typing really fast

    • Hey Maria!

      You know what you should do? Ask @illamasqua on twitter — I bet they’d be able to actually tell you exactly what was used 😀

      Thank you!

  8. I was skeptical as I scrolled down. And then I saw it on you. Wowza! It looks absolutely great on you.

  9. Lady Di.

    This is so nice! Wonder how well this would show up on my NC40 skin.

  10. Suzanna

    The trouble with this is that you look good in everything, leading one to have to keep one’s own coloring in mind when blind-buying.

    I am waiting for you to do a swatch on the new Nars collection! There appears to be a good blush in that collection, too.

  11. I liked the packaging…very CHIC!

  12. Sarah

    I really like the colour of this blush! but i dont care much for the packaging or price. Could you reccomend a nars or mac dupe?

  13. Ester

    You look absolutely glamorous in that picture, and holy cow, your hair looks so shiny! 😀

  14. i don’t know why but i find the packaging and the colours of this line to be very boring.

  15. I find the packaging and colours kind of boring

  16. Virginia

    I love this blush on you! Can you think of a dupe for this color? I thought maybe NARS Dolce Vita…what do you think?

  17. shakz

    hey christine, left a coment yesterday but u ddnt get back to me, i am in desperate need of help, i need recomendations for a make up primer for oily skin with open pores that will smooth the look of imperfections and keep my make up in place for longer

  18. Ru

    Looks like it might be great quality, but I just can’t justify that price… :(

  19. Kat

    this is REALLY nice but a bit too pricey for me.

  20. alisson

    what are you wearing on lips? it looks great!

  21. There has got to be a dupe for this blush, it looks so ordinary for $42, you must be paying for packaging.

    • I’ve always struggled with the idea that you should only pay a lot of money for a “unique” color, because there are also differences in textures, wear, look and feel, etc. I think you should pay for products you feel are worth your money, regardless of the price tag (whether cheap or expensive).

  22. Madelynn

    This color was made for your cheeks. :]

  23. hhillary

    Dupeable color. Why is this brand so expensive? Just the label. I’d rather get chanel.

  24. ace

    so pretty!! and i LOVE your lipstick, what is it??

  25. Jen

    I like the packaging and looks like wear time is good. Probably have to check it out in person to see how it compares with Chanel JC. Hopefully they come out with a more light pink color in the future.

  26. Preeti

    Wow Christine! That looks so good on you. Love it! I’m definitely adding that to my collection :)

  27. Ashley

    I’m loving the red lipstick on you.

  28. Lisa

    Thanks so much for the great, as usual, photos! This looks so pretty on you. This kind of rosey-glowy blush is harder than it looks, IMO. I’ve purchased a few items from this line, so I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. Sure, of course, part of the price is going to the “label” (just like with Chanel), the gorgeous packaging, and all this marketing. But what’s inside is living up to the hype so far. While the colors may look dupe-able on the screen, I have to admit that I don’t have dupes in my massive stash. But then again, I’m pretty picky about so-called “dupes.” If you’re not, then yeah, I’m sure you’ve got similar stuff. Also, the textures are a lot harder to dupe. The eyeshadows and blush I’ve tried have the most incredibly fine texture and super-soft glow. I’m hooked! Show me more!!!

    • Glad you’re lovin’ it, Lisa!

      I completely agree! The texture of Burberry’s products is definitely different (to me) than Chanel or Dior, and yet not quite like Guerlain either – entirely better than old YSL (which has reformulated their single/duo eyeshadows recently–much better this time around!).

      I’ve always noticed that higher-end brands seem to capture nuances in color, often finding flattering hues for all skin tones somehow. Whether it’s worth $30 is each person’s opinion, though!

      What are you loving from the line, Lisa?

  29. Brynn

    Hey Christine :)
    Just wondering if you’ll be doing any swatches or lip swatches of the Burberry lipsticks? I am in love.. but because of the price, I really am hesitant to order one without being able to see. Hmm!

  30. mylinda

    I’m trying to decide whether to pick up Chanel’s LE Rose Temptation blush or one of these Burberry blushes. Can you tell me which texture you like better? I’m concerned about these “baked” blushes because the only baked products I’ve ever used in the past felt dry and I have generally dry cheeks. If that is my concern, do you think I will like the texture of Burberry better? And if so, how would you compare Cameo to say Chanel’s Tweed Rose (which is my regular blush). I’d really appreciate your recommendation. Sorry, no Burberry counters in this state!

    • I do think you may like the texture of Burberry better, but I don’t think Chanel’s blushes are drying – they are some of the best “baked” products, IMO.

      I would say Cameo isn’t quite as pink as Tweed Rose – a little more muted, more natural.

  31. Adelita

    Hi Christine, I think I missed it when you post this review. How it compared to Tarte Exposed or Benefit Dallas?
    (shade similarity & staying power-wise)
    Thanks! :)