Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Temptalia’s Breast Cancer Awareness Online Initiative

Last year, Temptalia readers raised $1,180 for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we renew our commitment to raising awareness about this devastating disease this year. Our goal for this year is $2,000–double last year’s goal, because I know the Temptalia community is strong and we can do it together!  Our chosen charity is The Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF).

As a thank you for your donation, for every $5 you donate, you are eligible for a chance to win an amazing thank you package. There will be eight winners in total. Winners will be drawn at random, and the first winner pulled gets to choose their thank you prize package, and then the next winner will be drawn and pick from the remaining seven prizes, and so on and so forth. This year we are giving away over $800 in thank you packages!

I would like to thank The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for donating the Think Pink! product prize package to help raise funds through our online initiative for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I would also like to thank Zapi for donating three Pink Zapis to further support our fundraiser efforts.

We hope you’ll join us in donating Pink during the month of October!

The thank you packages

Think Pink! ($208.00 value)

  • Aveda Hand Relief ($21.00)
  • Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection ($40.00)
  • Estée Lauder Evelyn Lauder Lip Set ($22.00)
  • Estée Lauder Elizabeth Hurley Lip Set ($22.00)
  • Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne ($55.00)
  • Prescriptives Pink Ribbon Palette ($48.00)

Slick Pink! ($200.00 value)

  • Bobbi Brown Artist Palette for Lips ($200.00)

Look Pink! ($116.50 value)

  • Philosophy A Diet You Can Live With Shower Gel Trio ($30.00)
  • Philosophy The Supernatural: Moonlight ($28.00)
  • Philosophy The Supernatural: Instant Sunshine ($28.00)
  • Philosophy Smell the Roses Superglossy SPF 15 Lip Gloss ($16.50)
  • Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Balm ($14.00)

Mineralize Pink! ($109.50 value)

  • MAC Fashion Patch Mineralize Eyeshadow ($19.50)
  • MAC Daft Pink Mineralize Blush ($21.00)
  • MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish ($27.00)
  • MAC 187 Brush ($42.00)

Kitty Pink! ($104.50 value)

  • MAC Tippy Beauty Powder Blush ($18.50)
  • MAC Something About Pink Nail Lacquer ($12.00)
  • MAC Pretty Baby Beauty Powder ($22.00)
  • MAC Sweet Strawberry Lipglass ($14.00)
  • MAC Lucky Tom Palette ($38.00)

Clean Pink! ($29.95 value — 3 winners)

  • Pink Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer ($29.95)

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37 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness 2009 Fundraiser

  1. Nadine

    I think its so awesome youre supporting this cause. Both my Mom and my Grandma have had breast cancer, and fortunately theyre both doing ok! Id love to help you as long as you take Canadian credit cards (or paypal!). This is pretty close to me as Im at a high risk for developing it. Thank you for being an awesome person Christine (and to all those who support this cause!)

    PS. Its like 3am here. Did you really post it so early!?

    • I’m so glad to hear that you have not one but TWO survivors in your family! So great :)

      Yep, the ChipIn widget takes PayPal! The easiest and safest way, IMO!

      It was only midnight my time, lol!

  2. Sleepy

    This is definitely a great cause that I donate to every year. Im also hoping that pancreatic cancer will get as much attention and funding in the future!

  3. It’s so refreshing to see someone use their connections and large community/fan base to do such great things. You’re a true inspiration!

  4. ann marie

    Donated my $5 and happy to do so! Wonderful job!

  5. Thank you so much for doing this! My mom was just diagnosed with cancer & is currently undergoing chemo. She is doing okay but what really lifts her spirits is the outpouring of love & support that she has received from other cancer survivors. Their stories give her the courage to really fight & not give up! Thank you again & a big thank you to everyone who donates!

    • I wish you and your Mom the very best! I hope she’s doing well & you two make it through this undoubtedly tough time! Lots of happy thoughts your way!

  6. Since 2005, Ive been doing the Making Strides event in SF. My sister I actually formed a team to do the event with this year. This past Sunday, we had a fundraiser sale. This coming Sunday, were having a bowl-a-thon. If any of you guys want to come bowl for a cause, let me know ASAP so I can tell you details!!

    • That’s awesome, MariaPaula!! :) Congrats on forming a team! Best of luck at the event!

    • Tanya

      MariaPaula, that sounds super duper fun :) Good job!! I have plans this Saturday (I am hosting a party, or I would cancel) so I am not able to make it down to SF (its about a 2-3 hr drive). I hope your bowling goes really super well and you raise oodles of money

      Christine – donated, second year with your fundraiser (or is it the third???) so excited to see you doing this again. You rock!!!

  7. Jennifer

    All the nursing staff where I work is raising money for this cause. Although I don’t have the risks for the disease, my MIL died from this. Horrible disease. Save the women and the TATA’s. I’ll donate too.

    • Thanks so much for the support, Jennifer! :) It’s just this disease that seems to be hitting so many of us! I don’t know anyone or have had anyone in my family (thankfully!) be effected by this disease, but it’s so terrifying!

  8. Sonya

    This is exactly the type of behaviors that change the world. Thank you for setting this up and using your powers for good, not evil (ha!)
    I’m donating and setting the link up at my office intranet as well.
    thanks again!

  9. Tina

    This is fabulous!! Tell me, are only US residents picked to receive prizes??

  10. Cherie

    Awesome. Thank you for doing this Christine.
    Ive already submitted my donation :)

  11. This is SO wonderful! This is my fav month because I always get involved to try and do something that will make a difference! I have bookmarked this page and will be back to donate! I just think it is wonderful…I don’t even care about winning…just giving makes us all winners! (Sorry…I know thats corny, but its true!)

  12. Just donated! (under my husbands name- hopefully thats okay ;)) My best friend’s mommy had breast cancer and she survived it! yes!

  13. Am so glad you’re doing this. Cancer is one of the worst things anyone can face. I know a few too many people who’ve had breast cancer, including 2 aunts and 3 of my mom’s best friends.

  14. Karenloveseyeshadow

    I just made my donation!

  15. Iman

    Hope you make it this year 😀 Just donated $10, thanks to the good dollar/euro rate! Because I was going to donate $5 but because of the good rate I had enough for 10!