Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF 12 Sneak Peek

For spring, Bobbi Brown is putting out a new lip color formula called Rich Lip Color ($22.00 for 0.13 oz.) with twelve shades in the range. The formula is designed to feel lightweight, yield lots and lots of color, with a creamy and emollient texture to moisturize and condition lips–plus it has SPF 12. I will be testing these out over the next week or so and working through lip swatches, but I thought I’d give you this swatch post for now. There are a few shades missing (Cosmic Raspberry and Crimson), but the majority of the shade range is here. :)

I have not tested these at all yet, so please hold questions until I have had a chance to do so–thank you!  I will be sure to do my usual detail review as soon as I’ve finished testing these.

Check out photos & swatches!

Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink

Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink

Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink

Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink

Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink

Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink

Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar

Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink

Bare Pink, Plum Rose, Rose Blossom, Heather Pink, Mod Pink

Bare Pink, Plum Rose, Rose Blossom, Heather Pink, Mod Pink

Bare Pink, Plum Rose, Rose Blossom, Heather Pink, Mod Pink

Bare Pink, Plum Rose, Rose Blossom, Heather Pink, Mod Pink

Bare Pink, Plum Rose, Rose Blossom, Heather Pink, Mod Pink

Bare Pink, Plum Rose, Rose Blossom, Heather Pink, Mod Pink

Bare Pink, Plum Rose, Rose Blossom

Rose Blossom, Heather Pink, Mod Pink

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68 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF 12 Swatches Sneak Peek

  1. wow, they look gorgeous. i love soft coral, bikini pink, bare pink and mod pink!

  2. june

    all of these colours are so flattering and rich. i love old hollywood and soft coral

  3. erica

    I have been debating for really long time on whether i should get one of these. Waiting for your review christine!

  4. brunette

    Nice swatches!

    Bare pink looks like mac blankety, isn’t it?
    Do you please have a dupe for the soft coral color?

    Thnx, you have a nice website, i visit you every day from the netherlands!

  5. Arantzazu

    For me, Sweet Nectar, Plum Rose and Heather Pink… Maybe Rose Blossom too =)
    Can’t wait for your opinion, Christine! These lipsticks look awesome!

  6. ak

    I saw these in London last Friday. They do look nice and as I’ve said before this packaging looks very Nars-y now.

  7. Spunkers


  8. eRiN

    Oh god, does it bother anyone else that the bullets don’t match when they’re twisted all the way up???

    … no? Just me? Oh, crap

    Anyway I want at least 5 of those. Maybe even 6

  9. Olivia

    If I had any self control I would say I only wanted 8 of those. Too bad I don’t have any self control…

  10. Evelina

    Your photos look very professional. You are the best. Nice lipsticks.

  11. poinky

    Great swatches Christine! I’m loving sweet nectar and plum rose…

  12. Hannah

    Are these limited? I would wear all these colours and I rarely ever say that…

  13. Megan

    They look so lovely and pigmented! Can’t wait for the review.

  14. Ru

    Wow, these look really gorgeous and rich. Can’t wait for your full review. Thanks for the preview!

  15. I really like the look of Guava, Sweet Nectar, (thought they look similar) Soft Coral, Bikini Pink, Bare Pink & Mod Pink! Can’t wait to see lip swatches :)

  16. anonymous

    wow Heather Pink looks fab, nice & rich. ditto old hollywood, plum rose and rose blossom

  17. Vanessa S

    I cant say i dislike any one of these shades they are all gorgoues! Good job Bobbie.

  18. I’m in love with Old Hollywood!

  19. marikuska

    i would buy all of them….beautiful.

  20. Evelyn

    I will of course have to buy Plum Rose & Rose blossom. anything with rose in the name is my weak spot. lol

  21. Nunuiviet

    Love bikini pink and bare pink, bikini pink reminds me of Mac creme sheen creme cup, gorgeous colour

  22. sweet nectar and heather pink look awesome. Loving soft coral but it may be to light for me. Excited for the full review! Thanks Christine!

  23. Carla

    Oh my goodness…they all look exactly like my type of colours. I can’t wait to see the lip swatches.

  24. virginiaisforluvrs

    Can’t wait for the full review. I love Bobbi Brown lipsticks.

  25. Sarah

    I really want a lot of these, but some seem dupeable. Can’t wait for your full review so I can decide.

  26. Iliana

    Guava and sweet nectar are very pretty, though they look so similar on my computer. Can’t wait to check these out! They kind of remind me of Toxic Tale from VV (again the screen might be changing up the colors so I couldn’t say for sure) but I hope they’re good enough dupes! I missed out on VV last year :)

  27. I’ve never liked BB’s lip products before… but hoping this formula is different and works. The colors are beautiful. Loving how Bare Pink & Mod Pink look!

  28. carrie

    The swatches are beautiful! Looking forward to the full review

  29. lIZ

    I absolute love loves all of the colours…. it’s not very Bobbi Brown like at all. Good to see some bright colours in their color ranges..will pick up bare pink and soft coral for sure !!! When does these launch ??

  30. Ooh, these look promising. I am especially liking Bikini Pink! Can’t wait to see what you think of them, happy testing! :)

  31. Jackers

    Oh my but these look tempting. I’m going to have to check out Bare Pink and Bikini Pink. Thanks for the glimpse, I was curious about the colors. Can’t wait for the review!

  32. Very lovely. So far I’m liking the swatches for Guava, Old Hollywood, Sweet Nectar, Plum Rose, Rose Blossom, and Heather Pink. Can’t wait to read your review on the wear and survivability on the Temptalia Product Obstacle course. 😀

  33. These are all SO BEAUTIFUL! Right up my alley… uh oh!

  34. Deb

    Ooh, I am loving Soft Coral and Bikini Pink! Looking forward to your review!

  35. Femke

    I absolutely adore the shades!

  36. Heather pink is calling my name!

  37. Carrie Ann

    These are pretty, but Guava looks almost identical to Sweet Nectar and Plum Rose looks almost identical to Rose Blossom. They also seem rather summery for a spring collection. However, I think these have almost twice as much product as the Lip Shines for the same price. I look forward to your review.

  38. kiran

    I am soooooo loving all of them. Great shades. BB rocks.

  39. Rae

    Ooh, these look so lovely! Can’t wait for swatches/the review :)

  40. Christina

    ohh thank you for giving us the swatches first!

  41. Oh my goodness, these look lovely. Almost perfect! Is it just me or do the lipsticks themselves not look real – like they’re CGI-rendered or something? LOL

  42. CeeBee

    Wow, they all look LOVELY.

    I like Sweet Nectar and Heather Pink the most – Plum Rose and Rose Blossom look really similar but still, incredibly pretty. All very wearable shades!

  43. Chau

    wow, i’m impressed with the color range and brightness, something I wouldn’t expect from BB. old hollywood, soft coral and plum rose are mine! thanks a lot for the swatches!! love you Christine!

  44. Elisabeth

    I love Bikini Pink :) Do you think it will suit my skintone (neutral cool)?

  45. Shasa

    I love Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, & Heather Pink ! Beautiful colors!

  46. SO beautiful! Really looking forward to your review! Your doing so great work, Christine, I really appreciate it!

  47. Ruth

    I want: Guava
    Sweet Nectar
    Soft Coral
    Plum Rose
    Rose Blossom
    Heather Pink

  48. Lorraine

    Soft coral and Guava look right up my alley! The lipsticks all look so pigmented!!!!!!!

  49. Perri

    beautiful colors. i love how creamy they look.

  50. Steph

    Wow, these are brighter than I’d expect from Bobbi Brown! I think Guava, Sweet Nectar, and Soft Coral are my favourites from the swatches… can’t wait to see the full review though! : )

  51. kathleen

    i have to get all this range, so preeetty

  52. Dia

    I’m not normally a Bobbi fan, but there are several of these that look appealing! Can’t wait to hear more on them!! :)

  53. Constanza

    OMG… I felt in love

  54. Annie

    they all look gorgeous and very moisturising 😀 Definitely will be added to my collection 😀

  55. ak

    Judging from the Bobbi Brown website, it sounds to me as if the Bobbi Brown company is copying MAC’s formula for these Rich Lip Colors as thy’re supposed to be lightweight, comfortable, tasteless, and unscented.

  56. Ms Laurence

    Hi Christine, congratulations for your swatches again, they are great !
    As I am in France, your swatches are very helpful to choose my colors before ordering from Galeries Layette Dpt store or the BB shop in Paris (located in “rue des Francs Bourgeois”), no store in my city of Montpellier (south of France).
    Am I wrong if I say that Plum rose color seems close to Rose Blossom (CF your swatches) and Guava shade seems close to Sweet Nectar ? I have watched the video about some colors, on You Tube, from BB and I am little confused now. Please help with some explanations and comments ! THanks a lot !
    PS : All Holidays 2010 palettes I ordered in France after seeing your swatches/comments are great ! thank you again !

  57. kelly

    omg! MUST get that coral and bikini pink!

  58. m

    I love that all these colors have SPF. (That’s more important to me than they used to be.)

    Also, beautiful colors. Looking forward to coverage about the wear.