Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Bobbi Brown Beach Collection Shadows

Bobbi Brown Beach Collection: Long-Wear Cream Shadows

For summer, Bobbi Brown’s collection includes Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadows ($22.00 for 0.12 oz.) in four new shades: Moonstone (pale shimmering green), Opal (opalescent pink), Pink Oyster (shimmering pink), and Surf (pale shimmering blue), as well as Long-Wear Cream Shadow ($22.00 for 0.12 oz.) in Shore (pale nude).

  • Opal is an opalescent pinky-purple. It’s very sheer and light–it’s nice as an all-over wash on the lid. It could possibly be used as an eyeshadow base, too, since it’s more on the neutral side. Since the base almost feels and goes on clear, it looks glittery on the lid.
  • Surf is a cool-toned baby blue with a silver-white sparkle-sheen. It has a soft colored base, so it looks smoother on the lid compared to Opal and more metallic and less glittery. It’s not a deep blue, but it’s a lot more representative of the color it looks like in the pot, so it’s the color I would expect!
  • Shore is a creamy, matte beige. This is not an exciting color, but it’s incredibly versatile. It can be used to brighten up lids a bit, but it can be used as an eyeshadow base, too. It’s neutral and easy-to-use, particularly because of the matte finish.

I’m actually not a huge fan of Bobbi Brown’s Metallic Long-Wear Eyeshadows — they’re just incredibly sheer and more glittery than metallic. I reviewed a few shades earlier, when they first launched. I still wish they had more of a metallic finish, because they do feel more on the glittery side. The Metallics have an almost wet feel to them–it’s a thinner creamy consistency with a wet feel and applies very smoothly and evenly without any trouble (better than the other three I tried!). They also last all day without creasing or budging or fading.

I prefer the texture, feel, and color pay off of the original Long-Wear Eyeshadows for sure. I think having a couple of the Metallics can be fun, but they’re not as versatile as the more opaque ones. Like the Metallics, the original Long-Wear Eyeshadows last all day without budging, smudging, or fading.  I just don’t think the Metallics are nearly as versatile or as multi-tasking as the original ones, which are more pigmented and very, very smooth.

Because these are two different products, I’m not going to give out an overall rating for all three.  Instead, I’m going to break it down between the two — for Metallics, they work really well in terms of staying power and not creasing, but the color payoff is sheer and not buildable as purported, so they’re more of a B product for me.  They’re better than the first ones I tried, because I do think these have a smoother finish and are truer-to-color in the pot.  Shore, on the other hand, has excellent pay off and quality, so it’s much more of an A- product and shade.

RECOMMENDATION: Shore is an excellent neutral base that works well and looks great. It’s something that doesn’t inspire excitement, but it’s a very useable product. The Metallics don’t grab me and neither shade gets me any closer to loving them at the moment.


See more photos & swatches!

Bobbi Brown Beach Collection Shadows
Bobbi Brown Opal Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow

Bobbi Brown Beach Collection Shadows
Bobbi Brown Surf Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow

Bobbi Brown Beach Collection Shadows
Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Beach Collection Shadows
Opal, Surf, Shore

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26 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches (Beach Collection)

  1. shontay

    Oh no. I was interested in this at first, but forget it now. I’ll stick to mufe aqua creams.

  2. Jessi G

    The Bobbi customer (like myself) prefers a sheer product though, that’s the intent. If you want pigmented you go to other brands, for more subtle makeup, BB, LM, etc. She’s creating/selling to her audience.

    • I’m not talking about BLAM! I’m talking about showing up like it shows up in the pot – and I remember when I read the marketing materials the first time, it wasn’t pushing sheer, sheer, sheer (because if it said they were supposed to be sheer, I would judge them accordingly). The non-Metallic ones are pigmented…

      • Evelyn

        I agree with you, I have the regular ones from BB and they are fine, these are pretty much invisible so there’s no point buying them if they don’t give you the color on the pot on your skin.

      • Jessi G

        It’s hard to read intent in my comment…wasn’t trying to strongly argue with your review-you are the beauty blogger QUEEN and I adore your site. 😉

  3. I got Opal and Moonstone, and Opal actually looks really pink on me, funny how in your picture it looks almost white. It reminds me of Pink Opal pigment actually, which I love. :) I’m planning on getting Surf and Pink Oyster too, but at £16 I didn’t want to buy them all, I’m keeping an eye out on eBay instead. 😉

    • It is reminiscent of Pink Opal pigment! I just wish it showed up better and was a lil’ smoother. What do you wear these with?

    • Lupis

      Anitacska, if you had to choose.. which product is closer to the opal effect? bobbi’s or mac’s pigment?

  4. Sarah M

    I really wanted to like the new metallic cream shadows but they just aren’t as sparkly as I would have liked. I have a few from the original launch and love them. I wish these had been similar. The finishes vary too much in my opinion. I’d expect them all to perform the same. :-(

    • Aww! Which ones do you have that you love?

      • Sarah M

        So far, I have chrome patina and goldstone. I think Black Pearl is next on my list. Those are colours I fell in love with as soon as I swatched them. I know the high-level of sparkle can be off-putting for some but that was kind of what drew me to these in the first place. :-S

        • Christine Gump

          Hi, I would definitely try Black Pearl… it is very pretty on it’s own. I usually layer it over Bobbi Brown Orchid long wear which makes the purple have a really lovely depth. I’m 43 with a little wrinkling on the lid and the metallic completely blurs out any wrinkling. I also wear it over Mac Groundwerk and it makes that color look even more amazing on my green eyes. Good for the young and the slightly older. Cheers

  5. Oopppsss…they swatched very very light. Definitely not what I had expected when I first saw photos of the products. My pocket is thanking me….;)

  6. Hilana

    Pretty in the pot, but bland on the skin. I am a huge fan of sheer myself and always go for the sheer look, but I do find these just bland and boring. Hou verby. No thanks.

  7. Ashley

    they remind me of the new smashbox eye illusion thing. they swatch the same anyway!

  8. Tabi

    I have some of the original Metallic Cream Eyeshadows and I love them for layering over the regular Cream Eyeshadows. For example, I used Slate today (regular Cream) all over the lid and up into the crease with my MAC 117, and then put Brown Metal (Metallic Cream) over the Slate on my lid using a finger to pat. If I’m getting fancy, I’ll use something like Galaxy (regular Cream) or MAC’s Copperplate (matte2 eyeshadow) in the outer-V area to darken the crease a bit. This has been my favorite neutral eye lately.

    With Starry Night (my other Metallic Cream), I’ll layer that on top of Benefit’s Strut, which is a grayish blue. I’m interested in Surf because I could see doing the same thing with Strut to create a slightly different look.

    I really like the way the Metallic Creams layer over other cream eyeshadows. They add a little shimmer and brighten the lid, but I don’t have to pack on so much product since I already have something there to provide color. I could definitely see the argument that $22 is too much for just a layering product that doesn’t pack a lot of pigment on it’s own, though. =)

  9. I’m liking the Surf shadow as I don’t like bright colors. Been wanting a blue color for awhile so i think this is perfect for this neutral girl!

  10. Emily

    Even though they are sheer I think Surf is a really pretty, subtle color. And I definitely agree that Shore seems very versatile. I don’t now that I need these colors though.

  11. Mary

    I’m looking for a good cream shadow because sometimes I just don’t have enough time to get ready in the mornings! I’ve tried a few and it seems like Benefit works out best in terms of less creasing, pigmentation, and range of colors. Christine, what’s your top cream shadows (from most to least preferred)?

  12. Cat

    looks like a waste of money

  13. Helena

    Opal is sooo pretty @.@ but too sheer.

  14. Vale

    Simply you can’t see the colour at all! No, thanks.

  15. Donna

    Shore looks great (a nice neutral base) but I’m definitely leaving the other ones!