Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Birthday Makeup:  Ice Cream Swirl Cake

It’s probably just me, but the colors in this look remind me of birthdays and ice cream.  I gotta tell you – I miss all those birthday parties I had (and went to) when I was really young (like 3-10!), those were always fun.  My favorite kind of birthday cake is ICE CREAM CAKE!  I also die for my boyfriend’s mom’s carrot cake, which she makes for everyone’s birthday.  DELISH!  What’s your favorite kind of cake?

I wore this look to my final exam yesterday, and can I just say how freaking excited I am that I am done with school until August?  I can’t remember the last time I took a summer off.  I feel like I’ve been perpetually in school forever.  I’m just SO excited to be able to concentrate more on the blog and hope I can realize some of my big plans for it!  But seriously, the word freedom never meant so much to me until last night at 10pm when I walked out of my final.  (By the by, I hate finals that start so late–my brain just wants to go zzz!)

Oh, and I totally got eyeshadow base on my BROW, which I didn’t notice was so apparent until after photos – blah blah, I fixed it after, you know the drill!

P.S. — Big happy birthday to the lovely Karen @ Makeup and Beauty Blog!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Juxt eyeshadow on the lower two-thirds of the lid. Lightly place Aquadisiac eyeshadow on the crease 239. Next, apply Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow above the crease with the 239, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Orb eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying #15 aqua eyes on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Opulash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Romeo & Juliet blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Capricious lipstick first, and then layer Cultured lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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276 thoughts on “Birthday Makeup: Ice Cream Swirl Cake

  1. Marie-Lyne

    Love the LIPS!!! :)

  2. Stephanie S

    this is awesome! And yes, I totally understand– finals are killer! Actually, I have a final paper due today that I should be working on RIGHT NOW but I am procrastinating on this site…!

  3. mary

    love all the looks you do. u always have such creative, colorful eye makeup

  4. I absolutely adore this look. Totally making me crave for ice cream :)

  5. min

    ahh happy holidays! :p

    i’m actually playing with makeup whilst listening to a finance lecture.

  6. AnGeLwInGz

    I love this look! Congrats on being done with school for a while. I’ve been out of college for 5 years now and I still have nightmares about finals!

  7. Brittany

    omg omg loooovvveeethis! ps i just love yellow cake with butter cream frosting mmm

  8. love the colors you used, it looks so pretty on you!

  9. I love the blending on this…it makes me think of Happy, lol!

  10. WOW! I really love this look! You’re so creative Christine! I wonder how this would look on my dark skintone.

  11. this really looks like icecream. yummy!
    but i need that stars&Rockets eyeshadow. you used it a few times recently and it looks so nice.

  12. shontay

    Love it, love it, love it. You inspire me.

  13. Athena

    O-M-G! I just fell in love! This look is so nice! MmMm…I think I NEED juxt and an ice-cream right now xD My favourite cakes are those with fresh fruit on top, maybe with a puff-pastry base…Yum!

  14. Nola

    Absolutelu beautiful! You look great in this makeup – so sweet and delicate :) I love the blush!

    Oh, and congratulations, have a great summer – my exams have just started, 5 more to come :(

  15. My fave cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing-yummy! Hmm…that would be an interesting makeup look lol! You look incredibley gorgeous as always!

  16. I love this look! I’m definitely trying it this weekend.

  17. Roxanne

    Oooo I really like this! My favourite kind of cake is a tie between cherry chunk and black forest. Can you tell I like cherries? Oh, and there’s this one cake I made for mother’s day once. It’s a sort of sponge cake (but not quite. It’s white cake, it’s just really light), and you ice it with whipped cream and cream cheese icing and top with strawberries. Yum!

  18. Kiwi.Cozy

    Sooo pretty! Thanks for posting this!!! <3

  19. Lauren

    That is such a pretty look! I may just have to buy all the eye shadows you use so that I can recreate!

  20. Jezi

    Woah, this is really beautiful.

  21. Christina

    i really like this look!
    congrats on finishing your finals and being free, I just walked out of my final final (haha) at 10pm yesterday as well so I feel you on that one!

  22. Soly

    I LOVE Capricious lipstick!

    This look is Fab on you!

  23. Andrea

    This look is SOOOOO pretty!!!!

  24. Congrats on the summer vacation that will be so nice!

    This is one of my fav looks from you I totally love it.

  25. this is my favorite look from you ! love it <3
    btw. if you could do video I would be more than happy 😀 😀

  26. HOLY CRAP!!! Christine this is AWESOME! I haven’t seen you do a look like this before and you were right on the money with your description! It’s the FIRST thing I thought when I saw this! :) And so easy with the application and only a few colors but it looks WAY more than the list of products you used (in a good way, not in a Tammy Faye way). I really like that it’s pastel without looking 80’s.

    It also makes me want cupcakes with sprinkles! AARHH!

    Love it! This and that hot pink with black look you did a month or so ago are probably my two favorites now! :)

    • Geez, LOL! I am glad I’m not the only one who thought that, though. ‘Cause I was like, “I have no idea what else to say about this look… they are going think I’m CRAZY!”

      Thank you!! :)

      • haha! you’re welcome – sorry if i was a little over-excited 😛 if it helps at all, had i seen you in person i would have also yelled “holy crap!” right in your face… lol! it looks great!

        are you going to be doing a post about the pigment launch this week with swatches? your swatches always look SO much better than mine! (when i posted my video for the pigments yesterday, i really just wanted to tell people to come here and look at the swatches and read your review… you make it so much easier! :)

        • I wasn’t planning on it, but I am due a trip to MAC, so maybe I’ll buy the ones I’m missing… but knowing me, it will irk me to have some in old jars and others in new jars in the same photo. Argh!

          But maybe I will just hold onto it as a flimsy justification to buy more pigments…

        • By the by, what on earth are Full Force Violet, Magenta Madness, and Neo Orange doing at counters? Those are some tough pigments to work with, but really? REALLY? You hold back Antique Green to freestanding stores only but Neo Orange goes to counters and stores…….

          • I know… I was surprised that any mattes made it to counters – Let alone those neons that MAC labels as not safe for the eyes or the lips (they’re cool under a black light though)! I have had a lot of luck applying neons and other mattes on top of a white eye pencil. They’re still ashy-ish in texture, but over a white kohl they’ll stick to the skin well and keep almost all of their original color.

            I was also surprised to see so many golds at counters (nothing against golds, I don’t want you beating me up – Hehe) but I would have liked to have seen some other colors (or maybe even some glitters, if they’re going to launch stuff that isn’t eye safe anyway). MAC really needs a good green pigment, they don’t have one and I’d like to see it – Same with blue for that matter. I miss the old “blue” and “green” pigments from years back.

            • I just can’t fathom how neons, given that they’re “unsafe” for what seems like everywhere except the body… would be on counter, LOL!

              I loveee Golder’s Green (old LE). So pretty! And I die for True Chatreuse & Chartreuse. I’d love to see MAC put out some new pigments and do some softer shimmer shades, too – like a satin finish pigment! Not quite matte but not super frosty!

            • Here here! I concur with the satin concept! I think pigments that weren’t frosty but still user-friendly would sell like hotcakes! :)

            • Me too! It’d just be nice – it seems like there aren’t enough in-between textures. But I am a pigment fiend… haha.

  27. Ariel

    Beautiful! I love those eye colors together! Definitely reminds me of ice cream and cake :)

  28. lauraaaaaaaa

    omg I LOVE THIS

  29. katleen

    i love the eyes and the lips! just beautiful, it makes me happy =)

  30. melissa

    Thanks christine. did you know this look can be duped with the alice in wonderland book of shadows? I am gonna save myself some money and use it to wear this look to work friday!

  31. nicci

    I love the colors, bright and playful!

    My favorite cake is also ice cream cake. I had one for the first time on my 27th birthday (I feel so old!) last week (June 2nd) it was really good!!

    yay for finals being done with! I’m sure you did great! :-)

  32. Ashley

    Christine, I love all your looks of course and always read how you do them, but THIS one is my favorite!!! I can’t wait to try it. It looks so spring-y, soft, feminine, happy. I agree it looks like birthday cake (when you mix the colored frostings into your ice cream in the bowl and get pastel swirls!) but it also looks like Easter! like pastel Easter eggs :). Easter is my favorite holiday. you should wear it next Easter :)

  33. Sara

    How fitting as today is my birthday! 😀

    Looks great Christine!

  34. Annie

    This is sooo right up my alley! Love this!
    And a big congratulations to you!

  35. Alexis

    this is so pretty, I’m going to a friend of mine’s daughters first birthday on sunday, and i think i’m going to wear this look!

  36. Yvonne

    I LOVE THIS!!!! the colors are so fun and blend together sooo well. I’m also jealous that you have time to do makeup before exams. xoxo

    • The class was law for business students, but since I’m also a law student, it was like first year law school all over again. So, luckily, not too difficult for me since I had learned it in even more detail before, lol!

      Thank you!

  37. i love that you are always smiling!

  38. Wauw, it’s amazing, love the eyes!

  39. Yenny V

    The look is gorgeous!! Perfect for those summer days at the beach. And luckily, I have all the colors this time, so I definitely must try! :)

  40. rashmi

    aahh the look is to die for
    i need juxt , stars n rockets and capricious as well …
    will surelly try this one when i reach home…
    right now m at mom’s place will be going back on 14th
    how relaxing it is at mom’s place isnt it???
    and yes my fav cake is black forest aahh love cherries n chocolatessss

  41. Allison

    This look is so cute and you look beautiful!

  42. Roxanne

    AHH! SO BEAUTIFUL!! Perfect look for a birthday :)

    • Thank you, Roxanne!!

      By the by, I think Kiehl’s UV Fluid breaks me out something fierce :( :( :(

      • Roxanne

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That sucks :( Boo Kiehl’s! Although I think we have a different product here in Europe, it’s not called “UV Fluid” and comes in a little bottle, not a big one… I hope you recover from it soon :(

        • This is what the U.S. bottle looks like –

          They look so different – from the name to the bottle… Is yours super thin in consistency? I didn’t see anything on the U.S. site that looked like the picture you showed me, though.

          It has dimenthicone in it, not super high in the ingredient list, but high enough that I think that might be why :( I am mostly recovered now, but I got about 6-7 big painful bump pimples. I wanted to cry, lol!

          • Roxanne

            It’s totally different! Mine feels like a moisturiser does, not runny or thin. I’m going to a Kiehl’s event this month, I’ll be sure to ask for details on the ingredients and differences! I’m so sad it gave you those painful pimples :( I’m pretty sensitive to new products (meaning my face will look like a krater if there’s one wrong ingedrient in it) and this didn’t break me out at all. That’s why I got so excited over it! Aww, I’m so sorry, Christine! :*(

            • Crazy! They gotta be totally different products for sure. It’s very thin, runny almost. Like a liquid. I seem to react really poorly to dimethicone! I think a lot of my acne is food, hormone, or stress-related since it doesn’t seem to get better over time as I try new products, even though I *do* stick with a new routine for 6-8 weeks.

  43. Crystal

    Okay, that is just about the prettiest darned eye makeup I’ve ever seen! 😀

  44. daphne

    Yay for being in your face and wearing makeup to your exam 😉 I love this! Colors coordinate so beautifully. I think if I do it sometime soon I’ll use Aquavert instead of Juxt because the warmth of Juxt throws me off a little – but it still works for sure.

    Funny, Capricious is my mom’s favorite lipstick, but since she doesn’t have a MAC counter near her I bring her a tube every Thanksgiving – but have never paid the color much attention myself! I don’t know why…obviously Cultured changes it up quite a bit but it still looks very pretty here.

    • I know! I actually managed to do my makeup before the sun went down, LOL!

      Aquavert would be lovely with this look! I swear I’ve done something similar, but I think I used Aquavert :)

      Capricious was one of my first lipsticks, I think. Crazy how time flies!

  45. Jojo

    It looks great on you! Well done on finishing finals!

  46. Marina

    Lovely! I do a similar look with Nylon, Steamy, Stars’n’Rockets & Freshwater :)

  47. Christina

    Beautiful! It also reminds me of Lisa Frank art for some reason :)

  48. Nora

    This is simply an amazing look! One of my very favorites that you’ve done!

  49. rowan

    looks lovely, & my favourite cake is chocolate fudge with ice cream!

  50. Wow. Just wow. That is one of the best looks I’ve seen you do ever. And that’s saying a lot since you make great looks all the time.

    As for cake, I love yellow cake with lots of buttercream frosting. Mmmmm.

  51. Melissa

    you always have the best color combos! enjoy your summer off…feels great to be done, even if only for a few months…trust me I understand…just hard to adjust to not having homework to do! I almost feel guilty for not studying…then I remember I don’t have to!!!

  52. peanut

    hey christine… i LOVE this look! you really do well with colors! would shimmermoss work instead of aquadisiac and do know any shadows that could replace the lower lash liner. thanks! my favorite cake is cheesecake! especially the red velvet cheesecake from cheesecake factory. amazing!

  53. This look is gorgeous! Aquadisiac is one of my favorite eyeshadows, and the pastel color theme is so dreamy.

  54. t_zwiggy

    OMG! I love everything about this look! The placement of the eyeshadow is so different from your other colorful looks, and the colors go so well together. The lips are just perfect. You look stunning in those pics. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  55. Jane

    You must have turned heads while writing your finals! The colours are so beautiful. Though it’s something I’m not quite that adventurous to try, they certainly look very becoming on you. Good job and congratulations! Summer feels great.

  56. Kelsey

    Very cute! I’ve got to try this!

  57. CeeBee

    You’re like a little rainbow of loveliness!

  58. Bahar

    What a gorgeous look.. Reminds me of a mermaid

  59. Sarah M

    That makeup looks delicious. Lol. :-)

  60. LNU

    I love this look! I really like when you play around with where you place the colors on your lid.

  61. Rachael

    Well how appropriate, its my birthday on Saturday :)

  62. Alyssa

    what an ADORABLE look :)

  63. Valentine

    oh Christine, you’re too funny. do you get lots of compliments when you show up in class with flawless makeup like this? i’ve found that college lecture halls won’t exactly become known for flattering makeup looks anytime soon. my fave cake is strawberry cheesecake, although for my birthday this year my sister made me a chocolate cake with vanilla pudding with coconut on top and coconut mixed into everything (erm, can you tell I’m not a baker myself?) that was absolutely mouth-watering.

  64. Whirl

    Christine,this look makes your TOP TEN LOOKS EVER!!!!!
    It makes me want to eat this make up,incredibly beautiful!
    And congrats with finishing the school for now!
    Sleep more and rest as much as you can!

  65. Bernice

    Hi Christine,

    Great look!

  66. Jenna

    Ooh I love this look Christine! it reminds me of the sugar sweet collection from mac or just brightly decorated cakes and cupcakes!!

  67. nana

    So pretty :))

  68. AshleyMelissa

    Awww… you’re so pretty Christine :). Appreciate all of your heart work. Please always maintain your honesty to us when you review products and contain giving informative advice. So many people change after they become well known and I respect the fact that you haven’t done so.

    • AshleyMelissa

      I mean hard work*

    • Aww, thank you! I’m a really honest person (way too trusting!) and always have been, and I can’t imagine how one could not be honest and expect no one to find out. The last thing I want to do is recommend you a product that you’ll hate, because you’re going to tell me and then I’ll feel bad that you wasted your money on it :(

  69. Mandy

    That blush is perfection!
    Have you ever tried birthday cake ice cream? Basically the same thing as an ice cream birthday cake, but in just ice cream form. My 5 year old’s FAVORITE!

  70. Kate

    Wow! This is so pretty :)

  71. Wendy M.

    Looks TASTY! lol

  72. Kathy

    LOVE IT!

  73. Nancy

    I ADORE this look! I immediately thought of a birthday cake even before seeing the name of the look! It’s so creative and inspiring 😀

  74. Oh I LOVE this look! You’ve been popping out some amazing looks all week and this is now my second fave of any of the looks I’ve seen since reading Temptalia. It just looks so airy and magical. Is that weird to say?? I love 15L -I’ve been wanting it for months but I just feel like I have too many liners to go splurging on another.

    Congrats on finishing your final!! Do you have some amazing plans for summer? You should take a nice, long vacation since it’s been all work and no play for so long! Yay for no school!

    • Crazy! But in a good way – glad you like them :) LOL, I can barely close my eyeliner drawer right now, so I know how you feel. Argh!

      No plans. The only vacation I’ll take is the one that you don’t even know I’m on 😉 If you know I’m on vacation, that means I’m not doing my job!! LOL.

  75. Nora

    WOW. Okay, I need Stars & Rockets!

    And the cheeks here are super pretty!

  76. ssnug

    I LOVE cheesecake!~

    And you look amazing!!!! Lookin at the colours makes me HAPPY…

    You know wat, I love putting on my fav makeup to final exam too!!~ haha..

  77. Jessica

    Hi Christine:

    I love these colors! I especially love the pastel green (Juxt). I was wondering if both Juxt and Aquadisiac are permanent? And is there a similar UD eyeliner to the Make Up Forever one you are wearing? Thank you. And shame on you for reminding me of Ice Cream Cake! I’m trying to get in shape…

  78. Andrea

    It reminds me of what a mermaid’s eyes would look like. I don’t see cake. Maybe cuz I’m not Beautiful nonetheless!!!

  79. Sara

    i love this so so much!!
    do you think this would look okay with super pale cool skin?
    cuz im trying to think of ideas of what to wear for my birthday next week =P

  80. ezzie

    this is such a fun pastel look!
    now i want to go eat a cupcake. lol~ 😛

  81. So pretty!!! Pastels are wonderful!!

  82. ellie

    Very lovely Christine. I love the colors you used from eyeshadows to lipstick it really reminds me of ice cream and cakes…yummy!

  83. abby

    wow Christine i looove this look!! how do u come up with all these beautiful looks?!

    • Thank you, Abby! LOL, I guess I just look at everything as an experimentation! I try not to try, too. I find if I try hard to be creative, it doesn’t work out so well – better to let it just come when it does!

  84. jenn

    love the eye – guess i have to add stars n’rockets, juxt, and orb to my lemming list

  85. I think is is my fav look of yours! You look beautiful and super happy!

  86. Sally

    Nice blending, Christine!!!! Love that blue-purple color on the lower lashline. =)

  87. Jennifer

    My birthday is tomorrow, so this was especially sweet! :)

    Lovely look…got some fun inspiration here.

  88. Pretty look. Reminds me of going to get rainbow sherbet as a child. I was reading your entry and saw where you were saying Happy Birthday to Karen with the blog called I was surprised because mine is called I went to her blog and love it:) Thanks so much!

  89. Amy

    the funny thing is, i did eat a ice cream birthday cake yesterday at a party!
    Great look by the way :)

  90. Pamela

    This is a soft 80s look–in a good way. Kinda retro.

  91. Nic

    Love it! Very pretty. :)

  92. azita

    this look does remind me of ice cream. it’s so pretty!

  93. Brie

    Whoever said this made them think of the Sugar Sweet collection got exactly what I was thinking! This sort of embodies the idea of that collection I think :)

    Though I’m not as into the purple under the eye, I think the eyeshadow combo you’ve got here is beautiful and very summery – makes me think of eating sherbert on a hot summer day!

  94. Nadine

    OMG, SO PRETTY! Christine, I really have been loving your looks lately! Congrats on almost being done for the summer, and congrats on the great grade in your stats class!

  95. Mandi

    Good for you! I finally took a break for this summer too! I have been in school non stop for like 7 years and I was beginning to slur my words and not make any sense at all LOL total burnout…but now it’s time to get refreshed! oh and…nice makeup, I think i really need to get stars and rockets and juxt

  96. Mayra

    Wow Christine!!!! This is my FAVVVOORITE! look you’ve done so far!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! keep up the great work!!! Your blog is the BEST!!! =)

  97. Gabrielle

    So pretty, this look makes me want to try and wear colors.
    I looove Red Velvet Cake with Cream Crease Frosting, I get one for my birthday on Sunday!!!!

  98. Rachel

    This reminds me of my lisa frank binder from the 4’th grade..and I mean that in a totally positive way. haha

  99. I love this look, the colors go together so so well!!