Thursday, August 21st, 2014

The Hit List

What’s the Best Wax/Hair Remover that you’ve tried?

Share your pick!  And don’t forget to share why :)  Thanks to Stacey for today’s question!

I absolutely love Moom! That’s my go-to! I love that it dissolves in water, so you never have to worry about the product getting stuck forever, LOL!

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13 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Wax/Hair Remover

  1. Debra

    Love MOOM!!

    It works great, especially after being warmed a bit in the microwave. And t is so non-smelly and quick and easy and painless that I use it as often as I should. Being blonde has made me lazy and very bad in this area of “hygiene.” I’ve been known to wear pants to get around doing my legs for another day!

  2. Annie

    I really love the Sally Hansen Ouch-Free Wax strips! They come with medicated wipes to reduce pain – but I don’t use those because I don’t find waxing overly painful. What I like is that the wax strips in this kit are ALL large, body sized strips. Most other waxing strip kits have small, large, and medium sized strips, but I only need large strips for body waxing. They work really well and you can see it gets the hair from the root. You just warm them up between your hands. I get them at ULTA, often on sale or use the $3.50 coupons Ulta sends.

    I also like the Parissa sugar wax that is microwaveable and comes with washable strips – however I find that to be a lot messier and time consuming to keep the wax at the right temperature compared to the Sally Hansen strips.

    Also I love Paula Begoun’s CLINICAL Redness Relief toner for applying pre- and post- hair removal, or even laser treatments, to prevent and reduce redness!

    • Where can you get the toner? I want to try the Sally Hansen one you mentioned but I never had a wax in my lady parts because I’m so sensitive and have 0 tolerance for pain :(

  3. Tatiana

    OMG the Veet wax strips changed my life! I am a hairy girl and these actually work, I use the face strips for my ‘stache & cheek hairs/sideburns and the body strips for my hairs. It takes a bit of practice though but the face strips save me money & time from the salon. My legs also stayed hairless for quite a few days but when they grow back that is the part that sucks, grows back kind of uneven so I have to wait until all of the hairs on my leg are long enough to wax. Good thing I’m married and my husband doesn’t mind, haha!

  4. Rachel R.

    I don’t wax. I do like Nair Face cream for getting rid of upper lip hair.

  5. xamyx

    I have a Braun epilator, that also has an interchangeable electric shaver head. I don’t like chemical removers (too many bad experiences), and waxing has to be done pretty much all at once. With an epilator, I can just do smaller areas at a time, if I choose. For lazier/busier days, I just change it to an electric shaver. The only negative is that it doesn’t work while plugged in, so I have to be sure it’s fully charged. It’s also supposed to be Wet/Dry, but I haven’t tried it wet.

  6. I need to check out this Moom!
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  7. Mariam

    I have been using depileve monoi of tahiti lately. It’s a hot wax but melts at a low temperature. It’s the easiest to use in “those” areas.

  8. Stella

    Am I the only one who doesn’t wax and never has, and is a minimalist when it comes to hair removal in general? I just trim my bikini area (periodically) and shave legs/armpits (dailyish).

  9. Leslie

    Nads brand wax strips are pretty darned effective. However, I wish there were an in-between size. There are small facial ones, and large body ones. One in-between would bet a lot less scary in certain…ahem…places.

  10. calimom

    I’ve used an epilator on my legs for a few years. It’s not for everyone, but for me it’s been great. Saves money over salon waxing and I can do it at home without an appointment. My hair is thinning from this so I can do it less often. It is important to exfoliate at least once a week to prevent ingrowns. I do this with a St. Ives scrub.