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Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow ($20.00 for 0.10 oz.) is designed to “lift” and enhance brows by brightening with a “soft, matte linen-pink” shade. Benefit recommends applying it beneath your brow, just following the arch, and blend.

Inevitably, one wonders what is the difference between Benefit’s Eye Bright and High Brow, as they’re both pink pencils designed to help brighten eyes — well, Benefit wrote a blog post explaining the differences. To summarize, High Brow is a neutral pink while Eye Bright is a cool-toned pink; the cooler tones in Eye Bright as designed to combat dark circles. Benefit warns that using High Brow on undereye circles may look too light, while using Eye Bright to define brows may look too pink.

It’s absolutely true that Eye Bright is a cooler-toned, more blue-based pink, and it also has a bit of micro-shimmer–very subtle but still there. I think those who are naturally cool-toned, one could get away with using both. For those with warmer undertones, the difference is likely more noticeable.

I like High Brow for more minimal looks; not necessarily five-minute looks but when one wants to have that natural look. The creaminess of the product makes it easy to blend, and it dries down quickly and holds up fairly well alone (about six hours). I applied it in the photos below so you can see how it looks, and I deliberately went heavy-handed, because I wanted it to show up in photos–the effect can be subtler if one desires.

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Benefit High Brow Review, Photos, Swatches

I like High Brow, and I think it may be a must-have for some but for others a totally unnecessary addition to their stash. It depends on what features are most important to you, because some love really defined brows and others will wear eye makeup nearly everyday so a powder highlight will generally be enough to define the brow area.











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Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow
Benefit Eye Bright (right)

Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow
Benefit High Brow

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Where can I purchase High Brow? How much is it?

Benefit, $20.

Is it limited edition?


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35 thoughts on “Benefit High Brow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Marta

    I have it and I love the definition it gives to the eyebrow and how it opens your eye. And also is really easy to use!

  2. Mariella

    Thanks for this, Christine. High Brow is one of those products I’ve been thinking of getting “one day” or at least trying out in store. Now that I can see the difference it makes (subtle but definitely “there”), I’m even more interested.

  3. 53

    i think its for those who doesnt want to hassle over another eyeshadow colour to find to put at their brow bone.

  4. Jennifer

    Hi Christine! Just wondering … is the High Brow completely matte, or does it just have less shimmer than the Eye Bright? It seems as if it’s completely matte, judging from the product pictures, but I just wanted to confirm :)

  5. I’m not a brows girl, so I’ll be skipping.

  6. Lena

    Do you think this would be ashy on darker skin?

    • I thought it might but looking over various reviews on Sephora, QVC, etc. it doesn’t seem to – but I haven’t tried myself so I can’t say for sure.

  7. marcy

    this is such a gimicky product… all you need to achieve the same result is a highlighting eyeshadow. im my case i use NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and then put some MAC Naked Lunch on top.

  8. Sarah

    The skin around your eyes is flawless, and your brows are so full and thick!

  9. Well, i tried High Brow. And i don’t think it makes any change at all.

  10. Roxanne

    Wow Christine, your eyebrows look immaculately groomed here XD Do you pluck them or what? I always find that I get like- brow stubble. Constantly.

  11. That does have a really nice effect, very natural and glowy!!

  12. Laura

    Nice.. I really like it actually.

  13. Alisha

    I was interested in purchasing this, but for $20, it seems a little pricey for a pink pencil. Instead, I purchased a pink Sephora pencil for $6 and get very good results!

  14. One thing that wasn’t made clear was if there are ingredients in the product that lifts the area or if it is purely an illusion. I was under the impression that it had actual lifting qualities. Would you mind clarifying? Thanks!

    • As far as I know, it is just an illusion… I haven’t seen anything about it advertising a particular ingredient for a long-term benefit.

  15. Carrie Ann

    I love High Brow! I’ve been using it every time I do my makeup for a couple of years now. :)

  16. Gina

    Oooh! That looks lovely!

  17. purnima

    it looks vow …so smooth !!

  18. purnima

    could u please tell mewhat camera u use to click ur photos ..!! thanks in advance!!

  19. Theresa

    what moisturizer are you using right now? you have such beautiful dewy skin!

  20. Wow, that looks really nice. I’m surprised because I wasn’t really expecting much at all, haha. I’m really pale so I’m not sure this will have as much effect on me.

  21. Oh, it looks so weird before it’s blended in the swatch picture! Looks great on your eye, although it would probably be better if it were more yellow…

  22. nmnikki

    what’s the point of this product?

  23. Ms. Jimmi

    This product is something more for older eyes. 😉 For younger eyes, you don’t need it as much. But, then I was thinking, you can do the same thing with concealer. Not sure how it would look with my skin, which has red tones in it. Is it neutral enough?

  24. BethM

    That looks great on you! Did you use a brush to blend it? Every time I try to use High Brow, it doesn’t blend well, and ends up looking chalky and gross. I have been trying to blend with my finger, right after applying. This is actually in my “probably throw away” drawer right now, but I would take it back out if I could get it to work as nicely as you did.

  25. Jessica

    It great!! I love it and the extra definition it gives my eyes.