Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Fresh

What was the first Fresh product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: I think the first product I ever tried was their Sugar lip balm, which feels really nice going on, but never lasted all that long on me – I felt like I went through a tube pretty quickly! I like their skincare though.

Share your first time experiences with Fresh in the comments! :)

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30 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Fresh

  1. Lisa

    Hey Christine!

    I wasn’t sure where to ask this question, hope this is okay.

    What kind of shelf life do you think the Urban Decay 24-7 eyeliners have? I have several of them, and they seem to have lasted quite a while, but I’m considering getting the Ocho Loco set and I know it will take me a long time to use them all. I didn’t want to purchase them if I thought they would go bad after a year or two.

    BTW… I absolutely love your site and check it more than once a day. I don’t buy any beauty products without checking here first. So…THANK YOU! YOU ROCK! :)

  2. xamyx

    The only thing I have tried are the lip balms, which I recently picked up as my Sephora VIB birthday perk. I am absolutely in love with these! I have to reapply only 1-2 times a day, which is phenomenal, compared to the need to reapply other balms hourly. I haven’t tried any skin care, but I have a routine & products I’m loving right now, so I don’t plan to try anything too soon. However, the lip balms will *always* be a part of my stash.

  3. Mariella

    The first product I tried from Fresh was their Cannabis Rose fragrance and I absolutely fell in love with it. A dear friend got me a large bottle for Xmas and shortly after that, Sephora stopped carrying it so I treasure that bottle and use it sparingly. I’ve since tried their Soy Facial Cleanser (not impressed) and their lip scrub (ditto). I got a nice bottle of the Hebrides spray and it is beautiful but does not last.

  4. blueraccoon

    Anyone who’s seen me comment on here knows I LOVE the Fresh lip balms. I have every color they make, plus the regular clear, plus the advanced lip therapy (white tube). I actually gave my mom one of my advanced lip therapys so I had to get a new tube. I haven’t really tried anything else by Fresh, although their brown sugar body scrub keeps tempting me. But the lip balms are my HG; I go back to them over and over and over.

    (pro-tip: I find keeping them in the fridge makes them a little less melty – they’re so emollient they can get almost liquid in hot weather.)

    • xamyx

      I’ve been keeping mine in the freezer since you posted that tip a while back. Summer has finally pounced on us here in Los Angeles these last couple of weeks, and the one day I left it out it got all melty. What I love about these is I can apply, run errands for several hours, and not have to carry this on me, as it lasts sooo long for me. Although I usually only use a lip balm, I never get excited over any; these have totally changed that!

  5. Shayna

    I got their lipbalm from the Sephora birthday present. The little tubes lasted me 7 months. I’m going to have to repurchase atleast the clear one but I almost feel silly spending 22$ on lipbalm, but nothing really compares for me!

  6. GUSnail

    The first item I tried from Fresh was many years ago; a lip pallette with a range of pinky neutrals to berry reds. It was a great pallette, but they don’t make it anymore. I still have it but since it’s so old, I don’t use it anymore. I never tried anything else from the brand until I got their lip balms as my Sephora VIB birthday perk this year. I haven’t really given it a go bc I have other balms I’ve been using, but they are next on my list to try.

  7. Leslie

    I love the Sugar lip treatment. I only have the deepest shade, but it’s my go-to. I use it all the time and my lips look and feel fabulous! I will repurchase as this tube will likely last about a year.

  8. Lauren

    The first product I tried was their lemon facial cleansing balm, which is no longer available. I adored this stuff, and a little went a very long way. I’m pretty bummed that they no longer make it. It smelled like lemon drops!

    I also really like their lip balms. I have a full sized Passion one, and I got the birthday gift set of a mini original and Rose. Love them! Again, a little goes a long way, and they seem to really last. The tinted ones are very pigmented, too. They even show up on my lips, which have a lot of natural pigmentation.

  9. KK

    Tobacco Caramel fragrance! They had stopped making it and briefly brought it back in 2010, when I bought three bottles of it. I use it sparingly. It’s my favorite fragrance; I wish it was permanent.

  10. Marian

    The only product I’ve tried and own from Fresh is their discontnued fragrance Moroccan Mint Tea. I love it but haven’t been tempted to try any of their other products.

  11. The only thing I’ve ever tried from them is the Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral. I never knew they made any other skincare products!

  12. Seagulls

    I didn’t have the cash as a college freshman waaaaay back in 1999, but they had the best series of rose perfumes, soaps, and body washes. There was Bulgarian Rose, Turkish rose and two more? They were so pretty and I wish I could have bought one.

  13. queenielizzie

    The first fresh item I purchased was a sample of two of their mascaras, a mini Supernova and a mini Firebird…I loved the soft, fluffy lashes the Firebird gave me, was less thrilled with the spiky, super long effect of the Supernova, and of course when I went back to purchase a full size of Firebird, I found out it was discontinued!

  14. kellyo

    The first product I tried from Fresh was the supernova mascara. I actually picked up a new tube of it this morning!

  15. The first one I tried was actually the Rose one. I loved it! I picked up the Honey one a while later and THAT one is by far my favorite! I did end up getting Sugar Coral and then Sugar after that, but I still love Honey the best

  16. ericka

    Well, for me the first product I tried was a Soy shampoo sampler from Sephora since I was looking to upgrade my haircare products. I have been deeply devoted to both their Soy poo and Pomegranate con ever since. Never tried their lip balms, but I am absolutely in love with the aforementioned hair products; they leave my hair beyond soft and shiny. LOVE!

  17. This green color eyeshadow….very pretty….it was in a single and you put it into an empty palette. I just bought the shadow and stuck it to a magnet compact. I still have it to this day. I dont think Fresh has any color makeup any longer.

  18. casey23

    My cousin lives in the States, so before a trip to here I asked her to buy me some products from brands that are unreachable here. One of those picks was Fresh sugar lip balm in Honey. I used it for a while (like a month) it didn’t impressed me that much, in fact it hardly moisten my lips it just sits on them. So I stopped using them and changed for a more intense lipbalm (Blistex medplus!). But I really wonder about their skincare range.

  19. rachel

    I received a sample of the Fresh lip treatment from Sephora and it really made my lips feel soft the whole day!

  20. PoetrysTruth

    I got a sample of the lip products for my b-day gift w/purchase at Sephora. They were nothing special and I’m so happy I got them for free. Now I’m not pressed to try anything else from this line.

  21. Nikki

    My only experience with this brand is with the Sugar Lip Duo that was a birthday gift from Sephora. I really like the balms and love that they are silky smooth, moisturizing, and contain SPF. However, they are extremely expensive for lip balm, so once my samples are finished I doubt I’ll actually purchase the product.

  22. Susan Nevling

    I use two Fresh products and can’t remember which came first. I love the lip balms and the Body Veil. Body Veil is a lightly scented silky soothing dusting powder that does not effect the scent of your perfume.

    • Susan Nevling

      I have to post a retraction. The Body Veil was made by Clean, not Fresh. Still feel the same way about both products tho. Obviously this make my first and only Fresh product the lipp balms in multiple colors.

  23. Terri

    Sugar face scrub. I really like this stuff. It does a decent job of exfoliation and leaves skin silky afterwards. I still have some although lately I have been trying skin exfoliation from Tatcha, which is amazing!

  24. Stacee

    I got mine from Sephora for my birthday and I almost gave them away without trying because I have so many lip balms as it is. So glad I kept them! The balms are so soft and the Rose tinted one is to-die-for. It’s been really hard not to purchase all the sets Fresh has been putting out for the holidays :(