Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Deborah Lippmann

What was the first Deborah Lippmann product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: First shade I ever tried was Ruby Red Slippers, which was and still is absolutely gorgeous. I think Deborah Lippmann can do a really fantastic nail lacquer–and a lot of them start off being original. Lots of what she has created has been copied, which is the same way I feel about Chanel.

Share your first time experiences with Deborah Lippmann in the comments! :)

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28 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Deborah Lippmann

  1. yellowlantern

    I got the DL polish in “fashion” as a GWP and am extremely impressed with the formula. Not too thick or thin, dries rather glossy and lasts without chipping for at least a week even without a topcoat(most formulas I see chipping in 3 to 4 days and tip wear on day 1).  Her polishes are rather pricey for though so I doubt I’d buy one at full price when I’m pretty content with China Glaze as it is. I agree that she has some unique shades.

  2. SashaDeter

    I’m pretty new to Deborah Lippmann polishes. The first one I tried was Dark Side of the Moon from the Snow White & the Huntsman set from Nordstrom. Even with my amateur hand, it looked beautiful and near perfect on my nails. I now have Across the Moon, Ruby Red Slippers, Ray of Light and Sweet Dreams in addition to my Snow White set. Love them all; in fact, I’m wearing Ray of Light right now.

  3. SashaDeter

    I’m pretty new to Deborah Lippmann polishes. The first one I tried was Dark Side of the Moon from the Snow White & the Huntsman set from Nordstrom. Even with my amateur hand, it looked beautiful and near perfect on my nails. I now have Across the Universe, Ruby Red Slippers, Ray of Light and Sweet Dreams in addition to my Snow White set. Love them all; in fact, I’m wearing Ray of Light right now.

  4. amalia22e

    I totally agree!  My first DL was Happy Birthday I got as a gift, and then I purchased at least 6 at one order when I saw them on beauty.com.  I got Fashion, Waking up in Vegas, Bad Romance, the Universe one, Rockstar, and another one but I forgot.  Glitter in the Air was the last one I purchased.  They weren’t that expensive to me, since I usually bought Dior or Chanel anyway, and I didn’t have that many glitters.  I am no longer in the US so I am glad I got them and brought them with me!  

  5. ValerieAllison

    I want to make a foray into Deborah Lippmann polishes but so much monies! What would you suggest from her? Like, your #1 out of the ones you’ve looked at?

  6. LianneSchmidt

    Please Christine, what’s that gorgeous colour on the left of the picture, the pink/orange one? Love it!

  7. Dinitchka

    What was the first Deborah Lippmann product you ever tried?  In 2007 at Bath & Bodyworks I purchased a Vinyl in Wicked Game.
    Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  Romance all the way! I love the uniqueness of her polishes. It’s ashame that some have been duped :( I always pick up the polishes from Nordies Anniversary sale.
    What was the first product you purchased?  Vinyl – Wicked Game.
    Did you love it? Yes. I lushed over the colour for MONTHS!
    Hate it? Just the size of the bottle and the brush.
    Still own it? I hate to admit it but YES! It is way goopey. LOL! I want to Franken it but I need to find a similar sparkly colour.

  8. My first was Bitches Brew. I could not resist the  name and I love the dark maroon color. I still have the bottle and love it. It definitely started a love affair with DL polishes for me. I feel she does really special colors. My two favorites as of late are Mermaid’s Dream and Across the Universe. Across the Universe is the most unique polish I have seen. I always get compliments when I wear it. I always look forward to see what colors she will create next.

  9. I don’t own any Deborah Lippmann myself, but I’ve used my friend’s few shades that she has…the formula is wonderful. I’ve been eyeing a few colors and I always pass them up because of the price, though. I know it’s worth it, but it’s just so hard! lol. 

  10. t_zwiggy

    Deborah Lippmann is probably the nail polish brand that has disappointed me the most. All the polishes I have are so sheer, they’ve all required at least 4-5 coats. The biggest disappointment was the first DL polish I bought, Across the Universe. I absolutely fell in love when I saw all the pretty online swatches, but IRL it was nothing special, really sheer base and ugly glitter that applied extremely unevenly. I love Wicked Game, though. It’s such a great shade and it’s a lot more opaque than it’s dupes.

    • JudyDiazGuerrido

      t_zwiggy  you need a dark blue or black base and one coat of across the universe beautiful try it by it self it’s nothing special…

  11. Well, nail enamel of course ;0)  and I will no doubt continue my love affair.  Oh, and her Rich Girl handcream is superb!  I’m going to reorder at least 2 tubes.  It’s rather expensive :(, but so the only cream that leaves my hands feeling and looking far better than they have looked for years.

  12. JudyDiazGuerrido

    My favorite color from Deborah Lippmann is CONSTANT CRAVING a pretty lical pink love it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY the perfect glitter top coat both are beautiful.. i own 8 different colors and i want more,,lol

  13. KK27

    I wouldn’t say I LOVE Deborah Lippmann polish. I feel like there are so many better polishes on the market for cheaper prices. The only time I’ll purchase one of her polishes is if it’s in an extremely unique color, (Like Mermaid’s Dream) otherwise I feel like it’s a waste of money. I feel like there are many other companies, like Nfu-Oh, that make unique polishes that cost less. 

  14. beautybagg

    Our first experience with Deborah Lippmann is Boom Boom Pow – with real 24k dust, we couldn’t resist!

  15. amaffett

    My first polishes were about 5 or 6 years ago, when I saw girls on MUA’s nail board talking about Lippmann polishes. I ordered Bitches Brew, then later Holiday (a sparkley red) and Diamonds (something like that) during Christmastime. I love the names and the bottles, but they are just too pricey for me now.

  16. BooBooNinja

    I received my first DL polish this year in a beauty box. I wouldn’t normally use DL as it’s so expensive; however, the formula is excellent. You are definitely getting a quality product for your money. I believe Gilt is having a sale on DL polishes tomorrow. I might check it out!

  17. Liz9969

    I’ve never heard of this brand.  I’m looking at the reviews you did and I must have skipped over them.  Then again, I’m not really into nail polish at all.  

  18. misscheriamor

    My first Deborah Lippmann polish was Bad Romance and Glitter In The Air. I have gotten a lot more the past two years. I love her polishes. She really does create original colors that are beautiful and apply really well. She does have her polishes copied left and right.

  19. Kara

    The first one I bought was Glitter In The Air. I was hyped up over the fact that I was in the US and I fell victim to all of the DL hype. Yes, it looks pretty, but it’s nothing special in my opinion. I don’t see myself buying anymore of her polishes again, especially not for that price.

  20. My first and only is Whatever Lola Wants, I definitly don’t think it’s anything special and I’m content with OPI/Zoya/China Glaze/Essie. Now there are a ton of cheaper dupes for her colours. 

  21. xamyx

    I haven’t actually tried any of these, but then I’m not into “fancy” polishes. I go for “classic” shades, but on the rare occasion I want something sparkly (for an event or something), I really can’t justify spending more than a couple of bucks on a drugstore brand.

  22. ingerasata

    Haven’t tried anything from this brand. 

  23. PattieC

    My first polish is Happy Birthday, which I love. Now there are so many dupes. I like lippmann polishes but they can be over priced if you wait a few months there will be cheaper dupes. I think I currently own over 10 bottles. I think my absolute favourite is Mermaids Dream from Lippmann. 

  24. H L

    My very favorite Deborah Lippmann color is Bitches Brew. I think it was the first one I tried.  It is a gorgeous shade and whenever I wear it (which I have for years now) someone always comments on how beautiful it looks.  I have worn this brand of polish since it first hit the stores, and, all I can say is that there is no comparison with any other brand.  Her colors are outstanding and the polish wears extremely well.  I encourage everyone to try this and you will become a fan like me.

  25. Shaye

    My first was Candy Shop. It is just so bright, colorful and fun. I am usually content with polishes in the $8 to $10 range for polishes because they all chip on me like no tomorrow, no matter how fancy. I am willing to shell out the extra cash for a really good glitter polish, though, and Deborah Lippmann does those beautifully.

  26. Candice

    My first Lippmann product was “Swagga Like Us” and honestly…..it made me fall in love. It really looks very similar to a gold Minx nail treatment, and it stays on for a long time. Since then, I have become an avid Lippmann user, but, for the most part, I still keep Swagga on my toes. Great brand.