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Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color
Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color

Killing Me Softly with Bad Packaging

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color ($16.00 for 0.05 oz.) are kind of amazing. If you’re looking for intensely pigmented, smooth as silk, and bright, metallic-like eyeshadows, Bare Escentuals has you covered. There are six shades available: Frost (silver), Moonshine (deep plum), Patina (gilded khaki), Electric (deep teal), Bronzed (bronze brown), and Glisten (golden sand).

These apply so smoothly–as if they were creams or liquids, but they’re very much a loose powder. The powder seems incredibly finely milled, which helps give it that silky texture and intensifies the color as it holds together impeccably. Though I find these shades rather high-shine to wear alone, I love them as bases or mixed with other shadows. I did try wearing Glisten on its lonesome to test for creasing, and it wore well–no creasing six hours later.

  • Frost is a bright metallic silver.  This is easily the most dupeable shade, as most silvers tend to be on the metallic side in finish (if it’s not, then it’s more of a gray, is it not?)
  • Moonshine is a softened mauve-tinged plum. This shade seemed the least metallic of the bunch.
  • Patina is a gilded olive green with gold shimmer-sheen. This one is gorgeous if you’re a green fiend!
  • Electric is a softened blue that pulls just slightly teal. It’s really not teal to me, though–maybe a dusty teal?
  • Bronzed is a warm bronze with a metallic sheen.  This also felt a bit dupeable; it’s just one of those warm bronzes you see often.  It doesn’t make it bad, just not necessarily the one to get.
  • Glisten is a tarnished gold with a metallic sheen. This was my other favorite, along with Patina, but I’m a total sucker for antique golds…

These are beautiful from first swatch to application, but there is a major drawback to this product line. The applicator/tube is a total no-go! However they managed it, when you pull the applicator out of the tube (which is a large sponge-tipped applicator), it also pulls a ton of product onto the edges. In essence, it pulls out far too much product on the applicator itself as well as leaves a lot along the rim of the tube (which just falls on your floor, lap, or wherever!).

I would recommend dumping the color into a jar or else cutting the applicator off — because it seems like the larger sponge-tip does pull much of the excess to the rim, so if you just snipped it off entirely (and used a separate brush to apply), you could leave it in the tube. (Ironically, they tout the applicator as a “convenient, quick-draw wand [that] allows for easy, on-the-go application.”)

The Glossover


bareMinerals High Shine Eye Color Review, Photos, Swatches

I think these are all kinds of awesome, but due to the poor packaging design, the product's overall rating gets dragged significantly. If you don't mind fussing with the packaging to make these work, they're definitely worth checking out.











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See more photos & swatches!

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color
Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color: Frost, Moonshine, Patina, Electric, Bronzed, Glisten

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color
Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color: Frost, Moonshine, Patina, Electric, Bronzed, Glisten

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color
Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color: Frost, Moonshine, Patina, Electric, Bronzed, Glisten

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color
Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color: Frost

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color
Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color: Frost, Moonshine, Patina, Electric, Bronzed, Glisten

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color
Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color: Frost, Moonshine, Patina

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color
Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color: Electric, Bronzed, Glisten

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Where can I purchase High Shine Eye Color? How much is it?

Sephora, $16.

Is it limited edition?


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26 thoughts on “bareMinerals High Shine Eye Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Gah! Glisten is gorgeous!

  2. Mer

    These look pretty, but the price just doesn’t seem worth it, although I do like Glisten.

  3. Caroline F.

    Maybe it’s a trend. Go skimpy on quantity but upgrade quality!!

  4. Maeve

    Wow! These are beautiful. Too bad about the packaging. I’m going to have to test it out when I get to sephora next.

  5. Ginnia

    Reminds me of the Victoria’s Secret eyeshadow packaging.

  6. I love these, but there is so much to choose from out there in metallics and theyre always the sameish except with what mac do with their pigments which is why they are so gorgeous and amazing.

    but these are great id buy them if you get them all in a kit lol =]

    i love bare escentuals well only a few products i like as they are hard to work with and i know what u mean with the applicator l.a colors do a similar way and its shocking but still the colours are fabulous


  7. Danielle

    i love BE and have been using their products for like 12 yrs. love love love them. but i skipped out on these last cpl of times on QVC because of the packaging. I invisioned product spillage and waste. I would rather have the little jar, which would make application so much easier. I know a year or 2 ago, i bought their high shine charisma. A gorgeous shiney pinky champagne color. The high shine charisma was released in their normal packaging. I love BE, and have waaaaay too many of their eyeshadows (according to my husband) not enough (according to me) lol. But I wish they would release these in their normal packaging (which is .02 oz and run between $12 and $13) : )

  8. Banan

    WOW! love Frost,Patina,Electric, Bronzed, Glisten so almost all of them lol! I’ll probably pick up a few of these next time I’m at Sephora!

  9. HautePJ

    I have Moonshine and Glisten and they are GORGEOUS. Just a tiny dab of the applicator sponge on the lid and then I spread it out with an Eco Tools large eyeshadow brush. The strange thing about the packaging is when unscrewing the applicator it sort of pops out from the tube as if there’s a spring or something. Anyway, I like these a lot!

  10. Steph

    These swatches made me “ooooooooh”!

  11. Kerry

    Heather from Beauty Au Natural made a video on how to get the applicator out of the tube with less product & mess if you like to keep the product in the original tube.. just thought I would share in case anyone was unsure about the product. :)

  12. Moonshine is gorgeous!! I love the shine and brilliance of these products, but I’ll have to try them in the Sephora store because I’m not really a fan of Bare Escentuals shadows… The packaging reminds me of the Urban Decay packaging for the loose pigments – it was more mess than it was worth so I had to transfer them to different containers.

  13. These are gorgeous! Glisten is slaying me. But sadly, I don’t like most of BE’s powder packaging.

  14. Deb

    Those are beautiful, but wow, 0.01 ounces? That’s a terrible deal. Still, they swatch so beautifully! I’d love to see you post a look with these!

  15. Eileen

    Bronzed is a stand-out … too bad about the wasteful packaging though.

  16. vivian

    wow i can’t believe these are loose powders!! they look like they must be creams or those liquid eyeshadows!

  17. t_zwiggy

    So pretty! My favorites are Moonshine, Patina and Glisten. Seems like they would be really messy to apply though, so probably not worth it imo.

  18. Joyce B

    I have a couple of these (Patina, Bronzed) and I don’t like the applicator either. I’ve tried using a brush but you have to use a pretty small brush to get it in the tube. And they are definitely high shine- a little goes a long way. I’ll have to try them as a base, that’s a good idea.

  19. Maggie

    I have Glisten, Moonshine and Electric and I adore them. I just put them into regular BE eyeshadow jars so I don’t have to deal with the stupid tube packaging 😛

    One thing that’s worth noting is that 0.01oz is actually quite a bit of product – depotted into a normal BE e/s jar, they actually were more packed with product that BE’s regular shadows, and much more than their liner shadows (which are also 0.01oz). It may seem like a piddly amount compared to other brands’ pressed shadows, but you’d probably need at least 6 months to get through the product if you used it every single day. I also pressed all three of these and they completely filled a 26mm pan, even more to the brim than MAC shadows. I do think they’re a better value than one would think, though I do think they should be the same price as BE’s regular shadows 😛 Additionally, when BE offers their Eye Case (three eye colors and a little clutch bag for $39) you can use the HS colors without any price raise – definitely a good way to go!

  20. Sarah A.

    Eeee!!! I want them all! (except for electric and bronzed, because I wouldn’t wear them!) I saw these in Ulta a few days ago and had to walk away to keep myself from snatching all four of the ones I liked. They’re just gorgeous! Thanks for reviewing them, I was concerned about fall-out issues because of the applicator. I might have to pick up a couple of these at some point; I know it’s not a great value for the amount of product, but I rarely even come close to finishing products, so I’m not as concerned about that…

  21. Moonshine, Patina and Glisten are really nice!

  22. Ru

    I love these, and proudly own Electric, Glisten, and Patina. A little goes a long way and the finish is absolutely beautiful and professional. The packaging is confusing- maybe they were just trying something new? Many have commented (elsewhere) of the poor packaging and maybe BE will listen. I really hope they launch more colors.

    BTW the trick to the shadow not spilling out is to tap it lightly while its closed, then when unscrewing the top, before taking it out, swirl the top on the inside of the opening so the excess falls out. I’ve never had spillage problems when I do that!

  23. Abbi

    Simply stunning

  24. Naheeda

    love the colours!
    wanted to buy all that!

  25. Jill

    I have Bronzed and Moonshine. I love Bronzed–Moonshine, not so much. Bronzed is, for me, the perfect brown shade. I actually don’t mind the applicator at all. Moonshine is a little too gray-looking on me (I have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair). WIth Moonshine, by the end of the workday, I don’t like it. I feel like I can see a distinct line where that color ends on my lid (of course, I could probably blend a little better, too). Maybe I just don’t like it for work–by the day’s end I feel like I look like a girl who just got home from a long night of partying. I also have a general dislike of metallic gray shadow on myself, and was hoping this looked more purple on me. It’s just too gray for me.

  26. Rosie

    I someone missed this review last year. I am with you in loving Patina and Glisten!